10 July 2015

We are in Love [我们相爱吧] Episode 10 (Xu Lu and Kimi)

I’m back! This post came a little late as I am still recovering from jetlag. I thought I was immune to jetlag… guess not.

As for this episode, Xu Lu's in a dire state. I think she's fallen more in love with Kimi.

Huang Zhang are at Sanya (?) for their first vacation (meanwhile the other couples have been to all sorts of places already).

After getting the directions to their hotel, Xu Lu says something incredibly sweet. 

Xu Lu: I knew you were going to bring me to Sanya so I’ve also prepared all the things I want to bring you to.
Kimi perks up at her taking initiative: So now you’ve learnt to counterattack (as in being on the giving end)?

Xu Lu: Of course. From you, I was able to learn a lot and I’ve also changed a lot. Before, I wasn’t comfortable accepting all the things you’ve done for me. I thought it was a burden (don’t take this negatively, it’s more like she feels guilty for being on the receiving end all the time). I’ve learnt to embrace them, so now I want to do something for you. However that doesn’t mean I’m doing this only because you’ve done something for me [Kimi’s brain is reduced to incoherent scribbles according to the animation at 1:24], it’s because I really want to do something for you.

Whew. What a long blurb but I don’t mind translating more of these lines xD

Kimi has a smile that makes me smile with him. 

Taking her hand, Kimi kisses the back of it and thanks her. He tries to look cool by controlling his smile. Not working. Especially not with that nerdy smile. Did I mention how much I love thissmile?

Xu Lu’s interview: "I want him to be relaxed. I want him to be happy. I want him to have beautiful memories of this trip that’s why I prepared the hotel and everything else."

They arrive at their hotel room and it’s huge. Kimi’s impressed.

Kimi excitedly points out: Is this the bedroom?
Xu Lu: A-ma-zing,Kimi walks towards the room – isn’t it? 
Kimi: It really is (amazing).
Xu Lu’s satisfied with his expression: Isn’t it?
Kimi: You picked such a beautiful room and in particular it only has one bedroom. LOL. So how do we sleep tonight?

Xu Lu doesn’t seem surprised with his one track mind. She takes his hand in hers and leads him across the enormous, luxurious hotel room. With self-produced background music to boot.

Kimi: I’m not sleeping in the washroom. I’m not washing my feet right now.
Xu Lu: Dun Dun Dun Dun!

The excitement in Kimi’s “Ahh” has completely vanished as he sees the second bedroom.

Xu Lu: Two rooms!

Kimi’s interview: “Two rooms… with quite a bit of distance between them too. Not bad.” = Horrendous for him. LOL.

They head for a cruise now.

Xu Lu’s interview: “Beautiful. I thought I planned out everything perfectly.”

Everything was beautiful until the turbulent waves took control of the ship. Xu Lu was nauseated. Kimi tries to soothe her by pointing out that they’re almost at shore. (I usually appreciate background music of any kind but it might be a bit too dramatic this time.)

Xu Lu’s interview: “That was my first time experiencing such a large wave. It felt like a roller coaster ride.”
Kimi’s interview: “Everyone on the ship was nauseated.”
Xu Lu’s interview: “My brain was blank. I just wanted the ship to stop moving.”

Kimi: Look far ahead and not at the sea. UH. That’s a bit hard.

Xu Lu’s interview: “He was really considerate of me. He kept hugging me. I felt relaxed in his embrace. Unlike before (at the amusement park, without his embrace), it was terrifying.”

Kimi comforts her: We’re almost there.

Xu Lu’s interview: “He made me feel really secure. I felt that being sea sick wasn’t that bad. I actually thought it was pretty alright, like it was a present given by the gods. In his embrace I felt a different type of romance.” She sounds teary here.

With the cruise ship segment behind us now, they take a stroll on the beach.

Xu Lu: Do you smell the sea?
Kimi: Mm. Anyone with a nose can smell it. Lol, I was just about to be sarcastic when Kimi gave this answer.

As they pass by a bunch of foreigners playing beach volleyball, Xu Lu makes a giggly comment: Totally handsome.

Kimi does some voice acting for them and that gets the attention of one of the foreigners. They learn that the guy is from Spain.

Kimi says to himself: A Spanish good looking dude.
Spanish guy: Yup.
Kimi: Aiyo, wow! You understand?
Xu Lu is suddenly very interested: Do you know Chinese?
Spanish guy: A little bit.
Xu Lu: Hi! How are you? My name is Xu Lu.

Kimi reflexively runs up trying to pull her back. Not working.

Spanish guy: My name is Tian Hu. Timo in Spanish?? Direct Chinese translate of Tian Mu would be Sweet Tiger. I shall call him Sweet Tiger.
Xu Lu’s a bit confused with his name but doesn’t hesitate to shake his hand.
Kimi tries to stop her with his flimsy excuse: His hands have sand!
Xu Lu ignores Kimi: Nice to meet you. Déjàvu anyone? 
Sweet Tiger: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Kimi: How about we have a game later? “Play together?’
Sweet Tiger nods and receives a high five from Xu Lu.
Xu Lu: Fa la la la! China’s Baymax (which is translated as Da Bai in Chinese – it sounds like bye bye).
Sweet Tiger thinks she’s saying bye and responds with a ‘Bye Bye’.
Xu Lu struggles to explain she didn’t want to say bye.
Sweet Tiger is smart and says ‘Zai Jian’ instead, another form of good bye but it also means to see that person again.

Our couple leave the foreigners but Xu Lu’s still spazzing about Sweet Tiger: Totally handsome!
Kimi: He can’t even be compared to me.

Kimi’s interview: “A common scene in idol dramas. At first it wasn’t that hot. It was quite enjoyable – that is, until she took out the hats.”

Xu Lu: “I’ve prepared materials for protection against the sun. Hats! – She takes out one hat after another – This is my favourite hat: Umbrella Hat.

The show takes a screenshot of them and calls them beautiful sisters.

Sunscreen time. With great music.

Xu Lu interrupts the music: Kimi strip! Strip! Kimi strip! Strip!
Kimi’s caption: “You sure?”
Kimi: My swim wear is over there. Strip/change now?
Xu Lu agrees and happily pulls him to strip.

We get no stripping scene as we move on for some beach volleyball.

Xu Lu’s about to serve with Kimi’s help: What if the ball hits the net?
Kimi: It won’t!

It does.

Yet they still win. I’m pretty sure Xu Lu was useless throughout the whole game. And Kimi didn’t seem that great despite the editing team being on his side.  

Xu Lu’s interview: “I’ve experienced so many new things with him I never thought I would. I didn’t think it would be this fun.”

They’re about to leave until Sweet Tiger wants to show Kimi and his girl something. Sweet Tiger ain’t so sweet as he’s not just showing off but he’s also challenging Kimi to do the same lift. 

Xu Lu has zero confidence in Kimi but before she gets to try it out, they get interrupted by an eager man that wants to be in Kimi’s embrace too.

 They tumble over.

Anyways, Kimi tries again, this time with Xu Lu. I think they modified the lift but even so Kimi failed. LOL. Xu Lu’s little bounce made it worse.

Kimi tries to back away but our Sweet Tiger tells him to wait. He’s challenging Kimi again.

Kimi turns to stone and utters: Bad man.

Xu Lu, being the sensible girlfriend knows Kimi’s limit, offers Sweet Tiger a friendly hug which translates to ‘Please let go of my poor boyfriend.’

Kimi (shamelessly) also gives Sweet Tiger a friendly hug to beg for mercy.

In the end, Kimi is lifted onto Sweet Tiger’s shoulders.

Kimi is surprised by the guy’s amazing strength and speaks quickly to Xu Lu: We must not stay here any longer. Hurry!

And they run far, far away. After they’re in their safety zone, both of them chug their water.

The next thing on their list is to play in the water. Xu Lu was really looking forward to it but when she saw the huge waves coming at her, she started to regret it.

Kimi: Just try to look at the wave.

Xu Lu peaks behind her but when she feels a wave coming, she quickly flicks her head to the opposite direction, which turns out to be the right thing for her. The wave can actually knock her down.
Kimi laughs at her: You totally didn’t even see the wave.

Kimi’s interview: “She really loves the sea but is afraid of the water.”
Xu Lu’s interview: “I was actually afraid of being in the water when it was above my knee.”

Xu Lu: Let’s go back. Water is in my eyes.

Dramatic music comes back. Apparently Xu Lu injured her leg in the water.

In his interview: “I was quite worried.”
In her interview: “I didn’t know I hurt my leg. It was just a little painful”
In his interview: “That makes me the most worried. Being injured and not tending to it immediately.”

When it rain, it pours. Not only is she hurt, she lost the ring he gave her.

In her interview: “When I found out I lost my ring, I thought it was over.” Okay, maybe not that dramatic but she’s extremely guilty over it.

She gets up to find the ring but Kimi pulls her back emphasizing that her leg is injured.

In her interview: “The ring is really important to me.”

Kimi tries to persuade Xu Lu to forget about the ring but she insists that she feels terrible if she doesn’t find it.
Desperate, Kimi lies: I hid it! You never lost it. I saw you leave it behind so I placed it in the change room. You never lost it, you know?

Unconvinced, Xu Lu demands him to bring the ring to her now.
He agrees on the condition that she treat her injury first.

Kimi: If you don’t treat your injury, I won’t return the ring to you.
However, Xu Lu’s bargaining with him: You find it first and then I’ll treat it.
Kimi: If you treat it, I’ll find it.
Xu Lu: Find it first. Don’t be stubborn with me. Uhhh… who’s the stubborn one?

Seemingly defeated, Kimi gets up.
Xu Lu gets up too. She’s limping to find her ring in the endless sea.

Kimi isn’t searching for the ring though. He’s more concerned about her injury as he’s asking the staff for medication. When he returns, he finds Xu Lu being stupid. He has to drag her away from the water.

Kimi is expressionless: Don’t obsess over the ring? Okay?
Xu Lu turns her head to the sea, not listening to him.

In her interview: “He directly grabbed me back up to shore. He didn’t want me to find it anymore. Is it because she lost the ring that she looks really dejected throughout her entire interview?

In his interview: “What angered me the most was she didn’t (know how to) love herself. She knew she was injured but she still stubbornly searched for the ring. The person that gave her the ring is here – pointing to himself – her focus should be on me, not the ring." That makes so much sense.

Kimi: I already told you I hid the ring and yet you sill went searching for it. You don’t believe me, do you? I’ll return it to you later. Why be so stubborn?

In her interview: “I know he was just comforting me.”

Kimi: The important part is who gave you that ring. It was me who gave it to you. You should be considering me (my feelings). When I’m not there, focusing on the ring is fine but when I’m here the ring is useless. Aw, Xu Lu’s really upset over it.

Later that night, Kimi prepares a bonfire for her but her voice still carries that sad undertone from losing the ring. Without a word of explanation, she lets go of his hand and circles the bonfire thrice.

Xu Lu walks tiredly back to Kimi: Walked around three times. Let’s sit down and rest. 
Kimi: Can you tell me why you walked around three times?

Xu Lu’s interview: “When it’s New Year’s we would make a bonfire. It’s a blessing for wellness or it's to make wishes. When I was circulating it three times, I was making a wish. I was wishing for his happiness.” Ehh… Xu Lu is your classical heroine in dramas.

Xu Lu: When you see this (bonfire) something good will happen. Do you believe that?
Kimi: So when you complete the three rounds something good will happen?
A message from his phone comes in right at this moment.
Kimi: Oh my god. Look, the house is done renovating.

Flashback to the previous episode: Xu Lu was talking to Kimi’s Dad about the atrocious pink house.

Dad: What do you think about this house?

Xu Lu covers her mouth and whispers loudly: Very pink. What do you think about the house?
Dad: I don’t like it that much.
Xu Lu: So what colour would you like?
Dad: I think changing it to blue would be fine. What do you think?
Xu Lu: Okay. Blue it is. 

Omg the advertisement for this renovation company (that I refuse to name) is so blatantly obvious. Please skip to 18:42.

Xu Lu: Something good did happen. So when you make three turns, something good will happen too.
Kimi: Okay. Wait. I’ll go make some rounds but my radius would be larger. I’m going to make a big circle.

His circle has transformed into an incredibly long oval as he runs far, far away.  

Xu Lu gets up excitedly to see that he’s returning with Baymax.

Xu Lu: Did you prepare this?

Kimi breathlessly nods. I swear he’s expecting a hug but he gets a Fa la la la instead, haha.

In her interview: “I wasn’t expecting it at all. Baymax is the second surprise he's given me. He really pays attention to these tiny details. – She sighs – (He’s a) Dream maker.” Maybe I’m jet lagged but I had a little problem recollecting all the surprises. I think he’s given way more than just two surprises but I believe the first one she’s referring to is that night at the spa in Episode 5. According to her, the tiramisu (Episode 4), the boat making (Episode 8), etc. weren’t surprises. Or maybe the filming was out of order?

Xu Lu: Thank you.
Kimi: Are you thanking Baymax or me?
Xu Lu: You.
Kimi: Thank me for what?
Ah, right. This 'Thank You' thing is a repeat from Episode 4/5. He's not a fan of verbally hearing a simple 'Thank You', lol. 
Xu Lu: Thank you for giving me this surprise. This really does remind me of that spa episode. She’s repeats her gratitude endlessly with that soft and sweet voice. With her voice like this, you know she's spellbound to him. 
Kimi: Are you happy.
Xu Lu: Yes.

Xu Lu gives him a sweet hug. She calls it a Baymax hug.
Kimi: I’m dead tired. I’m soaked in sweat.
Xu Lu’s eyes remain closed as she’s embracing him: I don’t care.

Kimi is touched as she stays there not moving away from him. He sure got a satisfying non-verbal 'Thank You.'

And here comes another surprise.

Kimi: Do you still remember how I promised I’ll write you a song.

Xu Lu stares at him googly eyed. How can he plan so much?

Kimi: Have you ever thought your voice would be recorded in my album?

Xu Lu’s hyperactive side has completely disappeared as she’s rendered to complete silence.

Kimi: I can record a section. You have a special colour to your voice. Do you want to try?

In her interview, she sighs with a smile: “Once again, he’s a dream maker. Dream ma-ker. Dream ma-ker. Dream ma-ker. She made a rap, lol. Very touched.”

After teaching her how to hum the chorus, he starts singing the song he composed for her.

I’ll try to translate the lyrics but do realize I will not try to make it fit the song. That’s way too complicated.

“The first time we met / You were a bit shy / Charming double eyelids, A sweet smile/ Yet you were special (insert the clumsy chocolate squirting scene) / (Love shopping) Pet store / Their names, you would always memorize them / I’ll take to you to the ocean after the sunset / You are my sunshine / I’ll take to you to the ocean after the sunset / Pink suit with matching tie /…/ My only sunshine.   

(Psst, the lyrics suck. It was better in the beginning though. At least the melody was nice.)

In her interview: That romance/feelings I felt from him singing me that song cannot be captured.

His interview: “We made this song together. Very meaningful. I felt a sense of accomplishment. And it could also make her realize that singing really isn’t that hard."

When the singing and dancing is over, Kimi runs over to give her a hug.
Kimi: Are you happy?
Xu Lu: Yes!
Kimi: Do you want to be even happier?
Xu Lu: Yes!

He spins her. 
She screams with her beautiful voice. Lol.

Xu Lu’s voice over: "I feel that everyone would be envious of us." Yes.

♦ ♦ ♦ Comments ♦ ♦ ♦

Moments like these make me think Xu Lu’s really falling in love with Kimi. As much as I ship these two, at the corner of my head I’m a little worried for Xu Lu. LOL. Please don’t play her, Kimi. Her interviews for this episode captured a very mature and solemn Xu Lu. I don’t know whether it’s because she lost the ring or she realizes she’s in a grave situation because she actually fell in love with Kimi. Or maybe I’m seriously jet lagged. I’m stuck between wanting to root for the two in the show and not transcending that wish to reality. I’m usually pretty good at not being delusional (lol) but why are they making it so hard for me?

She was really upset over the ring and I can understand where she’s coming from but her reaction was much more severe than I thought it would be. When Kimi was emphasizing the focal point should be on him and not the ring, she was covering her eyes with her arm. That took me by surprise. The depth of her care for him, I think, has gone beyond my expectations.

I have a soft spot for men that act angry when they care. Heh. During one of Kimi’s interview, he was angry at Xu Lu for not loving herself more and not considering him over the ring, I swooned a little. Just a little.

There were really a lot of mishaps during this trip (reminds me of mine). I’m just glad the source of the problem had nothing to do with Kimi or Xu Lu but rather the mishaps brought them closer. 

When Xu Lu said that the sea sickness was worth it, I was speechless. To have said that (and mean it) makes me really think Xu Lu’s a goner. Sea sickness is dreadful. It can’t be compared to roller coaster rides. For waves, the problem isn’t just going up and down, but when you go up it tosses you left and right, when you go down it tosses you left and right, when you go right it tosses you up and down. And it doesn’t stop within minutes. Her sacrificing her health to be in his embrace is something I can never even imagine saying.

I haven’t caught up with the other couples so I don’t’ know if I missed any good stuff. However, I’ve come to terms that I won’t be able to love them as much as I love Xu Lu and Kimi. Compared to the other couples, Kimi and Xu Lu just communicate so well. They can tease each other without being wary of crossing the line. They can express their feelings without the other feeling awkward. I love it when Kimi reasons with logic and also when he reasons the impossible. These past episodes, he’s seriously redeeming himself after that attitude problem in Episode 7. I loved that his Baymax present emphasized how much he paid attention to her. 

P.S. I’ll probably go backwards with my recaps, so the next one will be on Episode 9. 


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