17 July 2015

We are in Love [我们相爱吧] Episode 11 (Xu Lu and Kimi Cut)

First off, I'd just like to apologize for how late my posts are. I never thought jetlag would be such an awful thing. For the past week, staring at the screen for thirty minutes was my limit. Anyways, onward to Episode 11! 

This episode has a Cinderella feel plus a happy ending?

To start off the episode we get some long flashbacks of the moments they shared on We are in Love. Especially about Xu Lu being a Capricorn.

It’s the second day of their vacation and they're planning to take their wedding pictorial! 

His interview: “It’s something she particularly wants to do. It’s also something I look forward to. Wedding pictorials, that is.”

Her interview: “Taking wedding pictures was my idea but I never thought it would – takes a sharp breath – appear so suddenly. Beautiful.” I love her sudden change in tone. The sarcasm in her “Beautiful!” really reminds me of Han Hyo Joo and her “Areumdabda!” on Running Man.

They’re choosing from a wide selection of wedding dresses and Kimi stops at this particular one.

Kimi: Wooow. A huge V line! The V dips right down to the stomach! And he laughs his head off.
Xu Lu: Good bye! Leave! - Kicks him

His interview: “I really don’t know what she’ll look like in a wedding dress, so I look forward to it quite a bit.”

They manage to choose one among the thousands of wedding dresses.

Xu Lu takes the dress she wants to change into: See you in a bit.  
Kimi responds enthusiastically: Okay, let’s change. Let’s change.

And he closes the curtains for her – that is with himself included in the change room. Hahaha. I like how the sales employee even helps him close the curtain better.

Xu Lu softly says: Get out.
Kimi: I was helping you close your curtain.
Xu Lu doesn’t bother listening to his explanation and waves bye to him.
Kimi still shamelessly insists: If you need me, tell me. Just shout.

And so they’re separated by a thin piece of cloth for the next x minutes.
Kimi’s walking around and is he wiping sweat off his forehead or something?

Kimi: Huang Huang, are you still there?
Xu Lu: I’m still here.
Kimi: I thought you fell asleep while changing.
Xu Lu: I am kind of sleepy. It’s so hard. Wearing a wedding dress is like doing this huge engineering project. You can take a nap.

Then we hear a sharp gasp from Xu Lu.

His interview: “Zipping. The sound of a zipper that can’t zip. That’s embarrassing, lol. But she’s already so skinny! The feeling I was experiencing was like not knowing what’s going on inside.”

Xu Lu: I’ve had enough of this.  This is the world’s most miserable wedding dress changing session ever.

Her interview: “Nervous. Seriously nervous. I was scared he wouldn’t like it. My thoughts were all about him.”

Meanwhile Kimi’s meditating outside. Then he’s striking a cool thinking pose.

As the time ticks away, Xu Lu finally speaks: I’m ready.
Kimi takes out his phone, ready to snap the first picture of his bride-to-be.
Until Xu Lu whips out: I’m nervous. Hold on!
And down goes his camera.

Kimi’s caption: “I waited almost one century.” Thus a few more seconds wouldn’t matter, lol.

Xu Lu gives her okay signal to the curtain pullers again.
Breathes in. Kimi brings up the camera again.

Xu Lu: Wait!
Kimi laughs in utter silence.

And here we go again, Xu Lu gives an: Okay~
1, 2 –
Kimi: W-wait. Wait! You sure you’re ready? STOP TROLLING US.
Xu Lu stutters: I-I don’t know either. Haha.
Kimi ignores it and prepares the camera.

And finally, the grand reveal!

She’s so pretty!

His interview: “When the curtains pulled back, that image before me was stunning. Exceptionally beautiful.” I translated it as “exceptionally beautiful” but the literal translation is this: “beautiful” + “bombed.” Too bad I can’t give more justice to the translation because the Chinese description gives a better imagery.

Kimi: Beautiful. Oh. My. God.

He turns around, unable to bear the beauty anymore. As he walks back a few steps, he’s pulling up his pants that for some reason need pulling. I want him to sweat like in Episode 1, heh.

Xu Lu: Is it pretty? He didn’t get his V line that dropped down to the stomach but this dress is revealing enough. It’s revealing but also lovely.
Kimi: Wait, let me calm down first.

That tongue.

Her interview: “He didn’t say a word except ‘Wow.’ I was quite happy. No, let me correct that, I was very happy.”

Then a man dressed in formal wear enters with cool music accompanying him. He’s carrying a camera. His caption goes: “Is it Huang Huang’s photographer?” No.

Man: Nice to meet you. I’m your photographer for today.”
Kimi shakes his hand but it’s written all over the face that he knows something’s off.
Man: It’s not our first time meeting. – He coolly takes off his sunglasses

It’s Wang Zi! I know him but I don’t know him. Wang Zi and Xu Lu acted as a couple(?) in The Wife’s Lies (I believe it’s My Daughter’s Seo Young’s remake).

Kimi’s interview: “He’s just that ostentatious. I can only blame his mom and dad for giving birth to him like that. What a neat way to praise someone. Way too ostentatious. I can recognize him easily with just one look.” 

Xu Lu: I’m ready!

Kimi takes out his camera. This time there’s no delay as the curtain opens up to show us Xu Lu’s back. She slowly turns around and surprise, surprise, a Prince came for her. (Wang Zi’s name means Prince for those that don’t know).

I like how Wang Zi’s totally trying to use the professional looking camera.

Xu Lu: Hi Zhang Zhang – Her jaw drops upon the sight of Wang Zi
Wang Zi: Hi~ - Equipped with a Queen Prince wave

Xu Lu waves back embarrassingly.

Her interview: “I really didn’t know he would come today. He’s a very close friend of mine. I tell him everything. I told him before that I was filming on the 22nd.”

Wang Zi answers why he’s here: “Because you told me you were taking wedding pictures but there wasn’t anyone to accompany you. Um, I guess having a groom in your wedding pictures isn't enough. And you told me how nervous you were, so here I am.” What a lucky girl.
Kimi pretends to be suave: Do you guys want to talk first or film first?
Xu Lu immediately apologizes to Kimi. Her panicking here is so cute but she really should take full revenge on Kimi for that whole Gui Gui segment. I mean she’s got a Wang Zi (let me repeat, Wang Zi!!) here to use to her advantage.

Kimi ducks out of the camera sight leaving a tracing of him. The animation there says: “I’m an extra.”
Xu Lu: I’ll introduce him to you.
But there’s no need as Wang Zi introduces himself: I’m her ex-boyfriend. :D

Her interview: “Wang Zi, are you here to declare war (with Kimi)? It was just so weird. Why did you wear a suit! I felt like the atmosphere got awkward because I knew Kimi gets really sensitive – insert flashbacks of him being sensitively jealous – I was afraid Kimi would be awkward.”

Lol at Wang Zi walking upcautiously as Kimi crosses his arms across his chest. Am I the only one getting the imagery of a cowboy showdown scenery here? Meanwhile Xu Lu’s throwing awkward glances at both men. They have now entered the ice age. The atmosphere doesn’t improve when Xu Lu heads back into the change room.

Wang Zi starts off the conversation: She’s the type that’s a bit reserved. You ask her a question, she’ll give you one worded replies, ‘Mm,’ ‘Oh,’ ‘Okay,’ ‘Thank you.’
Kimi: She ignored you. Haha. I think he laughed.
Wang Zi: After filming with her for three months, she slowly… For instance, she’s like an ice mountain, and you have to take a hammer to slowly break the ice apart.

Kimi’s looks completely impressed at this point, heh. Him being this calm isn’t a good sign.

His caption: “Being friendly with me is enough.”

Xu Lu overhears everything: You’re exaggerating! I can hear you guys, you know!
Wang Zi: Just focus on changing, alright?
Xu Lu obediently says: Alright.
Kimi: To be honest, she’s the type that’s slow to warm up to you. I also feel that ….
At this point we can’t hear what they’re saying as the audio turns to inaudible. They’re Kimi is purposely lowering their volume so Xu Lu can’t hear a thing.

Xu Lu: Hey, what are you two talking about? How come I suddenly can’t hear you guys.
Wang Zi: I was saying how you’re so pretty. His voice is so robotic; it does come handy for this statement though.
Xu Lu proudly accepts that: Thank you!
And the two men have no more words to follow up to Xu Lu’s egoism.

Shortly after, Xu Lu’s done changing.

And Wang Zi goes googly eye. I like that stare he does where his head moves to face Kimi (probably wanting to gauge his reaction) but his eyes were obviously glued to Xu Lu. Haha. While I do love Kimi’s head flick at Wang Zio ogling his girl.

In Kimi’s interview: “With Wang Zi’s appearance, Huang Huang, Lu Lu (Xu Lu) might think I should be getting jealous. Give me a break! You dare play this kind of game?” Ou. Interesting!  

Kimi: How about we go outside for our photoshoot?
Wang Zi agrees, while Kimi has an awfully smug look on.

Outside now, Xu Lu struggles to walk: I’m so tired wearing heels.
But her comment gets ignored as Kimi talks to Wang Zi: It’s really sunny here – Xu Lu’s flailing – And here we are wearing so much clothes. We can do anything! Why must we have our wedding pictorials?  LOL. Xu Lu’s walk is so funny.
Wang Zi: We should –

Laughing, the photographer cuts Wang Zi off. This is the only man that has been noticing Xu Lu’s struggles. the photographer laughs while reminding Kimi: Your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is on the side struggling.

Whether Kimi tended to her we don’t know but the new segment zips in with Kimi talking to Wang Zi and Wang Zi only: You’re wearing more than us.

Kimi’s caption: “Full of care (towards Wang Zi).” He even holds onto his arm. Should Wang Zi be afraid? I think he is. Look at him turning away after Kimi’s hand lands on his shoulder, haha.

Xu Lu’s got a dark cloud following her everywhere she goes. Even when she’s right in between the two men, they talk to each other like she doesn’t exist.

I originally thought this scene wasn’t that bad with her in the centre until we see that the guys are actually holding each other’s hands behind Xu Lu’s back. Oh god. Haha.

Kimi: Your (Wang Zi) hand is sweating.
Wang Zi: Yeah. – Looks at Xu Lu (lovingly??). Then he realizes Kimi was talking about his hands– So is your hand. Wang Zi had no idea Kimi’s comment was coming at him.

Xu Lu finally speaks up: Eh! You two are treating me like thin air. You guys sure are talking to each other rather happily. Wang Zi, you can leave for good now. And all the blame gets placed on the innocent Wang Zi who got played by Kimi. Nice move, Kimi.

Kimi doesn’t stop his antics: You’re really sweating a lot. – Personally dabs his sweat

Wang Zi asks for more napkins and I thought it was to wipe his own sweat. Nope. It’s to wipe Kimi’s. Oh dear, lol.
Xu Lu: What are you two doing!

Xu Lu’s interview: “What is going on? What kind of mood is this?”

Xu Lu: Good bye. I didn’t know it was you two who were the couple. I’m the third-wheeler!

The two men rush to coax her. They use the new napkin and rip it in half so that both men can wipe her sweat for her.

Kimi: So why did you invite another guy over? Oh, it’s for me. You’re so good to me~

Her interview: “To be honest, I was quite happy the two were like that. They could be like that because they treated each other like friends. I was only faking my anger; I was actually happy on the inside.”

Kimi asks Xu Lu: Do you want to go for a spin?
Xu Lu’s confused at the question.
As they walk, Wang Zi realizes what Kimi meant: Woah, such a huge surprise!
Kimi asks excitedly: How. Is. It?

Her interview: “I was stupefied. That is the skater shoes I want, I want, I want (repeat x times) skater shoesIt’s her friction song.

Behold yourselves for the world’s largest pink skater shoe.

Her interview: “I just simply love the song “Skater Shoes” but he actually made me a pink skater shoe.”

I didn’t know you can actually ride that thing. It sure does give him the right to be that close to her.
Kimi: Are you happy?

Xu Lu is still stupefied: You really made a skater shoe.

Xu Lu’s interview: “He really pays attention to everything I say.” Every present he gave her showed he cared. Plus the fact that they’re all mega sized!

And the lovely photoshoot begins with them striking all sorts of romantic pose. Nothing looks forced on these two. There’s a forehead kiss. Their hugs are so natural. They have an almost kiss too. I doubt they’ll reward us with an actual one. Wang Zi, you feeling awkward there?

Kimi strikes another pose. It’s the proposal kneel. I didn’t think it was all that special until the music kicked in. However, it’s Xu Lu’s reaction to him that made his pose so sincere. You can see in her eyes she was truly moved by Kimi’s action.

Xu Lu’s interview: “It’s the first time someone kneeled to me like that. Although I may have looked calm (not really, you looked extremely swooned), my insiders were doing tumbles.”

They both had the feels.

His interview: “It was just that – that feeling. –Hugs himself – it felt wonderful/intriguing.”
Her interview: “Even when I was acting, I never had that feeling. Of falling in love. ”My feelings at that time were like – her hand hovers over her heart – ‘thump’. My heart was jostled.”

We get that teasing almost kiss again. Anyone wondering where’d Wang Zi go? He doesn’t even get a proper exit? What is this?

Her interview: “Everyday he’s giving me all sorts of surprises. I’m very lucky to have met him.”

Xu Lu looks so happy.
However it seems their happy days are ending.

Night falls of them now.

Xu Lu asks: Are you happy?
Kimi raps: I’m very happy. I’m super happy. I’m supremely happy. If you don’t believe me, you can check my temperature. Aren’t I happy? Feel my heartbeat. Don’t you feel from my pulse that I’m very happy? Now look at my blinking eyes. Don’t you feel my happiness?
Xu Lu is distracted by something else: Mail from We are in Love! 
Kimi reverts to normal speech: Oh my gawd.

They take the letter inside to read and accompanying the letter was a watch.
Solemn music suddenly interrupts the happy atmosphere. Both Xu Lu and Kimi’s expressions falls.

Kimi reads the letter out loud: Tomorrow will be your last date in this program. Please cherish the moments you have shared on We are in Love. Before you start your date tomorrow, please set the timer to eight hours. Wow that’s cruel! Why so soon! WHYYYYY.

Kimi stares at Xu Lu who I swear is trying so hard to hold back her tears and disappointment.

Xu Lu tries to break the gloomy atmosphere: Yo, yo, yo, yo! Yo…
Kimi: Happy? You kidding me?

Xu Lu can’t even answer. Her eyes look so sad!

Her interview: “My brain was blank. I didn’t know what I should do.”
His interview: “She was forcefully pretending to be calm. Pretending to be strong.”

Kimi: Do you have a lighter? To burn the stupid letter. How about we destroy the watch?
Xu Lu can’t even recollect her emotions to respond to his jokes.

Kimi’s interview: “Of course I would miss this but I can’t be weak in front of her.” I rather you do look weak. I think Xu Lu would like that too.

Xu Lu’s interview: “It’s just that I got used to this person being by my side and now I find out that everything will end soon, I felt strange.”

Stricken by the sudden news, the poor girl cries in the washroom now. I’m slightly irked that Kimi’s so clam. 

However he is hovering outside, clearly not knowing what to do with her sobbing.

After taking their showers (individually), they sit on the couch in silence.

Her interview: “Having suddenly been told it was our last trip, I wanted to know his thoughts.”

Xu Lu: Were you happy today? I know I’ve asked you this many times.
Kimi: You ask me this question every time. I feel quite proud. Because he knows that’s her way of caring for him.

Her interview: “I felt that it was because I cared about what he thinks that I ask ‘Are you happy today?’ I want him to be happy. When two people are together, whatever they do, it should be done happily.”

Xu Lu: Which scene was your favourite in this program?
Kimi: Very happy. It was all happy. Without using words, they’re (the experiences we’ve had are) all imprinted in my mind, in my heart. This sounds like a crappy answer to me.

His interview: “The things we’ve been through together, the setbacks, they don’t need to be expressed with words.”

Xu Lu continues questioning: Then has your perspective on Capricorns changed? Do you feel that within the short amount of time we shared, your perspective has changed?
Kimi: Yes. Quite a bit too. He doesn’t elaborate.
Xu Lu: Like? Okay so I’m asking you a lot questions again.
Kimi: We’ve been through a lot.

Xu Lu’s interview: “I was particularly bothered by certain characteristics of a Capricorn that would make him feel uncomfortable. Honestly, I wanted to hear from him what my flaws were (What flaws!) but he always casually avoids the question.” Can someone PLEASE enlighten me this whole Capricorn ordeal?!

Xu Lu backs away from him on the couch: Why do I feel like the more time we’ve spent together, the farther we get?
Kimi: Why? Don’t think too much. Really. The exact words that make girls think too much.

Xu Lu’s caption: “I want to hear the truth.”
Kimi’s caption: “Not giving a reply.”

Xu Lu laughs towards the direction of the camera: “I want to ask questions again. – She falls back on the couch – Then are you happy?

Xu Lu laughs a lot here but it’s more of a guise to not darken the atmosphere anymore.

Her interview: “I didn’t know what to do. Asking wasn’t right. Not asking wasn’t right. I don’t know.”

Kimi: Don’t sleep here. Sleep in your room, okay?

With that, that’s the end to their day. Kimi sits there alone. What a bitter way to end off a day when it started so happily.

His interview: “Everytime I would try a different way to answer her. However, I don’t want her to feel like I’m fooling her, coaxing her, or deceiving her. Solution: Just answer her honestly.

The next day arrives which means the 8 hour countdown also begins.

Her interview: “I didn’t get much sleep. I was thinking about him and what he would be thinking about. I was also hoping that our second day of the vacation could be perfect.”

Their date today’s date is at an aquarium. They arrive at their dining table and Kimi places in the order. There’s also a man floating behind them. Kimi notices it but I think Xu Lu’s too glued to her phone to see.

Kimi tells the waitress openly: Cow, sheep, chicken, duck, fish meat, she loves them all. They’re eating fish at an aquarium…

Kimi's lips. This angle. LOL.

They snap some of their last picture. …):

His interview: “I feel that the last day should be happy and should leave a good memory, a smiling ending.”

Xu Lu tries to savour the moment by resting her head on Kimi’s shoulders

There’s a kid at the next table and Kimi asks her: Is she – points excitedly at Xu Lu – pretty? Exceptionally beautiful, isn’t she?
Kid nods.

The waitress comes with their wine. Kimi asks the waitress something I don’t quite understand about the wine. Something about waking up and expired… It might be a pun of some sort but the waitress has no response at all.

Then Kimi says this: She’s got no humour. She can’t be a Capri – oh god.

Xu Lu realizes he wanted to say Capricorn and prepares to leave.

Kimi tries to correct himself but it’s exceptionally lame. He says: Motor boat. Both motor and Capricorn sound the same in the beginning.

Kimi adds sound effect to his motorboat and drives her back to her seat. I can’t believe he managed to make ‘motor boat’ relevant.

Xu Lu: Eh you really are bothered by Capricorns. What’s wrong with being a Capricorn?
Kimi: Capricorns are great, particularly wonderful!
Xu Lu brushes his flimsy excuse away: Tell me the truth. I want to know my own flaws. Your flaws?? Girl, it’s got NOTHING to do with you.
Kimi: Don’t say it’s a flaw. It’s just I can’t grasp your character. You love the ocean but you’re afraid of water.
Xu Lu (surprisingly) accepts the excuse: I’m very contradictory, aren’t I?
Kimi: It’s just… – Shrugs

Her interview: “He really did say before that if you cherish life then stay clear of Capricorns, so I was scared my words were inappropriate or would hurt him. You? Hurt him? More like it’s the other way around.

His interview: "Whether it’s about being a Capricorn or on the same channel, honestly, this questions doesn’t need to be asked. Every time we communicated including the moments we’ve encountered, experienced, or enjoyed, we mature from those."

During the middle of the (awkward) meal, Kimi excuses himself to the washroom.
Xu Lu’s a little suspicious: Where are you going?
Kimi: I’m just going to the washroom. I’ll be back shortly.

Kimi runs off somewhere and starts taking off the watch and belt.

His interview: “I wanted to change the topic and tell her not to focus on the negatives but to calmly accept the unknowns.”

Meanwhile Xu Lu’s waiting for Kimi to return, who’s taking awfully long.

Oh my god. Kimi does return but in the most unexpected way ever!

Xu Lu’s speaking to herself unknown to what’s about to happen: You always say Capricorns aren’t good. Capricorns are actually quite wonderful. What are the characteristics of a Capricorn? They can endure/tolerate.

Kimi’s slowly approaching but Xu Lu’s still enthusiastically speaking to herself: Capricorns may not always speak their thoughts but in their hearts they understand. The things you do for her, she knows it all. Alright, I look like some psycho now.

Finally Xu Lu spots an unidentifiable floating object (i.e. UFO) heading towards her. Xu Lu can’t register its Kimi quite yet. He does the Fa la la la and Xu Lu is stunned. Pleasantly stunned.

Since speaking isn’t Kimi’s forte today, he writes it out: “You are a Capricorn. It cannot be changed.”
Xu Lu nods in complete agreement.

His note to her continues: “But you are my life’s ‘exception’” I can’t read the second last word but it should be exception. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Kimi’s voiceover: “Are you happy? I’m very happy. As for this ending, when I close my eyes, my thoughts would be filled with the words she said to me, with the memories we shared. They’re all in my mind; never have they left me. Experiences like these cannot be lost/scattered.”
His note: ‘Don’t fret/worry over it. There are some things that always exist.”

The tear!

Fa la la la

♦ ♦ ♦ Comments ♦ ♦ ♦

Oh that last scene was beautiful. If I’m fooled by Xu Lu’s acting here, I swear I’m going to be tuning into her every drama. The first part of this was so Cinderella-esque, from the appearance of Prince Kimi Charming, to the heels skater shoes to the pumpkin shoe carriage. Beautifully done. Then the last part rolled in. WHY ARE WE ENDING SO SOON?

Sure, I like it that the show doesn’t drag on and on until we get so bored of the couple – cough WGM cough – but to say goodbye already breaks my heart. Twelve episodes is way too short! Basically, we’ve only watched four hours of them! (If every episode was 20 minutes). Is it because we’re nearing the finale that the show decides to drop some drama? Like Xu Lu said, the lower we go, the higher we go. Whatever.

I was disappointed in Kimi this episode. Good job show, you got the drama you want. He was too calm when he learned that the show was coming to an end. Why make me feel like their feelings might be real and then give me this kind of Kimi. Yeah, he was attentive. I love the skater shoe present just like how I love the Baymax present but attentiveness comes at ease for Kimi and not so for Xu Lu. That’s why every time Xu Lu does something for him I feel more of the sincerity compared to when Kimi’s giving a surprise even if it’s 100x grander. Still, the shoe and scuba diving blew my mind. This guy!

That couch talk left me bitter. I will agree that a man who acts is better than a man who just speaks any day but that doesn’t mean a lack of conversation is okay. His silence about the Capricorn issue bugged me so much. I DON’T GET IT. Why be so superstitious on something that really doesn’t matter? I’ll check out my horoscopes for the fun of it but, really, they’re so generic that if you read another horoscope it could apply to you too. I swear he still believes it to the T even though he says it doesn’t matter. That scuba diving move would probably distract her from the whole Capricorn ordeal for a while too. 

I do applaud him of keeping true to his words: he never ended up “speaking” about it since he used that note to relay his feelings. This guy. How much experience does he have?

Meanwhile it feels like Xu Lu’s completely immersed herself in this virtual relationship. Her crying in the bathroom left me speechless (but let’s not forget her crying act in Episode 6!). Don’t hurt my poor Xu Lu, or receive my virtual punches, Kimi. I’ve got muscles. Somewhere. However, even if she is in love and he’s not I think this will be a valuable experience for Xu Lu as an actress. She definitely has widened her range of emotions from having this relationship with Kimi. I mean look at her expression from that proposal pose Kimi gave her. It was so simple yet so complex.  


  1. welcome back! oh man, if you were shedding tears at this episode, you should go and watch ep 12 now. i was practically bawling my eyes out. and i agree with you, if this is 100% acting, i'll make sure i watch xulu's every drama from now onwards. the effort she put in this 'fake' relationship is just so sincere and heartwarming. and the last blackroom interview, omgawwdddd.. :'( i was crying together with her like a madwoman. sigh, so this is the end...

    1. Do. Not. Spoil. It. !.
      Don't you dare, lol.

      Ugh I really want to watch it now but I don't have the time!! D:

  2. Thank you for your hard work. i'm very sad,
    The end, why so soon.

    1. Yeah it ended ):
      What am I going to watch every weekend now...

    2. I'm a dude, and I'm going through withdrawals from this show ending. I don't watch a lot of Chinese TV and I just found this show at random boredom while messing with my Tvpad. Damn it!

      Oh, and I know it's blasphemous here, but I really disliked the Xu Lu / Kimi arc the most. I definitely felt the other two couples to be a bit more realistic.