15 June 2016

With You Episode 7

Episode 7: You're all already at the age where you can have an ID!

Geng Geng is the primary suspect for the cheating incident but we all know she's innocent. So who's going to take the blame? 

13 June 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Novel Translation Chapter 13 Part 5

[Translation Progress: 100% completed!]
This took a while but this chapter is all done! 

After spending so much time translating these I feel like I know even less. This author knows how to tease her audience. At least this segment is completely TJZ- and XLQ-centric. 

9 June 2016

With You Episode 6

The class is acting out Snow White. Guess who's Prince Charming and Snow White? 

You'll never guess it. 

7 June 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Novel Translation Chapter 13 Part 4

[Translation Progress: 85% completed]
Sorry for the delay! I'm not sure about my other translations but this one sounds particularly awkward to me at so many places. I spent forever editing but some parts still sound awkward to me. >.<  I tried.

I should be all done with the next update. As for this segment not much happens, Yun Zhen is still flirty and Xue Ling Qiao is still (seemingly) aloof. In fact XLQ only talks to YZ for this segment.

6 June 2016

Oh Hae Young Again Episode 9 and 10 Recap + Midway Review

Omg. How is this drama going to top these two episodes?! So many hugs and kisses~~

Also in this post: why I love this drama. 

4 June 2016

With You Episode 5

Episode 5: “After you brain develops a bit more, you’ll be fine!”

Exams are coming up but Geng Geng has other issues to worry about meanwhile Yu Huai's worrying about her not worrying about exams. 

3 June 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Novel Translation Chapter 13 Part 3

[Translation Progress: 60% completed]
Sooooooo I have to apologize first; there's no Xue Ling Qiao in this segment at all. There is, however, an interesting love triangle developing. 

A note about season 2: From the rumor mill the second season is said to involve the same cast and is expected to air next year

Also in this post:

  • Wu Qian!! I can't believe I never mentioned about her projects D: 

2 June 2016

With You Episode 4

Episode 4: "Chan Ho Nam! Xiao Jie Ba."

Yu Huai and Geng Geng are having a lovers' quarrel when they're not even lovers. 

30 May 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Novel Translation Chapter 13 Part 2

I translated up to 47% of the chapter now. Yes, I actually calculated it. 

Also in this post: 
  • Kim Tae Hwan's interview screencaps regarding season 2 (which is confirmed).
  • Wu Qian and Xu Ke's movie (Cat-Man)
    • Xu Ke in Ice Fantasy
  • Fu Jia (non-)news

29 May 2016

With You Episode 3

Episode 3: “Why aren’t you waiting for me to be prepared?"

This episode we’re introduced to the second leading man, Lu Xing He. Don’t be tricked by his playful fa├žade, he’s surprisingly wise.