15 June 2015

We are in Love [我们相爱吧] Episode 7 (Xu Lu and Kimi)

First off, the preview we saw was a bogus. There’s no school segment at all. That preview probably had more smiles than this entire segment. Is there some sort of law in drama-land/variety-land that dictates a stellar episode must be followed by a stale one?

Xu Lu comes to visit Kimi who’s filming for his movie.

In her interview: “Recently he hasn’t contacted me. Seeing his friend circle, it looks like he’s really busy. Luckily I was able to get some time off, so I flew to Shanghai to visit him.” She sounds busy herself too and she’s visiting him.

As she walks inside with a cartload of coffee for the staff, Kimi’s speaking with the director. The director points out that Kimi is a little bit of the introvert type. Kimi sheepishly agrees. Really? Really?? I believe he’s filming for So You’re Still Here, the one with Kris Wu or as Koreans specify him to be named as Wu Yi Fan. Liu Yi Fei also stars in this. So his goddess is in this? If you don’t remember it’s from Episode 1 when he mistakes Xu Lu as Liu Yi Fei. I guess he finally got to work with her. Meanwhile he’s complimenting both Wu Yi Fan and Liu Yi Fei’s acting, Xu Lu is stealthily handing out coffee to the movie staff right behind him.

He doesn’t notice.

She leaves to fetch more coffee but gives him a cute bye that goes unnoticed by him.
In her interview she tells us how she’s anticipating to see his reaction to her surprise.
When she’s back with the coffee, Xu Lu tries to control her voice: Director, your coffee.

I’ve been replaying this scene for quite some time because I swear I hear the Director calling her Xu Lu… So this isn’t a surprise?

Kimi immediately perks up to her voice: Oh, oh, oh.
Xu Lu’s still keeping up her act as she bows her head to him: Kimi, here’s your coffee.

Ignoring the act, Kimi gets up and un-hats her. Naturally, he introduces her to the director as his girlfriend.

Xu Lu: So you saw me?
Kimi: No. What a party pooper. I saw this. He’s pointing to the cartoon picture of them on the cup.
Xu Lu: I specially went to customize those cartoons and stuck them on the cup. I thought it would be quite touching – Embarrassed laughter.

Seeing him getting right back to work, she’s disappointed and excuses herself.

In her interview, she elaborates: “When he saw me, I felt that he wasn’t really surprised – Looking awkwardly to the side – He also didn’t look very happy.”

Kimi’s explanation for his cold attitude in his interview: “My attitude towards life and my work is completely different. I separate them very well. For that day in particular, it was very busy and with Xu Lu being there… I can only say, she wasn’t lucky.” Um. Those peeved at what he said can brainwash themselves and think that he’s categorizing her as his life and not work. Is this brainwashing working for you guys?

Xu Lu walks back up to him now and politely asks: Did you eat?
Kimi: I’m not hungry. You eat. He’s clearly telling her, ‘I won’t eat with you.’
Xu Lu: You ate?
Kimi: I’m not hungry. It’s okay.

And she leaves alone. She looks so lonely carrying that pink bag back to the cart. Still, she keeps her upbeat attitude as she personally hands out coffee to the remaining staff. They all thank her; they even call her ‘Kimi’s wife’. She looks a little awkward here but that doesn’t stop her from expressing her gratitude.

Giving a 90o bow, Xu Lu says: Thank you for taking care of Qiao Ren Liang. Thank you.
Although Kimi did smile at the mention of Xu Lu being his wife, his expression afterwards is completely lackluster.

Xu Lu talks to herself: Uh oh. I’m feeling awkward now. What should I do now? Ugh I can feel her awkwardness.

Kimi’s interview: “Honestly, when I’m working I don’t miss her. (in fact) When I’m concentrated on work, I won’t think about anyone."

Xu Lu’s interview: “His attitude told me he was really busy with work. I felt like I did the wrong thing by coming here. Regardless of his reaction, my initial hope of coming here was just to see him safely and successfully complete the filming and to let the director recognize his abilities."

This girl is so caring. While Kimi is filming, Xu Lu takes this chance to greet the director. Despite being neglected by Kimi, her compliments about him to the director were boundless: handsome, flexible, and hardworking. Later, she goes up to the light director, asking him to make Kimi shine more during the movie. Even as she’s leaving the set, she’s still thanking the crew on behalf of Kimi.

In her interview: “I just wanted everyone to take care of Kimi. I also wanted to see how he is lately.”

She heads to the waiting room to find Kimi alone with another girl. Nothing exciting there. She’s an actress (I don’t know her). They’re discussing a (actual) scene in the movie where he’s meeting the goddess he loves (Liu Yi Fei) which gets interrupted by that actress’s brother. Why is Liu Yi Fei always being discussed whenever Xu Lu walks by?

Xu Lu greets the actress as “Jie” (= Sister) meaning they’re quite close. Looking back and forth, Kimi’s puzzled to find that the two know each other but nonetheless he introduces Xu Lu as his girlfriend. The girls reunion is cut short as Kimi, in his serious tone, expresses he needs to discuss the script’s content with this actress. Pulling out a chair behind him, he sends Xu Lu there. Wow, I’d rather be sent out for lunch than sit facing someone’s back like a total outcast.  

In his interview he explains work was really that busy. He had no choice but to set her aside.

The actress tries to talk to Xu Lu, who answers quite readily, but it seems like Kimi gave her a death glare because Xu Lu immediately apologizes and covers her face. Still, the actress insists on talking to Xu Lu about her relationship with Kimi (e.g. what she likes about him). Kimi isn’t happy about that one bit. Since steering the conversation back to work wasn’t successful, he diverts the actress’s questioning immediately by asking her whether she ate. What?! You just refused Xu Lu a moment ago. She ate, so he leaves. Xu Lu follows but Kimi asks the actress whether she’d like to talk to Xu Lu to which she answers yeah. Thus Kimi successfully ditches Xu Lu behind as he tends to other important matters first (before lunch). Either the editing was terrible or it looked like he didn’t want to spend any time with her.  

In his interview he continues to express how work is important to him.

In Xu Lu’s interview she comments on how different this Kimi feels: “It made me wonder if something happened to him. I feel like we need more communication." Thanks to Kimi, Xu Lu lost all her natural hyper-ness.

And so off they go for lunch now.

Xu Lu reveals the content of her pink bag: its soup. She made it for him because she knows how late he’s been up to complete the filming. (She’s actually been sick herself and this was the soup her manager made for her.)

Kimi does thank her: But, let me tell you, I might not have time to finish your soup. WHAT. Just gurgle it down, gosh. What time is it now?

She’s disappointed but she still tells him the time. She tries to convince him to drink it but he continuously refuses. The poor girl was carrying that pink bag around this whole time! Xu Lu must have been looking forward to see his reaction to her soup.  

Xu Lu tries to strike up a conversation but he’s busy stuffing himself. The atmosphere gets gloomier as Kimi tells her: Don’t talk for one second. I’m thinking about something. OUCH

The disappointment in her eyes were so obvious. Don’t hurt my Xu Lu like that >.<

In her interview: “I had a lot of things I wanted to tell him and me coming here wasn’t exactly easy.”

Seeing Kimi struggling while eating, she uncaps a water bottle for him.
Kimi gives an empty “Thank you” but leaves the water bottle alone.

I know the guy’s busy but reading the script with that stressed facial expression in front of her like that only makes her feel worse. She came here to visit him and thought it was a sweet thing to do but he makes it look like it’s the world’s most terrible thing she had done to him.

This screencap is my revenge on Kimi. 
The entire lunch remains uncomfortably quiet. He silently asks for the time again. She’s not a clock.
In the end, Xu Lu’s being forced to pick up the cues he’s leaving her so she completely excuses herself from the set.

In her interview: “I did feel uncomfortable.”

As she’s walking to his car, she dabs her eyes. Xu Lu even whines: I want to go home.

In her interview: “Did I do something wrong? I felt like I was a hindrance.”

Now she cries alone in the car. I was quite sad but the dramatic shattering of all their happy moments made me lol slightly.

In her interview again: “I felt like all the things I did today, you (Kimi) didn’t like it. Is my way of caring for him not acceptable for him?”

Kimi’s finally done filming and sends her a text that he’s coming for her (with an exclamation mark). However his attitude doesn’t show any excitement. I was hoping this was a hidden camera.

Xu Lu mirrors that lack of excitement: You’re off. Where are we going now?
No. Response.
Oh my god. He’s being a drama queen.
They depart but he still hasn’t said a thing.

In her interview: “I just felt like ‘What’s with you?’ I visit you at your work and this is your attitude?

Now he’s suddenly accelerating. It’s fast enough that it makes Xu Lu go pale.

In his interview he explains: “Lately I don’t even have the time to sleep. Working late and waking up early. It made me impetuous.”

Xu Lu’s sadness turns to anger in her interview: “As an actor, you need to be able to handle your emotions. I can be completely honest with my feelings right now: I’m completely unhappy.”

Kimi’s interview quickly intercedes: “When you first start passionately dating, that phase is of course important, but since we’re already together (for a while now), for a man particularly, he should have his own ambitions.” Kimi’s not looking at the camera at all. Also, his comment doesn’t make sense to me. Do the two have to be in conflict?  

Zipping back to her interview: “At the very least, if you (Kimi) were to visit me at work, my attitude would definitely not be like that. Even if I’m professional or whatever I would definitely consider your feelings."

Intervening now is Kimi’s interview: "Work is first. Work is always first."

Zooming, the car continues to accelerate. Xu Lu’s face continues to pale and her mood is accelerating downwards. 

I’m getting a whiplash from all these interviews.

His interview: “The me now is the most real me. Can you still accept me?” Oh. That hit me a little.

Her interview: “When a girl likes you more and more she would hope you’d give her more.”

His interview: “At first, I pushed, she pulled. No problem. Now that she slowly starts to trust me, she pushed, I pulled.” When he says pull, think along the lines of ‘retract’. There’s a difference.

Her interview: “I feel like our rhythm is completely off.”

Putting her hands to her face, she’s possibly crying. Most likely crying. Kimi finally takes into account her feelings.  

Kimi’s interview: “When I accelerated, I woke up. She can’t handle this atmosphere. I knew I needed to apologize to her with my utmost sincerity.”

Kimi pulls the car aside and Xu Lu monotonously asks: So we’re getting off the car now?

Kimi: I need to talk to you. Where’s my hidden camera? ):

Unbuckling her seatbelt, Xu Lu faces him directly: Tell me. I’m listenning. She can get a little scary…
Kimi bites down his lower lip, wavering on how to start explaining.

In his interview: “Today, I might have scared her – Laughs sheepishly – What should I do? I don’t know what to do with you, Kimi. He’s asking this too innocently that I can’t help but give way a little. I don’t like how soft my soft spot is. There’s too much to explain. I can’t get out of this with one or two words. (But then again) This isn’t the problem of how many words I need to explain myself.”

Kimi: I finished the soup.

I THINK I spot a teensy smile that tried to reveal itself but she controlled her regained controlled of her angry expression again. 

Kimi continues speaking as Xu Lu has no other reaction but a nod: It was pretty good.
Xu Lu: So what happened just now? Why did you accelerate?
Kimi stretches out the tension in his body: I was very tired. I wasn’t driving that fast.

Xu Lu’s interview: “The two of us aren’t on the same channel. He’s always adapting to me so now I want to use my own method to treat him well but he doesn’t seem to like it. I think we need to fine-tune both our emotions.”

Kimi: You’re not too happy today. I WONDER WHY.
Xu Lu tells an obvious lie: No. I’m fine. You were very serious at work.
Kimi: Mad?
Xu Lu: No. I’m happy.
Kimi: My work attitude, do you not like it?
Xu Lu: No. Everyone has their approach towards work. Nothing much to not like about it.

Kimi: Today was inevitable. There was apparently two or three crews simultaneously booked/fighting for that same set. You guys also didn’t make it at lunch hour. So he knew she was supposed to come today? Everyone already finished eating and was getting back to work. Then there wasn’t enough time. I could only choose to neglect the party – He’s smiling at her and grabbing her hand – who I can console later.

Xu Lu: I’m not the type to initiate to ask how you’ve been lately. If you want to tell me then you’d tell me. If you don’t then you won’t tell me.

In her interview: “My view on love is that it’s a process from not knowing to understanding that person. I need to first understand you; consider whether we’re suitable.” It’s like she’s going back to square one with their relationship.

In his interview: When a problem arises between a couple, you need to be active. When you know it’s your own fault, you need to actively resolve it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Don’t passively handle it.

Back to their conversation, Xu Lu continues to lie: No. I’m fine. It’s normal. You need to face it and solve it.
Kimi agrees.
Xu Lu changes the topic now: Is work going smoothly lately?
Kimi: I think it’s been pretty good.

Then Kimi suddenly acts like a little boy in love and says: Everyone at the set said to you “Thank you, Kimi’s wife.”
Xu Lu: As long as you’re happy then it’s fine.

Xu Lu’s interview: “I really need to understand him (more), to feel his feelings. I need to think what sort of approach I should using to express my love.” Aw, why is this breaking my heart a little?

Kimi’s interview: “It’s only after the whole ordeal I realize what I did so wrong today. I need to plan this right… I have another broadcast. This one should be a happier; it’s at an amusement park. As long as there’s no roller coasters… So I think she won’t be mad anymore.”

Kimi and Xu Lu arrive at the set and meet the director.

Kimi introduces Xu Lu: She’s my girlfriend and my manager/helper (for today).
Director is all smiles: I’ve seen your segment before. Huang Zhang couple, right?

So off Kimi goes to discuss the contents of the show with the director while Xu Lu buys two coffees for them. She buys hers last and sits obediently on the side watching Kimi at work. Her face screams boredom.

Xu Lu’s interview: “When he was discussing his work with the director, I was on the side not knowing what to do.”

This time Kimi finally looks over warmly at her. The editing is so drama-esque. Luckily she catches his stare. I see a little tiny smile appear. After a while, Xu Lu decides to leave. We’re not given a reason.

Kimi begins filming and tells the staff: I brought my girlfriend today as my manager.
He looks around and calls her name but there’s no response. What goes around comes around.

In Kimi’s interview: “When she disappeared, I was scared. Worried. I was afraid she was really angry.”

The interview segment seems to be over and Xu Lu still isn’t back. He goes out to look for her but no luck there. On a side note, Kimi looks so tired and he’s been coughing for a while now.

While he’s walking with the emcee to the filming location, he’s still searching for Xu Lu. He reveals to the emcee that his girlfriend still isn’t here. The emcee is nice and notifies the crew to wait for Xu Lu.

Sitting in the cart, Kimi’s head is angled towards the entrance, completely ignoring the emcee seated right beside him.

Poor Kimi is coughing so much.

Xu Lu finally appears! She looks terribly apologetic. Kimi guides her to the seat right beside him and naturally puts his arm around her shoulder. He’s shocked to see that she was away not because she was angry but because she was worried about his wellbeing: she went to buy medicine.

Kimi’s interview: “It was for medicine.” Look at that big smile.
Are these interviews done at different times? Why are his clothes different?

We rewind and see Xu Lu asking countless pedestrians for directions to a pharmacy.
In her interview she expresses how this was her way of caring for him.
In his interview: “Meticulous, caring, and considerate. Warm. Really heart-warming.”

Kimi and Xu Lu continue to apologize to the staff members. Despite Kimi apologizing on her behalf, Xu Lu insists on taking the blame: Sorry, it has nothing to do with Kimi. It’s all because of me. Sorry.
Kimi quickly comforts her again reassuring her everything is okay.

Meanwhile the emcee can’t handle the two lovebirds anymore: I need to get off the car. Lol.
Too bad for the emcee because the two won’t stop flirting anytime soon.

Xu Lu: Do you want medicine now?
Kimi: I took it already.
Xu Lu: Have more. Um. I don’t think that’s how medicine works.
Kimi laughs at her naivety too.

Flirting onslaught escalates: She helps him drink water; he looks lovingly at her. He plays with her hand; she notices his thumb is long. She starts touching him claiming its massaging; he loves her touching him. Finally it’s selfie time. Emcee, how about I trade spots with you, lol.

Kimi finally pays some due attention to him by teasing him: You’re so quiet.

So the emcee tries to speak up now by practicing his script to which Kimi pays absolutely no attention to. He only has eyes for Xu Lu. Sorry emcee maybe in your next life you’d have a chance. I like how she’s holding her forehead at the sweet awkwardness when the emcee glares at the both of them for ignoring him. Meanwhile Kimi’s trying to console the emcee again, the emcee just wants to know whether single people like him can charge couples like them for being overly sweet. LOL.

The threat gets completed ignored minutes later as Xu Lu and Kimi continue to take couple selfies.

Emcee: Okay! Enough pictures!

The emcee then proceeds to call to arrest the love birds. He begs over and over again to please arrest them over the fake phone call.

The actual filming finally takes place and Kimi’s fans have gathered around the merry go round. His biggest fan is of course Xu Lu. Kimi’s taking the “manner legs” to a whole new level as he almost does a split to accommodate for the emcees short stature.

During the whole filming, Kimi is still coughing. Xu Lu casts a worried glance at him.

Kimi has a mission to do for this filming: draw his signature eyeliner on the female contestant while riding the merry go round. I do not want to be that fan. However, it seems that Xu Lu might want to be that fan as captions around her says she’s jealous.

Kimi really does put in his best efforts as he climbs over the horse to reach over to the girl. Please don’t make her ugly. Kimi even stands on the horse now. Xu Lu’s worried for him as she yells out: Be careful.

In her interview: “I was quite worried about him but seeing a guy this diligent at word makes me feel he’s – shakes head – handsome. Handsome. Handsome.”

His fans yell out loudly: Qiao Ren Liang, I love you!
Not losing to his fans, Xu Lu shouts in her unique voice: Kimi, fighting (add oil)! Kimi, fighting!
And the fans follow her lead now, lol. However, she still beats them with her loudness/pitch.

His interview: “She yelled. I heard. She was very enthusiastic.” (He uses an expression I’m not too familiar with and if I were to directly translate it he directly compares her yelling to injecting chicken blood, which is sometimes used to mock someone for being overly enthusiastic. Since he said that with a goofy smile, he meant to lovingly tease her)

There’s a scene of her feeding him water which is followed by her interview: “When I work, it’s usually other people that care for me so I never had a chance to take care of others. This is my first time.” How lucky.

Kimi tries to help her (help him): Let me close this (water bottle) first.
Xu Lu refuses the help: Let me do this. Let me do this! You go work. You go work!
Kimi: Do you even have enough hands?
Xu Lu: I have hands! You go work. You go work!

Kimi laughs at her stubbornness.

In his interview: “Actually I quite enjoyed getting this flu, that way I can let her take care of me.”

Xu Lu’s interview: “I think what I’m capable of doing for him isn’t much. The most I can do is help him carry his water, wipe his sweat.”

Kimi’s interview: “Before, when I was concentrating on work I made her misunderstand. I don’t think she misunderstood. This sort of thing (i.e. his attitude towards his ambitions), she’ll see it sooner or later. I just didn’t think she’d see it this soon.

Xu Lu’s interview: “I thought first love is all fairytale-like but in reality in every relationship there will be times we clash or times of large emotional fluctuations, just things that I can’t imagine.

Kimi’s interview: “When two people get along, their steps, their pace, and their rhythm can’t always be in sync, so someone has to compromise. It’s like dancing. When I step forward, she should step back and when I step back, she should step forward. What happened today, I think, was worth it.

It's pretty but when did they film this scene?

And then there’s a host segment. Think WGM with Park Mi Sun and her crew.

♦ ♦ ♦ Comments ♦ ♦ ♦

Please don’t tell me they cancelled this episode the first time around to include the host’s commentary. This was a waste of my time. They didn’t talk about anything substantial. One of the guy’s comment made me go lol with how absurdly confident he sounds. He claims, “Girls want very little.” Depends. LOL. I don’t mean being materialistic in particular but I think girls demand quite a bit when it comes to emotion. I think most girls would want someone considerate and it’s common to think that consideration for a girl is best seen in the little things that guys do. But heck, noticing little things is much harder than noticing large things. Sorry, I digressed but my point is girls can demand a lot on things guys may not care about and this imbalance is what happened this episode. Xu Lu wanted him to be ecstatic to see her appear at his work place, sort of like an angel suddenly appearing in a battlefield, but the reaction she got was stale.

I really didn’t like Kimi in the beginning of this segment. Man, was he a drama queen. I was uncomfortable with that segment of him flipping through the script with that ugly expression on. At the very least can’t he just spend a minute explaining his situation? A simple explanation could have done so much. However, during one of his interview, he asked whether Xu Lu could accept that side of him too because that’s his raw self, and that resonated with me. I’m taken aback at how serious he’s handling this relationship. Kimi is showing us a real side of him, a side that isn’t favoured by the public, and him earnestly asking whether she can accept this side made it feel like their relationship got all too real all of a sudden. I’m not used to this solemnity in my Flustered couple.

I wonder whether this change in mood is because of the remarks Chinese netizens’ made on them being too fairy-tale like (i.e. fake) that they injected such a harsh reality into them. I know the netizens there have been touting Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong for portraying such a realistic couple but in my eyes, they’re portraying two strangers that are still trying to be comfortable with each other, they’re not portraying a couple yet. I hope this whole obsession with being “realistic” doesn’t last too long. Can’t I just be superficial and only want the fluffy?

Edit: The show really is trying to be a "reality" show. They added another new segment where non-celebrities (i.e. you or me) can get selected onto the show to find their one and only. I find this segment much better than the host commentary but still mediocre. 

P.S I didn’t have time to watch the whole show so there’s no comments on the other couples.

P.P.S Where’s my preview?