18 February 2015

My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 Episode 32 (Finale)

This last episode is pure fan service. Half of it is their re-imagination of the past. I didn't know dramas can do that.

“I promise I’ll be the best girlfriend” – Mo Sheng
“I’m totally going in a straight line.” – Yi Chen
“Why do I have use your name to practice, eh?” – Mo Sheng
I’ll jump with you, Mo Sheng

They’re done re-imagining their past for now and Mo Sheng gets teary. She tells him she won’t leave that year either so she can make sure everyone’s happy. Yi Chen tries to comfort her by teasing her how it’s nearly impossible that she can take care of him. She agrees that she can’t, lol. However, she reasons with him that since he’ll have to take care of her, he’ll take care of himself while he’s at it. There we go, problem solved! Yi Chen checks her skin to see whether it’s grown thicker.

Mo Sheng continues reinventing their past as she tells him that she’ll be in fourth year and Yi Chen will be working. Since she won’t have that many courses, she’ll bus to him and they’ll have lunch together every day but there’s one problem: the university and his law firm are too far. However, Yi Chen tells her it’s not far as if he actually knows. It’s his turn to add in his bit to their reinvention game. He tells her she won’t have many courses in fourth year – in fact they’ll all be afternoon courses – so she’ll move out and live with him near his law firm. So he actually checked her courses when she was in America? Wow.

Mo Sheng gets teary again thinking back to how she left Yi Chen and how tough it was for her in the States. Yi Chen works his magic again to cheer up Mo Sheng by getting her to think about life after living with him in her fourth year but he clarifies that he won’t be the one suggesting it, he’ll make her beg for it. LOL. Mo Sheng pouts and wonder whether she’ll be the one to propose to him as well. That is pretty sad. Mo Sheng laughs and tells him she’s like a pig waiting to be eaten. (I think Gu Man, the writer of the novel this drama is based on, has a special preference for pigs)

They’ve settled with buying a house a year later because Yi Chen won this huge case. He tells her he has to work that hard because she’s hard to care for. Mo Sheng protests against that but that’s coming from a girl who wanted a two bedroom apartment (one for her darkroom) from Yi Chen when he first started working. So, they got their jobs and a house, Mo Sheng wonder what’s next: marriage. Mo Sheng whimpers against having to propose to him as well but Yi Chen tells her, he’d be more impatient than her.

So apparently, at least in Mo Sheng’s version, the moment they settled on which house to buy, that’s when Yi Chen would propose. I thought it’d be a bit later… BUT can the proposal be anymore lackluster? Let’s open the curtains. Done. Let’s get married. Done. But Mo Sheng doesn’t just agree to his proposal, she tells him she wants to get registered right now. Oh dear.

However, Mo Sheng doesn’t tell him that part of the story and just let Yi Chen thinks he’d be the one proposing and that would be it otherwise she’ll be forever teased. She changes the topic and ask when they would have a child. I think their reinvention game has caught up to their present time. Realizing this, Mo Sheng asks for real when they will have a baby. Yi Chen hesitates and tell her, “Later.” Mo Sheng’s a bit disappointed but we all know why Yi Chen doesn’t want a child just yet in their happy little world. Misunderstanding this, Mo Sheng thinks she needs to lighten the mood and tells Yi Chen that next time Xiao Mei asks her why’s not pregnant, she’ll tell her that Yi Chen’s defective. LOL.

And these two actually got married and are already having their second child! However, Xiao Mei’s distressed that she’s pregnant again because she just reappeared on TV after giving birth to their first child. Looks like Yuan Feng has to care for two crying babies. When Xiao Mei cries it makes the poor baby cry with her, haha.

Mo Sheng and Yi Chen come visit Yuan Feng and Xiao Mei. Seeing Yi Chen tend to the baby, Xiao Mei asks Mo Sheng when she’s having a child when it’s already been two years. Mo Sheng tells her Yi Chen doesn’t want one yet and she thinks she knows why: because of the trauma he received from his parents leaving him.

However, Yi Chen dismisses that reason immediately. He’s left to tell Mo Sheng the truth: “Having an additional one person joining in on their fun would be…inconvenient.” Mo Sheng bursts out laughing and belittles that reason. Yi Chen surrenders and agrees they’ll have a baby. Mo Sheng gets really excited but Yi Chen coyly reminds her they’ll do this naturally. With her arms around his neck, she tells him “Let’s hurry up and go home to do this naturally.” I think Tiffany’s having a laughing fit out of this. In their press conference I remember Wallace commenting on Tiffany's laughing point: she has none. She'll laugh at anything and everything. 

“Are you questioning my baby-making skills?”  Yi Chen
Although it was Mo Sheng that wanted the child first it seems that Yi Chen’s more impatient than her as he picks out baby books from the library when it’s only been half a month they’ve been naturally trying. Mo Sheng tells him it’s too soon to look at baby books but Yi Chen takes this as a testament to his capabilities.

“He’s too capable.” – Mo Sheng
After X number of days, Yi Chen’s calculating how long it’s been since Mo Sheng’s last period. Wow. He leaves to buy something but Mo Sheng thinks he’s only getting breakfast. Yi Chen does return home with breakfast but also with a pregnancy test. And bingo, they’ve got themselves a baby. However, I’d like to point out that Mo Sheng wasn’t too ecstatic to her pregnancy news because that only adds to Yi Chen’s superego for being capable in anything. 

After Mo Sheng confirms to Yi Chen she’s pregnant, Yi Chen makes a few rounds of calls: first to Lawyer Yuan to pass his cases to him, second to president Zhang (of a hospital specializing in maternity?), and lastly to Xiao Xiao for pregnancy books. After Yi Chen’s done calling, Mo Sheng pouts and ask, “You’ve done everything, now what do I do?” Yi Chen laughs and wonders about that question too. Yi Chen simply tells her, “You don’t need to do anything.” I’m getting sick of hearing this too but I want this guy for myself!

Within his embrace, she wraps her arms around him tells him, “I thought my life was complete just by finding you again but I didn’t think it would be possible to feel even more completeness.

Yi Mei and her mother come visit Mo Sheng and Yi Chen, each giving their separate advice on what to eat as a pregnant woman. Yi Mei then asks Yi Chen whether he’d like a boy or a girl. Yi Chen ponders on that question and says both would be great. Yi Mei agrees that having twins would be wonderful too, the girl would take after the mom and the son with the dad. Yi Chen looks away while smiling but nods his head. We get to know why his reaction was like that when Mo Sheng explains that Yi Chen wants the girl to be like him too, that way she won’t be deceived (by jerks like him ^^– Mo Sheng doesn’t actually say this, it’s just coming from me). The boy should be like Yi Chen too, that way girls would naturally flock to him but Mo Sheng doesn’t reveal that bit to the ladies, instead she says, “That way, their son can deceive girls.” Hey, that's true too.

They go baby shopping and Yi Chen and Mo Sheng can’t settle on whether to buy things for a baby boy or a baby girl.

However, if we have to bet on who’s right, never bet against Yi Chen; him choosing the blue coloured baby bed was the right choice as it’s a baby boy.

And they’ve already decided on the name as Yi Chen tells us, “Since today’s sunny, we’ll call him He Zhao.” It’s actually a very unique and meaningful name but Xiao Mei thinks he’s being too sloppy with naming his son after the weather. Suddenly, Yi Mei thinks she got the reasoning behind the name as it’s the combination of Yi Chen and Mo Sheng’s last name. However, Yi Chen denies it as a coincidence. Was it really a coincidence? Zhang Xu loves the idea of naming their children that way but Yi Mei dismisses it immediately because “Zhang He” (the combination of their last names) means to close one’s mouth. LOL. Your son/daughter would hate you guys forever. However, there’s more to the name, “He Zhao”, not only does “Zhao” mean to shine (alluding to mo Sheng being Yi Chen’s sunshine) but “He Zhao” together also means photo (not only alluding to Mo Sheng’s profession but also how they met). Quite an ingenious name indeed.

So here’s the scene I’ve been waiting for since the first episode. Yi Chen and Mo Sheng are taking He Zhao to their university and tells him that this is where they met and in the future, he should come here (to look for his true love?). Xiao Zhao asks a question, “Other children were born out but why was I taken out?” His parents ask where this nonsense question came from and he explains because everyone always says “Take a picture.” And since his name means picture, he logically assumes he was taken out. (Sorry guys, this pun makes much more sense in Chinese.)


And there’s our happy ending! I can’t say this show left me craving for more because they’ve saturated us with everything they could. Seriously. I love shows for not having annoying conflicts (e.g. conniving parents, jealous second leads, shady corporations, etc.) but not having conflicts is a conflict itself. Yes we were given consistent challenges for these two but the show made it very clear nothing can penetrate these two. I both like that and dislike that but I would have to say I like it more than I dislike it. Their impenetrability would satiate me more if they added more scenes before they got together e.g. I was expecting more for the big reveal of Mo Sheng’s past instead of Yi Chen simply asking after having sex.

Because I recapped this entire series, My Sunshine probably appeals to me more than it would others. Let’s face it, it’s not the best show out there. Wallace carried the show with Tiffany responding here and there, plus the show was lacking fluidity and quality: the lines were beyond cheesy; (I know most of it comes from Gu Man, but still) the coincidences were annoying; the scenery was dull.

Critically speaking, this drama can’t compare to most of what I’ve already watched but emotionally speaking, the drama hits the right spot for me. It won’t go on my recommended list but I would still have fond memories of Yi Chen and Mo Sheng for a while. 


  1. I just wanted to say I love your recaps. I finished reading all 32ep in one go. There so much that I've missed while watching the drama itself. Thanks for all the Tidbits!!!

    Yichen's devotion and love is too strong and I had no choice but to hold unto this drama until the very end!!!

    1. Really!! You read them all?? These were my very first posts. I read this one again myself and shuddered at the amount of "lols" I made that I had to go back and delete them. Heh.

      Anyways, thanks for reading. (: