17 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 31

It's an episode of dangerous voyages and time travels. (: 

As Yi Mei is about to attend the wedding, she bumps into a man she seems to know. We get a flashback to how they met. Yi Mei, chasing her dream of being a reporter, heads out on a dangerous mission. She records her every move turning back to see if anyone`s following her. She keeps her voice low to avoid anyone detecting her. Then, finally, she comes across an unidentified species: a blue feet-ed, black headed creature with enormous auditory appendages. LOL, sorry for pulling your legs guy but Yi Mei’s scene was just so overly dramatic that I just had to.

My jokes aside, Yi Me’s actually doing a coverage in a rural village where parents (young adults) have to leave their hometown to make a living, leaving their children here as if they’re orphaned. I didn’t lie when she comes across an unidentified species because we actually don’t know the boy’s name ^^. He’s one of the orphans that was under the care of the man Yi Mei bumped into at the wedding. However, the little boy ran off so stealthily that the noise from a pin dropping onto the floor would be more obvious. 

Yi Mei approaches him and tries to comfort the little boy. Boy, weren’t you told not to talk to strangers? Well, he probably did because as Yi Mei tries to touch him – for whatever reason she thought was justified for touching him – he runs off.

Yi Mei fails at chasing him down instead she ends up in an orphanage. As she looks at the children, pity is the expression she’s holding. She starts recording the type of environment she’s seeing right in front of all these children with no attempt at hiding her pity. Show, seriously? It’s like she’s actually treating these children as a new unidentifiable species that deserves her fascination. This glamorization of a reporter’s role is done so unrealistically that it’s appalling.

Anyways, she starts snooping around in someone else’s property and gets so startled by the presence of a man that she starts hitting him without a second thought, thinking he’s the thief. Right, I believe the one carrying a huge bag and snooping around is you, Yi Mei.

The kids all chime in to ask why she’s hitting their music teacher and that’s when she apologizes. The man now finally notices that one of his students are missing and Yi Mei tells him she saw a little boy on her way here. So the two head out to find their lost kid; they find him at the village’s exit point which is the place he’s always waiting at when his parents return.

I guess the show has lots of time now since Yi Chen and Mo Sheng basically have zilch conflicts left to resolve that they’re focusing so much on Yi Mei now. I never disliked Yi Mei too much; I just didn’t care much for her (although I care for her more than I would for Ying Hue). However, her role definitely deserves a happy ending and the show gives her this guy, Zhang Xu. He’s another guy that does not exist in real life. He doesn’t live in the village but comes routinely to teach them music. He hopes to use his music to erase the loneliness in these children. Yi Mei is impressed by this guy (who wouldn’t?) and asks if she could be invited into their club. He declines. Kidding, like the show can do that to us now. I really didn’t expect this turn of event for Yi Mei but it’s great that she got her prince charming too – it’s just a little too sudden and I feel absolutely nothing for these two.

But I still don’t know why Zhang Xu appeared at the wedding. Was he the musician?

Back to the wedding, Lawyer Yuan, for some reason, taunts Yi Chen for not having enough experience, “Wait, until your next marriage and you’ll be experienced –“ he interrupts himself and talks to Mo Sheng, “The next time he marries, I can’t guarantee whether or not the bride will still be you.” Lawyer Yuan gets a deserving elbow in the stomach by Yi Chen while another guest mocks him for not having married once. Cue Xiang Heng to back up his bro right at this nick of time and Yi Chen acknowledges that Lawyer Yuan’s first time can be with Xiang Heng. Oh poor Xiang Heng barely gets any lines but at least he gets a love line.

However, the love line is short-lasting as Yi Mei comes in apologizing for being late. Lawyer Yuan suggests the three (Yi Chen, Mo Sheng, and Yi Mei) should do a three-way drink, which I’m not sure how that’s going to proceed. We don’t get to learn how as Lawyer Yuan gets teased that he just wants to join in so that he can drink with Yi Mei. Then Yuan Feng pitches in that it should be him that’s drinking with Yi Mei. What? Hey! With that said, he gets a deserving slap from Xiao Mei and they both are out of the camera’s eyes as only sounds of them fighting are heard.

It seems that Lawyer Yuan can continue talking endlessly but Yi Chen’s getting restless enough that he requests, “Can we all just drink now?” And cheers to our new – I mean old – married couple.

Onto our next couple: they’re being notified that Xiao Mei was never pregnant. Really. Yuan Feng’s way of comforting is assuring her they can have another baby, they’re still young. Being the normal one there, Xiao Mei tells him matter of factly that since there was never anything between them, with the baby gone, they can now both go on their separate paths. To Yuan Feng, Yi Mei’s speaking foreign. He doesn’t understand why they need to separate when she’s already seen his parents. Oh dear, lol. He continues, “You can’t be so irresponsible. We’ve already started. You can’t dump me now.” Oh my god, lol. He’s really a kid. Poor Xiao Mei, when she does give birth to his kid, she’ll have two children to care for, haha.

Xiao Mei is still unconvinced clarifying that they were never in a relationship to begin with. Yuan Feng holds her back from leaving and declares that not being pregnant is better because he can prove that he does sincerely love her.

Going back to Yi Mei, it seems that they’ve both been consistently volunteering to help the children. Zhang Xu comments that on the first day they met, he felt the same, but at the same time different, loneliness the children had in her eyes. When Yi Mei explains it’s because of the tragedies that she comes across in her profession but Zhang Xu doesn’t seem entirely convinced. He tells her he understands how lonely it is to not be loved in return but because she’s a smart girl, she deserves happiness. Cue happy music. Cue long meaningful stare. Cue wedding!

Its two years later when Yi Mei and Zhang Xu hold their wedding. Mo Sheng’s leading the pact and taking pictures of the two newlyweds while Yi Chen trails them handing out red pockets. I want one too. (And Mo Sheng’s hair is finally long!)

How come we didn’t get this kind of wedding for Yi Chen and Mo Sheng? Yi Chen seems tearful that his sister finally gets her happy ending with Zhang Xu (and as I stress again, this guy does not exist in real life, well neither does Yi Chen…).

Picture time! And Yi Chen and Mo Sheng are definitely tolling.

Then Yi Mei joins in on the fun.

I think the show’s running out of content as the focus is on these two (in the above screenshot) and how the girl (Mei Ting) wants to go abroad but that would mean leaving her boyfriend (Xiao Lu) behind when he’s already proposed to her. Lawyer Yuan, being up in everyone’s business, urges Yi Chen to step in and guide his student, Mei Ting, to help her find the best possible solution.

However, Yi Chen throws out an excuse: his wife wouldn’t like him partaking in a female staff’s personal matters. Lawyer Yuan is innervated as he complains how many times Yi Chen has used his wife as a shield. There was this one time a female client tries to set up a date with him but he tells her, “Sorry, my wife wants me home by 7pm every night.” To our surprise, this impresses the client; her confidence in winning the case increased because a man that’s afraid of his wife translates to being a successful lawyer.

There were also other times at drinking events, guys would complain to Yi Chen for only ordering non-alcoholic drinks. As we all know it, he tells them it’s because his wife is too controlling. Other guys are boasting that they can drink however much they want because their wives can’t control them while Lawyer Yuan is envious of anyone with a wife.

LOL. So basically, Mo Sheng is now infamous for being a crazy controlling wife.

Back to the present day issue with Mei Ting and Xiao Lu, it seems as though Lawyer Yuan has gotten to Yi Chen as he asks her about her decision for studying abroad. Mei Ting’s probably at her peak as she loses control in front of the lawyer, He Yi Chen. She complains why everyone is convincing her to stay when there’s such a good opportunity abroad; she continues, “If he can’t even wait for me for two years, then that proves he doesn’t truly love me.” Feeling embarrassed and knowing she stepped out of place in front of Yi Chen she attempts to escape but Yi Chen stops her. He tells her, “Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams but that has nothing to do with confirming someone’s love. If we have to use time to prove love, then how much time do we need to waste?” Omph. Nicely said.

Yi Chen comes home (not at seven!) and finds Mo Sheng lying in bed reading with her hair still wet. Without much of a thought, he brings out the blow dryer and Mo Sheng obediently lies on his laps while Yi Chen dries her hair. I want him! He lectures her for being so sloppy but Mo Sheng argues with him, “Legally speaking, my hair grew after we got married, so my hair is actually your property too, hence you have the obligations to care for it.” LOL. Rightfully said.

Yi Chen also lectures her to stop reading now but she grabs her book back and tells him how interesting the story is: it’s about a thirty year old woman, after being dumped, is involved in a car accident and somehow goes back in time to her fourteen year old self. Mo Sheng suddenly asks Yi Chen what he would do when he goes back to being fourteen years old (i.e. find Mo Sheng before university). Yi Chen scoffs it off because Mo Sheng would have just been thirteen (i.e. too young to be in a relationship). Does one year make a difference? However, Mo Sheng agrees but she adds in if she was fourteen again she would enrol in the same high school as Yi Chen and snatch him earlier. Yi Chen refuses that he’ll be in a relationship that early on but Mo Sheng reminds him that he said that in university too but that never lasted. It seems like Mo Sheng’s picked up quite a bit of persuasion skills from Yi Chen. Seemingly defeated, Yi Chen doesn’t mutter a word but a split second later, he dives in to kiss her. I guess Yi Chen has to resort to these means to beat Mo Sheng now, haha. He topples her in bed but Mo Sheng resists (albeit weakly) and tells him to shower instead. Yi Chen seems to surrender and tells her to help him take off his clothes while he’s still towering over her. Right, like he’s going to shower anytime soon.

Flashbacks! And this time it’s Mo Sheng and Yi Chen as their young selves. We get flashbacks because Mo Sheng was wondering if she’d get to go back in time, it’d be when she was nineteen.

I remember saying how I preferred the young Mo Sheng over the gloomy older Mo Sheng and how I plainly disliked the young Yi Chen. After seeing these two act out their own childhood parts I can pretty much say I prefer the kid actors over them for their university days, lol. Sorry. Although I’d have to say Tiffany does a better job than Wallace. Wallace just seems like a reclusive, sloppy nerd. The sloppiness is probably, in most part, due to his hair. And he’s a tad too old. Sorry Wallace fans; he’s a great actor but there are limits…

However, I quite like Tiffany acting as young Mo Sheng in the above scene. It’s the same dialogue as when Mo Sheng is explaining the origin of her name but rather than in the cafeteria, it’s in the self-study room. (So as viewers of the drama, which scene is the right one…I guess I’m being too picky with the details of this drama when most people just want to ship these two. Or is this the present day Mo Sheng going back in time? Oh dear, too complicated) Mo Sheng barges in Yi Chen’s personal space and calls him her senior. Yi Chen rejects that idea because she’s not even in his faculty. She fully agrees, hence “He Yi Chen” it is. A second later, she contemplates it because it sounds too impolite to call someone by their full name plus it doesn’t emphasize the relationship they currently have: one that owes a pork lunch to the other. Very close indeed. So she decides to call him “Yi Chen.” Yi Chen rejects that idea too but Mo Sheng ignores it and starts introducing her name. This time Yi Chen doesn’t just passively lets her ramble on, he scoots away. Mo Sheng, being ever so lovable, scoots in with him. Lol. 

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