17 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 30

Knots are being tied! (But what's going to happen for two more episodes? o_o)

After the talk with Xiao Mei last night, Mo Sheng realizes that she wants her mother’s blessing for her wedding too. She calls her mother to invite her to the wedding but her mother is against the wedding. She doesn’t tell Mo Sheng the reason leading her to misunderstand. Mo Sheng thinks it’s an excuse for her to not attend; she’s used to her mother not loving her anyways. (N.B. wasn’t this scene also used in Boss & Me?)

Now that Yi Chen’s married he gets home pretty early now, eh? Xiao Mei’s also done work and is dropped off by her manager. As they joke around (with Yi Chen threatening to double her lawyer fees because of her third-wheeling around), they get caught by the paparazzi. Thankfully, the show didn’t take that direction as Yuan Feng comes to the rescue and gets the paparazzi to delete the picture.

Seeing as that’s solved, Yi Chen leaves the two. Oh right, I forgot Yi Chen doesn’t know anything about Yuan Feng and Xiao Mei. Anyways, Yuan Feng does a bit of small talk consisting of Yi Chen (and Mo Sheng) being inexperienced in taking care of a pregnant woman hence she shouldn’t stay with them. This leads to Xiao Mei’s automatic response of: “So, you’ve taken care of a pregnant woman?” Xiao Mei’s getting fed up with the pointless talk forcing Yuan Feng to get to the point: his parents want to meet her. Xiao Mei speechless for a few seconds but she tells him their main problem isn’t his parents but that there’s no love between them. Cue Yuan Feng’s puppy eyes. Aw, does he actually love her now? Xiao Mei clarifies that although she may not be yearning for true love but she has her principles too; she continues, “I won’t marry a man who loves another woman.”

Yuan Feng’s considering Xiao Mei’s words as he’s not a hundred percent certain he’s over Yi Mei either. However, as he walks around someplace random, he bumps into Yi Mei who’s in the middle of reporting. Yi Mei tells him that being a reporter was her original dream because she wanted to be someone that discovered news not one that reported news. She only became a show host because then she’d be compatible with the one she loved. I guess this is Yuan Feng’s epiphany time as he realizes the Yi Mei he loved was his own imagination of Yi Mei, the one behind the television screen.  Is it just me or does Yi Mei seem a bit disappointed when Yuan Feng tells her he’s ready for another relationship. Nevertheless, she wishes Yuan Feng all the best and with a handshake they’re both off to their own respective paths.

Boom. The first second we got Yuan Feng confused; the next second he’s solved that; and finally he’s here to confess for real. Wow, seriously show? He’s urgently ringing the doorbell to Yi Chen’s place to find Xiao Mei. When Xiao Mei opens the door, he comes stumbling in because he was leaning against the door thinking that would make the door open faster or something.
He tells her he bumped into Yi Mei today and compliments that woman are indeed the most beautiful when they love their work because Yi Mei has gotten much more attractive. What, lol. Xiao Mei rolls her eyes and is about to close the door on him when he insists to continue his speech, “Perhaps, the Yi Mei I loved had always been the one in my imagination.”

Okay, so Xiao Mei tells him it doesn’t matter who he loves (what? You’re making this guy and us go in circles) and gives him problem #2: they’re both adults; they can’t marry just because they have a child.  Although she’s bringing us in circles, both her points are quite valid. Yuan Feng isn’t ready to be defeated because he asks for another chance (but I don’t think you were ever given a chance to be asking for another one). He tells her, “Perhaps I haven’t fallen in love with you yet, but if I don’t love you my heart will not go to anyone else.” Ou.

Yuan Feng pulls out a necklace and asks her, “If you are willing to accept me again then please accept this necklace.” Before we get to know Xiao Mei’s answer, we zoom out to find Mo Sheng still listening intently but gets distracted by Yi Chen. Mo Sheng tells him that he should learn from Yuan Feng. Yi Chen is also told to repeat Yuan Feng’s corny lines but Yi Chen doesn’t want to thus redirecting Mo Sheng’s attention back to Yuan Feng and Xiao Mei. However, they’re already long gone.

We learn from Xiao Mei when she tells Mo Sheng the next day that she had actually left to see Yuan Feng’s parents. Wow, aren’t they moving in the speed of light. Apparently, after Yuan Feng’s confession, Xiao Mei didn’t even have to time to recollect herself, she was already dragged off by Yuan Feng to see his parents. To Xiao Mei’s luck, the parents loved her because she seemed quick witted, which is a perfect match to their slow witted son. LOL.

She continues to tell Mo Sheng that she had dinner with his parents too and it made her think of her grandmother and what she thought of was a good man: one that expresses their sincerity through action and not just words. (I agree. Now I just got to find one.) Xiao Mei then continues to consider Yuan Feng and feels that he might just be quite an alright husband and father. However, she’s still not sure about him but there’s one thing she knows, she’ll miss him if she loses him.

Tomorrow’s their wedding already! However, before tomorrow arrives, Mo Sheng’s mother finally makes her visit at Yi Chen’s lawfirm. She tells him to address her as Miss Pei if Yi Chen can’t address her as his mother-in-law. Yi Chen opts for the former. She doesn’t immediately reveals she knows Yi Chen’s identity rather she tells him she’s here to know his son-in-law more. Yi Chen sarcastically comments how happy Mo Sheng would be to know that her mother cares about her. Miss Pei divulges more into her and Mo Sheng’s estrangement as a result of her business and her father’s relationship. Whatever. She’s also grateful that Mo Sheng wasn’t that sensitive of a daughter so she was able to grow up fine. Okay woman, no matter how insensitive someone is, it’s definitely detrimental to their mentality growing up knowing their mother doesn’t love them.

It’s a fact that Miss Pei didn’t love Mo Sheng in the past but it also doesn’t seem like that fact can change now either but she does put an effort into trying to know whether Yi Chen is out for revenge. Miss Pei attempts to divert the topic to Yi Chen’s parents but he immediately exposes her motive. He continues to tell her that he was long  aware of the feud between their parents but that’s not why he’s marrying Mo Sheng neither does he have any intention of ever telling Mo Sheng these matters.

After hearing all of this, Miss Pei decides to trust Yi Chen and tell him the truth behind his father’s death: it had nothing to do with Mo Sheng’s father. However, Yi Chen already knew all of this. Yi Chen even lawfully punished the real culprit responsible for taking the money Mo Sheng’s father had allocated to his father.  However, Yi Chen asks her, “Did Mo Sheng’s father and that culprit really have no connection at all?” It wasn’t really a question because he already knew the answer. Miss Pei admits that Mo Sheng’s father did have some faults but he’s already been punished. Hearing Yi Chen’s distrust in Mo Sheng’s father leaves Miss Pei wary of leaving Mo Sheng with Yi Chen. Although Yi Chen could care less about winning her trust, he does tell her this: “I want Mo Sheng forever.” With a final comment for Miss Pei to not reveal anything to Mo Sheng, Miss Pei leaves his office, satisfied with today’s visit.  

During Yi Chen’s conversation with Mo Sheng’s mother, Mo Sheng had been continuously texting Yi Chen. First it was about lunch, then she tells him Xiao Mei’s finally moving out (well I mean tomorrow is their wedding already, how can she not move out?). With all the incoming texts and without a single reply, Mo Sheng texts him again pitying his phone because he must have abandoned it somewhere. Lol.  

Yi Chen finally meets up with Mo Sheng and she complains how long she waited for him, “I’ve counted up to nine-hundred and ninety-nine many times already!” For those that don’t know, she once told Yi Chen that when she counts to one thousand, she’ll stop waiting for Yi Chen, so she only ever counts up to nine-hundred and ninety-nine and then starts all over again.

Dun dun de dun, dun dun de dun, dun dun de dun dun dun dun de dun (again). This time, they definitely won’t be misunderstood to be divorcing or that Yi Chen’s foricing Mo Sheng to marry.
The bride and groom walk in with Xiao Mei and Xiang Heng following (Imagine a supermodel as your bridesmaid, oh god lol) while Lawyer Yuan loyally takes this position as the witness and the MC. There’s no one better than him to take the MC position because he’s the only one that can tease Yi Chen like so plus Yi Chen can’t fight back at all right now. He tells the groom the golden rule to in maintaining a family: whatever the wife says is correct, what the wife says is right is correct, what the wife says is wrong is incorrect but you must still think whatever she says is correct. When it was time to toast, Lawyer Yuan asks how does he plan on finishing it. Yi Chen confidently tells him he’s going to finish it in one shot. While everyone’s applauding, Lawyer Yuan yells, “Wrong! You should be asking your wife how to drink it.” Mo Sheng, picking up on the advice before, tells everyone, before being consumed in laughter, “My husband is correct.” Lol. You’re not taking the advice, Mo Sheng!

There are also people missing at the wedding, one of them is Mo Sheng’s mother. She arrives at the entrance but after contemplating she decides against entering and leaves. Well, at least Mo Sheng got her mother’s blessing, it’s just she’s not aware of it. Yi Mei’s also running late and happens to run right past Miss Pei but they don’t know each other’s identity. However, before entering the wedding ceremony, Yi Mei bumps into a man she knows.  (Anyone find this awkward?)

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