16 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 29

It's Xiao Mei's episode today and she finally gets to do what she hasn't done seven years ago: a light bulb. Oh right, she's pregnant too. 

After learning about Xiao Mei’s pregnancy, Yuan Feng’s been tailing Xiao Mei nonstop. Her coworkers think he’s pursuing her but find his tactics odd. I mean what’s wrong with gifting a girl you love with sour dried plum?

He’s really making an effort into pursuing her as he chases her into her car and stops her from slamming the door on him by sacrificing his fingers. Everyone’s in shock because they can all imagine the pain. However, when Xiao Mei releases the door on his fingers, the first thing he asks with his puppy eyes and all is: “Why didn’t you wait for me?” Xiao Mei, being normal, stresses the concern should be on his fingers. Apparently that’s when Yuan Feng notices his hand and realizes he’s in pain. Like a baby, he goggles at Xiao Mei whining, “It hurts.”  Aw. I guess this time its Xiao Mei’s turn to accompany Yuan Feng to the hospital for his injured hand.

It’s another sweet morning for these two or maybe not so sweet? Mo Sheng’s excited that with Ying Hue’s matters behind them now, their wedding preparations are finally back on track. However, Yi Chen doesn’t respond very enthusiastically because what’s so exciting about a wedding with Mo Sheng when he’s already married her. Mo Sheng complains that everyone was right about marriage being the grave to romance. Yi Chen playfully misinterprets this as her being displeased about last night services. LOL. I’m sort of pitying and admiring Wallace for consistently pulling off such corny lines. (For those that have seen some press conferences for this show will remember this scene because Wallace and Tiffany switch roles while exchanging these exact same dialogues. I’d have to say Wallace pretty much nails Mo Sheng’s role LOL)

Jokes aside, Yi Chen notifies Mo Sheng they no longer have a witness to their wedding because Lawyer Yuan wants to be the best man instead because only that way can he showcase his potential to girls. Later that day, the men are trying out their suits and Lawyer Yuan (oh, Lawyer Yuan) chooses the most stylish (which happens to be synonymous to sparkly) suit he can find. He does his awesome catwalk plus a few awesome robotic moves only to finish off with an attempt knee kick at the poor employee. Oh wait, it’s part of his awesome moves, lol.

When it’s Yi Chen’s turn to come out with his suit, the employee finally comes to life and compliments Yi Chen endlessly. Not that I don’t agree that Yi Chen owns Lawyer Yuan in terms of physique and, well, everything else, but I’d have to say Yi Chen’s suit is pretty dull making me prefer Lawyer Yuan’s more. Plus it fits Lawyer Yuan pretty well sans the bursting button. LOL. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Anyways Lawyer Yuan finally understands why his potential is forever outshone by Yi Chen and angrily settles with his position as the witness for the wedding ceremony.

Their upcoming wedding is nearing even more now that Mo Sheng’s already handwritten and handed out the wedding invitations. In the morning, Yi Chen complained about her writing but Mo Sheng blames it on him for not helping her after writing only a few. Now, it’s her coworkers turn to notice the big shift in calligraphy from Yi Chen’s to Mo Sheng’s handwritten invitations. (On a side note, the actor/ess for Da Bao and Xiao Hong seem pretty close in real life as they seem to be genuinely joking around)

The next few days, Xiao Mei’s dressed like a criminal as she intends to go the hospital for an abortion. However, she’s oh so coincidentally caught by Yuan Feng even in her ridiculous disguise.

It’s her turn to run at the sight of him but obviously she can’t get rid of him. He forbids her to abort their child and Xiao Mei disregards that because it’s none of his business what she does with her child. However, Yuan Feng shuts her up, backs her up against the wall, and threatens that if she dares abort their child, he’ll yell out her name right now notifying the entire world she’s pregnant. Wow, they have quite a lot of parallel scenes don’t they (i.e. at the jewelry story where he was going to yell out her name)?

Yuan Feng returns to works and it’s only now does he receive the invitation to Mo Sheng’s wedding. Mo Sheng tells him to bring Yi Mei along too but he tells her that they’ve already broken up. Mo Sheng doesn’t know his new girlfriend/wife-to-be is Xiao Mei. And bam, right at this time tabloids of her being pregnant are viral. On Xiao Mei’s end, she’s furious and trying to cover up the tabloids. Yuan Feng comes running to her to tell her that he’ll take responsibility but that makes Xiao Mei even more furious. She’s not willing to give up her career after all the effort and time she sacrificed for it.

Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are shopping for their bedding. Mo Sheng’s choosing soothing colours but Yi Chen’s not satisfied with any of them. However, he brightens up at this one: the reddest one with flowers all over. Lol. It’s probably not Yi Chen’s taste because he’s just following Chinese tradition to choose red blankets for reasons I’m not too knowledgeable of either. Just know that any happy, fortunate, lucky events require the colour red.

Yuan Feng seems to have bribed the people around Xiao Mei as he knows all her whereabouts. He stops her after work and hands her an envelope full of his personal information including pictures of his high school awards to his financial status. I’m not too sure what’s the use of showing his awards but he’s such a darling. Lol. He also says that he’ll give her all his income and that he’ll only need a few hundred dollars per month from her to survive. Haha.

We don’t hear Xiao Mei’s reply to Yuan Feng because she’s escaped to Mo Sheng and Yi Chen’s place. She claims that there are these crazy stalkers (you mean one only right?) at her place hence she’ll need to flee to Mo Sheng’s place for a while.

Xiao Mei not only successfully barged into Yi Chen’s home but also takes his bed and his wife. Lol. In bed, its confession time as Xiao Mei finally confides Mo Sheng she’s pregnant with Yuan Feng’s baby. Apparently, she disperses the blame to Yi Chen because it’s his fault that Yi Mei can’t love Yuan Feng and Yuan Feng being sad about the breakup and then her having a one night stand with him. Totally logical.

Mo Sheng’s worried about Xiao Mei but she assures her she’s going to abort the child because holding a wedding doesn’t solve everything when there’s his parents, his relatives, their work, and their financial matters to consider.

Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen Xiao Mei’s plan of staying half a month (which is right before their wedding) so that she can abort the child without the press (or Yuan Feng) knowing. Yi Chen’s totally ecstatic and he doesn’t even get to know why he has to be kicked out to the guest room for half a month.

That night, Mo Sheng also tells Yi Chen that Yuan Feng and Yi Mei broke up. Today, he invites Yi Mei out for lunch and finds her all blissful. Not only has she given up on Yi Chen, she’s changed her job from a host to a reporter. From her expression, it definitely isn’t a demotion.

Back at Yi Chen and Mo Sheng’s home, Xiao Mei doesn’t treat herself like a guest at all as she freely dives into each dish and even tells the two to not be shy at home.

Yi Chen’s also left stranded with only a cushion to accompany him while Mo Sheng’s busy entertaining Xiao Mei.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

They finally get some alone time as Mo Sheng brings tea to apologize for neglecting him. Yi Chen suggests to her, “Give Xiao Mei the bedroom, and you sleep here with me tonight.” Obviously Mo Sheng contests to that idea but is grabbed by Yi Chen who kisses her passionately (while her head almost hits the wooden plank on the couch arm). She tries to escape but Yi Chen tickles her and the end result is her falling off the couch. Lol. Nonetheless she manages to escape while Yi Chen has nowhere to vent his sexual desires.  

When Mo Sheng returns to Xiao Mei, she complains that she thought she was going to be ditched tonight. Mo Sheng denies it vehemently as she lies closer and closer to Xiao Sheng. Xiao Mei scoffs at that because Mo Sheng’s exactly the type to choose men (er, I mean Yi Chen) over friends. As Mo Sheng’s practically lying on top of her hand, Xiao Mei tells her to scoot over because Mo Sheng’s coldness will affect her body especially since she’s pregnant. Xiao Mei, you care quite a bit about this baby don’t you? Mo Sheng notices this too but Xiao Mei attempts to deny it as she recalls what happened today at her photo-shoot.

Apparently, during her photo-shoot, Yuan Feng’s parents came to see Xiao Mei at work. That day, Xiao Mei happened to be in a bathrobe only. She worries about the impression she’s given his parents. She tells Mo Sheng that a marriage without the parent’s blessings just won’t work. While she’s mulling over this, she suddenly realizes she’s actually considering marriage with Yuan Feng and immediately tries to (literally) shake the thought away. (On the other hand, Mo Sheng’s marriage doesn’t exactly have her mother’s blessing yet either) 

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