14 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 26

One couple's basically settled down and are showering us with their love while the other couple are...still bickering.

Ying Hue’s dropping off Xin Ying. In the car she tells him that she came to visit him because it was on her way home from work. He criticizes her husband for not only letting her walk home alone but for letting her work. She tells him she’s a career woman but then moments later she adds that she’s actually receiving unfair treatment at work. Wait, what? You’ve got guys running errands for you. On the spot, at like 12am, I swear, Ying Hue calls up somebody to hook her for a new career. During their conversation she also brings up how she and her husband no longer understand each other. She says that he only talks about his work and how he wants more power and money. (Xin Ying, I liked you much better when you were Linda in Boss & Me. You should have reprised your role as the secretary instead for this drama instead.)

It’s morning where Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are. Mo Sheng wanted to get up early to help Auntie prepare for breakfast but fails because Yi Chen grabs her right into his arms. He refuses to let go even when she complains he’s like a kid. He swings her over to face him but she’s fidgeting around. This is probably arousing Yi Chen because he sincerely requests her to please stop moving around. Mo Sheng was actually afraid of making his hands numb from her lying on top of it. When Yi Chen learns of this he pulls her in even tighter because the result of letting go will be him getting sick with her. (Apparently Mo Sheng’s quite an active sleeper.)

It’s noon when Mo Sheng wakes up. What a good husband! She comes out finding Yi Chen enjoying a match of Chinese checkers with Uncle. She silently complains to him for not waking her up but he only shushes her, obviously not caring. Seeing Auntie in the kitchen, she decides to help her out.

Auntie brings up how they should meet up with Mo Sheng’s parents. Mo Sheng hesitates and was about to answer but gets interrupted when Yi Chen decides to come now to ask for his cellphone which is plainly obvious on the bedroom table.

Mo Sheng knows that Yi Chen purposely sent her away but she thinks Yi Chen doesn’t like her father because her father had used money to shoo him away from her in the past. She wonders how great it would be if Yi Chen would help her father revoke the chargers laid on him. Yi Chen comes into the bedroom to look for her to clarify that he just didn’t want Auntie to have a bad impression of her because of her father. He tells her that she needs to have more trust in him. He wishes she were a bit more foolish so she wouldn’t have to think so much. Mo Sheng says that he would just call her dumb if she were anymore foolish. Yi Chen smiles at that and compliments her for at least having some self-awareness.

Mo Sheng’s going through some of his old stuff. She picks out a toy car and airplane but Yi Chen says that they belonged to Yi Mei. Lol. She then flips through his album and there was a picture of him receiving the science award in high school. Although Yi Chen studies law, it’s only natural that our hero excels at everything. Speaking of his high school, Mo Sheng regrets not going to his school to meet him earlier but Yi Chen lets out a huge sigh of relief to have had a peaceful high school life.

She flips through more of his album and finally reaches to a picture of his family. She looks at him to gauge his expression but he assures her he’s fine. Mo Sheng wants to meet his parents and he agrees but his eyes start travelling upwards and focuses on her head. He can’t contain his laughter as he says, “But we’ll have to wait until your hair….your hair…is just a little longer.” I’ve been feeling this for a while, but when they’re having these one-to-one dialogues it feels likes Wallace is talking to Tiffany instead of Yi Chen to Mo Sheng and vice versa.  It’s like Wallace is actually making fun of Tiffany’s hair. Not that I don’t like it, but I would appreciate it more if they stayed in character.

They switch locations in the bedroom and now they’re by the window sill. It’s Mo Sheng’s turn to tell Yi Chen about her mother and how abnormal their mother daughter relationship was. She knew that her mother was that indifferent to her because of her mother's relationship with her father but she didn’t know her mother and father’s relationship were that bad until that year she was sent to America. Her mother and her dad were already divorced before she was forcibly sent to America and her father committed suicide to protect her mother (don’t ask me how).

Yi Chen instinctively goes to hold her hands to comfort her. Mo Sheng smiles at that but smacks his hand and tell hims he doesn't need to treat her like a kid. But Yi Chen doesn’t let go. He suggests to her that they should visit her mother since they’re here.

They almost miss her mom but luckily Mo Sheng catches sight of her before leaving. Her mother seems genuinely heartfelt in seeing her daughter again. She tells him she’s married and introduces He Yi Chen to her. However, before she gets too happy, the name “He Yi Chen” sounds oddly familiar to her. The atmosphere between them is slightly odd but of course, Mo Sheng doesn't pick up any of these vibes.

Yi Mei’s no longer at her hometown but has returned to work. She gets yelled at by her superior for leaving without any notice. Luckily Yi Chen and Yuan Feng had been pulling strings for her hence she can keep her job. When she returns to her own desk, her co-worker reminds her not to put such expensive jewellery at the office and that’s when she finally realizes that the necklace Yuan Feng gave her was real.

Yi Mei decides to see Yuan Feng and returns the gift back to him. She not only thanks him for his help at her work place but she also apologizes to him for all this time. Yuan Feng tells her there’s no need for her to apologize because it was him that liked her in the first place. However, Yi Mei insists that she was in the wrong. A passerby takes note of this entire situation, and it’s no other than Xiao Mei, who’s smirking the whole time.

Yuan Feng notices Xiao Mei noticing them. With Yuan Feng accepting back his gift, it means that their not-so-much-of-a-relationship is now officially over. He tells her he has to go back to work now. For some reason Yi Mei seems surprised that he’s not offering her a ride home or something along those lines. Okay, so you want him back? Or no?

When Yuan Feng returns to work, he’s sitting oddly straight. Xiao Mei spots her prey and gangster walks towards him. She learns that Yi Mei has returned the gift to him and Xiao Mei teachers him about women. Yi Mei purposely coming here to look for him just to return him the gift means that she wants to forget her past completely and start fresh (e.g. with Yuan Feng). However Yuan Feng is unimpressed. Me think he’s got a new target. He even says it’s impossible now because “they” are already in this kind of relationship. Xiao Mei halts the conversation immediately and assertively clarifies there is nothing between them.

He can’t say much back to her and decides to leave but he does have one last comment for her, “You’re not even photo-shooting right now, can’t you at least cover yourself up a little?” Lol. Xiao Mei finds his comment absurd and warns him to never bring up what happened between them ever again.

That night Yuan Feng’s staring at the necklace he had gifted to Yi Mei but his thoughts are all about Xiao Mei from when he bought the gift to how her reaction would be if he were to present this to her. Initially, he imagines her to be giddy but after a few more seconds of daydreaming, he realizes she’ll mostly likely throw a fit for giving her a present her ex-girlfriend didn’t want.  Duh. You know, Yuan Feng never looked so cool in any shot so far until that necklace sliding scene a few seconds ago, heh.

Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are back in Shanghai. Mo Sheng’s sitting in bed thinking about her father and ends up crying. Yi Chen comes out of the bathroom unaware of why Mo Sheng’s crying, he lightheartedly jokes to her that her co-workers would misunderstand that his family tortured her. Mo Sheng interprets this literally and wonders if Auntie really doesn’t like her. Yi Chen wonders whether his communication skills were lacking because that’s clearly not what he meant. Mo Sheng sighs in relief because she thought she left a bad impression when she woke up late that day which was completely Yi Chen’s fault. However, Yi Chen recalls that Mo Sheng would always sleep in on the weekends anyways so she can’t exactly blame him when it was a habit of hers. She claims that it was all in the past and asks Yi Chen, “Didn’t you say it was a bad habit.” Yi Chen agrees immediately but adds, “I can spoil you from now on.” Mo Sheng smiles and hugs him. She also whispers to him that he should make breakfast tomorrow. Again Yi Chen agrees without much hesitation but adds that she’ll need to be charged a fee for it.” … Yeah, we all know how Mo Sheng pays for it. 

The next morning, Yi Chen’s late for work again. However, he brings breakfast for his lawyer buddies to compensate. They immediately think the breakfast was made by Mo Sheng but do a double-take when they learn it’s made by Yi Chen.(It's just sandwich, guys) Lawyer Yuan is worried about their reputation because they’re most exceptional lawyer plays the role of a housewife at home.

All jokes aside, Xiang Heng pulls up an article highlighting INSO’s financial problem. Basically, Ying Hue's in big trouble and it’s a good thing they’re law firm didn’t collaborate with him. 

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