14 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 25

It doesn't feel like anything can penetrate this couple now. 

Before we get to how Yi Chen and Ying Hue end up at a random rooftop, we go back to the night before when Yi Chen and Mo Sheng are out grocery shopping. Yi Chen offers to cook and Mo Sheng takes advantage of this by naming at least five or six complex dishes. Mo Sheng laughingly asks whether it’s too much but Yi Chen says it’s not a lot because he needs to make her fatter so she feels better. He starts holding her affectionately but Mo Sheng is embarrassed as she looks around reminding him they’re in the supermarket.

Yi Chen tells her that he wasn’t very fond of supermarkets in the past. Mo Sheng thinks it was because he was too busy. However, Yi Chen reveals that it’s because it was too lively; it made him pity himself but also envious and angered. Mo Sheng was saddened to hear that his anger was because of her. Instinctively, she gives him a back hug. Even though Yi Chen reminds her that it’s the supermarket, like she did just before, she tells him she wanted to feel his warmth. Yi Chen, who’s actually not that embarrassed, lets her embrace him with a smile.

I like how Yi Chen’s doing all the shopping and Mo Sheng just has her arms locked onto Yi Chen’s. Seriously, where can I buy this kind of guy? Mo Sheng points to area where they first saw each other after seven years and Yi Chen teases her that just because he let her see him for one second, she made him drop his wallet. Mo Sheng playfully glares at him and says, “Thank you very much, I didn’t know my attraction was that strong.” This reminds her of that security guard and they seek him out to not only thank him but also invite him to their wedding.

Yi Chen’s obediently cooking dinner that night and its Mo Sheng’s turn to watch his back view while he’s cooking. She learns that Yi Chen has started cooking when he was ten because of his family’s circumstances. Mo Sheng gets a little depressed wishing that she could have known Yi Chen earlier. Mo Sheng embraces him again and tells him to teach her so she can cook for him from now on.

It’s dinner time and the table is full of the dishes that Mo Sheng ordered. Now she’s full and just wants to lay around in bed. However, Yi Chen’s got stuff for her to do: return his clothes from the guestroom back into his room. Mo Sheng looks like she’s having a mental breakdown but we all know she loves it.

As she’s organizing his clothes, she complains why they’re all so monochrome. Yi Chen tells her that from now on she can be in charge of his clothes. Mo Sheng happily takes the challenge but she realizes she’s go no gain in making her dashing husband more dashing. She turns around to finish organizing the clothes but Yi Chen can’t wait anymore; he grabs her and goes in for the kiss.

This was the night that Yi Chen had promised to reveal his past seven years but he claims he has nothing to spill. So you’re not going to tell her your past with her father? Mo Sheng changes then topic to their issue at hand: the divorce with Ying Hue. Turns out, Ying Hue never filed in the divorce papers and the certificate she has is fake. However, since her and Ying Hue’s marriage was never registered internationally (?), hers and Yi Chen’s marriage is still valid (at the very least it’s valid in China).

We go back to scene we ended off last episode and it’s actually Yi Chen that wanted to meet with Ying Hue. Yi Chen’s here to warn him his forging of a legal document can put him in jail. Ying Hue claims it as an empty threat because Mo Sheng would never testify against him. He knows Mo Sheng isn’t that type of person even if she doesn’t love him. However, Yi Chen’s not worried at all about their unsettled divorce because he and Mo Sheng are quite blissful with what they have.

Later that day, Mo Sheng receives rose at work but she’s not quite happy. That’s because it’s from Ying Hue. She directly returns the roses back to him but that’s exactly what Ying Hue had wanted: he wanted to see her. He tells her what Yi Chen has told him earlier that day and he confirms that Mo Sheng can’t testify against him. However, he also gets confirmation from Mo Sheng that she’s never loved him.

Ying Hue’s actually got more tricks up his sleeves and makes one last offer to Mo Sheng: her father’s innocence. Oh no. He tells her he has confidence in revoking the charge her father received but Mo Sheng tells him that she’ll look into it herself.

Its New Year’s holiday and Yi Chen and Mo Sheng are back in their hometown to visit Yi Chen’s auntie and uncle. Yi Mei’s there too but she doesn’t stay for lunch because she’s still peeved about Mo Sheng. On the other hand, auntie and uncle are quite pleased to have this daughter-in-law.

After lunch they visit the New Year’s show that Yi Mei is hosting. As she heads down the stage, she’s accidentally pushed. Luckily, Mo Sheng catches her in the nick of time but Mo Sheng twists her ankle. Mo Sheng really shouldn’t go on trips; she gets hurt/sick every time. 

For the rest of the day, Mo Sheng becomes trapped in bed because of Yi Chen’s overreaction to her twisted ankle. Yi Mei brings in some soup but she’s not thankful for Mo Sheng saving her. Mo Sheng doesn’t understand why Yi Mei doesn’t like her. She thinks Mo Sheng’s faking everything and pretending to be innocent. She clarifies that she won’t get in between her and Yi Chen but she hopes that Mo Sheng would quit acting nice in front of her. She tells her that she knows about her and Ying Hue and because she chose another man, she doesn’t deserve Yi Chen. This time Mo Sheng is quick to clarify that the marriage was fake. Woman, you could have done that so much sooner for Yi Chen too (but then the drama would probably only last ten episodes).

After Yi Mei learns everything, she seems much more settled. I guess it’s finally time for her to let go knowing that Mo Sheng has loved Yi Chen all her life too. See, I knew you weren’t that bad. Later that night she asks why Yi Chen didn’t clarify that the marriage was fake. Yi Chen says he wasn’t aware of it at that time which leaves Yi Mei asking a brash and normal question: “What the heck are you two doing?” Lol. She also attempts to explain what happened during that day Mo Sheng left to America but Yi Chen stops her because that’s all in the past now.

Back in Shanghai, Ying Hue’s alone in his office for the New Year’s holiday. You kind of have to feel a little bad for this guy. Linda comes into his office to take her leave. She tells him to not to stay too late. Me thinks Linda’s harbouring some feelings for this guy. So, maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad for you, Ying Hue.

He leaves the office and there’s another girl waiting for him, it’s Xin Ying. He apologizes for not making it for dinner last time (which he had purposely ditched) and uses Linda as an excuse saying she was supposed to notify Xin Ying. Xin Ying’s not as sweet and timid as she looks because she tells him that Linda never told her possibly because she doesn’t want her to snatch Ying Hue away. Ying Hue’s evidently not very impressed with this but he still decides to give her a lift home.

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