13 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 24

It's the real deal this time guys.

Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are back from their honeymoon and they’re both back to their respective work. Mo Sheng and Team Leader are already off to interviewing their next guest for the Elite Men special (how long is this special?) and their guest is none other than Xiang Heng. I guess Yi Chen really did betray his friends, lol. However, it seems that the two lawyers are very much welcomed to be betrayed. Lawyer Yuan is even complaining why Xiang Heng was chosen over him because he seriously doesn’t understand why.

Mo Sheng’s busily snapping pictures of Xiang Heng but gets shooed away because he can’t concentrate on the interview. Or more like he can’t show off as well in front of someone that knows him.

Mo Sheng retreats to Yi Chen’s office but he’s not there which means it’s the perfect time to play office. The fun doesn’t last long because she’s caught right on the spot by Yi Chen. Yi Chen lets her stay in his seat while he sits across from her. He tells her that he’s planning to visit his hometown this break and he intends to bring Mo Sheng along to introduce to Auntie and Uncle. Mo Sheng’s a little nervous but evidently delighted to hear she’s going to be formally introduced as Yi Chen’s wife.
Mo Sheng is retrieved by Xiang Heng to finish the interview but she left her phone in Yi Chen’s office. This time around, when the phone rings (from Ying Hue) he brings it to Mo Sheng. I guess you redeemed yourself from last time, eh?

Ying Hue wanted to meet up with Mo Sheng and Yi Chen offers to drive her to his office because, you know, he’s always got stuff to do in the same direction that Mo Sheng needs to go.

Ying Hue shows Mo Sheng the photograph exhibit he had prepared for her. I know she’s totally creeped out. Mo Sheng’s confused why he’s doing all this for her when his purpose of returning to Shanghai was for his ex-girlfriend. Ying Hue refutes that and tells her everything was for her. He doesn’t understand why he, who’s been with her longer, can’t be compared to Yi Chen. Dude, that’s because love is about how long you’ve known someone. He uses his last weapon; he tells her that they were never divorced but he says it’s because the divorce application was refused by the government. Whatever. Ying Hue, did you really think you can keep a girl by doing this?

Mo Sheng leaves Ying Hue and is still flustered by what she’s learned. She was going to take the bus but realizes that Yi Chen never left her. I like how she doesn’t hesitate to tell him what she learned from Ying Hue. When she tells him, Yi Chen is all calm because he’s already handling everything.

To cheer her up, Yi Chen brings Mo Sheng to an empty green field. Apparently, in the past Mo Sheng told Yi Chen she wanted to hold her wedding here. Wait, how old were you then? You were talking about marriage already?

Yi Chen tells her that he’s already booked his place for their wedding. However, he wants to make sure Mo Sheng still wants to hold their wedding here because although the church was stunningly beautiful seven years ago, it’s gotten a tad old. Mo Sheng tells him, her preferences were always that bad, once she likes something, she’ll continue loving it forever. Yi Chen smiles at her telling her, her preferences in the past weren’t bad at all. Mo Sheng smiles back at him and agrees.

Seeing this as the perfect timing, Yi Chen proposes to her. (Anyone notice where he dumped the box to?)

It’s Mo Sheng’s turn to remind him that they’re already married but Yi Chen replies the same way Mo Sheng did before, “it’s different. Today is the actual day they’re truly married.” Yi Chen seals the deal with a kiss.

But Mo Sheng being Mo Sheng, chokes while kissing.

However, she blames it on her already healed cold. Yi Chen lets the excuse go because he agrees that Mo Sheng’s not ready yet, telling her, “Alright, I won’t bully you.”

To our surprise, Mo Sheng tells him in her shyest voice that he can bully her. (Oh, so corny to type out!)

Yi Chen gets all excited and asks, “Now? Here? Wait, I know a better place.” LOL. Oh god. (Is it just me or does it feel like both of them are out of character because of the corny lines?)

It’s an episode later than Yuan Feng’s but they get to consummate their marriage. Through that, Yi Chen must have realized that its Mo Sheng’s first time. He finally decides to ask her how it was like for her at the States. She tells him how terrible she was at English, how terrible the instant noodle there was and how poor she was. Although her father gave her a lot of money she couldn’t use it knowing where that money had come from. She also tells him what she thought at that time, “If I never use that money, then it would feel like nothing had happened; my dad would still be alive and I would still be with you.” She continues telling him her story including her fake marriage with Ying Hue, and Yi Chen patiently listens until it’s already sunrise. Mo Sheng tells him that she thought she’d be miserable after recalling everything but it was a lot better than she thought, probably because he’s there with her now. She then tells him that she wants to hear what happened to him those seven years tomorrow night. Yi Chen warns her though that his story will probably put her sleep because of how boring his life was.

He’s caressing Mo Sheng and decides to tell her something that must have been on his mind for a while, “Mo Sheng, grow your hair out.” Mo Sheng laughs and asks him whether her short hair is really that ugly. Yi Chen doesn’t answer for a while but with his mouth right next to her ear, he tells her, “It really is ugly.” LOL. 

He drives her to work that morning. When they arrive, Mo Sheng isn’t even aware of it until Yi Chen tells her. She opens the door, about to leave, but is held back by Yi Chen, telling her that he’ll be picking her up tonight. She nods happily and opens the door wider to leave only to be held back by Yi Chen again but this time he doesn’t really have anything substantive to say other than smiling like an idiot. Oh, these two.  

Xiao Hong brings the breakfast that Mo Sheng requested and asks her why her eyes are all swollen. She massages them for one second and asks Xiao Hong if they’re still swollen. Xiao Hong’s expression doesn’t change and questions her, “Did you really think that touching your eyes could make them un-swollen? What happened to your brain this morning?” Mo Sheng tells her as seriously as she can that it has flown away. Lol, you can really see their camaraderie (but I feel like they’re actually friends off-set).

Yi Chen not only skipped breakfast like Mo Sheng but he’s also late for work. However the clients weren’t mad seeing at how prepared Yi Chen was with their case. Turns out Lawyer Yuan was helping out Yi Chen when he was late by saying it wasn’t because Yi Chen was irresponsible, it was because he was up late gathering information for their case. Yi Chen just goes with the flow because we all know what he did last night. After the clients leave, he’s not shy to reveal what he did last night by urging his buddies to marry because only after that will they understand why married men occasionally show up late for work.

Yi Chen gets called to a random rooftop by Ying Hue later that day. Yi Chen takes this moment to confront Ying Hue for fabricating the divorce agreement/document.

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