12 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 22

Lesson: Girls, don’t give random thumbs up because it could give guys the wrong signal.

Linda not only tells Ying Hue that Yi Mei is Yi Chen’s sister, but they’re also not biologically related either.

Yi Chen and Mo Sheng finally return back home and Mo Sheng complains that she’s tired. The ever so sweet Yi Chen tells her he’ll take care of all the unpacking. Where I can buy this guy? After Mo Sheng happily hands over the duty and leaves him, he takes out the proposal ring he bought in Hong Kong. I’d be happier if this wasn’t a product placement.

Mo Sheng goes to work the next day but is intercepted by Xiao Hong tipping her to prepare to be ambushed because Da Bao leaked out everything about her husband, Yi Chen. However, it was all a farce. Everyone congratulates her, well except the Team Leader. She feels that she’s been played like a fool because she couldn’t secure the interview (especially after guaranteeing she could) when Mo Sheng was in that type of relationship with Yi Chen all along. Mo Sheng attempts to explain but Team Leader isn’t convinced and decides to quit on the spot.

Mo Sheng’s been trying all day to get in touch with Team Leader to convince her to stay but gets refused each time. Yi Chen, being ever so caring now, asks her what’s wrong and even attempts to solve the problem for her. First he suggests he could lure out Lawyer Yuan and Lawyer Xiang to be Team Leader’s target. It was a joke but it did the trick; he made Mo Sheng laugh again. Next, he actually solves the problem: he personally calls Team Leader to persuade her to stay at Treasure.

Ying Hue wasn’t kidding when he said he could bring harm to the Yi Chen and Mo Sheng because now, he personally invites Yi Chen over to a photography exhibit he set up for all of Mo Sheng’s works. It’s a very empty gallery I’d have to say. He recalls lovely memories of when each picture was taken showing off his relationship with Mo Sheng. Yi Chen disregards these memories as things of the past. Lastly, Ying Hue shows Yi Chen the killer piece: a picture of his ‘family’, consisting of Mo Sheng, Xiao Jia, and himself.  He thanks Yi Chen for caring for Mo Sheng all this time, but it’s time for Xiao Jia’s mother and his wife to return. What Ying Hue’s doing is so pointless because once Mo Sheng reveals everything to Yi Chen, he’ll seem so pathetic, no? Yi Chen’s firm that Mo Sheng is his wife and Ying Hue has no right to thank him for taking care of Mo Sheng. But Ying Hue contradicts his statement because he claims he and Mo Sheng never divorced in the first place. I’ll just passively accept these details for now.

I’m surprised Yi Chen’s quite calm about this whole I’m-divorced-not issue. It seems he’s rather immune to outside interferences. It’s only when Mo Sheng does something he gets mad (e.g. that HK business trip).  

He asks Mo Sheng some details about Ying Hue that night. Mo Sheng, ready to spill the beans, starts off with: “It was all a coincidence, that one winter in the States….” Yi Chen laughs slightly and clarifies he doesn’t want that side of the story; he wants to know how they got married, their marriage certification process (apparently her and Ying Hue’s marriage isn’t recognized in China?), their divorce process. Yi Chen finds it weird that Mo Sheng received the divorce certificate/document within a month.

(I like Yi Chen’s absolute trust in Mo Sheng, just maybe not in her brain though. Lol)

He also asks her to sign a document regarding the rights to her work (i.e. her photographs). Without reading the details, she signs it right away. From what I think, it should be a document to take back her photographs from Ying Hue. Yi Chen stares at her, asking her, “Aren’t you scared I’m selling you out?” Mo Sheng stares right back at him assuring him she believes him. She continues, “If you really intend to sell me out, even without me signing anything you can still sell me out.” She jokes that she expected the dangers to be since she married a lawyer. Not too fond of this dialogue. First, insulting to lawyers and, second, insulting to females.

Back at the office, Yi Chen’s allocating his work and cases to the other lawyers. Lawyer Yuan confronts him, “Why is a workaholic going on a trip? Unless he’s going on a honeymoon!” Yi Chen doesn’t deny and asks for some recommendations. Lawyer Yuan is flabberghasted and asks when he’s coming back. Yi Chen’s answer is that he’ll be using up all his vacation days he accumulated. Lawyer Yuan is exasperated, “Are you not planning to return for half a year?” LOL.

He’s off to pick up the unknowing Mo Sheng, who’s taking pictures of the XXX drink. Show, I applaud you for your creativity in your product placements. Yi Chen tells her to finish up her work soon over the phone. He lets out the details to her one by one: first, they’re going to the airport to which Mo Sheng thinks they’re picking someone up; then they’re going to Hong Kong because that will be where they’re changing flights; their final destination will be Mauritius because they’re due for their honeymoon.

Mo Sheng is delightfully surprised but she’s worried: first about her work to which Yi Chen tells her to just take her vacation days now; second she’s got no passport on hand but Yi Chen already took care of that; third, she hasn’t ate yet. LOL. The last one is nicely solved with an airplane meal. They stare at each other and in a split second they both buckle their seat belts cheerfully and off we go. I mean, off they go.

It’s supposed to be romantic but it looks more like they’re stranded. Mo Sheng’s also wondering what’s wrong with Yi Chen. He’s too nice. LOL. I would be suspicious too. She thinks it’s more like they’re eloping than enjoying their honeymoon.

We switch to Ying Hue’s side now. He just happens to be looking for Mo Sheng for god knows what but realizes she may be out of the country. He tells Linda to check out Yi Chen’s whereabouts too. Okay… He also gets a letter indicating he’ll be getting sued for illegally holding a photography exhibit filed by Mo Sheng herself via Yi Chen’s law firm. He brushes it off thinking Mo Sheng wouldn’t do that to him. But he still sets up a backup plan which involves getting in contact with Yi Mei.

The show also makes a stop at this couple-to-be. They’re done the photo shoot but Xiao Mei complains about the result. Yuan Feng attempts to do some photo-shopping but for some reason makes her darker. Xiao Mei voices her dissatisfaction immediately. Their talk is interrupted by a message from Yi Mei thanking Yuan Feng because she scored an interview with Ying Hue. Xiao Mei smirks at Yuan Feng sarcastically congratulating his begging for forgiveness must have worked like a charm. Yuan Feng goads back ay her for being jealous. He also calls out on her star disease, “Just because you starred in an animation, you think you’re all that now, huh? Have you not looked at the criticisms on the internet?” Xiao Mei isn’t fazed and thanks him for caring enough to search her online. She brazenly tells him he has no right to criticize her work when he hasn’t seen the film himself and the argument is left at that.

Back to the honeymoon, Yi Chen shows her the room he booked and the first thing she checks is the number of beds. One. LOL. Yi Chen asks her opinion on it to which she replies with a silent thumbs up. It’s only until she’s alone in the bathroom we see her making a fuss about it: brushing her hair this way and that way and turning around this way and that way.
Ying Hue’s call finally gets to Mo Sheng’s phone but is turned to silent by Yi Chen. (I’m not liking that.) Mo Sheng doesn’t know about it and happily suggests to go to the beach to which Yi Chen gives a happy thumbs up.

Back in Shanghai, Yi Mei seizes her opportunity to interview Ying Hue. However, after she arrived, he tells her he has no intention of giving an exclusive interview. Yi Mei brings up that he’s actually already given one to Treasure so why not to her show which is on a completely different level. He reveals that there was a hidden motif: his wife is working there as a photographer. Sigh. This was his backup plan? To reveal everything to Yi Mei so she can ruin their relationship? 

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