12 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 21

Yi Chem's got a new job! 

The two men are still playing pool. Ying Hue was telling Yi Chen his regret in spending too much time on work (and not on Mo Sheng) while Yi Chen retorts with what happened to his belief to seize every moment? Ying Hui basically remarks that it’s a saying for those who aren’t blessed. Yi Chen comments that Ying Hue’s the one in that situation.  

So since you’ve got the girl, why leave her alone? While she’s waiting for Yi Chen, Yi Chen is having hard time staying completely awake. Ying Hui’s also losing it as he misses a good ball. Just go sleep people! They end up staying together the entire night. Ying Hui probably doesn’t want to let Yi Chen go because he wants him far away from Mo Sheng. Heh. Yi Chen’s putting up with it because he actually was able to book a hotel room but probably doesn’t want Ying Hue to know too soon (because that would be letting Ying Hue off too easily). Oh these boys.  

It’s finally time for Mi Fei’s interview but she comes off bitchy right off the bat. She’s only allotting two hours of her time and she doesn’t want to be interviewed and photographed at the same time. Lastly she insists on being photographed with her sunglasses on.

While Mo Sheng’s at work, Yi Chen is also busy at his work too as he’s telling Xiang Heng over the phone: he’s delivering red bean dessert today. Aw.

He arrives at Mo Sheng’s work place and is immediately sized up by Mi Fei. She snidely remarks at Mo Sheng for choosing Yi Chen over the likes of Ying Hue. She continues asking whether it’s because she’s not confident in her looks that she had to choose someone that wasn’t as successful. 
Mo Sheng gets irritated and asserts that he’s an exceptional lawyer. Mi Fei laughs it off as a profession that merely fights cases for people (i.e. working for/under someone). Mo Sheng confronts Mi Fei that her job, as a designer, is also merely making clothes for people. Before the argument gets any hotter, Xiao Hong (our human thermometer) interferes and sends Mo Sheng out.

Our exceptional lawyer stays silent in the sidelines as he stands there staring proudly at Mo Sheng.  He compliments her that it’s the first time he’s seen her retort so well. He comments whether it’s because he’s been near him too much. Mo Sheng stares at him in amazement because she’s just witnessed Yi Chen become a narcissist before her eyes.

Finally, he gives her a sweet kiss on the forehead. But their moments don’t end there.

They go sight-seeing in Hong Kong (I feel like they used up all the money for the hotel and limousine for the previous episode that there’s nothing left to see now). They sweetly enjoy their time in Hong Kong. For some reason these scenes don’t feel like they’re acting, especially Wallace.

Lastly they enjoy the night scenery. Mo Sheng comments to Yi Chen that it feels like they’re in love. Yi Chen cocks an eyebrow at her and reminds her that they’re married. Mo Sheng shakes her head that it’s different. She thinks to herself, ‘Does Yi Chen really not mind about Ying Hue anymore?’ She decides against bring up Ying Hue because that will ruin the mood. She tells herself that Yi Chen will know someday anyways and it will be his turn to apologize to her.

Back at Shanghai, Yuan Feng’s substituting for another photographer who refuses to work with Xiao Mei because she hasn’t yet apologized. He says he got unluckily chosen because, for some odd reason, rumours been flying about that they have a good relationship. Xiao Mei stands her ground for not apologizing because whatever it was, wasn’t her fault. Yuan Feng zones out and is reminded of his argument with Yi Mei. Turns out they’ve been having a cold war since. Xiao Mei figures out that he’s having a fight with Yi Mei but instead of helping him, she laughs at him. Of course.

Xin Ying is at her office and it seems like she gets it pretty easy at work as guys are running around doing her work for her. She gets notified that someone’s waiting for her downstairs and she goes flying down thinking its Ying Hue but it’s only his secretary. She receives an expensive looking dress and although she refuses it at first, Linda insists she keep it.

Onto our next character, Yi Mei attempts to seek Ying Hue for an interview for her show. She reaches out to Yuan Feng for help (because apparently they’re friends now). Yuan Feng’s saddened to realize Yi Mei’s real motive but doesn’t turn down her request. (And it turns out, it was only Yuan Feng that thought they were in a cold war)

Back to Yi Chen, he gets a call from Xiang Heng telling him that he’s actually got a job to do at Hong Kong now. (He slips this out to Mo Sheng who recalls that he was here for a business trip anyways, right? No.) He heads off to meet his client and it’s none other than Mi Fei. Immediately, they get off to a bad start and it’s Yi Chen that refuses to take her case. He doesn’t ‘work’ for people like her. After he leaves, her lawyer tells her you’re screwed (sort of).

It’s time to fly back to Shanghai. I like how Yi Chen is handling the check in for Mo Sheng. What a nice husband. He attempts to upgrade Mo Sheng’s ticket but Mo Sheng refuses because there’s still Xiao Hong and Da Bao. Yi Chen then decides to downgrade his seating but it’s full. You two are too much now.

The world of consequences doesn’t stop as Ying Hui is boarding the same plane and is seated in the aisle next of Yi Chen. Ying Hue starts off the battle (again), “Lawyer He, no matter what, being too nervous is a sign of a lack of confidence.” He continues, “Simply being separated for one day and you’re already chasing down miles for her.” Yi Chen laughs it off saying it’s the joy of being married, a joy that someone lonely like Ying Hue will never understand. Ying Hue, not content on losing all the time, warns Yi Chen that he’s been holding back; he is actually capable of bringing much more harm. Yi Chen’s not fazed and tells him to bring it on.

After being bothered by Ying Hue, he’s bothered by the lady, sitting next to him, who’s been continuously putting on hand cream and powdering herself. She attempts to get his contact information but is rejected each time. She fixes her gigantic bow and attempts her second maneuver: falling onto him. Which fails.

Ying Hue takes note of it and tells Yi Chen he need not be that heartless.  He wonders why people would flock to someone like lawyers who basically leech off money from those richer. Their conversation gets dragged into revealing their life morals where Ying Hui believes it’s impossible to not be swayed by money and power while Yi Chen believes that he can uphold justice and righteousness regardless of money and power. Ying Hue calls him out for thinking unrealistically (I agree with Ying Hue on this though; I guess I’ll never be a heroine). We’re also foreshadowed of what is to become of INSO as Yi Chen warns him if he continues with his belief, his company will pay the price.

After leaving the airport, Linda notifies Ying Hue that she’s delivered the package for him to which he’s confused about. After that trip to Hong Kong, he seemed to have forgotten all about Xin Ying. Linda also tells him that Mo Sheng’s friend requested an interview. He wasn’t very fond of the idea but seems to have changed his mind after Linda tells him that Yi Mei, the host, is Yi Chen’s sister.

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