11 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 20

My Sunshine – Episode 20

Finally on the twenties! And I finally realize none of the main pictures for the recaps have been a solo one of Yi Chen. The above picture is my apology to you Wallace Chung. Your Yi Chen is actually very splendid.

Onto the episode; after a few setbacks, it seems like our couple is finally back on track.

(And show, can you quit it with the obvious product placements?)

We left off last episode at the rendezvous with the siblings and their dates. However, it was all Yi Mei’s scheme to bring up once, twice, and thrice about something fishy between Ying Hue and Mo Sheng but obviously she comes off much nicer. In fact, she praises Mo Sheng for her ability snatch a guy like Yi Chen at university and hitch another big one in the States.

Yi Chen holds it in and even admits that they knew each other in the past. He’s much calmer than I expected. He even gives Mo Sheng a casual glance when Yi Mei confronts Mo Sheng about Ying Hue again and Mo Sheng can only hold her tongue for now as she sneaks a glance at Yi Chen.  

However, it was all a façade. He’s totally upset about it on their way back. Conversation or the passing of words were curt.

With our other couple, it was Yuan Feng’s turn to confront Yi Mei for her terrible attitude: “Do you not like Mo Sheng?” I wasn’t exactly on Yi Mei’s side when she suddenly resorted to underhanded moves (after all those words I praised you with, Yi Mei, you do this to me?) but it makes sense that she’s upset. After all those years Yi Chen stayed single for Mo Sheng, she was blissfully with another man (or so Yi Mei believes); now that she’s back, she still gets Yi Chen back. On the other hand, Yi Mei’s practically wasted her entire youth on Yi Chen and got nothing in return. Sucks. However, Yuan Feng clarifies that Mo Sheng isn’t the type to cheat and it’s really none of their business. That’s when she blurts out: “What I do isn’t your business either.” Now that’s where I can’t forgive you. How can you say that to Yuan Feng? (By the way, when is his hair going to be fixed?)

The next day, Boss delivers big news:  they secured an exclusive interview with Mi Fei (pst, they’re not that big of a company to secure someone that huge). Apparently, she requested English service because she’s currently at Hong Kong. The logic isn’t quite there, but hey, Mo Sheng gets to go to Hong Kong. Xiao Hong and Da Bao tag along because three is a lucky number…

A few night she starts packing to prepare to leave the next day. Yi Chen isn’t aware of it until he sees Mo Sheng’s suitcase all packed in the living room. He face turns stone cold and he asks her where she’s going. He thinks she’s leaving him again (for good) but Mo Sheng doesn’t know as she innocently tells him, “Hong Kong.” He breathes in, confronts her, “if I didn’t happen to catch you preparing to leave, would you have left for good again without me knowing?” Mo Sheng isn’t given time to explain because she’s grabbed by Yi Chen, reminding her that she’s married, and thrown to the couch while Yi Chen’s yelling, “How long do you plan to leave this time?”

He forcefully kisses her. Or bites her? And breathes on her… Deeep heavy breathes… hits the couch a couple of times… until he reclaims whatever self-control he has left.

Poor guy is in pain because he thinks she’s leaving and decides to inflict pain on her but that just means more pain for him. Poor guy.

Mo Sheng gets up slowly but doesn’t leave the couch. It was only then that Yi Chen realizes she’s only leaving for a few days. Regret is plastered all over his face.

Mo Sheng had the perfect excuse to leave Yi Chen to relieve the tension between them after picking up a call from a happy Xiao Hong. However, she goes back to couch and obediently seats herself next to Yi Chen. Even Yi Chen’s wonders why she still dares to come back (when he’s at this state). 

Mo Sheng doesn’t say anything. But what more does she say when her actions says it all. Even if she’s scared, her choice is stay with him as she extends her hand to grab onto his.

Yi Chen is utterly relieved to still have her.

This time he hugs her gently and apologizes. Mo Sheng hugs him back. They stay in embrace for a while longer.

And now we’re at Hong Kong. Mo Sheng and her crew have been waiting for two hours for this Mi Fei only to be notified by her secretary that she can’t take the interview because she’s busy at a pool party hosted by, you guessed it, Ying Hue.  

He calls it a coincidence when he bumps into the trio. Mo Sheng’s surprised that Ying Hue is here but he asks her back, “This is our house we bought in Hong Kong, don’t you remember?” Whatever dude. Mo Sheng wants to leave but is pulled away by Ying Hue. As they walk to a more secluded area, the guests are all greeting Mo Sheng as Mrs. Ying. Ying Hue appeals to Mo Sheng that he still needs this status because of his business and hopes Mo Sheng can understand. From my experience of watching dramas, the heroine would definitely be unable to decline (otherwise what would be the point of this scene) but Mo Sheng actually does decline! But Ying Hue resorts to begging. And Mo Sheng continues to decline. Woo. However, Mo Sheng is still not mean enough to decline Ying Hue’s request right in front of his guests.  

Her only choice now is to escape to the bathroom to avoid all guests. That way she’s not exactly succumbing to Ying Hue’s request, is she? She hesitates but decides to call Yi Chen. She makes him promise he won’t get mad first but Yi Chen just tells her to spit it out. She tells him everything except for the fact that people are still calling her Mrs. Ying. He tells her to give him the address she’s at.

While Mo Sheng’s taking refuge in the bathroom, Xiao Hong and Da Bao overhears three (three seems to be the actual magical number today) ladies gossiping about Ying Hue’s wife aka Mo Sheng. Did they miss the bit about Ying Hue saying “our house” to Mo Sheng? Anyways, they can’t seem to wrap their heads around with the fact that someone normal like Mo Sheng can snatch a millionaire like Ying Hue.

They leave soon but Ying Hue insists on sending them back to the hotel in a limousine… It never occurred to me how gloomy Mo Sheng was with Ying Hue until I see her glowing (literally, see the above picture) at the sight of the tall and confident Yi Chen. This times she asks happily why he’s here to which he answers it’s for work. Whatever, dude. Lol.

Ying Hue greets him suavely and the showdown begins. Or should I say it continues from last episode’s phone call. He comments what coincidence it is for them to have met here all the way in Hong Kong. Yi Chen replies, “Most coincidences aren’t coincidences, right Mr. Ying?” Ying Hue clarifies, whether it’s a coincidence, it doesn’t matter; what matters is the result.” Yi Chen basically takes the cake by agreeing that great minds think alike. This showdown occurs in the same time zone that Mo Sheng is blanking out of.

The two men finally put their attention back onto Mo Sheng. Ying Hue, as if taking ownership of Mo Sheng, tells her to rest early tonight. He even upgrades Mo Sheng and her two partners’ hotel room. Yi Chen remains silent for a while until he throws us a smirk. Although Mo Sheng wanted to refuse Ying Hue’s extravagant offer, Yi Chen is grateful and accepts on Mo Sheng’s behalf because he hadn’t yet been able to secure a hotel room for himself. Now he can snuggle up with Mo Sheng. Haha. Ying Hue ain’t happy about that.

Xiao Hong, feeling things heating up, decides that it’s the perfect time to eat. And just when you thought everything was over, the two grown men are fighting for who should have the right to pay for Mo Sheng’s (and her partners’) dinner. LOL.

Xiao Hong, being the human thermometer, feels the heat once again, and decides that she’s more tired than hungry. She decides that for Da Bao too. And off they go leaving us with three. Awkward combo, but I love it!

Da Bao uses his brain this time and deduce that Mo Sheng and Ying Hue are likely married but seeing Mo Sheng’s attitude, they may actually be divorced now. Xiao Hong follows up with the possibility that Mo Sheng’s current man is Yi Chen. Bingo.

Now onto our awkward trio. It’s time to put in their orders and Ying Hue orders what he thinks Mo Sheng likes to eat. Yi Chen then orders what he thinks Mo Sheng likes to eat. He orders an iced red bean dessert specifically for Mo Sheng but Ying Hue comments how it may upset her stomach eating cold food so late at night. Oh dear. Yi Chen actually agrees and says it’s because he dotes on her too much to realize. Oh god. Ying Hue and I probably had the same expression for a split second, lol. Mo Sheng is last to order but she’s got nothing else to add because they’ve already ordered everything she likes.

The showdown isn’t over anytime soon and the two men find another battle: who can grab the napkin for Mo Sheng first. The winer is, drum roll please, Mo Sheng. LOL. I really did laughed out loud here.

However, Mo Sheng can’t save herself this time as the two men show their awesome chopstick skills by crowding her empty plate with food. But Mo Sheng opts out on her chopsticks and picks up her spoon. She digs right into the red bean dessert (without the ice). So, Yi Chen’s the winner. Honestly, who would have guessed otherwise?

They return to the hotel and Yi Chen plans to excuse his wife and himself but Ying Hue insists that the night is still young and they’ve got more manly battles to fight. Wait, what? You mean napkin grabbing and chopstick-ing wasn’t enough? They head to play pool.

Before we end off the episode, Ying Hue reveals to Yi Chen he regrets not treasuring the three years he had with Mo Sheng. If he can redo it, he definitely wouldn’t spend all his time on work. 

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