2 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 19

A Ying Hue-centric episode. It’s not as boring as it seems as we see Yi Chen’s unwavering confidence.

So the Elite Men special is still going on at Treasure and this time they got Ying Hue to participate. I wonder why. However, Mo Sheng declines the job.

Ying Hue’s at his office happily waiting for his interview and is immediately displeased at Mo Sheng’s absence. He tells Yuan Feng and Team Leader he’s a fan of Mo Sheng and she is the sole reason for this exclusive interview. He goes as far as refusing the interview if Mo Sheng isn’t directly involved. Yuan Feng’s a little awkward because Ying Hue wants to switch him out but he’s happy that Mo Sheng has such a dedicated fan. After Ying Hue realizes that Yuan Feng and Mo Sheng are on good terms, he even suggests to Yuan Feng they could go out and eat together (with Mo Sheng that is) someday.

So Mo Sheng has no choice but to take this job. She enters into his office and he’s standing ever so prim (that I find it weird) waiting for her arrival. Instead of getting to work, they talk. She thanks him for yesterday (about denying her as his wife). He says he’s the one that should thank her because she made him realize what he should be cherishing/chasing for right now. He tells her that this time he’s back, it’s not for his business but to find his lost lover. Misunderstanding this, Mo Sheng reluctantly tells him that his ex has already married. Ying Hue doesn’t clarify this misunderstanding as he asks why that matter. Mo Sheng’s speechless to that. Ying Hue clarifies it was a joke and that if “she’s” happy he won’t interrupt but if “she’s” not he’ll definitely step up and take the role to make “her” the happiest girl.  

Linda (Ying Hue’s secretary) is at Yi Chen’s office. She’s standing up fairly well against three big men about collaborating. However, rather than sincerely wanting to collaborate, she’s here to represent Ying Hue’s power and Yi Chen senses it right away. He tells her firmly that they’ll be the one deciding whether or not they’re collaborating, not Ying Hue. After Linda leaves, the other two lawyers realize that Ying Hue is Mo Sheng’s ex (but they don’t know he was her ex-husband) and ask Yi Chen whether he wants to collaborate. Wow, such caring buddies… (when they could be making big money)

Yuan Feng comes visit Yi Mei at her work place and they talk about how Ying Hue specifically requested Mo Sheng to be the photographer. Yi Mei picks up weird vibes immediately because how did Ying Hue and Mo Sheng get acquainted with one another and why did Ying Hue need to contact Mo Sheng through Treasure instead of directly by himself?

 A Miss Yuan comes to the law firm and declares she only wants Yi Chen to handle her case. However, her case is apparently as simple as a pea and does not require Yi Chen, but she insists. Initially Lawyer Yuan tells her she’ll have to wait four months, but she insists she has money and wants to see him sooner. Lawyer Yuan, being sneaky as always, corrects himself and says it might take longer because he just got married.  Learning this, Miss Yuan immediately opts out for Lawyer Xiang. Lawyer Yuan is utterly clueless as to why he’s not chosen when he’s so manly and great himself, lol.

Back in the office, Yi Chen’s looking for them for a meeting to discuss the collaboration with INSO. INSO seems to have a lot of financial risks (?) and it’s a consensus to opt out of the collaboration. Hearing this, Linda requests to privately talk about collaboration with Yi Chen. She tells him they should separate private matters from business. Hence, she decides to talk about Mr. and Mrs. Ying’s adopted child. Yi Chen doesn’t fall for this tactic because he knows she’s only making him nervous because she’s on the losing side. Now that Linda’s revealed all her cards, he’s even more determined not to collaborate with INSO. (However, who’s exactly on the losing side? INSO with this project or Yi Chen realizing Mo Sheng had an adopted child with Ying Hue?)

Ying Hue immediately follows up and calls Yi Chen. He confronts him whether his decline is because of his past with Mo Sheng. [Showdown music] Yi Chen clarifies he’s not misunderstanding anything because he doesn’t need to worry about Mo Sheng’s past now that they’re married.  Ying Hue doesn’t lose and adds that he (Yi Chen) too was their past once. He continues telling him that things (i.e. marriage) won’t always stay stagnant. However, Yi Chen’s calm and cunningly tells him to bring it on. (Sorry, don’t know how exactly to translate this part but that’s the gist of it; although, he says it way more eloquently)

Ying Hue is off to another university gathering and at his arrival, there’s this one lady that immediately brightens up. This lady is Tong Xin Ying, Ying Hui’s ex-girlfriend. (Hey, it’s also the old Linda from Boss & Me.) It’s only been a few minutes but Ying Hue needs to leave already and Xin Ying’s mood visibly drops. However, this entire meeting along with the interruption was planned beforehand all to catch Xin Ying’s slyness. After he leaves, Xin Ying follows his footstep. Ying Hue and Linda wonder whether she’ll walk over and she does. Xin Ying asks why he hasn’t left yet and he tells her he was waiting for her. (Okay?) He tells her he doesn’t blame her for their past. In return, she relays her happiness for all his achievements. Apparently, her biggest happiness is to see him getting his happiness (just a tiny reminder guys, this woman is married). He offers her a ride home and she gladly takes it (but this is a stark contrast to Mo Sheng earlier when she refused the ride).

He comments to Linda that he’s disappointed in himself for being unable to see Xin Ying’s guise in the past. He regrets being heartbroken over her loving her. Linda offers a solution for him to let go suavely: an expensive gift to return that “love” back to her. (I honestly don’t get this solution…)

It’s a double date with Yuan Feng and Yi Mei pair and Yi Chen and Mo Sheng pair. However, Yi Mei delivers an underhanded move and craftily lets Yi Chen know that Mo Sheng and Ying Hue appear to be very close because of that magazine interview. (I thought you gave up, Yi Mei?)

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