28 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 17

They’re dating! I mean, they’re married… Yeah.

Yi Chen’s driving two of the employees back home while the rest are in different cars. One of them ask him what’s his ideal type. He only smiles and doesn’t seem to know the answer to it. I wouldn’t blame the guy; Mo Sheng isn’t really an ideal type I’d say out loud too (if I were a guy, that is). The question gets changed to whether he’s ever liked anyone and that he can answer.

Yi Chen flashes back to when Mo Sheng was fighting amongst the crowd to join the debate club he was in. (This makes me think back to another series, “It Started with a Kiss” where the girl was always able to find the guy she loved amongst a crowd, this really stuck to me even after all these years) Later, Yi Chen gets questioned by young Xiang Heng how a chemistry student got into the debate club without some connections. Hint, hint; nudge, nudge. Yi Chen chooses to avoid answering.

And then we get more series of flashback: their first kiss, Mo Sheng running laps,

So basically, from these flashbacks, the girl that Yi Chen likes is one that consistently pesters him but runs very slowly. At least, that’s my answers from these flashbacks.

Yi Chen returns to earth and describes the girl he loves as the complete opposite of intelligent. He says, “She only played around during university. Her personality was very rowdy that I’d get headaches from her all the time.”

More flashbacks about her intelligence. While Mo Sheng’s chewing down her food, Yi Chen’s already done writing out the solutions for her physics questions. The irony is that law students’ physics (they need physics?) are much simpler than chemistry students’ but he can still solve them. Duh, he’s the main character. Mo Sheng complains that Yi Chen should just take the test for her and Yi Chen just teases her that the chemistry faculty must think that coming across a student like her is like coming across a catastrophe. Mo Sheng can only pout.

Their beautiful relationship continues as they’re studying together in the study room. Actually, Mo Sheng’s fast asleep on top of her textbook. Yi Chen’s probably used to it as he lets her sleep until she wakes up naturally. Yi Chen was actually marking her mock test and her mark was loitering 50%. However, the shocking part comes later as Mo Sheng appallingly discovers she’s drooled all over her textbook. LOL. That’s seriously embarrassing but Yi Chen’s having fun containing his laughter in the study room. Now Mo Sheng can’t even stare at him.

Mo Sheng doesn’t just embarrass herself but also Yi Chen publically in front of his classmates and his professor. His professor lectures him along the lines of, “You’re a very outstanding law student but your family’s education about law is also very important. For a person of your knowledge to have a girlfriend completely ignorant about law, how are you going to stand upright in front of your colleagues?”

Alright, so we’ve refuted all possible traces of intelligence in Mo Sheng, which leaves the girls in his car (at present) thinking this must be gorgeous. Oh, poor Mo Sheng; being talked behind her back by her husband. LOL. He doesn’t say she’s ugly (cause she’s obviously not), he says “She’s not bad but there are prettier ones out there.”

So the girls are like: “Okay, so not intelligent, not outstandingly beautiful, she must be very dignified!”

Yi Chen defeats that thought immediately and says with a smile, “She’s very loud.”
Now the girls are completely lost as to why the all mighty Lawyer He loves this girl. Yi Chen’s answer doesn’t come across romantic initially, but it’s quite sweet if you linger on it: “I had bad taste back then. I didn’t have a choice to love her, I just did.” Although, he essentially said nothing nice about her, he smiles at everything he recalls because he just loves her (no matter how bad she is).

Mo Sheng doesn’t have a mood to cook for herself so she decides to take a bath first. When she’s done with the bath, she goes outside to check out where all the noise is coming from. Unaware of who’s out there she treks the living room not only in her pajamas but also slipper-less.

Yi Chen tries to take this moment to introduce his wife but he joins the onlookers with a surprised face. What-happened-to-his-wife’s-beautiful-hair-… -and-her-slippers kind of look. As Mo Sheng retrieves her slippers, Yi Chen joins her. When they’re alone, Yi Chen’s stares disapprovingly at her hair (Screencap: “What’s wrong with your hair?” LOL). She asks him if it’s really ugly but Yi Chen chooses to not answer (which is an answer in itself, heh). Yi Chen just tells her to come out to eat after she’s changed but Mo Sheng doesn’t want to go because it was really embarrassing earlier. However, Yi Chen’ firm about her coming out to eat.

Seconds to his return to the living room, he gets pulled out of there again to be questioned.

Lawyer Yuan: Illegal cohabitation?
Yi Chen: It’s legal.
Lawyer Xiang: What do you mean by legal?
Yi Chen: When two individuals, of their own free will, decide under the law to have a long term relationship. Simply said –

But Lawyer Yuan walks off before listening to the end of it and goes announces to the rest of the employees the breaking news: Yi Chen’s taken, for good. Shocks all abound and the awkward dinner commences!

One of the female employees remember Mo Sheng and immediately thinks that Mo Sheng captured Yi Chen’s affection by returning him his wallet. So the moral of the day is to always return lost wallets in order to find your prince charming (or princess). His subordinates take this time to bully Yi Chen into telling more of their love story but Yi Chen directs the attention to food instead,

Xiang Heng and Yi Chen are out in the balcony enjoying their XXX drink. Xiang Heng asks him does he really not mind the fact that she left for seven years (Xiang Heng doesn’t know that Mo Sheng’s divorced). Yi Chen smiles and shrugs it off; it’s not that he doesn’t mind, but he knows what’s more important. Aw. They continue talking as buddies and Xiang Heng notices Yi Chen doesn’t smoke much these days. Yi Chen’s says he’s quitting because at that time smoking helped him feel like there was still something worthwhile to do in life. Wow, his love for Mo Sheng…is just through the roof.

Mo Sheng’s still irked about the sudden dinner party because the house has nothing prepared. However Yi Chen fixes all that by asking, “Didn’t you want me to introduce you as my wife?”

Dinner’s over but the night isn’t. Yi Chen wants to answer the other half of the question. The first half he answered by introducing her to his friends and colleagues. The other half, he tells her now, “I don’t regret.” He says this with certainty but he was totally nervous because he seemed to have forgotten to breathe while talking hence him taking a huge breath afterwards.

The next day Xiao Hong and Mo Sheng return to work. Xiao Hong is out for revenge at whoever recommended her that salon. Yuan Feng notices that Mo Sheng’s okay with her hair thus making him assume that Yi Chen likes it. Since Yi Chen likes it, Yi Mei would definitely like it. This frame of logic… is mind boggling… Yuan Feng is now the third victim of the salon. With that haircut, he goes to work and even the top supermodel can’t hold in her laughter with her photographer’s ridiculous hair. It’s a middle parting. Xiao Mei’s having a laughing fit while Yi Mei doesn’t even notice his haircut.

Since Yi Mei didn’t notice the change, Yuan Feng confronts her directly by smoothly brushing whatever hair behind his ears (a bit girly there). She actually compliments the ridiculous haircut. Yuan Feng’s disappointed because he realizes it looks fine to her because she doesn’t care about him. Now that’s a logic I accept! (And sorry for such an ugly screecap…I just had to…LOL)

Xiao Mei sees another victim to the salon, Mo Sheng, the originator. She’s half serious in comforting Mo Sheng that Yi Chen must love the haircut to which Mo Sheng replies, “He’s furious, okay?” Although she says this, moments later, Xiao Mei has to call Mo Sheng back to earth because she’s smiling to herself ear to ear (about Yi Chen’s confession last night). Back to the real reason for their outing today, Xiao Mei wants to invite Mo Sheng to a movie she acted in.

Mo Sheng suddenly thinks of a plan and wants Xiao Mei’s cooperation. Xiao Mei makes a phone call to Yi Chen and gives him the ticket so that he’d ask Mo Sheng to a movie date (instead of Mo Sheng asking him). I agree, it’s quite important on who does the asking. After they hang up, Mo Sheng’s anticipating for her phone to ring. Mo Sheng plays hard to get but it lasts for like two seconds because Yi Chen’s like, “Forget it then.” Mo Sheng jumps at that and says, “No, wait! I can switch my shift with Yuan Feng and you don’t need to pick me up today, I can go myself. See you tonight. Bye.” She says that all in one breath preventing Yi Chen from actually backing out. Oh, looks like we’ve got ourselves a date (when they’re married).

When they arrive to the movie theatre, they’re surprised their ticket was for an animation. Xiao Mei answers their call and asserts that she did act in it. Voice acting is still acting. LOL. Mo Sheng goes buy popcorn but she doesn’t have money. She holds out both her hands and Yi Chen knowingly gives her the wallet without a second delay. I’m not that materialistic (I swear) but the way Yi Chen just gives her his valuables so easily makes me envious!

They’re early for the movie and bump into Yuan Feng and Yi Mei on their date. It’s cute how Mo Sheng almost misses the popcorn as she puts it in her mouth. That reminds Yuan Feng that he needs to buy popcorn. Mo Sheng also learns from Yi Mei that Yi Chen received an invitation from the university gathering. Mo Sheng didn’t get invited because she left the school without graduating but she asks Yi Chen if she can go, you know as “family”. Yi Mei doesn’t pick up the hint while Yi Chen doesn’t answer. He doesn’t answer a lot of things, does he?
Yi Mei probably feels nauseated seeing the two happily together so she excuses herself (and Yuan Feng) to head into the theatre only to be turned down by the employee that it’s not their turn yet.  It was actually Yi Chen and Mo Sheng’s turn.

The movie ended and we see parents bringing their kids out and then Mo Sheng leading Yi Chen out, lol. Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng to spill the beans about Yuan Feng. Mo Sheng thinks it was about his qualities as a boyfriend for his sister but it’s actually something else, for example, what happened to switching shifts with Yuan Feng in order to come to the movie tonight? From there, he’s deduced from beginning to end of Mo Sheng’s (and Xiao Xiao’s) crimes. 

Mo Sheng doesn’t admit it (there’s really no point if you’re caught red-handed), instead she says, “Don’t you think you’ve wasted your talents by becoming a lawyer. I think you’re really suited to become an outstanding detective.” Yi Chen remains stoic (plus a tint of smile) and replies simple, “Don’t change the topic.” Mo Sheng denies, “I’m not changing the topic, I just really admire you.” Then she hurriedly tells Yi Chen to go for dinner.  

Mo Sheng’s shopping around and from her phone call with Xiao Mei she gets questioned why she and Yi Chen seem like their only in the stage of just falling in love when they’re already married/loved each other for years. Mo Sheng asks herself too, “What exactly is the relationship between them?  They’re married but they don’t seem like married couples. At the very least, Yi Chen doesn’t seem that mad anymore.” Then she sees a coat and smiles. 

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