26 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 16

Big transformations today for Mo Sheng: physically and emotionally. Plus, we get tons of cute scenes between Mo Sheng and Yi Chen. 

Xiao Mei apologizes to Mo Sheng if her gift seems too shabby. She retells the Yuan Feng tale and how he insulted her taste. Xiao Mei, however, doesn’t refute she has bad taste, rather, her bad taste is a given since she grew up in the village. Best buddy, Mo Sheng teases her too, “Don’t drag down all the village girls with you just because you’re the only one with bad taste.” Xiao Mei, we all love you, really.

That night, Yi Chen comes home to find cooking books scattered all over his coffee table. He lurks around and finds Mo Sheng busying the kitchen. She’s got fruits in one hand, scooper in the other and her eyes are glued to the book. Yi Chen doesn’t make a sound as he admires the back view of his wife.

Mo Sheng realizes she needs more tips on the soup she’s making and decides to consult the internet but instead is stopped in her tracks at the sight of Yi Chen casually leaning on the table watching her. She tells him she’s making him soup and shyly asks if she can borrow his laptop.

He agrees without much hesitation, which I find is a huge testament of his trust for her. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like people touching my stuff too much and given he’s a lawyer, I would think he’d be more careful with who goes through his laptop. Mo Sheng gives a cute victory sign to Yi Chen and quickly fetches the laptop directly from his suitcase. She brings it to the kitchen and continues her witchcraft – I mean – cooking.

He lingers for a bit as he watches Mo Sheng take over the kitchen. He finally takes his leaves to go hang his suit. It takes him awhile because he got distracted by Mo Sheng’s clothing hanging right beside his. I like how he appreciates the tiniest of things. He would be staring at them for quite a bit more if it hadn’t been Mo Sheng’s scream.

Mo Sheng’s spilled soup and it got all over his laptop. However, Yi Chen spots that she’s burned herself too and immediately tends to her instead of his precious Mac (don’t worry, you guys will get another one since Apple’s sponsoring this whole drama anyways). Mo Sheng doesn’t feel the luuurve because she feels guilty for destroying Yi Chen’s laptop.

But of course, the lawyer has a backup of everything…except this one document (that is a translation from English to Chinese) he needs for tomorrow. Of course. Mo Sheng’s immediately distraught and sinks into the couch. Seeing this, Yi Chen seems much more disappointed than finding out his laptop died. Aw. He makes her feel better by specifically asking her translate the document for him. Even though he’s fully capable of translating, he lets Mo Sheng feel useful.

I don’t know if Mo Sheng appreciates Yi Chen’s way of making her feel better but at the very least she’s not guilty anymore; she’s just overwhelmed with her lack of knowledge in English as she flips the dictionary pages back and forth complaining to herself all the time she’s wasted in the States. She contemplates whether she should ask Yi Chen for help and finally succumbs to it. Yi Chen comes to help but is completely invading her personal space. Either she feels his closeness or her own stupidity, she tries to back-out but hits her head (hard) against Yi Chen’s arm. To hide the real reason for her sudden jolt, Mo Sheng claims that she’s hungry.

They go to eat noodles and it took me a while to fathom why Mo Sheng’s so happy. I'm putting my bet on the fact that it was Mo Sheng that suggested to eat but its Yi Chen’s that gobbling down the noodles. Yi Chen’s oblivious to this though.

After that sweet interlude, they’re back to work. However, Mo Sheng ends up falling asleep on Yi Chen’s shoulders. He twitches his eyebrow as he enjoys this.

The next morning, Mo Shengs wakes up to find herself in bed and on top of that, her cloth’s changed! She gets up to find her missing slippers. She awkwardly waves hi to Yi Chen as she looks lost in her own house.

She then awkwardly tells him she’s looking for her slippers and without looking, Yi Chen already knows where it is.

They eat breakfast most part in silence and that’s because Mo Sheng’s awkward about who changed her clothes. However, she doesn’t go right into topic. Instead she says, “It looks like I fell asleep last night…. About that….” Yi Chen cuts her off with his business tone, “I changed it.” Mo Sheng’s immediate response is to protect herself from embarrassment as she tries to divert the seriousness of this topic (LOL), “Ah? What? O-oh, you mean my clothes.” Yi Chen’s holding in a smile when asking if there was something (that was more important to her) that she wanted to ask. Mo Sheng quickly clarifies that it was the translation process of the documents she didn’t finish last night. Yi Chen seems to be a bit disappointed in that answer. However, he’s not disappointed for long as Mo Sheng immediately dunks her head, wanting to hide in the congee. Haha. She can’t look into Yi Chen’s eyes anymore.  

Mo Sheng returns home from work and browses through the mail. She finds out that Yi Chen’s bought a house for Yi Mei’s parents and are coming down next week to finalize the contract. Mo Sheng then quickly decorates the house and prepare a restaurant for that day only to find out that Yi Chen never planned to invite her. Ouch! Why?

Mo Sheng is hurt enough that she speaks up to Yi Chen that night, “Are you regretting now? Is that why you’re not introducing me to your relatives nor telling anyone else that we’re married?”

…And we cut to the next day. For some reason, our mood and our hair should relate. That is how Xiao Hong convinces Mo Sheng to cut her hair to feel better. She intends to cut it shorter but the barber decided to be artistic and turned her head into an art piece. She gets it free of charge because you can’t buy art. On the other hand, Xiao Hong had to pay for her haircut because it turned out ugly. That’s apparently the rule for that salon: only ugly haircuts cost money. LOL. Since Xiao Hong and Mo Sheng are true friends, they don’t hesitate to confirm how ugly the other person is. Haha.

Yi Chen’s side is preparing for war… Or at least the music is trying to. To sum it up, they won a huge deal and now they need to celebrate. Everyone’s chirping in on where to go until they settle it to be hosted at Yi Chen’s place. Normally Yi Chen would refuse these gatherings but because of Mo Sheng’s words the night before, he agrees happily. He also plans to prepare this as a surprise for Mo Sheng as he calls her to make sure she’s home but not tell her all his employees are coming over. What a perfect timing to get a haircut, Mo Sheng.


So although there was a huge transformation in her hair (which will take me some time to get used to). At certain angles, the hairdo does look okay though. However, I appreciate the change in her attitude towards Yi Chen much more. Her being cute (e.g. giving V sign, waving hi in her own house, and sinking her head into her congee), and sulky (e.g. the laptop and the whole regret thing) was nice to watch. I finally see more of a connection between this and the younger version of Mo Sheng. I like! I was never a fan of Tiffany; I’m just neutral about her. But for some reason I really want to like her in this drama so this change in her attitude is something I really look forward to.  

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