26 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 15

Their first day as an official married couple…is not what you’d imagine it to be. It’s so slice-of-life sometimes that I wonder how you can be a drama, but I like it still. I’ll sum up what generally happened in this episode: they exchange text message(s); they go to work; lastly, they eat dinner.

Yi Chen’s celebrating his win with his clients in another city and refuses to attend the after party (it’s probably a bar). He uses the excuse of a scary wife monitoring his every move to refuse. He’s complaining, but he’s actually glowing.

He walks to the hotel and enjoys the night scene. It’s probably his way of celebrating after becoming a married man. He comes across two ladies taking pictures and is reminded of Mo Sheng when she first took a picture of him. He smiles at that thought but is immediately interrupted by the thought of Mo Sheng’s ex-husband. He tells himself to just admit it: “You’re mad jealous.”  

Back in Shanghai, Mo Sheng’s not kidding when she says she’s changing the curtains. She also decorates the entire condo. She happily texts Yi Chen while rolling around on his bed, “I really did change the curtains.” She waits and waits for a reply until she has to send another one because nothing arrived. She texts, “The new curtain is really pretty.” Yi Chen must not be used to texting because he’s completely immune to the sound of it. Mo Sheng tests her signal and sends another message: “You’re the one that let me change it. If you don’t like it, don’t blame me. Did you get that text yet? I swiped your card to buy it. Also I bought a lot of things for the kitchen.” With all these incoming texts, the assistant has no choice but to inform Yi Chen about them. Yi Chen reads the last of her text messages: “Did my phone break? Why are you not replying?”

Yi Chen’s reply: Okay.

Mo Sheng smiles at that.

(I wouldn’t necessarily flip the table but I’d be more worried than relieved if he sent that short of a reply.)

Yi Chen returns to his home sweet home and finds pleasure in the new decorations. His ice cold demeanor melts at the sight of his home that now breathes life.

On the other hand, Mo Sheng is asleep on his bed, still holding onto her phone. He stares at her as she’s within arm’s reach.  He gently covers her up and returns to the living room and takes a deep breath to absorb the fact that Mo Sheng’s his now.

The next morning, Mo Sheng wakes up surprised to find herself snuggly tucked into Yi Chen’s bed. She doesn’t know that Yi Chen’s back and is startled to see him in the living room. She wonders when he returned because he wasn’t supposed to be back until Friday. She asked him whether he saw her sleeping in his bedroom. She apologizes for it but Yi Chen gives up his room to her to sleep in while he'll take the guestroom with the excuse that he’ll be overseas quite a bit.

That morning Yi Chen also insists on driving her to work because he’s heading that way too. Before leaving the car, Mo Sheng gathers her courage to ask if they could have lunch together but Yi Chen declines. He turns his car to the opposite direction to head back to his office. Turns out it wasn’t convenient at all. Hehe. We also find out that he purposely came back a day early. Aww.

Yi Chen’s busy at work but gets interrupted by an SOS call from Mo Sheng; she forgot her keys. Yi Chen’s not one bit surprised and drives home just to let her in the house. He’s just about to cross the road when he spots Mo Sheng across the street. (You walked home??)

Mo Sheng’s hopping on the tiles patiently waiting for Yi Chen. (It's cute and all, but what grown woman would do that? Is that why I don't have a Yi Chen?) She gets interrupted by a tourist asking for direction but she’s no expert and redirects it to Yi Chen when she spots him. Yi Chen overhears Mo Sheng introduce him as her “husband” to the tourist.

After giving the tourist to the tourist, Yi Chen turns to Mo Sheng and advises her that if she would ever to commit a crime, she should utilize her right to keep silent otherwise she’d just expose everything after a simple interrogation. Yi Chen, I thought you’d be happier getting introduced as her husband.

He hands Mo Sheng the keys and leaves. Mo Sheng chases up to him asking where he’s going. He’s returning to work. But Mo Sheng’s worried about his lunch. He says he’s not hungry. Yup, work over health. Mo Sheng uses her tactic: she grabs onto his sleeves and quietly, yet firmly, tells him she’ll wait for him. Yi Chen’s a weakling to that and looks at his sleeve that Mo Sheng’s still holding onto. He nods his head and off they go to Yi Chen’s law firm.

Lawyer Yuan comes down to find Mo Sheng waiting for Yi Chen. He smugly asks whether she’s here to actively pursue Yi Chen now. They’ve already tied the knot, dude. He kindly advises her that Yi Chen won’t be done until at least 10pm. Mo Sheng’s worried about his health and thinks of something. She asks Lawyer Yuan whether he’d have time to have a coffee with her. Her real motive is to order take out for Yi Chen and ask Lawyer Yuan for a favour. She wants him to tell her whenever Yi Chen’s not eating properly. Lawyer Yuan teases her that he’s being used here.

Yi Chen’s finish with his work but is disappointed to see Mo Sheng missing. He’s even more disappointed to learn that she’s eaten with Lawyer Yuan without him. He was just about to dismiss the whole idea of eating when Lawyer Yuan does us all a favour: turning off his lightbulb status and texts Yi Chen, “She only treated me to coffee to ask if I could monitor your eating habits. Don’t misunderstand. And don’t bully her.”

They go to a restaurant he frequents that serves specialty food from their hometown. Mo Sheng zips through the menu and asks the waiter if there was anything that didn’t contain bamboo because Yi Chen isn’t quite fond of them. The waiter is confused because Yi Chen always orders them. We get this awkward silence. Yi Chen breaks it by ordering the usual. So, you’ve been torturing yourself with the food you hate to remind yourself of Mo Sheng? Or, you miss her so much, you changed your appetite?

After eating, Yi Chen returns to work. Mo Sheng’s disappointed and asks when he’s coming back. Yi Chen, unfamiliar with this situation, pauses at that and asks her whether she’s going to wait for him. She nods and adds in (unnecessarily) that his key is with her. He assures her that he has a spare key hence she doesn’t need to wait for him. You disappointed, Yi Chen? Well, Mo Sheng’s obviously disappointed. 

This almost ends their first day together as a married couple. Quite sad I’d have to say.

Ying Hui finally makes his appearance in Shanghai. He only goes to Mo Sheng after he finishes his work. It speaks to us his fate with Mo Sheng: work before her. Hence, he’ll never get the girl. He’s very manipulative too because he plans to ask Mo Sheng if he could stay the night because he’s got nowhere else to go (...when you're a CEO). He arrives at her apartment and goes up the steps happily with flowers and all. However, he reports down to the ground solemnly because a kind neibour has notified him that she’s moved and perhaps married. (This is what you get for underestimating Yi Chen and overestimating your charms. The first time you let her go was your biggest mistake. Now you choose work first but it’s already too late to regret because you’ve lost any ounce of chance you possibly had before.)

The next day, we’re with Xiao Mei as she shops to buy a wedding present for Mo Sheng. However, she bumps into her “stalker” and he’s here to buy a present for Yi Mei. He first teases her for her bad taste as she picks up this (hideous) gold colourful necklace but seconds later, they end up fighting for the same necklace. Yuan Feng argues with her that this clean, white, clear necklace doesn’t suit her (LOL). He continues, “Since you’re a supermodel, it’s embarrassing to buy yourself jewellery; if I were you, I’d manipulate it from some other guy and, oh, hey, that necklace in the front with all those colours and gold-ness suits you much better.” Ouch, ouch, ouch. His final blow is to threaten her that he’d go out on the street and yell, “Oh my god, bigtime supermodel Xiao Mei is here to buy jewelry, hear ye, hear ye, come one, come all!” Ding, ding, ding! Our winner this time is Yuan Feng.  

However, Yuan Feng’s happy mood doesn’t last as Y Mei refuses such an expensive gift. He decides to lie that it’s fake so Yi Mei will accept it. Yi Mei asks him whether it’s true and Yuan Feng tells her it’s “true” (or real). Realizing he said that the necklace was real, he shakes his head and confirms its fake, “it really is fake”. I love how clumsy this guys is.

Since Xiao Mei didn’t win the necklace, she buys something else for Mo Sheng: cook books. I’d much prefer this gift to be honest. Since food is in the topic, Mo Sheng asks Xiao Mei, “If a guy doesn’t like this particular food yet he always eats it, why do you think so?” Xiao Mei begs Mo Sheng to not ask such an idiotic questions because the guy will die if he doesn’t eat, obviously. Mo Sheng shakes her head at that ridiculous answer. Girl, you should know why!  

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