24 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 14

Dun dun de dun / Dun dun de dun / Dun dun de dun dun dun dun de dun !

Yi Chen tells her to let go of him and Mo Sheng reluctantly lets go. He walks to the living room but he doesn’t close his door. See, he can’t bear shutting her out of his world. He gathers himself by taking a few deep breaths. Well, how do you expect a guy to be sane after seven years of devotion to have the love of his life begging to be by his side again? He curtly tells her to enter.  

He offers water because he only has water. Then, for some reason, he asks her why she’s here. I thought we covered this before she entered your place.  Well, Mo Sheng, with her signature move, head down, quietly tells him that she went to the hospital to visit him not knowing he had an early discharge. He cuts her off saying he doesn’t need her sympathy as a patient. Mo Sheng’s silent.

Yi Chen doesn’t waste any more time and brings back the topic of her real motive for visiting but he twists her meaning: “So, you want an affair, and I’ve been honoured to be your partner?” Mo Sheng rises up to finally meet his gaze to refuse his claims and we see that Yi Chen’s in pain too as he asks, “Or was your marriage an excuse for me to give up?”

He backs off as Mo Sheng silently admits that it wasn’t an excuse. He smirks pitifully at himself asking her what she wants him to be: her secret lover in China, or extramarital lover. (Sorry, I didn’t quite catch the difference between the two). Either way, he’ll never bend to her will as he spits out her name.

Mo Sheng, still teary, still terrified, stutters she’s divorced. Yi Chen turns back to gaze at her but again he smirks to himself, this time his eyes are clouded with tears. YI Chen becomes exasperated and asks painfully: “Why do you think, I, He Yi Chen, would want a divorced woman?”
Mo Sheng attempts to clarify her past marriage but she’s cut-off by Yi Chen who’s had enough of this nonsense. He’s been completely broken by Mo Sheng. (But can’t you just listen to her first!)

Mo Sheng is left facing his back, feeling the rejection. She apologizes for disturbing him. (Can’t you try to finish clarifying yourself?? Oh, drama.)

But we’ve still got hope! Yi Chen insists on sending her home. His lame reason is this: “If you get into an accident, then we’ll never be able to disentangle ourselves from each other.”
It’s a silent ride back home as both parties are tense facing their imminent separation. When they arrive at Mo Sheng’s place, neither of them move. Yi Chen breaks the silence and asks Mo Sheng to give her a reason. Mo Sheng perks at this not knowing what he meant. Yi Chen tells her to profess her love for him. Mo Sheng’s about to do so but Yi Chen chickens out. He tells her to go in and he’ll give an answer to her tomorrow.

After a restless night for our star-crossed lovers, Mo Sheng is waked by a call from Yi Chen the next morning. She heads downstairs to meet Yi Chen with all her IDs as Yi Chen has instructed on the phone. Apparently, Yi Chen wants to register their marriage today. Woah. He gives Mo Sheng an option to back out but I can tell he’s nervous she’d actually would. Initially Mo Sheng is taken back by the sudden progression but she accepts. Her reason? If she was destined to be Yi Chen’s wife, why not assume her role now? Yi Chen’s bitter about this reminder because his decision then about assuming his destiny as her boyfriend was a mistake. Mo Sheng ignores that and snaps on her seatbelt telling him to start the car.

They go to the information desk and the helpful employee visually assess their situation: “Divorce, right?” Haha. Our engaged couple both jerk their heads a little and insists they’re actually here for a marriage. Oh dear. More embarrassment comes as he confirms that they don’t have a couple shot either. The train wreck continues as their wedding photo is stiff with neither of them willing to initiate shoulder contact until the photographer insists. I feel sorry for the photographer. Then they fill out the forms in silence. Surrounded by happy couples, these two sure stand out. The couple beside them starts a friendly conversation with Mo Sheng and Yi Chen but Yi Chen walks off as Mo Sheng shares how she fell in love with Yi Chen. I know, I know, you can’t bear to hear this because you still can’t forgive her completely, but you’re marrying her…

It’s their turn to register their marriage and Mo Sheng goes to fetch Yi Chen. Yi Chen once again gives Mo Sheng a chance to back out but she sticks to her decision. Hearing that, Yi Chen doesn’t give her anymore chances.

They hand in their documents with one more left to sign in front of the marriage commissioner. Mo Sheng’s mind is elsewhere as she stares at the paper. Nervous, perhaps. Yi Chen’s true to his words from before as he tells her to sign now because it’s too late to regret. Mo Sheng’s still fighting her nerves as her arms fidget. The commissioner, having a normal sense of judgment, worries. He asks Mo Sheng, “You’re sure, you’re marrying at your own free will, right?” Oh, the embarrassment! Poor Yi Chen totally realizing the situation now shifts uncomfortably in his seat. LOL. Mo Sheng’s quick to save the scene and says she was distracted by what colour her curtain should be at her new home. The commissioner accepts the excuse and doesn’t probe further. Hence, let’s give our congratulations to the new bride and groom.  

You’d think they’d do something couple-ly but Yi Chen’s off to an overseas business meeting. He hands her the keys and his credit card. That's as romantic as he gets. He says the credit card is for her to swipe if she does intend to change the curtain’s colour. LOL. He tells her the pin (973356) without a second thought. Mo Sheng refuses it but Yi Chen insists on it because he doesn’t want money to be an issue in their marriage, especially on their first day.

Okie dokie! They’re married… I think I’m on the same boat as Mo Sheng thinking whether this is for real (drama-wise). She walks around Yi Chen’s house registering her new home. The first person she tells her marriage to is Xiao Mei (but then again she doesn’t have anyone else to relay this happy news to). Xiao Mei’s also flabbergasted but she jokingly sulks that she has to prepare a red pocket now. Although Xiao Mei knows that their relationship still has a long way to go, she believes that Mo Sheng will succeed (in mending the relationship). The call ends with Xiao Mei sincerely wishing her happiness for her marriage.

And then the irony. Turns out Mo Sheng’s not divorced. I mean with Ying Hue. Ying Hue decides against submitting the divorce papers and that nullifies whatever paper that Mo Sheng has that signifies her divorced status. I guess that works in dramaland… Ying Hue thinks by doing this, it isn’t too late to retrieve back what belongs to him.

Back in Shang Hai, Xiao Mei helps Mo Sheng pack. Xiao Mei, our big time supermodel, struggles carrying two stacks of book and catching a water bottle. But it’s all cute. I don’t mind more scenes of them having fun. Xiao Mei complains that Mo Sheng should have asked Yuan Feng to help move all her stuff. I like how you think of him only, Xiao Mei. Reminded of Yuan Feng, Mo Sheng makes a call to notify Yuan Feng she’s moving out of his (or his friend’s) place.

Mo Sheng doesn’t reveal why she’s moving out but Yuan Feng’s fine with it. As he walks Yi Mei to her car, he reveals that Mo Sheng’s moving. Yi Mei is startled to hear this that she ends up walking right past her car. Yi Mei realizes where Mo Sheng’s move to and convinces herself once again that it’s completely over for her.

Back to our happily wedded Mo Sheng, she doesn’t know where to put her things in her new home. She’s just about to call Yi Chen when the doorbell interrupts her. It’s probably the elevator girl that Xiang Heng bumped into last time. She’s here to apologize to Yi Chen about losing the thing he lent her by packing him some food. Nice try, but he’s got a wife now.

The sun’s set and Mo Sheng is still hesitating to make her first call to her husband. (Even I’m not used to typing ‘husband’). Yi Chen picks up the phone slowly and on the other end, Mo Sheng stutters that it’s her.

She tells her about the visit from the elevator girl and Yi Chen’s straight to the point by asking her, “What are you doubting?” With that, Mo Sheng immediately regrets asking. Yi Chen reassures her that he never pursued her even if he had any thoughts about her. What? Stop teasing her, Yi Chen!

Mo Sheng quickly changes the topic and asks if she can use the storage room as her dark room. Yi Chen doesn’t mind and asks her whether she has anything more important to tell him. He says this with a slight, very slight, smile. But our Mo Sheng can’t see! Mo Sheng stutters as she tries to find another question: “Where should I put my things?” Yi Chen laughs, “Mrs. He, your husband is healthy and well and has no intention of living separately”. Mo Sheng knew she asked the wrong question and quietly asks a question without much stuttering. It’ probably her main question: “When are you coming back?” Yi Chen succumbs to that gives his answer straightforwardly. Mo Sheng tells him she’ll wait for him to return and Yi Chen hangs up without a bye.

Mo Sheng’s left dangling on the other end and grumbles at her failure of a phone call.

The marriage scene was hilarious for me. LOL. It wasn’t literally laugh out loud funny but I enjoy this kind of subtle humour. First, being misunderstood to be divorcing and then misleading the commissioner into thinking Mo Sheng was forced into marriage. It wasn’t exactly romantic but I quite like this portrayal too. Heh.

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