23 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 13

Mo Sheng gets pushed around this episode but the final thrust needs to come from herself.

Yuan Feng and Yi Mei are on their first date at a sushi restaurant and things go wrong already. Yi Mei’s not quite fond of raw food. Yuan Feng ah, Yuan Feng, I want to virtually pat your head. Next, Xiao Xaio’s call interrupts their date and demands Yuan Feng to send her the correct (edited) photos of her and her hometown. Xiao Xiao’s a little agitated that she’s not Yuan Feng’s first priority as he refuses her because he needs to finish this disaster of a date. (Xiao Xiao, that’s the first symptom of jealously.) Lastly, Yi Mei gets a call notifying her that Yi Chen’s in the hospital. Unlike Yuan Feng to Xiao Xiao, Yi Mei immediately ditches Yuan Feng. She even declines his company in visiting Yi Chen. Okay?

Next, Mo Sheng gets a call from Xiang Heng. They meet a café but he doesn’t get straight to the point of why he asked her here. If this was reality, I’d slap him and wished he’d sent Mo Sheng directly to the bedridden Yi Chen instead of wasting time here enjoying their coffee. But this is a drama, and revelations need to be revealed. He tells her that he was surprised why Yi Chen chose her out all the girls. In the past, they had a game where they bet who’d finally get Yi Chen. Yi Chen wouldn’t care, approve or participate in their bet but there was this one time he did. He placed his bet on Zhao Mo Sheng. That was Xiang Heng’s first time hearing her name. Oh, so that’s how the rumor started back in university.

Xiang Heng continues and says that he didn’t approve of their relationship at first because she wasn’t that pretty nor smart. However, he slowly changed his mind because Yi Chen finally started acting like his age. He recalls that on Yi Chen’s birthday (the day of their first kiss), Yi Chen was going crazy; he was so happy/absentminded that he helped everyone in their dormitory wash their clothes
Mo Sheng asks Xiang Heng whether this is all she wants to tell her. Mo Sheng can’t handle learning anymore of Yi Chen’s devotion, especially after she’s decided to stick with her pain of not having him in her life. Xiang Heng misunderstands Mo Sheng’s comment to her being heartless and finishes his jabber. Finally(!), he gives Yi Chen’s hospital address to Mo Sheng in hopes of her changing Yi Chen’s daily habits, otherwise, he’d really jeopardize his own life. He gives a final spiteful remark to Mo Sheng: “Don’t be too selfish.” Mo Sheng immediately takes the cab to the hospital.

Yi Mei arrives first at the hospital and learns from Lawyer Yuan that he’s been drowning himself in work because of Mo Sheng (hence why he’s in this state). Yi Mei looks at her bedridden brother and finally acknowledges that the Mo Sheng was the only one Yi Chen would love. She settles on the idea that if that is Yi Chen’s desire, then she’ll help him.

Mo Sheng arrives at the hospital but she hesitates to enter. Luckily Yi Mei catches her before Mo Sheng chickens out on visiting Yi Chen. Yi Mei asks her to accompany her back to Yi Chen’s home to bring some clothes for him. Go girl!

While Yi Mei’s packing Yi Chen’s things, Mo Sheng takes a good look at Yi Chen’s condo. They converse a little and Yi Mei comments on how Yi Chen has nothing in his fridge. Mo Sheng agrees that Yi Chen always puts his hunger/health as his last priority. To win against this attitude of his, Mo Sheng reveals that you have to not eat with him then he’ll be forced to eat. Yi Mei sighs as she self acknowledges Mo Sheng’s dedication to Yi Chen. She apologizes to Mo Sheng and tells her she’s already given up on Yi Chen. Her reason for that is because she can’t beat Yi Chen in waiting for his loved one. He can wait when there’s no hope but Yi Mei admits that’s impossible for her. Yi Mei reveals that three years ago, Yi Chen was drunk from a party and thought she was Mo Sheng; he hugged her and kept asking her why she won’t come back. She continues showing Yi Chen’s devotion to her as she brings her a book. On the first page, it has Yi Chen’s scribbles: the poem that Mo Sheng introduced her name to Yi Chen during their first lunch together (sorry, can’t read Chinese…). This is just one of the many books he’s scribbled into.

They head back to the hospital and their conversation continues. This time, Yi Mei recalls the time when Yi Chen was adopted into their house. At ten years of age, Yi Chen lost his father after he “accidentally fell off” from fourth floor and his mother died from the loss of her husband. However, Yi Mei comments that it could be considered a suicide because her mother didn’t take her medication leading to her death. At the mention of Yi Chen’s mother, she remarks on how similar Yi Chen is with his mother. (Both drowning themselves in love? Yes.) Like Xiang Heng, she also gives Mo Sheng her last remark, but not as spiteful: “I didn’t lose to you; I lost to him.”

With everyone giving her a push, she brings out her courage to walk closer and closer to Yi Chen. She cries at the sight of him sleeping in bed. Although she reminds herself that everything’s changed, she can’t help but kiss him.

Yi Chen, like sleeping beauty, wakes to this kiss. But unlike sleeping beauty…

Yi Chen’s furious. His one and only love, who’s married, kisses him. He grabs hold of air and demands to know what she thinks she’s doing. Is it possible that Mo Sheng still likes him probably crosses his mind. Mo Sheng can’t answer because she doesn’t know what she wants either. She manages to free her hand and run off in tears. Yi Chen wants to chase after her but he’s physically limited.

Yeah, so, what do you want Mo Sheng? And I don’t get why Yi Chen had to be that furious…

The next day, Yi Chen returns to work when he obviously was not supposed to. Xiang Heng asks whether his plann of asking Mo Sheng to visit him backfired. However, Yi Chen thanks him for that because her visit woke him up completely from his dream. (I don’t understand how this conclusion came about…)

Swithcing to our sideline romance: Yuan Feng returns home in a chirpy mood and his parents immediately ask if he’s dating. His face is like: 0_0. I love how this guy cannot lie. His parents don’t have much request about his girlfriend’s qualities as long as it’s not some inappropriate female, like that model that had her sex life exposed a few weeks ago, you know. Yuan Feng guarantees that it’s not a model: “If I do find a model as my girlfriend, no need for you to break my feet because I’ll break it myself.” Yuan Feng, looks like you might need a wheelchair later on ):

Yuan Feng picks up Yi Mei after work and finds that she’s made soup. It was originally for Yi Chen (but he’s already checked out of the hospital before Yi Mei could give it) but our big boy thinks the soup is for him and digs in. Yi Mei then asks about Mo Sheng and whether she’s happy right now (after her little push at the hospital, of course she doesn’t reveal that to Yuan Feng).

Mo Sheng is actually rotting at home. She’s still devastated from her last encounter with Yi Chen. She asks herself why she won’t admit it already; in this world, there will never be a place that Yi Chen wouldn’t exist to her. With that thought, she snaps awake and dashes out of her house. Then she runs, and runs.

Yi Chen leaves from work and returns home but he halts at the sight of Mo Sheng crouching helplessly right in front of his door. Yi Chen stiffens his posture (and his heart) to walk by her. He ignores her.

However, Mo Sheng grasps onto his sleeve.

Mo Sheng: “Do you still want me?”
Yi Chen freezes a little but shakes her off.

But Mo Sheng’s grabs tight onto his arm, just like how Yi Chen did to Mo Sheng in the hospital.

However, he demands her to let go.
And he leaves, repeating Mo Sheng’s mistake.


So many pushes for Mo Sheng and they’re all people on Yi Chen’s side. I like that they don’t really approve of Mo Sheng because they care for Yi Chen. If I were Yi Chen’s friend, I wouldn’t be too fond of Mo Sheng either if he’s tormented himself so much for her. I still don’t understand why Yi Chen’s so devoted to Mo Sheng. She’s not that pretty nor smart. She’s got a kind heart but most girls do too. So why Mo Sheng? Just because she’s the only girl that shamelessly professed her love to you? If that’s the trick then I should have done that when I was younger. Darn it. But no really, there is no reason for Yi Chen to be so devoted to this one girl that he spent…less than one year with? I’m not quite sure how long they’ve dated in university but it really didn’t feel that long especially with Yi Mei third-wheeling for a good portion of it. What kind of quality time did they spend with each other that’s made him practice abstinence from the female population?

Although, dramas may not need to fulfill our logical needs, the emotional needs should compensate. I feel that the young Mo Sheng did so. She was quite lovable and I had no problem in being compelled to believe that the perfect Yi Chen would fall for this happy-go-lucky girl. On the other hand, present Mo Sheng seems dull and wipes out the compelling reason for Yi Chen’s absolute devotion. Thus, I feel the missing link to solidify this OTP as believable lies in that missing bridge between young and present Mo Sheng.

I’m not trying to put all the blame on the actress (Tiffany Tang). I feel that the production and script writing had a fault in this too. She wasn’t given much lightweight scenes where she could just pull off some jokes. I mean, she’s been through quite a past, but she can at least retain some of her lightweight, carefree character, right? It may not seem consistent, but she’s done it since she was young; she gave off an image of a girl loved by the world even with her mother being so harsh upfront.  

Anyways, I’ll give props to another parallel in this episode. Initially, Yi Chen was the one to grab on but Mo Sheng ran off. Wrapping up the episode, Mo Sheng’s the one not letting go. But will Yi Chen shut her out of his world? (Sorry guys, I already know the answer to this ^^)

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