22 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 12

Another short recap. We learn more about Mo Sheng's past and how we should feel bad for her. I'm not mocking her pain but the episode leaves me bored. At the least, there are a few, or a savoury moment(s). 

Mo Sheng deflates as she hears Treasure intends to interview Yi Chen for their special issue on Elite Men. Xiao Hong attempts to pass the honours to Mo Sheng to seek out Yi Chen for the interview but Mo Sheng is quick to decline. The job lands on the new Team leader and her confidence in securing the interview shines as she proudly reveals she’s from the same university as Yi Chen plus they had a chance encounter once. Woman, sorry but you’re like miles behind Mo Sheng in terms of knowing Yi Chen.

However, Yi Chen declines the interview once he hears it’s from Treasure without a second thought. Our boy is still emotionally traumatized by Mo Sheng. He even goes to a company party, which he normally refuses to attend, and gets himself pretty intoxicated. After he gets his fair share of alcohol, he excuses himself because he’s still got some work to do tonight. So now you’re
drowning yourself with work? I want to hug you. ):


Thankfully, Xiang Heng comforts Yi Chen for me (heh). However, Xiang Heng trespasses his condo to do so. To bribe the lawyer to not sue him, Xiang Heng brings out his expensive red wine. Yi Chen brings out the cups but remembers his tea set that he bought with Mo Sheng. He lingers at the sight of it and finally decides to throw it away. While the fate of the expensive wine wasn’t much better because of Yi Chen’s barbarous way of gulping it down. Okay, I exaggerated it a little but he did gulp it down unappreciatively.  

Xiang Heng rubs salt in his wound by questioning him about Mo Sheng: “What’s it like to be defeated by her twice?”, “With so many girls at your whim, why her?” He continues about Yi Chen’s popularity as he mentions a beautiful lady in the elevator befriending him only because of his acquaintance with Yi Chen. Basically, why Mo Sheng?

On the other side of the globe, Ying Hui’s experiencing some difficulties with his company and he delays his return for a couple of weeks. Yay! But I agree with Xiang Heng. Why Mo Sheng?

Mo Sheng is taking her vacation because she wanted to visit her hometown. However, her trip isn’t a haven for her to forget Yi Chen for a while as with every step, she recalls her and Yi Chen’s past. For instance, at the train station, she would remember their argument about Yi Chen not giving her his home phone number; at the central market, she would remember her chance encounter with (or stakeout of) Yi Chen.

She finally reaches her mother’s place but finds her missing. Instead, she encounters the auntie that lives next door. She teasingly lectures Mo Sheng for leaving her mother alone for so long. She also reveals to Mo Sheng that her mother’s on vacation. Learning this, Mo Sheng is relieved that at least her mother is well (enough to be on vacations and such).

However, Mo Sheng does not want the auntie to reveal today’s visit to her mother. Her relationship with her mother isn’t that great. In the past, her mother would (completely) ignore her. Ouch?  There was a time when she told her mother that she has a fever and her mother simply told her to find her father. After she moved to America, she contacted her mother once (and once only) but she was told harshly by her mother to not contact her every again (and mentioned how Mo Sheng’s father already ruined half of her life). What? Can you be any harsher to your kid? Even if she’s not your kid, at least pity her that she just lost her father.

Next on Mo Sheng’s list is to visit her father’s grave. She apologizes for coming so late. To be blunt, she actually never wanted to visit because reality would sink in that her father has died. She reveals her wistful thinking that if she never visited, perhaps, he’d still be alive somewhere. Sniffles. I want to hug you too, Mo Sheng.

Even if her dad is only a grave now, Mo Sheng confesses her worries to him still. She asks for advice about Yi Chen. She feels that she doesn’t deserve him, and that he can do better. She comments on how distanced (using a sort-of-pun on her name) they’ve become and even if they were together, he’d only get sick of her later. If they were to break up again, she isn’t confident she can recover. At the very least, if she distances herself from him, the pain she’s experiencing, she’s already used to it. Oh my. Sniffles. She bids farewell to her father by telling him not to worry because she’s fine, really. 

Mo Sheng’s back to work and catches the last snippet of Yi Mei’s interview of Yi Chen on TV. We get the question that Yi Mei asked at the very end: “Are you single?” Yi Chen smiles to himself and says that he is now, but later, he won’t be. Well, we can still things haven’t gone his way yet.

The team leader is still hung up on the idea of getting Yi Chen to participate in their Elite Men special and specifically seeks out her senior for help. The senior had previously gotten Yi Chen to do an interview when he first showed promise as a lawyer. The senior recalls what he said at that time when he accepted the interview: “Does this count as standing in the brightest place?” and “Will a lot of people be watching?” After the team leader convinces a little more, the senior decides to lend a helping hand to her junior. 

Mo Sheng's returning back to the office but she spots a stage and recalls a conversation she had with Yi Chen. She got lost once and it took forever to find Yi Chen. At that time, she said to him that if she still couldn’t find him, then she’s going to have to find the brightest place to stand so that he could find her. (Can the advertisement be any more obvious… I’m telling you, I’ll never buy your car because of this.)

As Mo Sheng admits to her team leader that she was reminiscing a man she loved a lot. This man she loved a lot tortured himself these days (with alcohol and work) that he needs to go the hospital.


Another episode with no OTP interaction but they're constantly thinking of each other or tormenting themselves because of each other. I’m not very fond of episodes where the OTP doesn’t exchange dialogues… Yes, I’m quite the superficial one.

However, I did appreciate the scene of Mo Sheng finally visiting her father after seven years. While, I’m not so glad to see how cold her mother was. Seems unrealistic, though, that a mother (or even a step mother) can be that harsh to not only a young child but also a child that just lost her father. 

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