20 March 2016

Princess JieYou Episode 1 to 4 (JieYou and Weng Gui Scenes)

I’m just recapping/translating my favourite scenes in detail, which all revolve around Weng Gui and JieYou in the beginning of their romance. These two are love and the fact that they’re dating in real life makes me love this couple more.

You may need to read the summary in my previous post to fully understand this post.

 [Episode 1]

JieYou’s first encounter with Weng Gui was after he’s almost killed by interveners of his peace mission between Wu Sun and China. Weng Gui’s separation from his companions leave him vulnerable but he’s too skilled to be slaughtered. He singlehandedly kills his enemies and JieYou happens to be nearby because there she needed water and there was a lake where he was at. Seeing that horrific scene doesn't make her back down on yelling at him though. But she's not yelling at him for the brutal murders, she's grumbling at him for dirtying the water with blood. With a menacing stare, he slowly approaches her without a word. His eyes are enough to make her fear him. Then he’s walks away from her but he leaves behind his precious dagger, which JieYou picks up and keeps.

The second time he meets her, he's on the run again and ends up in her magic treasure box while she was performing a magic trick. They spend quite a bit of valuable time in there until his enemies catch him but he escapes, albeit injured.

They meet again the third time and he's again in her box – her suitcase box this time. He's now dirtied all her belongings with his blood because he's badly injured. JieYou begs the troupe leader to save him. She sort of likes all these near-deaths encounters with him. Yes she is an odd one. And since she's the only one not afraid of blood, she takes out the arrow head that's still piercing his shoulder.

Weng Gui wakes up right when she picks up his dagger (that she had picked up earlier). He thinks she’s trying to kill him but she’s using the dagger to take out the arrow head. In the middle of a little brawl, she slaps him in the face and he faints over again, lol. Then she wakes him up again with the water medication which instead of applying it gently, she spits it all over him, haha.

Weng Gui: Who are you?
JieYou: I’m your saviour.
Weng Gui: You’re not bad looking.

JieYou slaps him.

This girl is so fierce when she digs that dagger into his shoulder to get the remaining poison out of his body. She even pierces him just to threaten him to be obedient. Pulling him close to her, she starts her surgery and he cries in pain.

JieYou rolls her eyes at him: Are you even a man?
Weng Gui: Are you even a woman? Why are you so brutal? LOL.
JieYou: I dare you to say it once more! – Jabs

Weng Gui bites her shoulder to stifle his cries. 
Now it’s JieYou’s turn to cry in pain. Hahaha.

When Ah Cai takes over in caring for him, Weng Gui’s eyes are still only directed at JieYou who cutely washes his dagger, smiling widely at him, which ticks him off. I think they’re in love already.

At night, JieYou sneaks over to the sleeping Weng Gui but he’s awake all along. He trips her and she falls on top of him. She accuses him of pretending to sleep.

Weng Gui explains: I need to protect myself from perverted girls like you.
JieYou: Who’s the perverted one here? Let go of me. His arms are like completely embracing her.

But he won’t let go. JieYou aims two fingers at his eyes and pierces down and only at that threat does he let go of her. JieYou asks him for his identity but he keeps it a secret. He doesn’t think she’ll believe him. She tries to remind him all that he owes her and he tells her he’s grateful.

JieYou: How are you going to express your gratitude?
Weng Gui: Actually, I had already thanked you before you saved me.
JieYou is completely confused: When? How come I don’t remember?
Weng Gui: When I first saw you, I didn’t kill you. Did you think I fell in love with you? Ya. I was only sparing your life so you’ll have a chance to repay me. LOL.

JieYou laughs too. This guy is absurd.

Weng Gui: You don’t understand? Forget it. I’m sleeping.
JieYou wakes him up, demanding to know his identity as she punches her fist right into his injury.
Weng Gui: You really want to know?
JieYou nods and smiles smugly.

Weng Gui: I’m a Wu Sun citizen and my family does business. My father had died when I was young. I conduct business between Da Han and Wu Sun and for some reason I’m being hunted down.
JieYou smiles: You’re lying.
Weng Gui: Why do you think that?
JieYou: You have such good combat skills. How could you simply be a merchant?
Weng Gui: It’s only basic skills. Really. My dad taught me.

After that, I think JieYou believes him. He also decides to tag along with her and her troupe. She agrees and tells him to heal properly before he leave. The two are so smiley now. They even overlap each other when they talk, a common sign of a compatible OTP. JieYou lets him speak first (because he’s injured).

Weng Gui: You’re not tired? LOL. He’s tired! He wants to stop talking, haha.

[Episode 2]

JieYou tells him she’s an orphan. He also likes her name. “JieYou” actually means to “relieve one’s worries.” When he tells her to sleep. She’s like, okay. And she plops right beside him. xD

Weng Gui: Eh.
JieYou: Hm? I swear she wants to talk more with him.
Weng Gui: This is my bed.
JieYou: Ahh Looks up Right. Hah.

The next morning he disappears and JieYou’s mad. But he just went to find food, uh scorpions, for the troupe. Now JieYou’s all smiley again. When he turns out to be useless to the troupe, JieYou promises she’ll personally teach him how to perform to earn money. Apparently, when he was drunk, she makes him sign a contract to sell his body to her. LOL. When he doesn’t perform properly, she punishes him. This girl has a lot of fun torturing him. I love it how he can’t argue against her.

After he tries to steal money from the troupe, JieYou catches him red-handed. Actually, she purposely laid out the trap for him to fall into and now she has every right to handcuff him. I’m starting to think it’s her way of keeping him beside her forever.

Why does he look so good in this drama!
Even though she treats him brutally, that look he gives her is that of admiration and love.

They’re stranded in the desert. When JieYou asks him for his water to share with everyone else, he refuses but he does offer to personally feed her the water if they can “deepen” their relationship. Obviously, JieYou refuses. Other than being flirtatious, he’s very useful when it comes to emergencies and because when a sandstorm threatens them, he guides them to safety.

JieYou goes out hunting for water alone when the sandstorm is still a threat and Weng Gui goes out to save her. He purposely uses an old horse to find JieYou because it’s these horses that are experienced enough to locate water. When he finds her, JieYou had fainted over.

Weng Gui: If my hands weren’t cuff, I wouldn’t bother saving you. Lies.
JieYou: Did you touch me (inappropriately)?
Weng Gui: About this, it’s best you don’t know now. LOL.

JieYou asks the same question but with more menace this time.
Weng Gui: No then he smiles Do you believe that? Man, this guy!
She swings at his head but he ducks.

He convinces her to drink his water by saying she needs to be alive and healthy for him to properly tease her. Later, she does grudgingly thank him. 

Weng Gui wonders: Is the sun too big today that you’ve gone crazy? Why are you speaking human now?

She goes in for another punch but he grabs onto her wrist.

JieYou points her finger at him: I’m telling you I’m thanking you so from now on I don’t owe you anything. You got that?

Weng Gui pulls her hand closer and gives it a small peck. I love the way he’s looking at her after he kisses her.

Weng Gui speaks softly: I got it. This guy is seriously turning off those charms.

When she can’t walk properly, he lifts her up and swings her over the horse. He gets on the horse too and wraps his hands around her. He has no choice, he claims because his hands are cuffed. She doesn’t like it but neither will she give him the keys because he might run away. Weng Gui’s like, ‘Alright, I’ll just hug you tighter.’ There are two horses, he could have fully went on the other one.

When they found water, she compliments him.
Weng Gui grabs his hands and approaches her: You need to be careful.
JieYou: Why?
Weng Gui: You’re starting to admire me.

She finally releases him of his cuffs and he tells her he has to leave. She asks where he’s going but he doesn’t give her an answer. He teases her that she’ll miss him. Yup she already does.

 [Episode 3]

They’re not separated for long though because he gets caught by Xiong Nu warriors who are also looking for water. Appearing like a wimp, he takes them to JieYou, claiming she’s the one who knows where the water is. He secretly asks her to retrieve his stolen dagger. JieYou wants something in return when she retrieves his dagger.

Weng Gui: I can only give you my body. LMAO. He never loses a chance to proclaim his sexual desires.

This drama can win the award of how many times the heroine slaps the male in the face.

JieYou actually agrees: If I do retrieve your dagger, then from then on, you are mine.
JieYou proves her capability as she recovers his precious treasure ease.

When they return home, she discovers she lost her jade. She actually cups her breast to try to find it, which makes him look closely at her chest; he’s probably wondering why she’s touching herself but doesn’t lose the chance to close in on her breasts.

She’s so desperate to find her jade, she cries in a corner. He promises to retrieve her jade within three days. To assure her he won’t run away, he gives her his dagger, his precious dagger, for her to keep until he returns. She smiles cutely and that induces him to pinch her cheek. She slaps him. Slapping him is such an automatic move for her, haha.  

She’s later accused of being a Xiong Nu spy because of the dagger. It’s the baldheaded Xiong Nu guy that spread that baseless rumour because he wanted to get revenge on JieYou and Weng Gui. To spare her entire troupe, she admits that daggers is hers. Wow she does so much for his dagger (i.e. him) while she does so much for her jade (i.e. her).

When she’s about to be beheaded, Weng Gui allows himself to be easily captured by the guard so he is to be executed the same days as her. Whilst they’re waiting for their death, Weng Gui doesn’t fail to tease her some more.

Weng Gui mocks her: How capable you are to be suspected as a Xiong Nu spy.
JieYou: It’s all your fault!

She cries in fear.
Weng Gui cries too: I’m sad too. I still haven’t married. OMG.
JieYou can’t bear to look at him anymore.

He tries to convince her to be his wife and so when they enter their after-life, at least they have a companion. She vehemently refuses but when the executioners come, she hurriedly agrees, haha

Weng Gui: If you agree, then shouldn’t you address me properly?
JieYou: Address you what?
Weng Gui: Husband!
JieYou: No way!

The swords are right at their necks now and Weng Gui’s voice escalates as he tries to convince her to call him ‘Husband’.

JieYou cries in desperation: Husband!
Weng Gui smiles sweetly: Ahh, Darling!
JieYou sobs then she cries: Husband (or Darling) I’m scared!
Weng Gui: Don’t be and he takes down the executioners with one fell swoop. Wow this guy left everything so last minute!

Weng Gui actually knows the General because he’s the diplomat for his country (Da Han) and Wu Sun. Hence they’re both now free of charges. General Li asks him who the girl is.

Weng Gui: She’s my newly wedded bride. I’d say they are officially married now xD
He keeps calling her ‘Wife’ now. I’m smiling so wide at these two.

[Episode 4]

They now head to another city to find out about her parents because General Li had recognized her jade and sent them there. At the new city, there isn’t enough room at the hotel and he’s cool with it, he’ll just share the room with JieYou. JieYou refuses. Duh. She asks him for the letter General Li had written for her to find her parents but Weng Gui bargains with her that she’ll have to kiss him in exchange for it. He exposes his cheek wide open for her to kiss but she slaps it.

JieYou: Why’s your skin so thick?
Weng Gui: Really? My skin is thick? He pinches her cheeks, then she pinches his – It’s just as thick as yours. LOL.

She pinches him back. Hard. Neither of them are willing to let go first. When he does release her, he makes sure to take the keys to her room and she takes the letter.

Later at night, Weng Gui is off to complete his diplomatic mission but before he leaves he says goodbye to JieYou.

Weng Gui taunts her: I tell you I’m never coming back and you believe me? Do you remember I said I would give you a huge present?

He gives her his dagger.

Weng Gui: Keep this dagger and no matter where you are, I will find you.

Then he slowly leans in to peck her but she doesn’t refuse it. That is, she doesn’t refuse it until after he does it because she slaps him quite soon.

She also returns him a present. First, he needs to close his eyes. Then he needs to tilt his chin upwards. Finally he needs to open his mouth. LOL. He opens his eyes, doubting whether she’s going to do what he’s thinking. But when she clicks her tongue, he obediently closes his eyes again. I think we all know she’s not really going in for a kiss but what she did was completely out of my expectation. She feeds him the purgative she had fed the Xiong Nu warriors earlier (because she had promised to let him try it). The na├»ve guy thanks her for it and he ends up having diarrhea the entire night. I LOVE HER.

This episode also has her dressing up prettily (actually she’s always pretty) performing to her soon-to-be family members.

And this is a screencap of General Huai starting to fall in love with her. I don`t blame him. I`m having a girl crush on her too.

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