20 March 2016

Princess JieYou Episode 1 to 11 Summary (Brief)

I totally feel for the people missing out on this awesome drama. I haven’t had the chance to finish this drama yet because I’ve been doing too much recapping and I had just wanted to leisurely enjoy this without any interruptions but I got a request to recap it and I got influenced. Heh. It’s by far the best Cdrama of all the Cdramas this year. Show, don’t make me eat my own words later. The story is written out in history already but it’s the process of how JieYou gets from point A to point B that is so satisfying to watch. Zhang Xin Yi, the actress playing JieYou is a goddess. I don’t know why she’s not in more dramas but because of this drama, her and the actor playing Weng Gui, Justin Yuan, took their on-stage chemistry off-stage too. These two are dating in real life, which explains why their chemistry in the drama is through the roof. These two aren't afraid of any body contact. It's indisputable that Zhang Xin Yi is beautiful to stare at but Yuan Justin has never looked so fine on my screen before. He looks awfully good with facial and curly hair. 

I don’t have enough time to recap this fully. Even this is only a very brief summary of the overall storyline. Episodes 1 – 4 were amazing to watch and I didn’t mind going through them again to translate scenes that made me giddy. I hope some subbing team will pick this up for you guys. I don’t know, maybe try begging on every drama site for subs? xP. This summary does no justice to this drama; there are so many tiny moments that enhances this drama’s worth that my simple summary cannot capture. Even if I were to go as far to explain every detail, I still don’t think it’d be good enough. Plus, this drama is just so pretty to watch. It'd be a waste just to read about it.

Left to right: Hu Gu, Weng Gui, JieYou, Kun Mi
The story follows Princess JieYou (of Da Han) who is offered as a “peace bride” to the Wu Sun ruler (name: Cenzhou; addressed as Kun Mi) to appease the tension between the two states. In addition, there’s another state, Xiong Nu, who also offers a peace bride to Wu Sun. Technically, these three states (Da Han, Wu Sun, and Xiong Nu) are at odds with each other but poor Wu Sun is caught in the middle. Both countries want to be allies with Wu Sun.

The drama starts off with JieYou not knowing her identity as a Princess. At three, her parents had abandoned her and she was adopted into a performance troupe. In there, she’s close to Ah Cai and the troupe leader whom she treats like a father, in fact, everyone there is like family to her. During her days in her troupe, she meets a man, Weng Gui. He’s a Wu Sun diplomat working in “Da Han” (the state of China during Han Dynasty), or trying to work in Da Han before he’s murdered. He’s being targeted because he’s trying to arrange a peace marriage between the two states but Xiong Nu warriors are hunting him down to prevent their alliance. Weng Gui is also of royalty in Wu Sun. He’s cousin to the current King of Wu Sun. So basically, both JieYou and Weng Gui are of royalty.

Jie You
Weng Gui, Jie You's feet

[Episodes 1-4] When JieYou and Weng Gui first meet, they have no idea about each other’s royal identity, neither do they have any clue JieYou will be his future sister-in-law. The two are romantically involved quite soon into the drama and it was absolutely a delight to watch. She’s brave, witty, and fun, and he’s exactly the same. They know each other’s quirks, channel the same wavelength like they’ve known each other for ages when they’ve only met for a few days. They have this hate-love thing going on but the thing I love about these two is that they know there’s more love than there’s hate. Actually there’s no hate, that’s just how they have fun with each other. They openly flirt with each other, or at least he does, while she has fun baiting him too. She’s an expert at the push-and-pull game. And the camera loves her; she has no best angle because her every angle is perfection. 

But with all premature loves in dramas, tragedy must befall them until they can have their happily ever after.

Kun Mi, Jie You

[Episode 5-11] JieYou has a jade, which is the only emblem she has of her parents. This jade plays a huge role in helping her discover her identity as a Princess of Da Han. In fact she had lost it while saving Weng Gui and he risks his life to retrieve it. The irony is that this jade will bring tragedy upon this couple: with the jade she becomes Princess JieYou and is subsequently offered to Wu Sun as the peace bride to the king there, Kun Mi. Now Weng Gui, Kun Mi's cousin, has to arrange the marriage between the love of his life and his cousin.

Ah Cai (far left), Jie You, Hu Gu
[Episode 11] Xiong Nu has offered Princess Hu Gu as the peace bride and so far, as with all concubines, there’s animosity between her and JieYou but since they’re both such strong women, it’s kind of fun and I don’t hate Hu Gu (yet).

Pitiful Kun Mi
There’s also animosity between Weng Gui and Kun Mi. In all historical dramas, I swear the kings will never be at peace because there will always be a grand upheaval to usurp the king. And so Kun Mi is wary of Weng Gui who threatens his position as the king but Weng Gui has no greed for the power whatsoever. I actually pity Kun Mi, there’s no one he can trust. First of all, he’s caught between two states and between his subordinates trying to win his favour. One of them tries to convince him that Weng Gui is dangerous because he’s hooking up with Han Dynasty’s Emperor to seize Wu Sun for his own. And then he’s also caught between two women, Hu Gu and JieYou. Both of them want his favour for political sake and only for political sake. There’s no love whatsoever. Compared to JieYou, Hu Gu is much more active at it; she openly tries to seduce him and it’s obvious she’s got an ulterior motive. Kun Mi isn’t some idiot one-dimensional character, he’s smart enough to know that he can’t trust anyone but he also doesn’t make enemies out of anyone just yet. He’s pretty much embodied the saying, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” However, JieYou doesn’t have any hidden motives, she’s there obviously to bring peace between the two states. Love was never in the mission. For Kun Mi, I think he’s still in love with his previous wife, Xijun, who was also a peace bride from Da Han.

Huai Tian Sha/General Huai
The second male lead is Huai Tian Sha, he’s a general. He comes off rude at first, but he just has a traumatic past that renders him emotionless. JieYou has made countless nicknames for him that all revolve around his cold expressions. She also becomes the first person who makes him smile. Not only that, he’s impressed by her sense of righteousness and well everything else about her because she really is that amazing. It’s a no brainer he’d fall in love with her. This girl is so amazing that I can literally ship her with anyone (but her and Weng Gui are perfect for each other). In drama language, General Huai is your hot moody man who silently protects the girl he loves despite it being unrequited. When JieYou is given the role as the peace bride, he tries to help her escape (but fails bitterly). When she’s married off, he volunteers himself to become her bodyguard and stays with her at Wu Sun, ensuring her well-being. He’s also acting as an informant to report back to Emperor of Han dynasty if anything is fishy going on in Wu Sun.

Feng Liao
[Episode 7-9] General Huai is completely devoted to JieYou but there’s another girl who has her eyes on him. She’s Feng Liao and she’s adorable. If JieYou wasn’t this awesome, Feng Liao would be a great scene stealer especially with her budding romance with General Huai. He’s not responding to her that much but I’m sure it will happen. The fact that he doesn’t care about her cute antics makes it fun though. I think the females in this drama are amazing. Actually the men are too. Alright so I just love everyone, maybe except Ah Cai (she’s a close friend of JieYou for now) I get the feeling I’ll hate her guts later on. Feng Liao should become a really important person later on in the drama. Is it a spoiler to say that her character is based on the first female diplomat for China working in Wu Sun? 

Side note: The actress behind Feng Liao is Ye Qing and she's dating Huang Ming whom some of you guys may know as Zheng Qi from Boss & Me. 
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