21 March 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 21 to 23

Ran Ran remembers she's Yue Ying! But it’s only temporary...

3rd Bro is pissed off at Ri Xuan for cancelling the marriage because that would tarnish Biu-Jie’s maiden reputation. But really, this guy should just admit he's happy the love of his life isn't marrying another man. Such an idiot. Conversation happens and they make their feelings officially mutual. It's much more enjoyable watching these two when they're happy but there's a little glitch in their relationship: Biu-Jie can't tell 3rd Bro why she's continuing to see Lou Xuan despite having no feelings for him. The Save-Ran-Ran-Mission is top secret to keep Ran Ran safe. Although there's a setback in their relationship, he doesn't stand there like a log anymore, he asks his parents for her hand in marriage to make their relationship official. Oh man finally some movement there. Dad’s a cutie when he's happy.

So it's confirmed that for Ran Ran’s poison, she'll turn into a vampire if the poison takes over, and the mushroom thing can't completely cure her because although it's an antidote, there's the curse issue that will still turn her into a vampire.

Mu Chen, aka the flower guard, has caught Qing Tian (again) but before he can attack her he's got internal injuries to deal with and once again Qing Tian escapes. She leaves behind an anklet that looks awfully like Yao Bing’s anklet she had gotten from her mother. Gee! What a coincidence! Yao Bing refuses to believe Mu Chen when he tells her Qing Tian is indeed the flower thief and also the leader of Yue Ling Gong. He also hands her the anklet Qing Tian left behind. You would think Yao Bing had connected the dots but she hasn't.

Qing Tian is on her way to find Ri Xuan but she faints. Yup, she’s got internal injuries too. She had flashbacks of how Ri Xuan joined Yue Ling Gong. Initially the original leader (Shi-Shui-Hong-Yian who I'll just call the (Crazy) Laughing Lady) was going to kill him but after she learns he's Wu She’s disciple, she takes him in because the crazy laughing lady has this hate-love obsession with Wu She. Ri Xuan’s goal is to find Jiu Ban mushroom that is kept by the Laughing Lady.

Since It's also Qing Tian’s credit that he got in, he promises to fulfill here of her wishes, which were to stay with her for three years and to make Yue Ling Gong hers. So this explains why Ri Xuan was away from Ran Ran for three years and why that crazy laughing lady only exists in the flashbacks thus far. They've locked her up. She still has one more wish left to request. Although Qing Tian's real wish is for Ri Xuan to fall in love with her, she won't use her last wish for that because she knows he'll never fulfill it but that doesn't stop her from yearning it.

[Episode 22] At night, Ri Xuan visits her once again. This time she’s fallen asleep on her table so he carries her to her bed. However, Ran Ran was only pretending to sleep. She reminds him she doesn’t want him here.

Ri Xuan: I don’t want to come here either.
Ran Ran: Then why are you here? It’s because I remind you of Yue Ying? I’m not Yue Ying
Ri Xuan: I know.
Ran Ran: Then you should find her and not me.
Ri Xuan: Yue Ying has already died. She doesn’t exist in this world anymore – He looks at her – But I can’t forget her and I don’t dare forget her. If even I forget about her, then it’d be like she never existed in this world.
Ri Xuan approaches her, attempting to stroke her cheeks.
Ran Ran flinches: Don’t come here. Don’t use me to find traces of your Yue Ying.
Speechless, Ri Xuan leaves.

Poor Ran Ran, jealous of herself.

Qing Tian, out of some random urge, kidnaps Ran Ran. 9th-Shi-Xiong sees the kidnapping and follows. When Qing Tian is distracted by Ling Lang for a few seconds, 9th tries to save Ran Ran but ends up being caught too. It's déjà vu really. 9th manages to escape first and then he searches for help and ends up finding Qin Lang (again). Meanwhile Qing Tian is distracted by Ri Xuan’s appearance.

I really don’t see the reasoning behind Qing Tian kidnapping Ran Ran. I can only assume she’s gone crazy because of love.

Ran Ran had obediently followed Qing Tian because she had mentioned Ri Xuan. In fact, Ran Ran was a little bothered by the unknown relationship between Ri Xuan and Qing Tian. Ran Ran clarifies to Qing Tian she's not Yue Ying. She even insists on that when Ri Xuan comes to save her.

Frustrated at these two lovebirds (welcome to my world), Qing Tian exposes Ri Xuan’s identity by unmasking him. Ran Ran faints from memory overload. Then Ri Xuan feeds her the last half of the Soul-Returning-Pill.

Qin Lang arrives at the scene at the scene and assumes Ri Xuan was the kidnapper but when he sees Ran Ran’s loving looks towards Ri Xuan he knows the one she loves is him. Lin Lang then causes a disturbance and 9th  is killed while saving Ran Ran. Witnessing his death was too much for Ran Ran because the next second, she faints over. Meanwhile, Ri Xuan is also injured from the sneak attack. At least he's got Mu Chen looking after him. Mu Chen had arrived at the scene because he was following Ling Lang’s bells.

Don’t worry, Ri Xuan will be okay with Mu Chen around. But 9th-Shi-Xiong... :( Never felt the significance of his character until he died... Sorry 9th-Shi-Xiong!