4 February 2016

Manga: Koi dano Ai dano Chapter 37 (Vol 10)

I just had to post this. I started reading this manga in 2011 while the original series (Warau Kanoko-sama) started in 2008. I’ve waited for more than 5 years for this moment: Kanoko and Tsubaki are FINALLY going out. At least this is still better than Skip Beat! (I might as well be a grandmother by the time Ren and Kyoko realize their feelings are mutual).

I've only been keeping up with the mangas that I have started years ago. I just can't put them down until I get a complete ending... Why is that so hard!!

Crossing my fingers that things don’t get draggy after they get together. The ‘romantic’ genre is always a dilemma for me. I get giddy for every possible romantic interaction and then once they get together I’ve lost all interest. At least I’m thrilled for Kanoko’s first (and only) relationship. I have faith she’ll make everything interesting.

Googling some of the images, I realize the images are much racier than the actual manga. Heh. 

But then some scenes are actually meant to be smutty. They're short but they're sprinkled here and there. Now that they're together I don't think Tsubaki can feign ignorance anymore when he takes advantage of her naivety. 

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