21 May 2015

We are in Love Episode 5 Tidbit (Xu Lu and Kimi)

This week’s extra tidbit was funny so I’m doing a little recap on it. (:

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Also I'd like to make a little clarification for Episode 1. I realized I missed the beginning portion when I was recapping/translating it. In the beginning, all the cast members were interviewed for particular characteristics they'd like in their partner. It's really short but it explains the confusion on my part about this whole astrology issue. Here it is: 

[3:18 of the full segment of Episode 1] Kimi reveals his wish list for his partner to be:  "Long hair. Dimples. Just like Liu Yi Fei. As long as she isn’t Capricorn. If I want to cherish my life, then I need to keep a distance from Capricorns" (I think that applies to him only or his star sign…)

If you're confused about the context, I've edited my post for Episode 1 so you can look there for a better clarification. 

Sorry guys! >.< 
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& On to this week's tidbit:

Kimi: Do you know where we are right now? I’ll give you ten seconds.
Xu Lu stares intently at her map: We are…
Kimi focuses on the map and locates themselves successfully: Ohh, do you see it?
Xu Lu: Oops, I was looking at the back.
Xu Lu laughs at her embarrassment and apologizes.
Kimi is speechless.  

[Time: 0:32]
They continue looking at the map to find their next destination. After they’re done looking, Kimi decides to snap a picture of the map for ease of looking the next time. He decides to snap a picture of Xu Lu next but they get an uninvited guest. This poop looking thing. I honestly don’t know what it is…

They wonder whether it’s a male or female behind the mask. Xu Lu thinks s/he’s female. They confirm it by looking into the eye socket.

[Time: 1:28]

When the poo thing moves in to hug Xu Lu, Kimi is quick to intercede.

Kimi: Eh, you think you can hug her just because you’re a girl? Wait let me check if you’re a girl. – Looks into the eye socket again – You’re a boy! – He succeeds in separating them – I’m warning you. You think you can hug her just because you gave her a rose? I’ll kick you; I’ll kick you; I’ll really kick you. He doesn’t.

On the sidelines, Xu Lu goes: Beautiful!

Kimi returns to his girlfriend: It’s a boy!
Xu Lu ignores him: HUG! – And hugs the poop thing.

Our lonely Kimi is on the sidelines now. :D

But don't worry too much because Xu Lu comforts the poor soul: Here you go – Gifts him the rose.
Kimi: You hugged him/her (for the rose), and now you’re giving it to me?
Xu Lu: Yep.
Kimi: So doesn’t that mean you hugged him/her for nothing?
Xu Lu: No. I hugged him/her so I could give this rose to you. I think Kimi’s way of speech is rubbing off on her Lol.
Kimi: Then why don’t you hug me and I’ll gift this (rose) to you. LOL. But the master is still the master.
Xu Lu deflects him and orders him: Take the picture (of the map).
Kimi gives up: I finished (with the picture)! Let’s go.

[Time: 2:10]

They decide to play this game (that I don’t know of), where the loser has to do the punishment Xu Lu demonstrated at 2:21. Kimi’s ecstatic about it.

I assume the game is not to do the same gesture as your opponent at some point. Xu Lu loses the first round; there’s three rounds in total so she’s still got a chance.

[Time: 2:44]

However, Xu Lu has a mini explosion and complains that the game isn’t fun because their gestures are too small. Not a sore loser. Totally.

Kimi’s quick to soothe her and solves the problem by distancing him and her in the pool so they can make bigger movements.

[Time 3:04]

They start the game again and Xu Lu loses once again. However, Kimi suggests to not count this game for whatever reason.

Before they can start the next game, Xu Lu loses her balance (in knee deep water that is).

Cue "You are my Destiny" from You From Another Star. (I know they took the concept of WGM from Korea but they don`t have to use their songs too...) 
And are they doing some sort of swan dance at 3:28? Haha.

Our hero saves our damsel in distress. Romantic.

That is, before our hero sinks under the water and disappears completely.  LOL.

Xu Lu regains her balance but falls into a laughing fit.

Kimi grudgingly stares at her but bursts in laughter when he asks: Did you do it on purpose?

I love the last part xD 

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  1. hi, i recommend your blog in youtube. hoping it is o.k. for. you??
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    1. Hi there! Thank you for recommending my blog (I'm completely fine with that).

      P.S. As much as I think it may be a help to some of you guys to understand their segment, I feel like I'm also making the craving for eng subs worse...heh. >.<

    2. oh no please,,,don't worry :) i am waiting for your next recap. sorry for my poor english.
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    3. Don't say sorry about your English, I really appreciate you commenting. I've got mistakes in my post but I post them anyways. Heh. ^^

  2. Thanks for the recaps. Love being able to understand their conversations.