20 May 2015

The Four Episode 33 and 34

I give up. I give up. I GIVE UP! This will be my last “recap” of this drama or it will be the death of me. At this point I just want all the bad guys to prevail and take over that darn universe and blow it up to smithereens.

I really didn’t want another dropped series but I can’t keep up with this drama. It exceeds my logic.

Episode 33

Li Mo never wants to be separated from Leng Xue ever again. 
Yao Hua is on her way to become evil (Go girl! Destroy everyone!) 

Episode 34:

Here is probably the highest peak to Leng Xue and Li Mo’s romance; it's SO lame.
But I'm the lamer one for even spending time on this.

Li Mo: I used to watch the stars alone picking the shiniest one as the one that reflects my mother’s smile.
Leng Xue: You won’t be along anymore. I will be with you from now.
Li Mo: How long?
Leng Xue: Forever.

Leug Xue: Close your eyes.
Puts a hideous bracelet on her
Leng Xue: Do you like it?
Li Mo: I love it.

Li Mo: Close your eyes now.
Leng Xue: You have one too?
Li Mo: Close them!
Leng Xue: Okay.
Li Mo: You can’t peak.

Returns with another hideous bracelet.
Li Mo: Do you like it?
Leng Xue opens his eyes: You read my mind, didn’t you? Literally.
She hits his hand. She hits his head.
Li Mo: We read each other’s hearts! Figuratively.

Leng Xue smiles.
Li Mo smiles.

Leng Xue: Let’s be like this from now on; grow old together in a peaceful place like this. Okay?
Li Mo: Okay. 

Leng Xue stares intently at her
After a while of staring at him, Li Mo says: Me too.
Leng Xue teases: You too what?
Li Mo: I’m thinking the same as what you’re thinking!

Leng Xue: I didn’t say I love you though!
Li Mo points at him. He fell for his own trap.
Li Mo replies him properly this time: I love you too.
Leng Xue: I love you.
Li Mo: I really love you.
Leng Xue: I really love you too.
Li Mo: I really really love you.
Leng Xue: I really really really love you too.
Li Mo: I love you more.
Leng Xue: I love you even more.
Li Mo: I effin’ love you!
Leng Xue: LI MO, I LOVE YOU.
Li Mo faces him: LENG XUE, I LOVE YOU MORE.
Leng Xue goes up to her: I love you. I promise I will make you happy from now on.

Forehead kiss.
Star staring.
Bracelet staring.
Bracelet kissing.


Show, you have ruined my Leng Xue. 


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