7 May 2015

The Four Episode 25 - 28

This drama is so terrible, I ought to make it worse. This isn’t a recap; it’s nowhere near it. If anyone has been following me on this series (which I doubt), I’ve never done a proper job of recapping anyways. So please do click away from this post. I beg of you. Really.

This is my spinoff of Episodes 25 to 28 of which I title it: The Hariest of Them All.

Lu Lu: Master Leng Xue. I’ve always loved you. Don’t you understand?
Leng Xue: I’m sorry Lu Lu, but Li Mo is my one and only.
Lu Lu: Why can’t I be the one?
Leng Xue: Because she doesn’t have skin problems… and she has really beautiful hair. You see, our wolf gang isn’t exactly renowned for smooth, silky hair, let alone straight hair.  

Meanwhile, Chu Li Mo’s captured by a pervert.

Crown Prince: Dang, I want her hair.

Fortunately, Leng Xue receives a telepathic message notifying him of a threatening presence to Chu Li Mo’s hair. He ventures out to save her but is stopped by Yao Hua’s embrace.

Yao Hua: Leng Xue, please don’t leave me. I have nice hair too.
Leng Xue feels her hair but is left disappointed.
Leng Xue: I’m sorry Yao Hua, but Li Mo’s the only one for me. Her hair is beyond exotic. With just a look at her silky hair, I can feel it enwrapping my soul. 

Returning to Li Mo, she is now betrothed to the Crown Prince. Being in the vicinity of the Crown Prince has resulted in Li Mo’s retreating hairline.  We find out that the Crown Prince is a horrid creature that absorbs other people’s hair into his blood. They call this hair-blood. This blood beautifies the Crown Prince’s hair every full moon in which that night he no longer needs to braid his hair. On that particular night, he will bathe in rose petal water to enjoy his long silky hair. 

Devastated at her sparse hair, Li Mo is worried Leng Xue will no longer love her. Conveniently, she notices how beautiful Wu Qing’s hair is. Li Mo is suddenly overtaken by evil thoughts and schemes to steal his hair. She pretends to help Wu Qing recover his memory by hitting his head at vital spots but really those spots make him dimmer. Because only when he’s dimmer can she steal his hair. Logic works that way. And there needs no logic on how Li Mo can steal his hair, just know that she can. Li Mo smiles at the success of her plan as she sees Wu Qing smiling brightly even when hit on the head, a direct proof that he’s regressing to a dimwit.

Li Mo isn’t the only one that noticed Wu Qing’s beautiful hair, Crown Prince, who’s lying there ever so uncomfortably, envies his hair too. Really now, how can another man have more beautiful hair than him? Thus, he plots to destroy Wu Qing and burn his hair to crisp.    

Although the Crown Prince is born with hair fetish, there is someone with a greater thirst for beautiful hair: An Shi Geng. You see, he desperately needs hair to rejuvenate his.

An Shi Geng: Mirror, mirror in my hand, who is the hairiest most beautiful haired of them all?
Surprise, surprise. It’s neither the Crown prince, Li Mo, nor Wu Qing, but it’s Ru Yin. (I'll admit that I stole this screencap from Episode 1)

Ru Yin has the fairest hair of them all but one cannot have everything. Her hair has sucked the life out of her body: her life nourishes her hair but has resulted to her either being expressionless for half of her life and lifeless for the entirety of her after-life (i.e. dead).

Leng Xue, once again, receives telepathic messages alerting him of Li Mo’s sparse hair. He also discovers Li Mo’s position has now been usurped by Ru Yin but she is now lifeless.

In a dilemma now, Leng Xue wonders to himself: Drat, who do I choose now?

Tune in sometime in the next dimension for the second chapter.


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