7 May 2015

The Four Episode 29 - 32

How can a reunion after six episodes of dreadful separation be so bland? Show, you are a genius. 

Leng Xue: I want to see Li Mo once more before I die.

This screencap: I’m telling you, I’m dying.
Me: Yeah, okay.

This is a boy in love. He should have stayed amnesic; he was cuter.

If anything, I’m hoping I can look forward to these two – ‘hope’ being the operative word because this drama has left me cynical about everything especially romance, yet romance was the only thing it could bank on. I swear no one cares about the storyline – whether it existed is another question.

Not only was Leng Xue and Li Mo’s reunion bland… I was actually laughing here. I applaud you, show. There are two situations people laugh in: when it’s funny and when it’s dumb. Obviously, I laughed for the latter reason. With this romance going down the drain for me, I'm surprised I'm still watching this ... one heck of a beautiful drama. This might go down in history as the worst drama I've ever finished. 

Now, back to their reunion: 

Oh woe.


Bonk, says their foreheads.

Sucks to be you.

My god, is this the sexiest look ever to be plastered on Zhang Han’s face. Ever.

With this, I end this week’s quasi-recap. Now, the question is why I am still on board this disaster that’s unfolding so anticlimactically; my simplest answer is I’m dumb and ever so awed at how each succeeding episode can usurp its predecessor for the title of The Dullest Episode.  


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