5 May 2015

We are in Love [我们相爱吧] Episode 3

Wow, this took incredibly long to translate for some reason, maybe it's because I dreaded the second part of Kimi and Xu Lu's segment. At least the first part was filled with butterflies sprinkled with blushing pink. Quite literally.  

(If you're watching the full version start at 28:50 minute mark) Today, they’re playing house.

Xu Lu: What does your house look like?
Kimi: Honestly, it’s like my character.
Xu Lu ponders: What character?
Kimi: What do you think my character is? Manly? Roar.

Xu Lu’s interview: “I was both nervous and excited to see what his home looked like. I believe that a person’s home can reflect that person’s character.”

When they get in the house, we see that it was the complete opposite of manly.

Xu Lu: Wow, so pink! You really do like pink. Oh this is hurting my eyes. Am I the only one that did not see pink overload coming?
When Xu Lu comments that he’s girly (in a polite way) he goes, Yup.
Kimi shows off his pink collection: Pink towel. Pink toilet! You can’t buy pink toilets.
Xu Lu: Did you make it yourself?
Kimi: Painted it myself.

In her interview: “He’s got a rather girly character. It’s like he’s got a glass heart and with just a little impact, it will shatter. Basically, fragile.

After we get over the pinkness, Xu Lu starts flipping his photo albums. She’s ecstatic at the first picture she sees we see her see. 

Xu Lu: So cute! That’s actually a very good looking picture of him.
Kimi continues to point out when the pictures were taken quite earnestly until we get to a set of awesome portraits that needs no logical explanations. Kimi’s hand flies over to cover them but it’s too late.

Xu Lu: Wow! A very awesome picture!   
Kimi: Who didn’t have a “sha ma te” past? “Sha ma te” is probablyrelated to that fad of explosive hair.
Xu Lu continues to laugh at him.
Kimi: Let me explain first! Let me explain first. I should really start counting how many times he needs to proclaim that he needs to explain something.
Xu Lu: You really do have a single eyelid?
Kimi: I really do have single eyelid – Can we flip the page now?
Which doesn’t turn out better for him.
Kimi: Okay – we’ll look up to here today.

Xu Lu: Wow, your life is so exciting, Oppa ~! Why are you wearing a female undergarment (from those period dramas)?
Kimi: From this experience I’ve learned to never offend the photographer.

Then Xu Lu points to another set of pictures commenting how pretty they are but her mood’s completely twined down now.
Kimi points to the first girl at the top: Tang Tang; she’s also from Shanghai.
Xu Lu: Are you guys close? She asks this probably from the close way he addresses “Tang Tang”
Kimi: Yup. We were from the same company. She’s my senior.
And we see Xu Lu’s jealously meter slowly building up…
Kimi: And then (the one below) is from Love is Back
Xu Lu nods. Mmhmmm.

Kimi: And this is me with Qiao En during Cruel Romance filming. I’m not too familiar with Kimi Qiao’s personality beyond We are in Love but the way he addresses these actresses without their surname makes him sound really close with each of them.

…aaaand Xu Lu’s jealousy meter is almost hitting its peak.

Xu Lu: Amongst these four actresses, who are you closest with?

Kimi: Who am I closest with… Qiao En?

Boom. Bye bye meter.

In his interview he continues to clarify his relationship with Qiao En to be good at least in professional terms. He also mentions that he believes Xu Lu will understand.

Kimi: Furthermore, her personality… she’s an Aries. When I’m with her, it’s relaxing.
Xu Lu’s just nodding and nodding and nodding.
Xu Lu: Very good. Aries is good. Aries is especially great – Shakes her head – Especially compatible with Libra (= Kimi). Ve-ry Good!
Kimi smiles: You jealous?
Xu Lu: –  Flicks hair – No! I just think Aries’ personalities are especially wonderful. Yep, just throw his words back at him
Kimi: If we’re talking about jealousy, then I should be the one that’s jealous. I’ll tell you why later (Look forward to that). So now that you’re done looking at my pictures, when do I get to look at yours?
Xu Lu: Mmm… the next time you visit my place.

As Xu Lu walks out of the pink bedroom (into another pink room), she tells him she bought him a present: an ax. I love Kimi’s wary expression here. Luckily his dog, Duo Duo, comes to save him as Kimi claims the creature can answer, so as to divert Xu Lu’s attention. However, Duo Duo diverts her attention all too well.  

In her interview: When I saw the dog, I have zero resistance. Kimi’s completely out of my sight now.
Kimi: Oooh! This ax is for me to punish Duo Duo.
Xu Lu: Nope, try again. And wow is that dog big.
Kimi: If one of us cheats, we use this ax to punish the cheater.
Xu Lu: There’s another meaning.
Kimi’s sweating bullets now: Another meaning?

Captions around his head: ‘Worry’

Xu Lu: Remember how you have 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 dating experiences…
Kimi: Uh huh….
Xu Lu: This ax is used to cut those relationships off cleanly.
Kimi: Ooooh. So you’re saying you really mind.
Xu Lu: So, will you still go out (and eat) with your exes?
Kimi: No – uh. No.
Xu Lu’s eyes widen: You did!
Kimi: No! I won’t. I won’t. 
Xu Lu: But that reaction...!
Kimi: I was invited but I didn’t go.
Notice that this entire time, she’s been swinging that ax around.

After Kimi’s done sweating bullets, he brings out his present for her: a framed contract of the three things Xu Lu promised him back from Episode 1 (remember how Xu Lu is supposed to have him on her phone background, have his voice as her ring tone, and have him on her mind when she’s kissing). Xu Lu’s fine with the first two clauses but she complains about the last one because it pertains to to her work. At the mention of ‘work’, Kimi’s face darkens.  

Kimi: Now that we’re talking about work, I’m getting a little angry.

Cue ominous music. Kimi opens his laptop and the first image we see is her liplocking with Joe Cheng from Singles Villa. This guy screenshotted ever kiss scene she had in the drama. LOL

Kimi: I really don’t want to look at it.
Xu Lu: Right! Then don’t.
Kimi shushes her and the caption reads, “The best is saved for last.”
Xu Lu: Forget this picture. Why is this picture even here? Oppa~ Forget it.
Kimi now puts the ax to good (?) use. He pushes her down onto the couch and rests the ax on her neck.
Kimi: I want you to honestly reply my questions.
Xu Lu: Okay... Just let me sit up first.
Kimi: Have you and Joe Cheng met up privately/personally for karaoke?
Xu Lu: No.
Kimi: Look me in the eyes and answer again.
Xu Lu: Nope.
Kimi: Really?
Xu Lu. Really.
Kimi: Then have you guys met up for dinner?
Xu Lu: No. But why do I feel like she’s lying.
Kimi: You guys didn’t even have dinner with each other? That’s really weird!
Xu Lu answers earnestly: No. Really. No.

Kimi: So when you have a passionate, romantic scene, can I go to the filming site to root for you and teach the guy how to act out the kiss scene.
Xu Lu: So you’re saying you’re particularly experienced with acting out kiss scenes? Gotcha, Kimi.
Kimi: No I don’t have experiences. Sure.
Xu Lu: You obviously do.
Kimi: It’s because I’ve come to understand you more and I know which angle makes you look best. But they don’t know. If I were to kiss you, I would – and he moves smoothly into position, one hand at the nape of her beck and the other behind the couch – place you at this angle. Xu Lu’s like a deer caught in the headlight. This guy was so smooth, so fast.

And he pulls back. Eh! Girl doesn’t even know what just happened as she stares blankly at him.

Kimi’s totally got the game under control and continues: Because that way, your best side will be caught on camera.
Xu Lu’s brain: #@$#^#$^%$&^

Kimi completely silenced our talkative bunny.

Kimi still has that stoic face on: Right, so you need to tell him (about your best angle). Don’t be shy, since it’s work.
Xu Lu: Mm. It’s just work. LOL. That’s not what she’s thinking!

Kimi interrupts her by poking her cheeks: You’re blushing. Xu Lu’s so cute here.

Kimi feels her forehead: You’re hot too! He sure is proud of winning this push and pull game.

While he’s totally giddy, Xu Lu’s been completely silent and desperately trying to cool down.

Kimi: What are you thinking! Kimi, you’re such a weasel but I love you for this.
Xu Lu: I wasn’t thinking anything, okay! My face is not red. I actually can’t tell if her face is red with that constant blush animation.
Kimi: You must have been thinking, “Why didn’t you actually kiss me? My eyes were clearly closed but he still didn’t kiss me. He’s really just setting an example.”

Xu Lu doesn’t even bother retorting as she just takes the ax to his neck and says: What are you thinking?
Kimi: I’m kidding. As long as it’s for work, I won’t mind. If we ever have a chance to act out a kissing scene, will you laugh (i.e. will you lose your professionalism)?
Xu Lu: No. If it’s for work, no.
Kimi: Then why don’t you try it out now?

And he lies down all ready for her to attack him while he’s playing out a scene from reverse Sleeping Beauty. Xu Lu retreats far, far away. Seconds later she tells him to prepare for it.

Xu Lu: Duo Duo! Hurry! Your owner fainted.
Faithful Duo Duo comes to the rescue only to be taken away by his disappointed owner.

[Time check – 8:07 minutes into their segment]

Kimi brings them back to their original topic: If we were to work together (on a kissing scene), with your professionalism that I can see from your eyes, I believe you can separate work from real life.  
Xu Lu: Of course. So, you don’t have to worry.
Kimi: But I don’t know how. Can you teach me? LMAO

That smile of his. She’s firmly baited with nowhere to escape.  

Kimi: How do you separate work from life? – And he starts turning his body towards her. So cunning! – Really, how do you do it so well?

As he bounces into his position, captions around Xu Lu: Regret. Retreat.

Xu Lu hesitantly asks: What do you want to do?
Kimi: I just want to see how close I can get to you before you start avoiding me.
Holding on to her hand, Kimi asks: Can you accept this distance?
Xu Lu (grateful that he’s still rather far): Yes!

And he continues to move in at this point. Thump. Thump. He tells her not to avoid him as he narrows the space between them.

Xu Lu quivers: Are we done yet? Nope.
Kimi: Is this distance okay?
Xu Lu: Mm.
Kimi: Is it okay?
Xu Lu: Mmm.

At this point, none of them are staring at each other’s eyes. However it seems that the third time Kimi asks the same question for the exact same distance, he’s actually brewing his own confidence to be able to look her in the eye.

Kimi smiles and with his eyes directly on her, he firmly asks one more time: Is it okay!
Xu Lu: Mm. Mm.
Kimi: Really?

Poor Xu Lu can’t look him in the eyes at all and now she even has them squeezed shut.
Since their bodies can’t be much closer (that’s safe for television), it doesn’t stop him from moving his face closer to hers. And is his leg on top of her leg?

Kimi: Is this distance okay?
Xu Lu: Nnnnn – Turns her face away but she’s still smiling.

Unfortunately for Kimi, we get a beautifully timed interruption: Woof Woof! Dog, I love you LOL. As much as I’ll be smiling from ear to ear if they actually kiss, I don’t think my heart can handle this right now, so thank you Duo Duo! 

Xu Lu’s voice is back: Beautiful!
Kimi: Duo Duo thinks he’s – Woof Woof – Duo Director! Duo Director! I’m already acting it out like you said! So basically, the dog’s calling Cut! on the two.

In his interview, he advises all men to think twice before bringing their pet with them on a date.

And since food is a must wherever Xu Lu is present, it’s time to cook for lunch.

Kimi gives her the red apron and as he ties it for her, he notices something that makes him shy: You’re butt really doesn’t stick out.
Xu Lu blushes: Ai-yah! Where are your eyes looking!
Kimi: I’m looking for my mom’s sake! What a nice excuse for guys being perverts Looking to the direction of the camera now – Mom, I will find a way (to make her butt rounder).

Xu Lu’s relieved that he’s done tying her apron because his eyes are no longer there.

When she goes to tie his, Kimi tells her: You don’t need to tie it that fast. Take your time. Please do not hurry.
Xu Lu answers in the next second: Okay, all done~

While Xu Lu was tying the apron for him, Kimi was searching for a song: Jay Chou’s Adorable Girl. It’s the song he performed from when they first met. Oh the feels are back!

Xu Lu tells him that she’s been listening to that song recently as she naturally heads to his fridge to hunt for food.
Xu Lu: What do you want to eat?
Kimi: I’ll eat whatever you make.
Xu Lu: I can make whatever you want.
Kimi: You really know how?
Xu Lu’s all proud and tells him: Let’s have meat.

She proceeds to prepare the food and asks for a bowl to wash the meat in. Kimi brings her a large plastic one which makes Xu Lu bursts into laughter because her family uses that type of bowl to wash their feet in. Mine too. He claims his hasn’t been touched by any feet.

[Time check 11:48 minutes into their segment]

Kimi offers to make the rice while Xu Lu cooks the side dishes. Xu Lu’s suspicious of his cooking abilities (it’s only rice…) but he’s confident about it. 

Soon, they get interrupted by an unannounced visitor, at least to Xu Lu. Rather nervous, Xu Lu goes to open the door to find Gui Gui on the other side. They exchange short greetings. On the other hand, Gui Gui greets Kimi with a embrace and calls him “Xiao Mi Mi” (I lack the knowledge of where and how this nickname came to be but it sounds like “Little Secret” when translated to English). Meanwhile, Xu Lu reverts to her nervous self.

After that hug, Gui Gui heads to the washroom without even being led the way, which means she’s rather familiar with the place.

Kimi tells Xu Lu who Gui Gui is: My friend. Taiwanese. Actress.
Xu Lu: So she’ll be with us today…?
Kimi: You don’t like her?
Xu Lu: No, no, no! I’m just asking.
Kimi: You don’t mind, right?
Xu Lu insists she doesn’t mind with excessive hand motions.
Kimi: If you mind, then I’ll just tell her to leave after she comes out of the washroom.
Xu Lu: No, no no. I really welcome her. I really welcome her. I really, really welcome her.

Gui Gui asks for introductions and Kimi naturally places his hand on Xu Lu’s shoulders.
Kimi: Xu Lu. She’s the one I told you about that after seeing her I became nervous, that Huang Huang. (Some clarifications first: I’m pretty sure he wanted to say that but Gui Gui sort of interrupts so he doesn’t finish the sentence properly)

Gui Gui shies away with giddiness and comments at how naturally close the two already are. But at her comment, our couple awkwardly parts. That is, until Kimi realizes that there’s nothing to be shy about and moves rightfully beside her again. This time Kimi makes the introduction clean and clear: This is my girlfriend.

In his interview: “In my field, Gui Gui is among the few friends I truly get along with. A sick buddy (Don’t ask me to explain this). If I have a girlfriend, I will definitely introduce Gui Gui to her.”

Gui Gui also gets an interview: “He’s not that direct of a person to bring up his girlfriend first. However, this time he surprised me because he did.”

Kimi brings Gui Gui to the refrigerator in an attempt to get her to help Xu Lu. Gui Gui makes an offhanded comment: You don’t really eat meat, do you?

Uh oh. Xu Lu freezes as she hears Gui Gui’s comment because that’s exactly what she’s making: meat.

In Xu Lu’s interview: “I thought I was doomed. I always thought he liked meat.”

It’s not enough that Gui Gui offhandedly mentioned Kimi’s less than love for meat but she tells Xu Lu that directly as well. Kimi tries to explain he’s fine with meat but Xu Lu’s ready to completely give up on it.

Xu Lu: Forget it. Forget it. Forget it!
Kimi nervously laughs and holds her from behind: I’ll eat it. I’ll eat it. I’ll eat it.

Seeing the disaster unfold, Gui Gui gives up on the vegetables and retreats to the living room. Meanwhile Xu Lu insists on forgetting the meat while Kimi’s guarding behind her being anxious because she’s anxious.

Xu Lu: Ah, where the meat go! It disappeared! Okay, let’s make rice. – While her hands hang awkwardly in the air  –

In her interview: “I felt that I understood him too little. I did feel a little frustrated.”

Kimi insists that meat is fine but Xu Lu suggests another dish: tomato with fried eggs. He seems to like that idea. He rolls up her sleeves while asking whether she can really cook it and if she’s okay with it.

When Kimi snaps a picture of Xu Lu from the back, Gui Gui calls for company in the living room. Although he answers her, he continues to take pictures with Xu Lu (He comments: I can’t believe that there’s finally someone to cook for me). Until Gui Gui strides right in asking chirpily whether she can join. Kimi’s big smile seems frozen in place.

Gui Gui offers to help with the food but Xu Lu shoos both of them out of the kitchen. As Gui Gui leaves with Kimi, she calls back to Xu Lu: But won’t you be jealous if I’m out here alone with him?
Xu Lu: No~! You guys are the best of friends. I wouldn’t be jealous, right? Right.

As she’s whipping the eggs, her pot of animated vinegar boils (Vinegar, being sour, is the taste of jealousy, according to Chinese)
Xu Lu comments to herself again: Not one bit jealous. Whack. Whack. Whack.

In her interview: “I was trying to convince myself that the two are best friends but even so I still felt a little uncomfortable.”

Outside in the living room, Kimi confronts Gui Gui of not actually needing his company and suggests her to help Xu Lu in the kitchen. Gui Gui obediently listens.

Gui Gui: Your house is all pink. I also like pink.  
Xu Lu: Kimi also likes pink. I get the feeling Xu Lu isn’t that fond of pink and hearing how both Gui Gui and Kimi like pink definitely irks her. So how long have you two known each other?
Gui Gui: Three or four years? Last year we filmed a movie together where we were acting as a couple.
Xu Lu: So you guys must’ve….Kissed?
Gui Gui: So will you be jealous?
Xu Lu: No. You guys are just friends.
Gui Gui looks into her eyes: You must tell me the truth.
Xu Lu insists that she believes they are friends.
Gui Gui continues to push her buttons: Then can I hug him?
Xu Lu’s voice disappears as she says: Ye-s

In Gui Gui’s interview: I wanted to know if she would be jealous so I used some underhanded tactics to test out her reactions.

Gui Gui bursts out laughing at Xu Lu’s obvious contempt at the idea of her hugging Kimi. While Xu Lu passively insists quietly and emotionlessly that she’s fine with it.

[Time check – 17:32 minutes in]

Gui Gui continues to probe for Xu Lu’s reactions: So what if you and him had an argument today, and he came to me for comfort? Would you be mad? I know Xiao Mi Mi is very considerate because he’s – Dak Dak Dak.
Gui Gui: Can you handle the knife lightly, please? I’m a little scared.
If Xu Lu was purposely making that threatening noise, I’d give her two thumbs up, haha. Or maybe she could actually just be upset.

In Gui Gui’s interview: “I was hoping she’d have a larger reaction but it really wasn’t big enough.”

Gui Gui: I want to prove that you two are really a loving couple, so my challenge to you two is to hold hands while cooking the entire time.

Our couple obediently listens. Because they secretly want it. Xu Lu’s not obviously happy but Kimi is. He’s peaking at her. He’s twirling himself. He’s twirled her into his arm. Hovering over her, he comments on what a great cook she is. I love that pose.

Even Gui Gui comments on how beautiful the scenery is from behind.

They’re still holding hands while Xu Lu’s doing all the work. He’s worried about the oil splattering on her arm, so he rolls down her sleeve for her. How wonderful it is for the man to be taller and have arms that are longer. Now he’s taking a seflie with Xu Lu’s back. However, good times don’t seem to last long for them today as the mood completely darkens when Gui Gui wants dibs on the holding hand game too.  

In his interview: “Gui Gui played too big; it sort of went out of control.”

In Gui Gui’s interview, again she comments on wanting a reaction from Xu Lu. But not only does she want to know how much Xu Lu cares for Kimi but also Kimi’s reaction to protect the girl he likes.

Gui Gui begs for five minutes of the game while Kimi’s sending silent but dire signals to Gui Gui to stop playing around. He’s frantically worried while Xu Lu’s deadly silent. Gui Gui even asks Xu Lu for permission to play for two minutes. But what can Xu Lu do except answer with a curt “Sure.”

Kimi reluctantly gives in to Gui Gui’s persistent pleads.

Gui Gui asks Xu Lu: Give us something to do!
With all the spirit sucked out of her voice, Xu Lu tells her to go pick up something (random).
Gui Gui remains persistent: Pick up what!
Xu Lu: ….
Cue sad music.
Xu Lu: Uhhh. Uhh. How about you guys play outside?

It’s only until they’re outside can she let her smile fade.
Kimi, why are you silent this entire time!

Xu Lu’s interview: “I felt like a lightbulb (the third-wheel), like air when I’m next to them. Very uncomfortable. “

Kimi and Gui Gui are back in the kitchen and Gui Gui mentions that she likes being hugged in a certain way and demonstrates it on herself. Kimi, being quick with his brain, demonstrates the hug but does it on Xu Lu. Gui Gui claims that wasn’t the hug she meant but she gets ignored as Kimi’s attention is all on Xu Lu.

In Kimi’s interview: “I find that sort of hug very warm and romantic; even I felt very comfortable. Unfortunately, an extra pair of hands came in between.”

Gui Gui: It feels like we’re triplets. Soo nice. Ooh dear.

Kimi tries to silently maneuver out of the female sandwich but struggles with Gui Gui’s arm that he decides to bite it. Gui Gui responds with a bite on his shoulder. He screams in silent agony followed by a flabbergasted expression. He tries to send her out of the kitchen and even begs for her to stop playing. And of course everything is done in complete silence.

Gui Gui doesn’t give up and asks: Did it hurt when I bit you?
Kimi gets frustrated and knocks down something that startles everyone.

POOR XU LU. It’d be so much better if Kimi and Gui Gui TALKED so she can hear what they were doing behind her instead of having to having to guess. That’s the worse feeling ever.

In his interview: “Gui Gui’s tricks are unpredictable. Sometimes the tricks she throws I have no idea how to catch them.” 

They are finally out of the kitchen but lunch ain’t much better. Although Xu Lu’s the one that suggested Kimi to sit next to Gui Gui but Gui Gui dials up the notch to my frustration.

Gui Gui: Now that that you’re beside me, you won’t have to stare into my eyes. Isn’t that great? But, you really should sit closer to me.
Kimi makes a small comment: What’s wrong with you today?
Gui Gui doesn’t listen and just moves his chair closer.
Kimi tries to inch away only to get pulled back.

Gui Gui: Lu Lu (Xu Lu), you’re okay with this, right?
Xu Lu: No. No. No problem.
Gui Gui: I’m only here for a day, so it’s fine.

When Gui Gui asks for someone to get soup for her, Xu Lu offers, but Gui Gui wants to be served by Kimi.
Gui Gui recalls something: Remember last time we ate, you always helped me get my food? You’re doing it for me today too, right?

And Gui Gui continues: And you gifted me some bath and body products.
Kimi: Those are my products, right? (I think he meant that he advertised these products) He adds this comment probably to assure Xu Lu that they weren’t special presents.
Gui Gui: Yup. So now when I shower, I have your scent. Haha.

In Xu Lu’s interview: “There is no such thing as platonic friendship between a male and female. Normally I would disagree with this statement but today, I can’t deny the truth in it. I just felt that they weren’t normal friends, so I really felt uncomfortable.”

Gui Gui: I hear you really love tomato with fried eggs – picks up the fork and feeds Kimi – I’m feeding you because I’m closer to you.

Kimi’s about to eat it but decides to spontaneously cough.

He finally eats it because Gui Gui comments that this was made by Xu Lu and Xu Lu herself urges him to eat it. He tries to fix the situation by looking directly at Xu Lu to compliment her cooking.

Gui Gui: I only like the eggs in the tomato fried eggs.
Xu Lu looks down at her bowl: Both of your tastes are very similar.
Gui Gui: So then you (Kimi) can eat the tomato and I eat the egg. And I don’t eat carrots, so you can eat that too while I eat the potatoes.

I guess Kimi tries to change the mood by taking some pictures before the food is all gone.

Gui Gui: Okay. Let us take the first picture together.
Xu Lu: I’ll help you two take it.

However when it’s time for Kimi’s and Xu Lu’s picture Gui Gui not only doesn’t offer to take it for them but even intrudes in it. As much as I hate to admit it, looking at this particular screenshot, she's an adorable prankster here with Kimi staring daggers at her.

Kimi: Have you ever been hit in the head with a phone?
Gui Gui dares him: No but I really want to try that out.

Xu Lu gives in and decides to take the picture with all of them in it.

We zoom forward into their conversation a little more and we see that Kimi moved to sit right next to Xu Lu after taking the pictures. Smooth. However, they later find out that Gui Gui is joining them for karaoke now because she cancelled her later appointments. Gui Gui cheerfully declares that she’ll be with them the entire day. Xu Lu doesn’t hide her disappointment now one bit. We're still doing this next week...


Everything was so horrendously pink, dear god. I don't hate pink but I think I'd hate it after two minutes of being trapped in that room. 

And the core of today's episode: Gui Gui. I'd like to hear how her fans think of this. I've heard of her playful nature but I've only seen her in The Four, which adds nothing to what I know about her (not her fault; 100% the show's fault). I'm trying my best to be objective on her because I'm pretty certain the producers put her up to it but she was annoying. I'll admit that there are those "fun" annoying characters but this was more of a dreadful annoying. It was one thing returning that bite to Kimi but another thing to purposely let Xu Lu know by asking (on purpose) in such a spiteful way. Gui Gui was certainly not lovable here but I felt that Kimi had a fair share of fault here. It would have been better for Xu Lu if he had voiced his refusals to Gui Gui instead of silently threatening to kill Gui Gui behind Xu Lu's back. When Xu Lu said she felt like air next to them, I really pitied her. It's a rotten feeling of being ignored in front of your boyfriend. And that feeling comes more from Kimi's neglect than from Gui Gui's jokes. I know Kimi tried, but simply hugging her won't cut it.

If only their segmented ended before Gui Gui came, this episode would have been so much more gratifying. When Kimi played Jay Chou's Adorable Girl I had to search up Episode 1 to watch that scene again. Still so mesmerizing. Honestly, these two play so well on their own (especially at the 8:07 minute mark), why invite guests? I think guests would benefit the other couples...

Speaking of the other couples I really wanted to comment on Liu Wen. She said something that really hit the heart of the problem with Siwon: "...Because you always say 'Oppa can do anything', it feels like none of it is actually important to you. / Sometimes I want to know your opinion so I can guess what you like." While Liu Wen is putting herself out there, Siwon is still hiding behind his celebrity mask of being an Oppa that's simply here to generate audience numbers and respect her wishes. Siwon listens earnestly to Liu Wen's heartfelt confession but I'm not sure he actually comprehends her meaning though.

I don't have much to add to Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong except that Ruby Lin will be a very scary wife.



  1. I was cringing at Guigui throughout the episode even though I actually liked her. I hope c-netizens shipping Kimi and Xu Lu aren't too harsh on her.

    I think Xiao Mi Mi came from (Ki)mi and was just an act cute way to further infuriate Xu Lu. Poor girl.

  2. Ohhh the Mi Mi probably did come from Ki(mi). I completely missed that! Thanks. (:

    I did find her addition in the episode annoying and dreadful but that’s also because I was translating their segment line by line… Her addition didn't exactly make the episode fun. I can’t voice all of the c-netizens opinions but all I can say is that her fans stuck by even with the negative comments because Gui Gui is forever Gui Gui. As for me, since this happened awhile back I kind of forgot I didn't like her too much for twenty minutes. My feelings towards her have completely neutralized, lol.