28 April 2015

We Are In Love [我们相爱吧] Episode 2

Everything seems to revolve around food this week. Seeing as how they put Kimi and Xu Lu’s segment at the end, we can tell which couple is gaining public interest. However, Ruby Lin’s segment is starting to interest me a little more while I’m still trying to get on board with Liu Wen’s. 

Ren Zhong and Ruby Lin

Ren Zhong seems like a sweet, genuine but slightly clumsy guy while Ruby’s practical, head strong and slightly forceful; she uses force for everything: from solving the knots in the kite string to the price tag on the apron. He’s romantic while she’s realistic. What a perfect match.

She actually gets angry at him in this episode. Poor guy. She does complain more than I like but I can’t hate her too much because she’s not faking about it at all and that means when she’s happy, she’s genuinely happy. Luckily, he’s patient and seems smitten with her. The world will end when he explodes.

Siwon and Liu Wen

Liu Wen is so girly. I’m not too familiar with her or Ruby Lin but based on first impressions, their personalities really should be switched with one another. I think it’s a pity they found a foreign person (regardless of him being Siwon) to participate in the program. My favourite thing in watching a couple (in dramas/varieties) is how well they converse. Despite that, I'll admit that Siwon’s pretty darn good with his Mando. 

Huang Huang (Fang Fang) and Zhang Zhang

Driving in happily is Kimi. Xu Lu’s gets in the car with a gift for him. He has something for her too.
Kimi: I bought your favourite drink.
Xu Lu: What is it? Latté? He already knows what she likes?
Kimi nods.

Xu Lu: Thank you, Oppa.
Kimi smiles: Thank you, what?
Xu Lu: Thank you, Zhang Zhang~
Kimi sure seems smitten.

They take off now but the destination is unknown to Xu Lu. During the car ride, Kimi comments that Xu Lu’s too skinny. Already thinking of fattening her up? Xu Lu changes the topic and asks him when he’s leaving for his drama/movie. We find out he’s going to be busy for a good month. On top of his busy schedule, he’s also sick.

Xu Lu: You okay? I brought you medicine. Did you eat breakfast yet?
Kimi nods happily. And nods. And nods. I’m not sure he heard much of what she said after finding out she brought medicine for him.
Xu Lu: You ate? So I brought bread for nothing?
Because he’s too happy, Xu Lu’s last comment catches Kimi off guard: Uh, no worries. I-I-I’ll eat it later.  
Kimi continues: You’re very considerate.

And Xu Lu ignores that comment while she reads out the medicine’s label. Kimi also does his fair share of ignoring her monotone reading because he’s too happy. His next logical movement is to feel her forehead.

Xu Lu halts: What is it? What is it~!  Xu Lu tries to gloss over the issue by fixating on the unimportant medicine label.

Kimi: Nothing. I just think you’re really different today.
Xu Lu still gluing her eyes to the medicine: Why?
Kimi: Nothing. I’m just happy - Looks out the window -
In Kimi’s interview: “I was touched. I didn’t expect her to be this understanding and considerate.” (Sorta paraphrased here but same meaning.)

Kimi: I couldn’t sleep at all last night.
Xu Lu: Me neither.
Kimi: What were you doing? (The captions flying out of his head: Thinking of me?)
Xu Lu: …Reading my script. ^^

LOL. Kimi’s not so happy anymore.

Then Kimi strikes three fast questions at her: Is there romance in there? Is it passionate romance? Who are you acting with?
Xu Lu answers ‘yes’ to everything and tells him who the lucky male actor is: Wilber Pan.

Kimi exclaims at the guy’s name and asks about the degree of the romance (to which we don’t hear the answer to).
Kimi: Gaah! My brain’s filled with those images now. If this sentence comes off dirty, it shouldn’t. It’s pure petty jealously.
Xu Lu attempts to calm him down by sharing her water bottle with him.
Kimi: I’m going to kill you - Takes a sip of the water

Kimi: Have you played this game, 18 Questions? (It’s a game where you ask a maximum of 18 questions with only ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers).
Kimi then tells her to think of a person (anyone) right now and he’ll use 18 questions to find out who he is.
Kimi: Is this person on TV?
Xu Lu: Yes.
Kimi: Chinese?
Xu Lu: Yes.
Kimi: Male?
Kimi: Is his name three characters?
Xu Lu: Mm.

Kimi snickers: Can’t you have made it a little harder? This is only the fourth question (Dude, out of all the Chinese male celebrities, you’re certainly not the only one with a three character name. Still cute, though.)
Xu Lu: You’ve already guessed it?
Kimi: Is he your boyfriend?
Xu Lu blanks out: …No. Poor girl’s not used to Kimi being her boyfriend while he’s all settled in.

Kimi’s having a mental breakdown. He wants a refund for the last question he used, lol.
Kimi continues asking: Is he from China?
Xu Lu: Nope.
Kimi: AIYO! Beautiful! LOL. You guys should know that "Beautiful!" is sarcasm by now. 
Kimi: Is he from Taiwan?             
Xu Lu: Yep.
Kimi narrows it down: Is it either Joe Cheng or Wilber Pan? Both of which were/are her co-stars.

Xu Lu: Yup.
Kimi’s defeated, lol: Okay, I don’t want to ask anymore.
Xu Lu pesters him to find out who it is but he doesn’t want to confirm either because he likes neither.

In his interview: “Learning that she’s having romantic scenes with other male actors, I must show that I'm  jealous to let her know I care about her.”

The mystery destination is revealed: horse ranch. He’s curious at how Xu Lu will look in the clothes he prepared for her and when she comes out, he’s smiling from ear to ear.

In his interview: “She didn’t disappoint. Her look today, I love it.”

The horse rancher takes them to look for a horse called ‘Black Rich Beauty.’
Xu Lu then wittingly asks if there’s a ‘Tall, Rich, Handsome.’ (A popular expression for what girls these days look for in men)
Kimi whispers: That would be me. (The horse rancher also says yes, but he meant horse-wise – a horse called Tall, Rich, Handsome. Hm.)
Xu Lu ignores him: I want to ride a ‘Tall, Rich, Handsome.’

Kimi turns his back to her and tells her to get on. LOL.

As Xu Lu guides the horse, Kimi’s guiding Xu Lu. Is she a horse too?

They sing an old song with lyrics that go like: “I hold on to you; (and then Xu Lu joins in here) you hold on to – the horse.” (They replaced the original lyric with 'horse'.)

Kimi takes initiative to ride first in hopes of calming down Xu Lu’s fears. Before commencing though, he takes her hand and put it on the horse’s nozzle, like they’re taking an oath. Kimi says: Today, we will be friends; we won’t hurt you, and you can’t hurt us either. Okay? The horse doesn’t even go Meeeh~

He gets on the horse and he impresses. In her interview: “This is the first time someone rode a horse in front me (outside of acting) and my thoughts were all like ‘Wow’, ‘So handsome’. She says the last bit with a smile.

It’s her turn now and he’s there to help her. Screw off rancher, lol.
When the rancher does help, Kimi steps in to tell the poor guy to loosen his hands on his girlfriend.
However, the rancher does prove to be useful when he lets Kimi ride with her on the horse. Poor Xu Lu can’t get the horse moving a single inch. LOL. Her attempts are futile but cute.

In her interview she tells us she regretted it soon after he got on the horse with her: “We’re too close. Very close. And so I felt awkward. Very awkward.” Yeah, they're very close especially her to his sensitive area. Just sayin'.

Things are a bit different in his interview: “I must thank that rancher. LOL. “

Kimi says to her ears: Not scared anymore?
Xu Lu shakes her head.

In her interview, the producers asked whether she thought he had a hidden agenda in riding the horse with her. She’s like: Nope.

In his interview, they ask him directly for his hidden agenda. Initially he’s like what’s wrong with you people! - Looks around - And then he admits: “There was a little.” LOL. He continues to say: “So what if I had other thoughts! She’s my girlfriend. I’m willing to help her; this is what we call killing two birds with one stone.” So haughty.

After they finish riding the horse, it’s time for shower – for the horse. However, where there’s water, how can there not be a water fight?

Kimi: How romantic would it be if it rained while we’re washing the horse?
Cut to CG effects where the rain cloud is only above him. Very romantic indeed.

The water fight is over and he’s first to check on her hair, which is pretty soaked. While his hair is a bombshell. I like how he pulled her in for a picture and how comfortable she was there.

Dinner time.
Xu Lu: What are we eating today!
Kimi: Today, let us eat ‘Whatever’.

In his interview: He explains what he meant by ‘Whatever’: When females always answer “’Whatever’ is fine for dinner’ then just dine at the first restaurant they see. He gives this as an advice to all men out there. Oh dear, that would be a tactic against me, LOL.

In her interview: “I never thought about that. I thought he would ask what I would like to eat. That’s enough.” Guy, you should have waited for her to say “whatever” first before using that tactic.

In the car now, Xu Lu’s such a kid singing to that song. Kimi looks amused but I don`t know whether he should be turned on or off by this, haha.

Kimi: Do you know what the best compliment I heard from you today was? “Because I was here, you weren't afraid.” It made me feel mighty/male/great.
Xu Lu: You prepared a lot for me today, but I haven’t done anything for you, so – (She wanted to apologize)
Kimi: You’ve never dated, so I don’t blame you.

Xu Lu cutely corners him: So because you’ve been dating a lot that you’re like this? What plentiful experiences you have. LOL.
Kimi: No. It’s not because I’ve been dating a lot. The quality of how I treat you cannot be defined by the quantity of my dating experiences.
Xu Lu: It so does correlate.
Kimi shrugs: As long as you find the right person, just one will be enough.
Xu Lu: So you’re telling me you've already found that right person.
Kimi: OR! You’re just continuously meeting the wrong person in search for the right person. You’re digging yourself in a hole, Kimi.

Caption above Xu Lu’s head is saying she’s the ‘Right person.’

Then they spot their first restaurant: a food stand. While Xu Lu’s excited, Kimi doesn’t look too happy but he does say that as long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. She’s happily choosing her meats (notice she’s the only one picking) and he’s just nodding to everything she says. 

It was cute when the food first came, she was all ready to dig (chopsticks, check!) but steals a peak at him and his unmoving position, she slowly retreats to ask if it’s okay to eat.

A phone call comes in for Kimi: I told you I’m not snaking out, I’m eating with my girlfriend (there is emphasis here)! Why are you so annoying? Do you think you’re that great because you’re X X X (a director? An actor?)?
She thinks he’s faking the entire thing so she just silently smiles the entire time. After he hangs up he claims the call to be true and she just nods in simple compliance.

He feeds her but I don’t understand why he has to put the food in at that angle.
Kimi: Why are you making your mouth so big! (You’re the one that put the food in like that!) Your mouth can adapt to your food.  
Xu Lu’s just happy she got to eat it. She clearly doesn’t care. Kimi, you were right about her and food.  

He turns around to cough. Uh oh, he’s still sick. However, he puts up a strong front on. He says he’s okay eating it. However, he finally admits that it’s his stomach that possibly can’t handle it.
Xu Lu whines in guilt: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Kimi: Because this is the first restaurant! You really should have asked her first.
Xu Lu: But you can’t handle it! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Kimi: If I really didn’t like it, I would have suggested elsewhere.
Xu Lu: What if you really get an upset stomach then?
Kimi: I’m fine now.
Xu Lu: But what about later!

He smiles. This guy. Kimi asks: Will you be guilty?
Xu Lu nods. She’s got no mood for earing anymore but he still takes a bite of the meat.

In her interview: “I felt so guilty. He always lets me have my way first…”
In his interview: “If I get an upset stomach, so what? I get to share a meal with the person I love. That reward beats an upset stomach any day.”

Kimi coughs and Xu Lu automatically soothes his back.
Kimi: So comfortable! 

In his interview, he thanks his sickness because he got to feel her kindness. 
In her interview, she complements him saying that he’s considerate. Her score for today’s date is 99. The one point deduction was her way of anticipating for the next date.


Gui Gui visits.
And they kiss?!


I would't be surprised if that kiss is a big fat bogus. However, in general, I’m not liking the preview for next week. It does not look fun. Purposely inducing jealously ain't fun…

It peeved me slightly when Kimi said that he had to “show” that he’s jealous to emphasize that he cares. Is that admitting that you're faking the jealously? But really, this is their first (or second) date in a fake dating program, so there’s a limit to how much the couple actually cares about each other anyway; I really don't expect them to love each other at this moment. The show should have just edited out that comment. If the jealously act comes off believable, sure I can possibly accept it but it will always remain my least favourite part even in WGM (Korean). Kimi wasn't that great for me this week because of all the over-the-top comments, including the one about getting the upset stomach just to eat with the girl he loves. Although, that advice against girls that go "whatever" all the time... might just be a swell idea. 

I do love it when our Xu Lu comes up with witty comebacks at him, tearing down his overconfidence. Since he's pretty good at speaking he always finds ways to save himself but he simultaneously opens more pitfalls. Heh. I still love these two.

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  1. Thank You for recapping the episode and translating the lines. I watched first ep raw and understood like 20 – 30% of what was happening but they were the only couple that caught my attention after watching it..:)

    1. I understand the pain of barely understanding the language and really wanting to watch it so I'm glad to be of help (:

  2. I was about to reply to you in the previous post but seeing as to how episode 2 is already out I'll do it here lol.

    I can't believe I found your blog either, but I'm so happy I did! The way you write the summaries makes me think I'm reading a novel. :)

    And yes! Kimi and Xu Lu are getting lots of love from viewers it seems. I wasn't too happy with Kimi being possessive and telling Xu Lu to think of him and only him. That's a big no in my book, but I still found their bickering and teasing fun to watch. Also, Xu Lu's mini karaoke session in the car was so cute lol.

    I'm dreading watching next episode because of that preview too! I don't want Xu Lu to feel uncomfortable because of Kimi and Gui Gui. The scriptwriter better not mess up with these bbs.

    1. Your comment about this feeling like you're reading a novel made my day xD. Thanks a bunch! (Psst, I'm also open to criticism just not too harsh please)

      I'm glad I'm not the only one that's worrying about this coming week's episode. As for Kimi's possessiveness, I think he's going to continue showing it off because he thinks its cool, lol. I don't blame him. There exists a niche that loves that stuff and I admit to having belonged to one of them for certain dramas, haha. ^^" Although, it doesn't seem like Xu Lu was too happy about it in the first episode.

      As long as the show gives me more of their bickering, I will be satisfied. I am a simpleton. :D

  3. Why can't I read ep3 review? Love your extra opinions, it is really like reading a novel. Thanks for understand the burden of watch foreign language without sub. :)

    1. Hey Sherlock, I'm Kaitlynn. I just changed my name to match my blog.

      Thanks for letting me know my Ep 3 link led to dead space. I fixed it. (: You could always check my Index tab at the top for another link to it, which hopefully shouldn't lead you to another dead space.

      Thanks for reading and thank you very much for you compliment :D

  4. Someone help me find episode 2 segments of Xu Lu and Kimi with english subtitles. Please???

    1. Check out this youtube channel for updates: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE-rMiNIWNGExjCFicl7uDg

      This person's doing a great job. (: Tbh her Mandarin's probably better than mine. Heh.