24 April 2015

Murphy’s Law of Love Episode 6 and Preview for Episode 7

I’m only translating dialogues I like. This episode got the guy saying corny lines but hey that’s one of my guilty pleasures of watching Tdramas. 

& I’m so glad there’s finally a watchable Tdrama. I just don't want to sing praises to this drama yet because there’s 17 episodes of unforeseen trouble ahead. Actually, make that 16 because next week’s episode looks great.

At Guan Xiao Tong’s lowest moment Ji Jia Wei comes to the rescue.
Or is it the other way around? 

He’s worried sick that he can’t find Guan Xiao Tong after she lost her phone and her last known whereabouts was the hospital.

When he finally finds her he looks calm but his insides must have been so wrenched up that he just lays his head on her shoulders for relief.

Ji Jia Wei: I know you’re very tired. I am too. I can tell something must have happened to you. If you want to tell me then I’m willing to listen. If you don’t want to say it, that’s okay too. As long as you need me, I’ll be there. But before you make a decision, can I ask you for a favour?

Ji Jia Wei: Please don’t disappear from me again.

Ji Jia Wei: The next time you’re going for a walk along, please tell me. Otherwise there won’t be anyone returning your lost phone. This is already the second time. Can you please not be this clumsy?

After he buys her breakfast he realizes she didn’t even eat last night’s dinner. Oh, the boiling anger.
Ji Jia Wei: Hey, can you please not make me so worried about you?  
Guan Xiao Tong pouts: I didn’t do it on purpose –
Ji Jia Wei:  –It’s because your Mom’s sick
Guan Xiao Tong looks away guiltily.
Ji Jia Wei: Forget it. I won’t hold it against you this time. But there’s no second time.
Guan Xiao Tong’s silence = Okay.

♦ ♦ ♦

Episode 7's Preview (looking awesome):

Ji Jia Wei: Zhi Yu, let us say our last farewell. I think I should bravely love once more.

Guan Xiao Tong: This is my shoe, isn’t it?
Ji Jia Wei: Eh, I don’t know! This is your shoe? – Looks away

Simon: Boss, you’re in love!
Ji Jia Wei: Hey! – Blinks a few time – Yup you are

Guan Xiao Tong: Why did you bring me to the movie theatre?
Ji Jia Wei: The movie theatre can get cold – Covers her up – Don’t blame me when you get sick.

Behold my favourite part! She brings him food because he’s OT-ing.
Guan Xiao Tong: Why are you still working? It’s already so late…
Ji Jia Wei is in love.
Guan Xiao Tong: Why aren’t you eating? (Because he’s in love) The food’s already cold.
Ji Jia Wei eats because he’s in love.

Guan Xiao Tong: I believe there will be someone out there, just like how this ring came to me, enter my life. In comes Ji Jia Wei.
Ji Jia Wei: If you find the owner (of the ring), what will you do?  

♦ ♦ ♦


I’d say the angst of almost losing her came too soon. As much as I enjoy the fast-paced romance, the more I fear for the upcoming angst when their lost lovers come back. Ugh. So much room for unlikeable plots. I wished I had waited for a bit more episodes to have aired before catching up (like what I did with Just You)

I love the whole Murphy setup but they seemed to have forgotten it with the past few episodes, lol. And there’s a tad too much divorce lawyers being employed in dramaland these days. 

And honestly, Ji Jia Wei is such a prick.

Murphy's Law of Love Episode 7

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