15 February 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 28

It seems that Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are pretty much on a smooth sailing ship while others are rather rocky. 

In Shanghai, Yuan Feng’s at work and Xiao Mei’s doing her catwalk. The only reason I chose the above screen shot was because I remember that girl being Jason’s secretary in the States. Hey there, didn’t know you changed your job and travelled across the world in the span of an episode.

Since having that nightmare, Yuan Feng runs whenever he makes eye contact with Xiao Mei. Lol. Poor guy. However, Xiao Mei’s not so great herself, at least physically rather than mentally. She’s been in puking mode lately. I did not expect we’d be going on this route with this couple. Yuan Feng thinks that she’s bulimic and criticizes her for it. It’s only until her manager absentmindedly points out her symptoms are like that of a pregnant woman do Yuan Feng and Xiao Mei realize the severity of her health.

So, that day, Yuan Feng takes out his courage and tells his parents he’s getting married. They’re ecstatic but that immediately dies down when they hear that it’s not Yi Mei and dies down completely when they learn it’s the supermodel, Xiao Mei, and to top it all off, he tells them she’s pregnant. I applaud Yuan Feng for his sense of responsibility but I believe he hasn’t even asked Xiao Mei’s opinion on this.

In the States, Jason and Yi Chen are headed off to find Tom Wolf. He happens to be a gambler in quite a bit of debt hence why he agreed to help Ying Hue with the fake divorce. With Yi Chen and Jason disguised as normal, frivolous people (yes, I put frivolous in the same sentence with Yi Chen), they’re out to trap Tom Wolf. They make him spill the beans and record it without Tom Wolf knowing it. (Psst, the guy in the leafy shirt is Yi Chen)

After securing their evidence, Jason and Yi Chen return but Yi Chen’s still in the leafy (hideous) shirt because Mo Sheng will love it. Okay there. At the sight of it, Mo Sheng is having an uncontrollable laughing fit. Yi Chen asks what’s wrong with his getup while flipping his unflippable hair.

Mo Sheng’s response to his absurd outfit is to wear an even more absurd one herself. I’m pretty sure the saying was two wrongs don’t make a right, guys.

They visit a pub in that getup and Yi Chen still manages to get laid by a foreign blondie. When Mo Sheng comes back from the washroom, Yi Chen thought he would be saved but Mo Sheng claims that she’s only his little sister. It takes longer than expected but Yi Chen finally gets the message across to the female and she leaves the two lovebirds alone.

Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng to stand up so that he can fully admire how beautiful she is tonight but after just a few seconds, he rushes her to sit down. Lol. Yi Chen then asks her whether she frequented this pub because she was the one that suggested to come here today. Mo Sheng claims innocence and testifies that it’s her first time here. Then Yi Chen spots Tom Wolf at the same pub but he doesn’t reveal to Mo Sheng that that’s Tom Wolf.

Back in China, Mo Sheng’s mother finally recalls who Yi Chen is. Here’s the basic backdrop: Mo Sheng’s father had ordered the closure of Yi Chen’s father’s business for whatever legit reason but he has also given all the compensation. However, it seems that the money has gotten into the wrong greedy hands leaving Yi Chen’s father thinking Mo Sheng’s father is the culprit. Right now, Mo Sheng’s mother thinks Yi Chen is out for revenge and his target is Mo Sheng. That sounds like a plot I hate. Thank god the show is far from that. Anyways, before Mo Sheng’s mother is certain of Yi Chen’s identity she asks her neighbour to confirm it because her son happens to be a police officer.

To finish off the divorce case, first Tom Wolf gets conned, I mean persuaded, into testifying. However, Yi Chen lets Ying Hue off easily because he knows that’s what Mo Sheng would like, for Ying Hue to come clean himself so she can at least keep him as a friend. Yi Chen gives Ying Hue the divorce decree so he can sign it and give it to Mo Sheng as if it was on his own will.

The unknowing Mo Sheng doesn’t dilly dally and gets straight to point when she meets Ying Hue: she wants to legally divorce with him. He tries his best to talk Mo Sheng out of it but Mo Sheng doesn’t budge. He’s left with no choice but to end it simply (*rolls my eyes) with her and gives her the signed divorce decree. His last words to her are wishes for her happiness from now on.

Ying Hue’s all alone now but Linda comes in to notify him about Xin Ying’s divorce. Linda guarantees that she didn’t intend for her words at the airport to have that sort of impact but tells Ying Hue she can attempt to stop her divorce. Ying Hue, although doesn’t hate Xin Ying, tells Linda not to, probably because Xin Ying herself doesn’t deserve that help  and he really didn’t do much for her to have that assumption (Is that so?). Well, I don’t feel too bad for Xin Ying either so…she can divorce all she wants.  

If people that pity Ying Hue exist, no need to worry! Linda, seeing him all empty, sums up her courage and tells him that she’ll be with him forever. Ying Hue doesn’t look at her and sighs, “Yes, business will never leave me.” Lol. I’m not feeling too sad for Linda because Ying Hue will probably come around in the future. (And I just want to clarify, I never hated Ying Hue, it’s more like I never cared for his character.)

Returning to the sideline romance, Yuan Feng is completely invading Xiao Mei’s life. He’s checking the ingredients in her cosmetics, packing her lunches, and giving her shoes to wear all with the mindset of protecting the little baby growing in Xiao Mei. Xiao Mei’s obviously annoyed and even tells him she’s going to eat Japanese food (i.e. raw food) and wear incredibly high heels. 

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