4 June 2016

With You Episode 5

Episode 5: “After you brain develops a bit more, you’ll be fine!”

Exams are coming up but Geng Geng has other issues to worry about meanwhile Yu Huai's worrying about her not worrying about exams. 

Geng Geng complains about the upcoming test but Yu Huai comforts her that her marks are relatively stable – stable and low.

On a more serious note, Yu Huai tells her to stop hanging out with Lu Xing He because he’s distracting her from her academics. Geng Geng is taken back with that advice. I really don't think she likes Lu Xing He in that sense. It's more like they're friends because they share similar interests.

You can leave it up to Nian Nian to come up with all sorts of bizarre ideas: she’s praying to the God of Study or something like that to bless them on their exam. Everyone makes an offering, even the annoying Zhu Yao is superstitious. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
Zhang Ping condemns them for worshiping some bogus deity and threatens the class to change the seating plan back if they do poorly on the exam. Yu Huai and Geng Geng freeze in their seat, neither want to be separated from each other.

Geng Geng is sent to the office to report to Mr. Pang about the spoiled pictures but she chickens out.

On the other hand, during class she bravely tells Zhang Ping she doesn’t understand a question. Yu Huai frustratingly whispers to her that the question has already been taught so many times. He gets the death glare from Geng Geng and the two start to argue, completely ignoring Zhang Ping’s explanation. Zhang Ping is about to throw a fit but class is already over. (Zhang Ping is in such a bad mood because he's been bullied by Mr. Pang for his class' poor marks)

Yu Huai looks over Geng Geng’s work and circles all the wrong answers, i.e. he circles everything. He also helps her narrow down her study materials.

During lunch, Yu Huai comes over to oversee Geng Geng’s study progress.

Seeing him, Geng Geng quickly gives Yu Huai two options: “Either you help me study while you eat or you eat while you help me study. Choose one.”

Flustered, Yu Huai takes the chopsticks out of his mouth: “Can I eat first?”                  
Zhuo Mo comes to take a peek too but Geng Geng freaks out and protects her work.

Zhou Mo: Why do you let him explain to you but not me?
Geng Geng looks around for an answer. Honey, the answer isn’t something you can see.
Yu Huai quickly covers for her: The class’s embarrassment cannot be leaked. Smoooth.
As Yu Huai’s teaching while eating, Geng Geng spots Mr. Pang looking for her so she ducks under the table tying her non-existent shoelaces. Yu Huai wonders what’s up and she explains half-heartedly her shoelaces were untied. Yu Huai is confused because he knows she doesn’t have shoelaces. I like that he knows what shoes she’s wearing.
After lunch Zhou Mo comforts her stupidity: It’s okay. You just haven’t completed puberty (development) yet. After two years, you’ll mature a bit more and your will brain develop then you’ll be fine.

Geng Geng smacks Yu Huai for laughing.
Mr. Pang finally spots Geng Geng (even if she quickly hides behind Yu Huai and Zhou Mo). She manages to make up an excuse to delay her death penalty, but not for long.
Home alone, Geng Geng sings out her frustration except she’s not home alone, her stepmom walks in as if nothing happened. Awkwardly, she retreats to her room and phones up her (real) mom. Their phone call is accidentally interrupted by stepmom. After this incident, Mom gives her a cellphone so that they can speak privately.

Geng Geng is still stressed out about Mr. Pang but suddenly she finds a book explaining how to “photoshop” hence her plan to photoshop Mr. Pang commences but she’ll need Lu Xing He to help her gather the rest of the Japanese students to take the picture (without Mr. Pang knowing). 

Since Geng Geng is busy handling her own problems she doesn’t have time to attend the extra study sessions Zhang Ping had kindly offered. Overhearing this, Yu Huai chastises her for not participating when her marks are so terrible. I'm a little torn between liking how much he cares about her but not liking how authoritative he is towards her. 

During lunch he forcefully sits her down and confronts her for not taking her studies more seriously. He’s really peeved about it you see.
Geng Geng pushes him out of the way and rushes to Lu Xing He who managed to gather everyone for the photo. The Japanese student (speaking in Japanese), teases Lu Xing He for exerting so much effort for the girl he likes, aka Geng Geng. Of course he denies it.

Lu Xing He has also gathered the rest of the materials needed for the photoshopping but there’s one problem: Geng Geng needs a picture of Mr. Pang.

After class, Yu Huai is in the physics room doing his experiment. He’s still bothered by Geng Geng, like always.
He asks Zhou Mo about Lu Xing He and when Zhou Mo compliments him, Yu Huai gets a little mad and sends the car flying in Zhou Mo’s face. LOL.

During one of the extra lessons, Nian Nian (who’s struggling the most) comes across an extra problem on Zhang Ping’s computer when he’s not around. Nian Nian thinks it’s an extra practice problem so she prints it out for the entire class to study from, without notifying Zhang Ping.
(Zhang Ping was with Zhang Feng who’s feeding him oranges…literally feeding him oranges. Geng Geng happens to walk into them and quickly does a 180 to avoid the … couple.)
The entire class is struggling with the problem Nian Nian brought for them so superman, Yu Huai, comes to the rescue and the whole class gets the solution to the problem – everyone except Geng Geng. She’s too busy being a paparazzi and stalking Mr. Pang. 

No matter how "stealth" Geng Geng is, she just can't get a clear picture of Mr. Pang so Lu Xing He comes up with a plan: he organizes a music class for Class V and the Japanese to attend as an excuse to get Mr. Pang to sit in. Success – they've got Mr. Pang's picture.

During class, Yu Huai isn’t modest at all as he shows off his understanding of music by using mathematics. The Japanese student compliments Yu Huai for being cool and smart which ticks off Lu Xing He so when Mr. Pang asks for a translation, he says the girl called Yu Huai fake. Heh.
Then the Japanese student wants to play a duet with Yu Huai. 
Yu Huai can do everything =.=.
Yu Huai smirks: Wasn’t I handsome? Tell me so nudges Geng Geng 
Geng Geng calls him immature and rolls her eyes. 

After music class, both boys simultaneously call out to her but Lu Xing He pulls her away. Nian Nian makes a comment of how close Geng Geng and Lu Xing He are lately. Way to go Nian Nian for making Yu Huai feel worse.
Lu Xing He takes Geng Geng to the men’s washroom – it’s unused. It contains all the equipment for photoshopping. Lu Xing He can do anything too… =.=

However, the pictures don’t turn out right. Mr. Pang's head is either the size of a gorilla's or floating upside down. Lu Xing He assures her he'll think of another plan. 

Still, Geng Geng is frustrated that nothing is working out. She takes it out on her family but when the family all try to coax her, she wallows in guilt for getting angry at them. 

The next day Nian Nian casually asks what Geng Geng has been up to and she answers the pictures for the Japanese conference have been spoiled so she was fixing it. Yu Huai suddenly reacts and questions her for not telling him such a big issue. Geng Geng explains she did try to tell him but he left before she finished; plus, he was pretty mean these days. Now he’s all relieved, finally!
Nian Nian gave her the practice problem (the one she took from Zhang Ping's computer) but Geng Geng can’t solve it. Of course. The nice-tempered-and-all-smiles Yu Huai has returned (!) and teaches her patiently.
After he’s done explaining, it’s pretty late. Since exams are up Geng Geng has loads, LOADS of books to bring home but Yu Huai holds her back. Like a gentleman, he takes her stack of impossibly tall books and mounds it on top of his.
Walking home together, Geng Geng tells him she likes the song he played during music class.

Yu Huai: Not bad. To be able to like the same song as little master here, your taste can be salvaged.

The books get too heavy so he leans against a ledge for support, providing him more quality time to talk to Geng Geng. 

Yu Huai asks her what other songs she likes. She mentions Beyond.

Yu Huai leans in: What a coincidence. I like Beyond too. So what’s your favourite song? Even though I think he’s telling the truth this just sounds like a lame pick up line.

Geng Geng: I think “Broad Sky” (阔天空) and “Glory Days” (光輝歲月) aren’t bad. However, I still like “Beyond Exciting” (活着便精彩).

Yu Huai is so surprised and delighted at her choices he almost drops their books in the water: "You’re really the first person to like the same song as me."
He is way too happy.
Geng Geng seems to be influenced by his smile so she smiles too.
She asks him to play on his harmonica “Beyond Exciting” but he shyly confesses he only knows how to play that one song from before. Good. He can’t do everything.

"Beyond" is a Hong Kong rock band back in 1990s. They’re not during my time but even I can appreciate how beautiful their songs are. So many contestants for Chinese singing competitions will cover their songs and they always sound SO beautiful. Personally, I love their song “真的愛你” (True Testimony).

It's exam today! (Un)surprisingly the exam has the exact same question Nian Nian provided for the entire class. Yu Huai thinks it’s weird. Meanwhile Geng Geng is too happy about doing well to care but then Mr. Pang's appearance interrupts her mood. She’s readies herself to be lectured but instead he compliments her for the amazing group picture:
However, Lu Xing He should be given all the credit.
Even Yu Huai is giving credit where it’s due but not without a little bit of teasing: “This picture isn’t bad but I still think the one with your little master here playing basketball is better.”

Geng Geng rolls her eyes.

Yu Huai snickers at the immaturity of their signature: “Geng Geng Xing He”. Lol. It should be “Geng Geng Yu Huai”.
With her much improved temperament, Geng Geng plays with her new little brother for the first time and the parents find it so odd they’re hiding behind newspapers peeking at every interaction.
While everyone is happy, there’s one person completely confused: Zhang Ping.


Someone’s going to be caught for cheating next week.

Anyways what is up with Zhang Ping and Zhang Feng! That was unexpected. I really doubt they’ll make them a gay couple – don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against being gay it’s just it’s odd for a Chinese drama with a setting that’s in the past to include a gay couple.

Yu Huai still has his mood swings. He had such a different reaction to her not understanding the question today meanwhile last episode he was like some superhero. This time he gets annoyed of her and it's all because of Lu Xing He, I swear. Once he realizes she's not hanging out with Lu Xing He because she wants to he's like phew and then we get the happy Yu Huai again. He has more mood swings than Geng Geng! However, isn't it like that being an adolescent? You get mad over the smallest issue and then you get over it with the smallest excuse. Hey, I got mad at someone for losing my erasers. Then we were like best friends again two days later. – shrugs

Still, I prefer a smiling Yu Huai.

She's so small hiding behind him~~

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