6 June 2016

Oh Hae Young Again Episode 9 and 10 Recap + Midway Review

Omg. How is this drama going to top these two episodes?! So many hugs and kisses~~

Also in this post: why I love this drama. 

Episode 9:
This is an overly excited Hae Young after seeing the other Hae Young.

This is the other Hae Young astonished to see an overly excited Hae Young.
Then this Hae Young appears immediately after the overly excited Hae Young.
This is what rejection can do to a woman.

This other Hae Young readies herself for an attack from Hae Young, except…
Park Soo Kyung reads the situation to a T, gets up from her chair, swings her whole body over the table, sets her feet properly, and finally receives the head butt from Hae Young with her own head all in merely one second. I kid you not.
So whose head is stronger?
Of course it’s Park Soo Kyung’s.
Drunk Hae Young needs to be driven home by Do Kyung.
And then somehow ends up in a hotel with him.
Once she’s sober, she asks him to sleep with her and whether he’s a sadist.
Do Kyung’s like Uh, no.
He wasted his chance with her and now she’s back with her ex so he’s got no one except her creepy laughing toy. (I really love how it’s his turn to be bored out of his mind and to wait for her)
Then this happens. Ou la la la. She’s fed up with him wanting her and then not wanting her so she literally chases him down the alley, hitting him over and over again. 
He then pins her to a wall and they do this:
and this:
and this:

Sooooooo maybe Do Kyung is a masochist instead. 

Episode 10:

After the kiss, Do Kyung is like, nope, can’t be a masochist, gotta think back to when I was young and pure and …sad.
Oh forget it, just gotta be a masochist and tell Hae Young to come to me
Hae Young: “Am I an easy woman?”
Yes she is.
And then they hug.
Road trip!
A forceful kiss to start things off.
Pay no attention to the scissors she’s holding.
And they keep on going.
Her neck must be in pain.

So since Do Kyung planned the road trip, and then he forcefully kissed her like that and plus they both drank, it obvious what Do Kyung plans next: he calls a designated driver! 
Hae Young’s like you’re f**king with me, right?
Nope. Designated driver right here. 
They even got a discount, much to Hae Young’s dismay.
Say bye bye to the last motel.

I think Hae Young needs to hit him again to turn him on.


On a more serious note, I loved these two episodes to pieces except a bit of me fears the latter episodes can’t top these ones or more like we’re just going to go downhill from hereon. Anyways let’s not fear and enjoy the moment; this PD has a knack for making kiss scenes!

Midway Review

I just love the emotions she pours into this line
Why I love this drama: the leading lady, Oh Hae Young, resonates with me. I love how self-aware she is; she knows she’s pitiful and sad. She openly acknowledges it. She’s also socially aware of her social standing; she knows she’ll never be the pretty and stylish Oh Hae Young. The problem with being so aware of herself is that she’s set a limit for herself, a limit she can never surpass. She associates herself with the lower class and that’s why she settled with Han Tae Jin, someone on her social level. Do Kyung is completely out of her league. Contrastingly, despite her awareness to her self and social standing, she’s prideful of herself. She has that charisma that she knows she’s better but society just doesn’t fit well with her. I love how she insisted on wearing that scarf even though it screamed of hideousness. That pride won’t let her back down.

I like to believe that at one point we all have a time or multiple times like that. We’re self-aware (or perhaps self-conscious) and we always compare with those who are better than us. Other people can clearly see who’s more popular if they have to compare but you yourself know your own charms so, of course, to yourself you know you’re better – it’s just no one knows. Oh Hae Young feels like every girl’s hidden self. So flawed and so real. Except she’s got so much spunk. She does bizarre things I’ll never dream of doing and that’s her appeal. Oh Hae Young isn’t self-conscious – self awareness is not self-consciousness. By that I mean she’s not shy to express herself and that’s her charm to me, a charm I wish I had. So from being every girl’s hidden self, she’s become every girl’s dream.

If this doesn’t apply to you then I apologize for saying ‘you’ and ‘we’, it’s just saying ‘I’ feels too personal – see why I envy Oh Hae Young?

So although she’s together with Park Do Kyung (for now), a guy that’s completely out of her league, I want to see her overcome that barrier she set for herself that doesn’t involve romance, something that makes her feel better about herself. 

Last thought! Do Kyung's visions – what if the ending of the first episode was him picking up his wallet instead of Hae Young? What if he had gotten into a car accident back then already? If so then is this all the hypothetical future that was supposed to happen if he hadn't got into an accident? 

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