2 June 2016

With You Episode 4

Episode 4: "Chan Ho Nam! Xiao Jie Ba."

Yu Huai and Geng Geng are having a lovers' quarrel when they're not even lovers. 

Since Geng Geng skipped school the other day she had no idea their grade is hosting a men’s basketball tournament today. All the girls are prepared meanwhile Geng Geng has no idea what she needs to prepare for. Neither did I.
Nian Nian explains: “Men who don’t know how to play basketball are not good men and women who don’t give men water after the game are not good women.”

Xu Yan Liang didn’t know this apparently well known fact either but now that he knows he wants a water bottle from none other than Nian Nian.

When Yu Huai enters class, he’s giving Geng Geng the cold shoulder because he’s still hungover about her skipping class (I don’t know whether he’s jealous or he didn’t like not knowing beforehand). Their tension comes to a swift end when Yu Huai bursts out laughing at Jian Dan's incredibly cheesy catchphrase for the basketball cheerleading team.
Geng Geng probes: You’re not angry anymore?
Yu Huai doesn't look at her: That will depend on your performance.
Geng Geng: Wouldn’t there be a lot of female students providing you water?
Yu Huai finally looks at her: Well, why not? Little master here was an MVP for three years. This cute show off.

Hearing that, Geng Geng is a little dejected. I smell something sour. 

When she's about to give up on making amends with him he suddenly spares her an opportunity to redeem his favour again; all she needs to do is to take a picture of him playing basketball. Geng Geng happily accepts the honour. 
Shortly after, Lu Xing He interrupts their reconciliation (Yu Huai turns bitter again). He’s here to take her to Mr. Pang's office who wanted to punish them harshly for skipping school but he needs a translator and photographer for a conference with Japanese schoolboard/student representatives so Lu Xing He (who was an abroad student in Japan) and Geng Geng are prefect for the job. 

Unfortunately, that means she won’t be able to keep her end of the promise with Yu Huai. With the conference happening at the same time as the basketball game, she won't be able to take a picture of him playing.
Hearing the bad news, Yu Huai is sulking again.                                                                    

Geng Geng’s absence is enough to distract Yu Huai, allowing his opponent to steal the ball right out of his dribble. Despite that, he still leads his team to victory. (By the way their jersey design is from Slam Dunk manga)
Jian Dan automatically runs up to Han Xu and gives him a water bottle. He accepts it.

Nian Nian gulps down her water bottle, lol. What happened to being a good woman? 
However, crouching right beside her is a panting Xue Yan Liang, begging for water.
She spares him a glance and a smile and then finally spares him her second water bottle. 
Xue Yan Liang giggles and giggles. Aw.     
Meanwhile Yu Huai scans the disappearing crowd hoping to see Geng Geng but instead another girl taps his back to offer him water.
Unluckily, Geng Geng arrives exactly at this moment (after lying to Mr. Pang about a stomach ache). Dejected once more, she watches Yu Huai accept that girl’s water even though she prepared one for him too. (She's Wen Xiao Xiao)

It’s a new day but things are off to a same cold start for Yu Huai and Geng Geng (but Yu Huai doesn’t know what she’s really fuming about).

During Zhang Feng’s class, Yu Huai is too engrossed in studying the basketball tactic for this afternoon that he doesn’t realize Zhang Feng is standing right next to his desk. He even talks back to the teacher. Immediately after, Yu Huai is sent out of class.

After class Geng Geng goes up to Yu Huai nagging him for talking back to Zhang Feng but he brushes her off cause he’s still mad. Oh these two.
Yu Huai’s frustration continues to escalate as Geng Geng is called away by Lu Xing He for the conference.

During the basketball game, Yu Huai’s mood is so sour he almost gets into a fight yet he still manages to win the game. It’s lunch and the boys are talking about their victory until Xue Yan Liang sees Geng Geng entering the cafeteria. This guy knows something is up between the two so he leads the rest of the boys to vacate the table for her to sit alone with Yu Huai.
Geng Geng takes the initiative to sit down. She tells him she heard they won. With his mouth full of food, Yu Huai looks up with his puppy eyes and nods. Then he’s looks down again to eat. 

Silence fills the air.
Peeking up, Yu Huai finally speaks: For the next game, will you come? Aw. That yearning look!

But Geng Geng can’t go ):

The conference always seems to be in the exact same time slot as the games. For the conference today their school is introducing their artwork. Each artists spins an insightful meaning to their art piece but it’s completely lost in Lu Xing He’s lousy Japanese translations, actually he just blatantly admits he doesn’t understand (in Japanese, avoiding the ears of Mr. Pang).

Geng Geng is desperate to watch the game so she forcefully takes her leave, literally running out on Mr. Pang. He orders Lu Xing He to bring her back.

Geng Geng finally gets to see Yu Huai in action and win the game (she also gets a few shots of him). With everyone surrounding Yu Huai, Geng Geng finds it hard to approach him. Then she gets caught by Lu Xing He who even drank her water she had intended to give Yu Huai. Depressed, she drags herself back to the conference.
When Yu Huai finally sees her, she’s leaving with Lu Xing He. Sigh. It’s like déjà vu from yesterday except reverse (Yu Huai sees her retreating figure this time).

Her day gets worse as her new little brother breaks her birthday present from when she was a kid. She complains to her dad and mom but neither of them remember it was her birthday present that had meant a lot to her.
Her stroke of bad luck continues when the pictures she took of the conference are all spoiled, all but the pictures of Yu Huai. She apparently messed up the camera setting but not when it mattered the most (: 

This move again?!
For the following days, whenever she sees Mr. Pang, she does a 180 and runs away. Desperate, she butters up to Lu Xing He going as far as calling him handsome. However, even he can’t come up with a solution for the spoiled pictures (for now).

Walking into class, Geng Geng sees Yu Huai surrounded by girls. With her grumpy entrance, all the girls retreat.
Yu Huai asks her: “You’re still angry? You ran away with that punk from Class II and I’m not even mad.”

However, he doesn’t know she’s stressing out on another serious issue. Yu Huai suddenly thinks he’s got this all figured out: Geng Geng must be on her period. Smiling, he writes her a note and leaves to get her warm water. Awwwwwwwwwww.

Geng Geng is actually crying over this issue. 

After he leaves, she reads his note: “Even though I’m wrong, which I don’t think I’m wrong, I’ll just reluctantly apologize to you.”
When Yu Huai comes back with the warm water, he stays at the door laughing at Geng Geng’s face because it has text imprints all over it. The entire class joins in and laughs at Geng Geng’s embarrassment. I guess their fight is over with all the laughter.

It’s the final basketball tournament but Mr. Pang won’t let her attend. With desperation, she forces Lu Xing He to translate to the Japanese students that there’s a basketball tournament going on, hoping they’ll be interested. Lucky for her, they take interest.
Third time’s the charm as this time he finally sees her in the audience cheering for him and a smile bursts out of his face. With Geng Geng’s appearance, he’s shooting buckets after buckets  until he injures himself. Sweetly, Geng Geng takes him to the infirmary.
Seeing both their retreating figures Nian Nian makes a comment: “When Chen Bo Nam injured himself, Xiao Jie Ba also cared for him like that.”
Xiao Jie Ba (L) Chan Ho Nam (R)
[Nian Nian's reference: Chan Ho Nam is a character from a Hong Kong movie "Young and Dangerous" which came out in 1996. He's a triad leader and Xiao Jie Ba is his lover.]

In the infirmary, Geng Geng tenderly cares for him but he’s disappointed she can’t see him play properly. Geng Geng hangs her head and apologizes.

Yu Huai: It’s okay; I was only teasing you silly.
Relieved, Geng Geng shows him the picture she took of him during the previous game. Seeing the picture, he compliments himself for being so awesomely handsome he can even be an actor.

Geng Geng plays along: "Suuure. It’s such a waste that Meteor Garden (Tdrama) didn’t cast you."
Yu Huai sincerely compliments her this time: "But truthfully Geng Geng, you really do have a talent for photography."
Geng Geng: "Of course!"
Yu Huai: "Just look at my expression and demeanour." (He’s still admiring himself)

Laughing together, he naturally pats her head.
Geng Geng feels the romantic zing ~~~
Yu Huai doesn’t yet feel the zing until they’re awkwardly caught by Xue Yan Liang and Zhou Mo who pretend they saw nothing.

Geng Geng stayed late to care for Yu Huai (oh ya and there’s Zhou Mu too). Lu Xing He is also leaving school at the same time and he stops by to tell Geng Geng he’ll think of the solution (for the spoiled pictures).

Yu Huai still doesn’t know what’s stressing out Geng Geng but a stare down is happening between him and Lu Xing He.

Before Geng Geng leaves, she sees a woman lighting candles in front of the school gate. Appearing out of nowhere, Nian Nian hisses into her ear telling her a student had committed suicide from academic stress. Next episode: exams are coming up!  


Not my favourite episode. Too much repetition: she sees him but he doesn’t see her and then he sees her but she doesn’t see him; she's jealous of him and he's jealous of her; etc, etc, etc. Also I’m not familiar with all the references except Meteor Garden but even that I wasn't too crazy about. 

Then there’s Yu Huai… so moody! What if he turns out to be an excessively obsessive boyfriend later… NOPE. Not thinking about it. 

Let's admire his teeth instead:  
Isn't his odd looking canine tooth adorable? 

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