15 May 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 36 to 39

Alright, so I did forget about this drama (sorry) but here it is, the long-awaited love story between Ri Xuan and Yue Ying! I wasn’t too impressed with how they fell in love and that may have had a toll on me getting this recap out on a duly manner but now that I’ve revisited these episodes again, I’ve come to appreciate things I’ve completely missed before, e.g. the reason behind why they’ve got names of their own but go and adopt new ones for themselves.

On a side note, I'm so glad I get a break from all those dark scenes. I love the green in these episodes.

Ran Ran’s journey to vampire-hood started to manifest three years ago. During that time, her and Mu Chen were on much friendlier terms (too friendly). 9th-Shi-Xiong was still alive back then (pout) and he’s been harbouring that crush on her ever since then too. I'll never understand why Ran Ran is so popular with men. 

Ran Ran was living peacefully until she's overwhelmed with an unquenchable thirst. Succumbing to her unconscious desires, she seeks out for blood from animals, barely managing to spare human blood. When she snaps back to reality, she's horrified at herself for gnawing at animal corpses.

Yao Bing witnesses everything and informs Mu Chen about Ran Ran's condition. He takes her to Xu Nu Shi Fu whose essentially useless. She can't cure Ran Ran's cravings for blood and eventually Ran Ran's craving has lead to a man's death. Mu Chen mistakenly assumes she's killed the man when she was only exerting self defence when that man tried to rape her (in her altered state of blood craving – hence why her memory is fuzzy). Well it doesn't matter how the man actually died because she wholeheartedly believes she killed the man. Well now we know why Mu Chen distances herself from Ran Ran...

To repent for her sins (and to prevent future sins), she commits suicide by jumping off a cliff.

Surprise, surprise, she doesn't die. She happens to jump off the very same cliff Ri Xuan did decades ago and like him, she survives. Ri Xuan keeps her alive by feeding her Jiu Ban Ling Zhi (the holy mushroom), which Wu She had given him before he had instantaneously incarcerated.

She asks him where she is and who he is but he answers neither because neither matters. The Ri Xuan back then is quite aloof.

Ran Ran is alive but that doesn't mean she's free from her blood cravings. At night, she would struggle with thirst but Ri Xuan feeds her the mushroom to control her cravings.

She's not the only one suffering, Ri Xuan is too. He's got a case of hallucinations: the dead Wu She, for some reason, keeps coming back to haunt him. One night he's having a nightmare and when Ran Ran tries to comfort him, he yells at her. That's enough to set her off on another dying whim but Ri Xuan intervenes and assures her she'd be forgiven for her (nonexistent) crimes.

Ran Ran is comforted and starts to eat the chicken Ri Xuan catches for her. In Ri Xuan's defence for his terrible attitude earlier, he's only doing it to protect her from him.

This hairstyle suits him waaaay better
Misery loves company, and these two are the perfect soulmates because they understand one another’s struggles to live. They warm up to each other and reveal their painful past. While Ran Ran doesn’t mind being trapped in the meadow, Ri Xuan wants to escape it and reunite with his father. It's his life’s goal.

This time when she asks for his name he isn't reluctant to share it but he shares it by writing it on her palm. Ran Ran misinterprets the palm writing and hence the name “Ri Xuan” is born (when his real name is Lou Xuan). Smiling, he lets her misunderstand. The guy will go along with whatever she wants. Ran Ran likes his name and decides to call herself Yue Ying to match his (more on their names below – I really like the meaning behind their names!). Initially I thought the name-changing was only meant to be romantic but perhaps its her resolution to adopt her new life, a life with Ri Xuan in it.

There’s a little hiccup in their relationship (that has barely started to bloom) when he accidentally injures her during one of his hallucinations. Deeming himself as dangerous for her, he avoids her completely except to give her food and flowers at her bedside. (This is probably when she started loving Mo Li flowers) He also stays by her at night to control her vampire urges with the mushrooms. Yup, he’s sooooooooo dangerous.

The hiccup to their relationship ends when one night he wakes up from a nightmare and suddenly realizes he can’t be without her. Okay. He gives up on the idea of escaping because having her is enough. And he goes in for the smooch.

The way she’s holding the flowers makes me think this is supposed to be a marriage.

Now the problem before was only a hiccup because the real hurdle is still Ran Ran’s vampire poison. Ri Xuan runs out of mushrooms to feed her and without a choice he has to escape to save her.

I think the drama wanted to show that his love for her empowered him to do the impossible, climb the steep cliff like it’s nothing even when she’s on his back, but I can’t ignore my brain when it’s complaining that he could have escaped by himself ages ago if it was this easy to climb. But then we wouldn’t have a drama, would we?

Well, they’ve escaped to Xu Nu Shi Fu. She tells them she can prolong Ran Ran’s life by inserting three needles in her brain to control the poison but there’s a side effect: she’ll lose three months of her memory. Wow. So precise. She doesn’t want to forget Ri Xuan but he’ll sacrifice anything to save her. He promises her he won't let her forget him.

Back to the present, Ran Ran remembers Ri Xuan. He did just as he promised. Despite being injured, they reconcile their love for each other and everyone in the perimeters can only watch in silence awe. He tells her he only needs her and she’s her everything.

The Red Lady watches in bitterness. She wonders why Wu She never believed her like Ri Xuan believes in Ran Ran. 


The love story was a little anticlimactic for my liking (I mean I was waiting for the entire span of the drama and they give me a measly four episodes and it wasn’t that overly romantic either) but I do like the origins of their names: Ri Xuan and Yue Ying.

The relationship between their names (Ri Xuan and Yue Ying) remind me of the opposing relationship between Yin and Yang. “Ri” means “Sun” and “Yue” means “Moon”. The latter part of their names are also opposites of each other:“Xuan” means “(Public) Declaration and “Ying” means “Shadow” (so Xuan is in the open and Ying is in the shades). Both words in their name directly oppose each other. 

Yin and Yang, despite being opposing forces, their existence depends on each other. Yin refers to the shady side whereas Yang refers to the sunny side. Yin is also associated with being “female” and Yang being “male” hence Ran Ran (Yue Ying) represents "Yin" and Ri Xuan represents "Yang". They are two separate bodies but they complement each other to complete each other.

Personally I don't like how the naming was executed (it was pretty lame) but the idea behind it was nicely crafted.

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