19 February 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 5 and 6

Chinese Title苏染染追夫记 (Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji)

The important characters are starting to meet each other. Meanwhile Ran Ran and Lou Xuan’s little encounters fuel me to continue to watching this drama.

Episode 5

Lou Xuan takes Su Ran Ran to the city and back to her home. Along the way he even buys her favourite buns for her. With that, Lou Xuan demands Su Ran Ran’s to invite him inside for tea otherwise Ran Ran would be an ungrateful brat.

With only those two options, Ran Ran reluctantly, very reluctantly, invites him inside for tea. And he barges in without her. This actor is abusing his best angle.

Inside are men from Lou family requesting engagement plans with the Su family. Mom tries to deny the polite way. First off she’s grateful for Lou family’s participation in saving her from the hands of Shi Shiu Hong Yian but (the inevitable but) their daughter is already engaged to the Qin family. That’s when Lou Xian (Lou family) barges in. He pardons himself for his lack of manner and clarifies who he wants to marry: Biu-Jie. Everyone’s shocked but the most shocked of all is 3rd bro who was eavesdropping. I like that he teased Ran Ran to invite him in when he already had every intention of barging in.

Alas, we have our queen, Shi-Jie, at Tai Yi Shan who’s ordering everyone around her to do the manual labour while she’s enjoying her tea and watermelon. One of her disciples finds an unconscious lady floating in the water. Shi-Jie quickly checks her pulse and finds her arm all damaged (scalped). She’s the girl Er-Shi-Xiong caught touching his precious flower.

Back at Ran Ran’s place, she’s once again incredibly bored. Her mother has blocked all escape routes but she reminds Ran Ran that she did give birth to nine sons that can clearly cure her of her boredom. Reenergized, she searches for her brothers one by one. Not surprisingly, she makes a mess everywhere:  gambling with prisoners, pouring water on patients, unconsciously seducing innocent men, drinking while underage (this part with 5th bro was funny), make-up-sabotaging another girl’s face. Henceforth no brother dares to be near her.

Other than Ran Ran’s incurable boredom, there are more important things happening: a murder is about to take place and the culprit-to-be is Lin Lang.

Episode 6

A new day. Ran Ran has two options: to die of boredom or sneak out through the dirty dog-hole. With much hesitation, she chooses the latter but her latter half gets stuck in the dog-hole. Qin Lang comes by and (his two gofers) help her. It’s the second time he’s saved her. When asked about her identity, Su Ran Ran lies that she’s only servant of the Su family (because if others found out the daughter of the reputable Su family had to escape through a dog-hole would humiliate her family).
She soon learns the man who saved her was none other than Qin Lang, her fiancé. Immediately, she freaks out and runs back inside (after having to escape so desperately).

Qin Lang picks up her handkerchief with the word “Tian”sewn on it. That’s Biu-Jie’s name. He keeps the handkerchief instead of returning it immediately (but you're right in front of the house!) because he's got to leave to investigate the murder case his dad assigned him too. Oh right, did I tell you his dad is a general?

When Qin Lang leaves, Ran Ran escapes again, this time through the front door. Our confused guard simply cannot contain her. Within minutes, she’s easily scammed into buying 15 wishing knots in exchange for her precious jade. The scammer tells her he’ll return the jade if she brings enough money next time. Gullible Ran Ran believes him and goes to hang her wishing knots for her friends and family members.

At Tai Yi Shan, Xie Qing Tian regains consciousness and is immediately suspicious of Shi-Jie. It takes quite a bit of convincing from Shi-Jie for Qing Tian to remotely trust her. Even then Qing Tian only tells her she’s being hunted and would like her presence here to be kept a secret. It’s more like she doesn’t want Er-Shi-Xiong to know she’s taking refuge right under his nose. Shi-Jie promises her secret will be safe with her. She’s gullible too.

Back with Ran Ra: just as she was hanging Biu-Jie’s wishing know, she loses balance on her stool but luckily, Lou Xuan is there to catch her from her fall. Definitely not a coincidence. He’s stalking her. Still holding on to her, he comments that Biu-Jie is his fiancé and that gets Ran Ran angry. Her parents, her Biu-Jie, and certainly not herself have agreed to this marriage. Lou Xuan teases her: “Why do I need your approval?” Embarrassed at the truth in his question, Ran Ran runs away. 

We also find out its Lou Xuan that took her jade back from the scammer.

Meanwhile Qin Lang is holding onto the handkerchief and thinking of Ran Ran

- - - Comments - - -

She’s saved by both men and then she runs away from both men. However, only Lou Xuan’s got the right memento and the right person. Qin Lang’s got nothing. Sad.

And Lou Xuan really isn’t good looking. Haha. He looks like an animal… a mouse? With his hairdo up his forehead and eyes are weirdly accentuated. His best angle is him lowering his chin and then tilting it to the right. And he knows it and abuses it. Still I like this guy. xD Oddly, I’ve gotten used to how he looks. He actually looks way better with his hair down. And his eyes are actually charming! Did I get seduced by his character? Perhaps. 


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