23 April 2015

The Four Episode 21 - 24

Episodes 21-24 = Kidnaps x 2 + Near-deaths x 2 + Amnesia. 

Episode 21: The I-love-you-not-I-love-you.

Li Mo gets kidnapped. Saved by Yao Hua. The guy that died got a good ten minute of air time. Yao Hua almost succumbed to evil thoughts of killing Li Mo.

The Point: Yao Hua binds Li Mo to a promise of leaving Leng Xue in exchange for saving her life.

Here is the worried sick Leng Xue whose eyes are red from anger.

Leng Xue: Who do you think you are? You think I care a lot about you, don’t you? Uh. Yeah.

Here is the Leng Xue who’s shutting up Li Mo for denying her love for him.

Leng Xue: I won’t let anyone hurt you. So, wear my clothes. (Lol. There’s a bigger pause in between the two sentence)

Here is Li Mo sniffing his clothes for a stench. I mean a love stench. Whatever.

Episode 22: The power-up.

With some Chinese-martial-art-back-move, Leng Xue transfers his powers to Li Mo to enter the unconscious world of Ru Yin where she combats old guys, scorpions, and fiery men spewing fire. 
She saves Ru Yin because who wouldn’t win with Leng Xue saying:  “Don’t worry, you have me.”

Li Mo faints from exhaustion after saving Ru Yin. Despite Wu Qing’s girl waking up from eternal slumber and the missing “stamp-of-important-powers” now found, Leng Xue only cares for Li Mo’s well-being. Of course she doesn't stay asleep for long which allows our Leng Xue to be relieved.

Episode 23: The not so happily-ever-after.

Finding the missing stamp, they divide the team in two: one for decoy, the other carrying the real stamp. Leng Xue, Li Mo, Wu Qing and Ru Yin are carrying the stamp with them but Wu Qing and Ru Yin are planning to leave the world of fighting and to live happily ever after. They bid their farewells with Ru Yin advising Li Mo to cherish Leng Xue.

Later Leng Xue asks Li Mo why he heard his name in their conversation to which Li Mo asks “Which ear did you hear that with.”

Leng Xue: This ear~
Show, please let them have more conversation.

Then they get ambushed. Li Mo’s taken hostage by Nu Nu who threatens Leng Xue to choose between his work and the love of his life. Leng Xue chooses Li Mo. However some mishaps happen in between. Here's the summary of the ambushes: Yao Hua (from decoy team) is kidnapped; Ru Yin’s killed; Wu Qing falls off somewhere from the sky. Li Mo; falls off another cliff.

Episode 24: The ultimate separation.

Li Mo’s saved because of the vest-of-infinity-powers. Who needs martial arts anyways? She’s now in a tribe far removed from the common world. Since she’s in Leng Xue’s clothes the brother and sister (who are really prince and princess) who saved her thinks she’s a man. And because she's a man she gets to marry the Princess. 

& Lonely Leng Xue’s gloomy

The show also made Wu Qing amnesic.  

The Four Episode 25-28

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