23 April 2015

The Four Episode 19 and 20

Again, I only write about Li Mo and Leng Xue. I care about nothing else. However when the show makes their romance so anti-climatic, I can hear the taut strings attaching me to the show snapping one by one.

Nothing bad happened; everthing was good. Which is precisely why it sucked. I don't even know how and why things got to mutuality but we're there. And the second we're there, there's already trouble at the noble idiocy level. Show, you're doing everything wrong. 

Leng Xue’s saved. Because that’s a given. To nourish him now, Li Mo gives him fruits. However, he’s sharp and realizes that Li Mo has given up her share for him to eat. He’s touched, but no one can tell behind that expressionless face, and pushes the fruits back to her along with the vest of infinity powers. However, prioritizing his health over hers, she ignores Leng Xue’s goodwill. They have a stare-down but that’s dumb of Leng Xue because Li Mo can read minds. His thoughts are consumed with the image of them kissing. Or is that her thoughts? Let’s say that’s both of their thoughts. And they both realize the other is reminded of that. Unable to look at her in the eye and determined to prioritize her health before his, he tells her: “There’s only one reason (I’m giving these to you); I care about you.”

They arrive in the nick of time to save their buddies as Leng Xue flies in and Li Mo pops out from nowhere. We also get poisoned eagles (that are poison coated but are alive themselves) attacking our heroes but no need to fear as Li Mo can talk to talk to them and convince them to kill their master instead. However their master is still quite formidable.

Poison guy: Take my poison! Fooooosh
Leng Xue: Take my sword dust.
Zhui Ming: Take my air kicks.
- Poison abolished –

Seeing imminent danger (rumbling from beneath the ground), Leng Xue instinctively protects her. (What good is your skinny arm going to do? You need your whole body, dude.)

When the Princess and Yao Hua realize that Leng Xue’s alive Princess, being the quicker one, throws herself at Leng Xue. Seeing them hug, Li Mo’s concerned at why her heat’s aching a little. (Wow, mutual feelings already? I kind of wanted the hate in the hate-love relationship to last longer.)

At least Li Mo isn’t left feeling jealous for very long as Leng Xue throws Princess away, briskly pasts Yao Hua (poor girl) and heads directly to Li Mo. He reminds her they promised to save someone (the girl that provided the antidote for his poison) and oh so instinctively takes her hand in his.

If this was before the whole life and death situation, he’d probably just save the lady alone without Li Mo. I mean why take someone who can’t save herself to save someone else.

However, the lady ends up backing out of her decision to be saved. How anticlimactic. This show didn’t want to waste any more time on her after using her to heal Leng Xue. Bleh. Show, that’s low. 

For some reason, Li Mo also got poisoned from before and is still recovering hence she drops the teapot she was holding. Leng Xue flies to her side and immediately princess-carries elsewhere (psst, there are beds right there). The real princess gets furious. But he could care less.

Now in the room, Li Mo’s wondering why Leng Xue is so caring towards her now. (Really? Either just read his mind or think why he kissed you.)
Leng Xue: if you didn’t save me, I wouldn’t even bother caring about you. (Li Mo, where’s your mind reading abilities!)
Li Mo’s happiness deflates in an instant: Don’t think too much about it; I didn’t purposely save you either.”
I think someone’s getting a little angry.
And to add fire to the slow burning fuel, she asks about Wu Qing’s whereabouts.

Princess makes her room-lesss by demanding to make Li Mo’s room hers. Leng Xue let’s Princess have her way and thus Li Mo will be sleeping in his room. Oh, nice. But that’s like ruining a maiden’s innocence if you share a room with her like that. Unless you’re taking responsibility, Leng Xue ah.

Again Li Mo’s wondering why he’s so nice to her. Oh please. He claims that he was ordered specifically by their master to take care of her. She looks into his eyes to confirm his thoughts.

However, he grabs her head and puts it to his chest. It’s a physical form to protect his thoughts, but commoners like me call it a hug.

They fight over who’s sleeping where but from the perspective of the two eavesdropper, it sounds like Leng Xue’s forcing Li Mo to go to bed with him.

After fighting about who would be sleeping where, Li Mo is now sleeping on the bed while Leng Xue is on the floor. Leng Xue’s asleep but tossing around (yeah, I doubt you’d be able to sleep) while Li Mo is wide awake with heavy thoughts the Princess has left her. Basically, Li Mo’s contemplating on being the noble idiot: handing him to the princess will give him more power. Bleh.

Li Mo gets called out by two most female roles ever. Their only presence is to annoy us. 

And honestly, I don’t even know why An Shi Geng isn’t already taking over the world. This guy has every magical power possible; he can be fully invisible, be half invisible, burrow underground in lightning speed, zap consciousness out of someone, control a person’s consciousness, take snow and make killing snow-men. Just rule the Earth, okay?

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