1 March 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 12

This is an episode that makes me like people I haven’t particularly liked, e.g. Qin Lang. I never disliked him, I just never liked him. Still, nothing can beat my love for Ri Xuan and that goes the same for Ran Ran. Last episode had Ran Ran falling in love with him all over again; this episode has her trying to deny that love.

Overwhelmed with witnessing Ri Xuan killing Ru, Ran Ran runs out of the cottage only to find more corpses. Ran Ran intends to run away into the woods but Ri Xuan blocks her path. He explains the zombies were already dead but Ran Ran doesn’t understand. Tearfully, she calls him a monster for killing all these people. 

The accusation hurts but Ri Xuan is resolute when he tells her: “I don’t care about other people. Those who hurt you deserve to die.”

Not wanting to hear any more of his explanations, she threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t let her go. There’s not much of a choice left for Ri Xuan but to let her go.

Luckily, just when Ran Ran is about to faint in the woods, Qin Lang comes right in time to catch her from falling. He brings the unconscious Ran Ran home but she’s been calling out only one person’s name the entire time: “Ri Xuan.”

When Ran Ran wakes up, she cries in Biu-Jie’s arms, recalling Ri Xuan’s vileness. That night, she cries herself to sleep. Biu-Jie remains at her side throughout the night but wakes up when she feels another presence in the room. It’s Ri Xuan making his nightly visits.

Biu-Jie confronts Ri Xuan about Ru.
All Ri Xuan says is: “Those that hurt her deserve to die.”
Biu-Jie: “You’ve hurt her too.”

Ouch. Ri Xuan knows he’s hurt her, which is why when Biu-Jie tells him to leave, he obeys. Biu-Jie even tells him to never appear in front of Ran Ran again. Awwww. No!

Even if Ri Xuan is told to leave, he still guards over her manor the entire night.

There’s also another man guarding her secretly, its Qin Lang. I kind of really likes these scenes of men secretly guarding girls they love. Nope, I don’t find it creepy at all.

Feeling a bit better the next day, Ran Ran goes on a “date” with Qin Lang. Her reason in accepting his request to see her is because she needs to apologize for lying to him about her identity and to thank him for saving her in the woods. Why does he want to see her? He lurvs her.

He’s so shy that it’s kinda really cute. He even sweats a lot just being near her.

By the way, Ran Ran finally realizes she’s been scammed by the scammer (the guy that stole her jade).

Unbeknownst to the “couple”, 5th Bro and 7th Bro are stalking them. 7th Bro is jealous his dear sister is on a date with a man other than him. 5th Bro is slowly accepting Qin Lang as his brother-in-law after realizing he guarded outside their door for the entire night. However, 7th Bro isn’t convinced; he still doesn’t want his precious sister married but if she does have to marry, 7th Bro will just have to live in with her at her husband’s house. Oh man.

Qin Lang has no idea what shopping is like, I swear. When he sees flowers he decides to buy it for Ran Ran because that’s what boys do on dates. Yeah, sure. However, the flowers remind Ran Ran of Ri Xuan (he gave her “Mo-Li” flowers in the last episode). When Qin Lang gifts her the flowers, she refuses it.

Their exchange is interrupted by Lou Xuan who pops out of nowhere. Literally. He shoves a pot of Mo-Li flowers into Ran Ran’s hands. If you’re thinking it’s a present for Ran Ran, you’re wrong. He claims it’s for Biu-Jie, his fiancĂ©e.

With that, Lou Xian has put an abrupt end to her “date” with Qin Lang. Later, we learn from Ran Ran that Lou Xian had forced her to return home as quickly as possible because his Mo-Li flowers cannot shrivel up. The Mo-Li flowers shriveling up will mean his love for Biu-Jie has also shriveled up and we can’t have that happen, can we? I never knew flowers shrivel up instantly but we all know what Lou Xian’s real intentions were. The man does not want his woman with another man.

After learning the flowers were from Lou Xuan, Biu-Jie swiftly redirects the present to Ran Ran. They’re for Ran Ran anyways. Meanwhile Biu-Jie is satisfied with her simple bamboo plant from 3rd Bro. When Ran Ran laughs at the dullness of her bamboos, I swear Biu-Jie was a little offended, lol. She pinches Ran Ran’s cheeks and Ran Ran complains that it’s all because of her and 5th Bro her face is this round. I’m liking the meta-reference here.

While Ran Ran is living peacefully with her Mo-Li flowers, Er-Shi-Xiong has fainted from guarding the Yue-Ling flower that will save Ran Ran’s life.

- - - Comments - - -

I usually find Biu-Jie and 3rd Bro’s romance incredibly boring and I still do but this episode was a little better when Ran Ran teases Biu-Jie about the bamboo plant. That was cute.

Another cutie today is Qin Lang. I was surprised at how adorable he was when he pressed his lips together. Too bad he doesn’t get the girl. I really don’t think that’s a spoiler. Right?

Last episode Ran Ran fell in love with Ri Xuan and this episode she realizes she’s in love and then she’s trying to deny it. No matter when or she’s reminded of Ri Xuan. When she’s in her mother’s arm, she thinks of waking up with Ri Xuan tending to her. When she’s with Qin Lang who’s buying flowers for her, she thinks of the Mo-Li flowers Ri Xuan gave her. Even when she’s unconscious, her thoughts are all of Ri Xuan. She’s destined to love him.