27 February 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 11

One of my favourite episodes because it’s all dedicated to Ri Xuan and Ran Ran, which is why this episode deserves its own post (: 

Summary: Ran Ran might be falling in love with Ri Xuan all over again.

Ri Xuan saves Ran Ran who for some reason seems to be in a critical condition because he feeds her half of the pill (called Soul Returning Pill – I kid you not) that she always carries with her in case of emergencies. Not a lot of people know of the pill’s existence but oddly Ri Xuan does.

Seeing her safe now, our relieved Ri Xuan kisses her softly on her forehead.

In a half awake state, Ran Ran takes his thumb into her mouth and bites down hard. Ri Xuan grimaces but he smiles at her. Uhhhhhhh.

Ri Xuan: Yue Ying, don’t be afraid. I will always be with you
Still only half awake, Ran Ran pleads to him: Don’t go.
Ri Xuan: I won’t go. I will always be with you.
Then she passes out again.

As for Ri Xuan, tears are trailing down his face.              

While Ran Ran is asleep, she dreams of herself chasing after a man whose face she can’t see but she’s stopped by someone else grabbing onto her ankle. The person holding her back turns out to be herself. Shocked, she wakes up and finds herself being tended to by a masked man.

When she has recovered enough, she sits outside the little cottage where a little girl brings her “Mo Li Flowers”. These are her favourite flowers but Ri Xuan takes them from her and starts ripping the flower heads and leaves. He’s actually grinding them and making herbal medicines out of them. Ran Ran is surprised he knows the herbal effect of these flowers and asks if he’s hurt but without a word, he takes her hand and applies the medicine on her.

This masked man of few words seems to have touched Ran Ran. He even blows on her injury. I’m so sorry guys, I can’t help but roll my eyes here. Everything was great up until the blowing part. He also tells her he’s notified her family of her safety. (Side note: 5th Bro isn’t worried about Ran Ran after knowing Ri Xuan is tending to her because of Episode 1 where he saved Ran Ran)

Hate to take you guys away from Ran Ran and Ri Xuan but Qin Lang has finally realized the one he loves is Ran Ran and not Biu-Jie. Unlike before where he was calmly investigating for his missing fiancée, now he takes matters in his own hand and rushes out of the city to find Ran Ran.

Back to Ran Ran, she’s out flower gazing until Ri Xuan forcibly swings her over his shoulder and brings her into the cottage because lunch time cannot be missed. The child who brought her flowers also brings her lunch. Ran Ran immediately lightens up to see buns on her food tray. However she hesitates slightly before digging in because the girl and masked man are silently staring at her eat. Still, one cannot resist the temptation of the buns.

I love his eyes! The mask does wonders to his visuals. The slightest change in his eyes does so much for his expression. Even though he doesn’t speak, with his eyes alone, he shows he loves and cares for her but represses it at the same time. He makes his eyes look so playful and yet other times he remains serious. He needs to have that mask on 24/7 xD.

Later that day Ran Ran wakes up with her favourite flowers at her bed side. It's from Ri Xuan.

She goes out and finds Ri Xuan and then they flirt. I mean sword dance. I mean gauging each other’s sword-ing skills. She comments how similar his moves are to Er-Shi-Xiong’s and shows off a move he’s taught her in the past.

However, she’s no match for Ri Xuan and ends up in his arms quite a bit. 

Later that day Ran Ran visits the little girl. Seeing Ran Ran standing there, the little girl automatically wipes down the seat for Ran Ran to sit on. Ran Ran asks her for details on Ri Xuan but the girl is vocally challenged. Ri Xuan comes by and gives the little girl a gift. (Hey, it’s the wishing knot that Ran Ran has been buying from the scammer.) Happily, the little girl tucks the gift safely away and goes back to doing her work (nearby). The little girl really adores him eh. Ri Xuan then tells Ran Ran the little girl’s name is Ru. She's an orphan. 

Ran Ran uses various methods in trying to convince Ri Xuan to let her go home (he doesn't let her go home because she's not fully recovered yet. It has absolutely nothing to do with him wanting to spend more quality time with her. Nope. Natta.). She asks him if he could provide her with the directions but her request is met with a blank (but amused) stare from Ri Xuan. I’m pretty sure he knows she’s directionless. Then she tries to express her gratitude, saying she can’t continue to exploit his hospitality anymore. Still, Ri Xuan doesn’t speak and just rolls his eyes around. Her third attempt is to challenge him to rock paper scissors and if she wins he’ll take her home. More eye rolling from Ri Xuan. He’s enjoying this.

Assuming her previous suggestion was too childish for him, her last resort is to challenge him to a sword duel. Holding out her stick she takes a jab a Ri Xuan but Ru comes rushing in to protect Ri Xuan and so the stick jabs at Ru’s heart (where she kept her gift). Ran Ran quickly apologizes and the topic on returning home is dropped.

That evening Ru is out in the meadows looking for flowers. It turns out to be a deadly trip as she comes across Ling Lang who’s faking her injuries. (Reminder: Ling Lang is the girl from Yue Ling Gong that had a duel with Ri Xuan in Episode 1)

At night, Ran Ran is hypnotized by the sound of Ling Lang’s bells. Following the ringing, she heads out of the cottage and is almost killed by a zombie. Yes, you read it correctly, I said zombie. Luckily Ri Xuan comes in at the nick of time and brings the hypnotized Ran Ran back into the cottage. Ri Xuan brings Ran Ran back to her senses by whispering in her ears: “Don’t be afraid.” Aw that’s romantic.

More zombies come out and Ri Xuan goes outside to deal with them but before that he warns Ran Ran to not leave the cottage. One of the zombies manage to break into the cottage though. This zombie is Ru. She’s aiming the sword at Ran Ran. Once again Ri Xuan comes in at this moment to save Ran Ran from Ru but Ran Ran pleads for him to save the possessed Ru. With regret and pain in his eyes, Ri Xuan sends his sword straight through Ru’s back and Ru collapses as her blood splatters everywhere. Wow, it's been a while since I've seen killing scenes that fake.

Shocked at Ri Xuan’s cruelty, she cries and jerks away at his touch. He tries to tell her Ru was already dead (before he killed her with the sword) but how can Ran Ran believe him when he obviously killed Ru right before her eyes.

- - - Comments - - -

The drama tries to justify that Ri Xuan didn’t kill because they were “zombies” that were already dead. They’re only moving because they’re possessed by Ling Lang’s bells. However, Ri Xuan has killed (the lady at the brothel and the creep who bought Ran Ran). Ri Xuan kills to save Ran Ran and that’s the only reason he kills. I’m not sure how Ran Ran will like that though. As for me, maybe it’s because I've recently watched a drama where the hero manages to fight every single person without ever killing a single soul, I appreciate a show that makes the hero imperfect and a tad bit more realistic. That being said, I'm very lenient with this drama and that's mostly because it's successfully created a world I'm willing to believe exists. I’m sucked into their fantasy world even if they throw vampires and zombies at me.

On the topic of vampires, Ran Ran biting down on Ri Xuan’s thumb worries me. Ri Xuan smiling at her sucking his blood means she’s done this before? Uh oh.

I’m not a vampire or zombie fan but if the show must go down this dreaded path, then I shall follow.