24 February 2016

Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau Episode 5

Sweet and bitter episode with the last bit leaving me flabbergasted. There is a five year time jump bringing us to 2016 but it's not the time jump itself that shocked me, it's the transformation of one particular person.

Ibuki calls Oto out for stargazing. He tells her the stars we see now are actually from centuries ago. Oto echoes him, musing that the stars have always been there. All these references to ‘time’ and one-sided love are killing me. It’s hinting at more separation. Gaaaah. Of course, a guy cannot call a girl out simply for stargazing. He intends to confess but he does so indirectly.

Oto gets on her knees and formally rejects him but does so indirectly as well: “Once I fall in love with someone I can’t stop loving them so easily. Because it’s not like I fell in love with them by choice. So even if it’s one-sided, I’ll still love them all the same.”

Ibuki gets on his knees with her and tells her he’s the same as her. He’s accepted her rejection yet at the same time, he’s also implied he’ll continue to love her all the same even though it’s one-sided for him. He said so much with so little words. Literally he only said "I'm the same." 

I don’t know for certain whether Oto has caught onto Ibuki’s declaration of love but she changes the topic: “Have you been to Lake Inawashiro? That’s where the person I love was born. I wanted to go there together at least once.”

Ibuki cutely asks: “Couldn’t you do that with me?”

But you see, he’s born in Tokyo. Oto is already in Tokyo (with him).

At work a tenant is reprimanding Ren for hogging the elevator. He demands a full out apology (i.e. getting on your knees and bowing down completely). Ren hesitates but Sabiki casually strolls in and does the apology exactly as demanded. I’m really starting to like Sabiki. It’s not because he took the punishment on behalf of Ren but how he did it so coolly. The tenant bitterly accepts the apology and leaves. Immediately after, Sabiki smacks Ren hard with his work gloves. Lol. Yeah. I'm really liking this guy. 

Sabiki advises Ren: “You should just do this type of pointless formality and think to yourself that guy’s an idiot.” Can I assume Sabiki has taken a liking to Ren since he's advising him? :D

These two have nothing better to do during work hours as Haruta trims Konatsu’s hair. She tells him Ren is her first love because he was there during her toughest time which was when her father cheated on her mother and left the house. Konatsu describes him as “pure and honest.” Haruta promises he’ll make Ren fall in love with her but he also says something scary e.g. he’ll make the girl he likes fall off the stairs. But Konatsu smiling at the end to herself if scarier. Uh…these two… are they really a good combo? They're a little scary. 

When Oto doesn't know what to say: Scratch, Scratch

Ren, Kihoko, and Oto happen to be on the same bus. It’s a little awkward as they ask each other pointless questions. Oto has this habit of touching her nose when she doesn’t know what to say. As they leave, Kihoko hooks onto Ren’s arms which isn’t something common for them. Kihoko knows something’s up between him and Oto, doesn’t she? Kihoko has successfully made Oto jealous when she sees them arm in arm.

When Ren and Kihoko arrive home, Haruta and Konatsu are already inside. They start their plan on stealing Ren’s heart. First, Konatsu slyly urges Ren to visit home because his grandfather is injured (even though he’s all healed now) and life has been difficult for the poor man (e.g. taking hours to walk to the grocery store). Taking advantage of Konatsu’s distraction, Haruta smuggles Ren’s phone to the balcony and reads Kihoko’s message (the one where she fesses up to all her lies). With that, he realizes that Ren doesn’t love Kihoko.

[March 2011]

Oto and Ren may have a bit of spare time this month as Oto’s company has decided not to renew her contract and Ren decides to asks for days off to visit his hometown. In Ren’s case, everyone thinks he’s given up on his Tokyo Dream and oddly it seems like Sabiki’s the one who’s the most disappointed in Ren.

That evening the two happen to be at Shizue-san’s place at the same time; she was caring for the dog while he was buying groceries for Shizue-san. Ren tells Shizue-san about his grandfather’s condition and grandma, our cupid, tells Oto she ought to just accompany Ren to his hometown to visit grandpa. The two are completely taken back by the suggestion. But you two sooooo want it. To cease the shock, Shizue-san says: “Just thinking out loud.” And then grandma leaves the two alone in the living room. Grandma’s a pro.

Alone in the room, Ren and Oto both sit there clueless as to how to continue the conversation because they obviously want to talk to each other.  Not knowing what to say, Oto plays with a ball and Ren pulls on his sweater. It’s not until Ren is about to leave that Oto sums up her courage to speak.

Oto: If you’re worried you should go back.
Oto: Just thinking out loud.

Ren: Mind your own business.
Ren: Just thinking out loud.

Oto: Someone needs to stay with grandpa.
Oto: Thinking aloud.

Aaaand they continue to think out loud for a while until Ren confesses he hasn’t accomplished anything in Tokyo. He can’t go back empty handed. But that’s not true. He saved Oto and Oto made sure to remind him of that. It seems like her words has gotten through to him him as he nods in agreement.

Miming "that something special"
Miming that "box" where "that something special" is
Oto also tells (and mimes) him that she won’t bring “that” up again because she’s locked it carefully away in the far back end of the shelf (of her heart). Their love for each other? Her love for him? Ren does the same. He mimes it and tells her he’s locked it carefully away too. Actually there was a scene earlier that showed Ren safely putting away the heater she bought for Oto in a closet and shutting the door.

Their conversation ends off on a happy note as Oto cheerily chides Ren to stop plucking at his sweater or else he’ll damage it.

Meanwhile, right outside Haruta overhears everything.

That night Ren has made the decision to return home in Aizu. I’m pretty sure it was mostly because of Oto’s words, assuring him that he’s accomplished things in Tokyo that he's set on returning to Aizu. The next day at work, Ren begs Sabiki for two days off to visit his hometown. Sabiki orders him to get on his knees and Ren does. While Ren is still kneeling, Sabiki initiates a conversation about katsudon (rice with pork culet) with the other co-worker. He’s still talking about that when the co-worker leaves and that’s when he speaks to Ren about Aizu speciality food and restaurants. Sabiki even switches to his dialect! Omg, they're from the same town and Ren realizes it too. Ren immediately lights up at all the Aizu references and with that Sabiki recognizes how much Ren has yearned to return to Aizu.

Sabiki: “It’s not fair that only you get to return.”
And that was Sabiki’s permission for Ren to go. I just like this guy more and more.

It seems like (almost) everyone is quite successful today. Kihoko’s new manager seemed to have recognized her talent (from her proposal three years ago) and placed her in charge of a project. While Oto was given a contract extension but her success came at the expense of Ibuki’s. He’s been demoted. Now he’s cleaning cars at his brother’s company (Well Blow Group – what a weird name).

Oto heads to Ibuki who happily greets her. He needs to wash all the cars in the parking lot. Without hesitation, Oto grabs a sponge and helps him clean. Initially he was against it but she reminds him the first time they met it was at the gasoline station, thus washing cars is her specialty. Aw.

After a night’s work Ibuki drops off Oto at Shizue-san’s place and they awkwardly meet Ren and Kihoko there too. There’s more to it, Haruta and Konatsu also happen to be there witnessing the awkward group of four but they themselves are not seen.  

Oto only had the intention of visiting the dog (is anyone going to make the dog’s name formal or what? I thought it was Sasuke) but Ibuki’s hungry so everyone is staying over for dinner. Thus, Oto has to bear with the uncomfortableness, hiding the fact that she loves a man she can't love. She’s not very good at it though as Ibuki immediately deduces Oto’s “one-sided” love is for Ren. Ibuki apologizes to Oto for being saying he’s hungry. Lol. 

When the men leave to get cushions (seats) only the girls are left in the kitchen. It takes a while for a normal conversation to start (most of the effort is coming from Oto anyways) and when the atmosphere warms between the two, it suddenly chills when Kihoko realizes Oto was the girl Ren met at Hokkaido a year ago. Oto scrambles a bit but tries to explain as clear as possible that there’s nothing between her and Ren. Kihoko avoids the conversation entirely by asking about the sweet corn dogs at Hokkaido.

The rest of the night goes by with all four of them laughing at the dumbest thing. However, the mood soon turns sour when Haruta and Konatsu barge in at dinner. Haruta forcibly brings up Kihoko’s affair, refusing to change the topic until there’s utter silence in the room. When he drops the topic, Oto attempts to lighten the atmosphere but that’s when Konatsu explodes. She absolutely detests every single person at this table for lying: she confronts Ren for loving someone else while dating another; she confronts Kihoko for knowing Ren doesn’t love her but pretending not to notice; she confronts Oto for knowing Ren is dating but still secretly meeting him. Konatsu spares no one. She's so caught up in her outburst, she's speaking in her dialect (the one Ren and Sabiki were speaking in).

She demands Oto to truthfully confess her feelings for Ren but Oto can’t answer. Tears are brimming her eyes though. Oto looks to Ren and he holds her gaze. Witnessing their exchange, Kihoko finally breaks down in tears. Konatsu continues to urge Oto to follow her and say “Ren, I love you.” However, it’s Konatsu who keeps repeating the line over and over again, tearfully revealing her true feelings. Wow. her monologue of confronting everyone's lies leads to her own truthful confession. So beautifully done.

Dinner is now successfully ruined. Grandma pulls Kontasu aside and Haruta leaves. I like how Ibuki confronts Haruta for leaving since he was the one that brought about the mess but I’d like to point out that Ibuki was the one that had unleashed this mess for being hungry. Ren tries to comfort Kihoko but she jerks away at his touch. Meanwhile Oto is holding back her tears. 

I just realized the only one that makes Oto cry is Ren. She’s the only one that hasn’t broken down into tears.

The morning when Ren leaves for Aizu he finds a notebook at his window sill. It’s a present from Oto and it’s all her notes on therapy and exercises for seniors. Omg. So neat! So thoughtful! There’s also a candy in the bag. Oto had actually stayed up until dawn to write the notes for him. (Meanwhile Kihoko is still ignoring his calls)

When Ren arrives at Aizu, the first thing he visits (isn’t grandpa) is Lake Inawashiro. Digging in his pockets, he brings out the candy Oto gave him along with the notebook. Omg. It’s like he bought Oto with him! He eats the candy while staring at the beautiful lake. 

Wikipedia tells me Lake Inawashiro is also known as “Heavenly Mirror Lake”. Just a little fyi.

Back at Tokyo, Oto is with Shizue-san who complains that Oto and Ren are too like at being too honest. Grandma assures Oto it’s okay to be a little sly (i.e. follow Ren back home) if her feelings were genuine.

Oto explains to Shizue-san she’s fine with things as is: “You see, I truly fell in love with him. It lasted a short time but I truly did. I’m fine with just that, having loved him. I’m very happy I did. I’ve been thinking this the whole time: that someday, when I remember this love, I will surely cry. Cue piano.

At Aizu, Ren and Grandpa finally meet each other. Ren tells him he’s back to fix the lightbulbs. Aw. He also fixes the bath. When Ren prepares the tepid bath for grandpa, he’s too busy making his lantern-like-things. Ren compliments his grandpa’s handcraft and wishes he could make these with him. I don’t like the sound of that.

Ren assures him that he’s doing well in Tokyo. He brags that people would remember him as the man who lived in Aizu (despite not knowing where Aizu is). Ren confesses that when he hated Tokyo he couldn’t return home but not that he loves Tokyo, he can return. Ren promises his grandpa that no matter how many years it’ll take, he’ll work with grandpa on the field. What? He’s not going back to Tokyo? So Sabiki was right ):

When grandpa heads in for his tepid bath, Konatsu is at Ren’s door but Ren coldly shuts it on her. Well, she deserved it.

[January 2016]

Oto hasn’t seen Ren since. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. She’s still in Tokyo and she still works at the same place but she’s been promoted. Even their washroom at the nursing home looks promoted. Seriously. So much high tech stuff.

Even though it’s been FIVE YEARS Oto still thinks about Mr. Mover.
Just a little note here: Oto is taking the subway again now that Ren isn’t here.

Switch scenes to a man (whose face is hidden) feeding a random dog some food. It’s Ren. In a fine looking suit. Looking horrible. Sorry.

Haruta, also in a suit, comes telling him that the subway is delayed (because of someone committing suicide). Irritated, Ren clicks his tongue and opts for a taxi. HE CLICKED HIS TONGUE? YO. NOT COOL. And why you take taxi. You take buses! 

- - - Comments - - -

Okay. What the heck happened?! I did not expect to be this shocked. There better be a darn good reason as to why Ren changed to this. It may have something to do with the deadly earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in March of 2011. The drama was hinting it a lot with the March 2011 reference and also Sakagami Jirou’s death being just one day shy of the deadly earthquake. Correct me if I’m wrong but after a few minutes of googling, I think Lake Inawashiro was also affected by the radiation (the aftermath of the tsunami). I have no idea how any of this will come into play for the next episode but the natural disaster must have been the catalyst to Ren’s current “successful-looking” state. And then there’s also that lantern thing.

I mentioned a Cinderella trope in this drama when she first lost her shoe but left Prince Charming and then when she fastened her shoe she found her charioteer (Ren) but I might need to back track a little. With Ren being successful, has he taken on the role as Prince Charming? Although Ren may have achieved his American Tokyo Dream, I know for certain that’s not the Ren Oto loves. Especially not the Ren that clicks his tongue at subway delays. Man that was disappointing.

Either way whether Oto will love the current Ren or not, she will always love Mr. Mover. She said so herself when she was stargazing with Ibuki: “I’ll still love them all the same.” Even though they’re not taking the bus anymore, they’ll find each other again. Siiiigh~~ We're back to subways again now. 

Konatsu was disappointing too. I just can’t like her even though she pointed out the truth about everyone being liars. I was surprised at how much truth there was in her confrontation to Oto about secretly meeting Ren despite knowing he’s dating. I was always on Oto’s side so I was blinded by that truth. But oh well. I’d support her over and over again. I’m no justice-holder.

Back to Konatsu, as much as I don’t like the actress behind her character, there was a lot of detail about her character I liked. When she described the Ren she loved she called him “pure and honest.” When she realized how dishonest Ren had been to Kihoko for not loving her entirely while dating her and to Oto for loving her but being unable to date her, she was utterly disappointed in Ren so much that she’d given up completely on making Ren fall in love with her. It’s only because Konatsu is so na├»ve and pure (and so insensitive) that she can be so brutally honest about everyone and herself while all the others were hiding their own feelings. With that I can sloooooooooooowly understand why Haruta is in love with her.  

And yikes. Here I thought one year was too long but five years and Oto is still thinking about her Mr. Mover. That’s some dedication. Technically they’ve only known each other for roughly three months but he’s been in her heart for more than six years.

Just a wee bit more about the romance in this episode. I love that Ren brought the candy to eat after he’s arrived at Lake Inawashiro. It’s like he purposely bought Oto with him to the lake. So sweet.

Credits to Sanashi (for subbing) and Cubical Noses (for timing). So thankful for all the side notes they add as well!! (:


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