12 May 2015

We are in Love [我们相爱吧] Episode 4 (Xu Lu and Kimi's cut)

Having to translate, I watched this episode twice and I found myself smiling from ear to ear right up to the end each time. This episode almost tops Episode 1 for me (excluding the other two couples). That's how great it was. 

Liu Wen and Siwon are up first. This screencap isn`t as romantic as you'd think if you saw the entire scene. After watching this segment, I honestly felt bad for Liu Wen. For her to bluntly reveal that she doesn’t feel Siwon’s sincerity when she openly exposes her vulnerabilities made me really wish they redid her whole portion with a guy that maybe wasn’t too popular? For their next week’s preview, Siwon actually gets a little help from the producers; they show him Liu Wen’s earnest feelings in her black box interviews about him. I’m hoping his anger at her is a fake act that will hopefully (somehow) get them closer.

Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong: Ruby surprised me with her uncontrollable tears, while Ren Zhong’s on the side being completely useless; imagine if Kimi was there instead. Anyways, this guy is so shy but so cute. It wouldn’t be bad meeting someone like him in real life. I give up on meeting a Siwon and a Kimi. Not that I would refuse any of them if I did meet one. Sorry, getting a little delusional here. Ren Zhong was quite cute when he tries to hold her hand this episode but fails without leaving a trace of evidence that he tried.

They’re also the first couple to talk about the other couples. They agree on not wanting to stand beside the supermodel couple (i.e. Siwon and Liu Wen). While they comment on Kimi and Xu Lu being the teenage, fluttery type of love love. Meanwhile, they reflect the realistic ones.

[46:50] & finally onto Fang Fang and Zhang Zhang!

They arrive at the karaoke but Xu Lu’s a tad nervous because she’s never been to one; she finds herself (really) awkward in those places. Even when Gui Gui urges her to sing first, Xu Lu immediately reclines back on the couch refusing to sing.

Gui Gui suggests to Kimi: Why don’t we sing a duet love song so she won’t feel awkward?
Kimi questions the absurd suggestion: You and I sing a love song to let her feel comfortable?
Gui Gui laughs and answers obnoxiously: Yup.

Gui Gui suggests to sing 明明很爱你 (direct translation: Obviously in Love You) by Victor Wong and Fish Leong (correct me if I’m wrong) but Kimi, unsure of himself, asks Xu Lu for permission.

Xu Lu claps her approval.
In Xu Lu’s voiceover: As long as they’re happy (he can sing).       

And they sing: [I’m] Obviously in love you, [I] Obviously want to be near you.

When Gui Gui grabs his hand, Kimi’s voice overlays the scene: This song has problems. This song’s lyrics have problems. I snuck a peak at her (Xu Lu), and she still seemed okay. Safe.” Not safe.

In Xu Lu’s interview: “I felt like I was once again left outside of their circle.”


When Kimi flicks his head back at her the caption reads: Still mad?
Xu Lu’s response is captioned as: What do you think?

When we switch to the next song, Kimi notices Xu Lu retreating to the couch again. In his interview: “My focus was on Fang Fang. I was thinking of how I should save this mess and how I should coax her.”

The lyrics Kimi sang particularly to her are: ‘You’re too beautiful, leaving me speechless… My Queen, I want to seize your beauty’.
And those with keen eyes can notice Gui Gui not pleased on the side.

In Xu Lu’s interview: "He’ll always randomly come find me, sing to me. I was touched."
He even clears out her eye gunk for her…

For his next song, it’s his own: ‘Together with you’.
Gui Gui’s thought bubble: Zhang Zhang, you should thank me.

A smile finally appears and Xu Lu describes her feelings in her interview: "It was quite touching. I was actually repeating that song lately so when I heard it live, although I looked cool and calm, my insides were doing tumbles."

Gui Gui: Lu Lu is really shy! What do we do? I’m happy that she’s finally done playing her games.
Xu Lu: Let’s just take this slowly. Slowly.

Gui Gui tries to lighten the atmosphere for Xu Lu by transforming Kimi into a girl.
Gui Gui points to Kimi: I know you’re an expert at being a girl.

In his interview: I’m very manly. Says the guy in pink who lives in a house of pink. However, for Xu Lu I’m willing to give up that to exchange for her happiness.

My, my. What pretty lips.

In her interview: "I’ve never seen him like this and now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it he really was funny."

In his interview: "Only because Fang Fang was here that I was committed (to be a girl). If she wasn’t here, I’d definitely refuse that request even if they were my friends."

When Xu Lu gets up, Gui Gui exclaims: She wants to come (join us)!
Xu Lu: No, I just wanted to fix my pants!
Despite sitting back down, our pink duo pulls her back up.

In his interview: "From a crying (sad) face to a normal face and finally (albeit slowly) to a smiling face. There was this process. Look at her dancing all happy now. She’s definitely happier now."


This definitely is her favourite song.

Even he can memorize the song now. This was seriously cute.

In her interview: Just really happy. All my worries were gone.
In his interview: Even if she did get angry, she’s forgotten it all now.

Gui Gui confronts Xu Lu honestly now: From the moment I entered your house, you were a little jealous, weren’t you?
Xu Lu mumbles: It was okay.
Gui Gui: You need to tell me the truth~
Xu Lu: Just a little.
Gui Gui hugs her: That means you did.
Gui Gui continues: I feel that he really does care about you.
Now Gui Gui speaks to Kimi: You’re her first love, so you better treat her well.
Kimi: Okay!
And then for some reason Xu Lu goes: I will treat you well.

They take one more selfie before Gui Gui leaves and as if we don’t already know she’s a lightbulb, she puts herself right smack in the middle.

With Gui Gui’s departure, our couple returns to Kimi’s condo.

Xu Lu: We finished singing. Are you happy now?
Kimi smiles: Yep. You?
Xu Lu: I’m quite happy.
Kimi: You really didn’t get angry today? He prods and prods again.
Xu Lu finally answers: Just a little.
Kimi: Just a little… How little?
Xu Lu: Normally, guys would call male friends over to introduce their girlfriends to. I never thought you would invite a girl over. So you did that on purpose, didn’t you?
Kimi eyes her cheekily: Yes.

She hits him and he laughs like a dork. (:

Kimi: I asked her because she has a great personality so that I thought you two could become friends.
Xu Lu completely agrees: Her personality is really great. She also told me how considerate you are to females. Heh.
Kimi: It’s really not like that. I know Gui Gui can tell that how I treated you today was different with how I treated other girls.
Xu Lu’s in disbelief as she reclines away from him: Really?
Kimi: Is that not good?
Kimi decides to add one more clause to their contract: Cannot let Fang Fang be jealous.

Xu Lu: So, this present, I should gift it to you instead.
Kimi denies that and clarifies that she can hang one at her home too but the clause will be changed to: Cannot let Zhang Zhang be jealous.
Xu Lu: I didn’t make you jealous! W-when did I make you jealous? That stutter must have meant she remembered, lol.
Kimi certainly hasn’t forgotten: Laptop, where did you go? I actually have much more screenshots.
Xu Lu pulls him back: Let’s slowly discuss this.

Xu Lu’s defeated and now has to abide by the contract while Kimi’s looking for a place to hang his.


They now discuss her script. He wants to help her practice it but not without a motive.
Xu Lu: You sure you want to talk to me about my script?
Kimi: Certainly.

He flips over the script and finally finds the scene he wants: Kiss.

Xu Lu casually tries to turn over the page but Kimi’s insistent on reading it.
Fixating on the script, Kimi reads: This is the kiss she waited for five long years. That sure sucks.
As she tries to intercede, Kimi asks: How do you act out a kiss that you waited five years for?
Xu Lu: Stupefied… Anticipation!
Kimi prods again: How does the audience know that this kiss was anticipated for five years?
Xu Lu doesn’t know how to answer him.

Kimi advises her to let the kiss scene be as spontaneous as possible so that her real emotions can surface naturally. Impressed, Xu Lu gives him the thumbs up.


Kimi: Let’s have a practice round.
Xu Lu is completely taken back: I don’t need to practice this scene. I don’t want to act out a kiss scene with you. Don’t think too much.
Kimi: Listen to me first. What was your motive in coming to my house today? I’m not the only one here with a less-than-innocent mind here, right? You came to my house, at first you were nervous, but it was you that brought it up first. You want to help me with my eyeliner, right? Now are you still doing it? Well, that took an unexpected turn.
Xu Lu: Yes
Kimi: Then do it.
Xu Lu: Okay then.

Kimi: So, after you do my eyeliner, I’ll act out the female and you act out the male. Deal? Smooth. So stealth.

And that’s how she gets conned into agreeing with him. 

Female transformation commence. If anyone actually went to search for more scenes of these two, starting from episode 2 the show has released extra tidbits for each couple. This eyeliner scene was the tidbit for episode 2. While here's the link for episode 1.

Xu Lu’s dives into work, but her laughter ends up shaking his entire face.

Kimi: Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Your hands are shaking.
Xu Lu finally starts drawing: It’s your eyes that shouldn’t shake(/blink). My hands are not shaking.

In her interview: "To be honest, I never did my own eyeliner and I’ve never done it for someone else either. Oh dear. It’s my first time, so I didn’t know how it would turn out."

Xu Lu: Girls must draw in their eyeliner extra thick to emphasize their eyes. Meaning his would be thick. I’ll help you draw in a beautiful double eyelid.


Xu Lu agrees with her thumbs up: Especially beautiful.

She even explains logically that she drew it with technique to boot. As she continues to describe how she beautified his eyes, Kimi is stupefied once he sees his reflection. This is what she blabbers about: “Don’t you feel that your eyes have gotten longer unlike your small eyes from before? Somehow, I think I missed the compliment in the previous sentence. Do you also feel the charm of being woman ooze from within? If you want to act out a girl, you must bring out this female charm – Kimi’s dying here – It’s very beautiful, okay! I really think it’s beautiful!

Kimi: Listen to me. I didn’t say it wasn’t beautiful. You must let me have this process to adjust first.
Xu Lu: It’s very beautiful!
Kimi laughs while begging: Let me adjust, please.
Xu Lu pouts: Aren’t you adjusting right now? Just let me help you touch it up a bit.

Kimi has died of laughing. Xu Lu’s “Oppa” calling isn’t working as he dashes to the washroom to revitalise himself. While Xu Lu’s still insisting it’s the most beautiful thing ever. I applaud her for not falling into a laughing fit.

Coming to a sudden realization, Xu Lu yells to him: You can’t wash it!

After fully adjusting, Kimi strides back in sexily. Wow, his eyes actually look bigger to me.

Kimi: To not make you laugh, I’ll don this pair of sunglasses while I act with you. It’s not that I think it’s unsightly, I just don’t want you to burst out laughing. After we’re done acting, I’ll take these off. I promise you, I won’t wash it. After all, it’s your first time drawing it, right?
Xu Lu: Okay, then let’s act well. This scene will require me to push you against the wall. She says this matter-of-factly.

Kimi follows the script: How did you know I was here? Were you stalking me?
Xu Lu: You should know by now, I know everything about you. Your body’s covered with the smell of cigarette, you must have had fun. Is this how you start over again? But I can give you another chance.
Kimi: Really?

Xu Lu whispers: Of course. She’s out of her role here.

Aaand Kimi closes in. It is not fair how he has sunglasses on.

Does anyone hear him breathing really hard here or is it just me?

Xu Lu finally manages to shy away and suavely wave bye.
Making a quick turn, Xu Lu asks: Feel it? (The kiss that was anticipated for five years)

Kimi: Just a little longer. I strongly believe that he (the male actor) will act this scene out longer. LOL, sure, why not? If he wants to smell your fragrance (that’s the direct translation, take it whichever way you want), and smell you completely... – and ever so smoothly, he narrows the gap.

In her interview: “I was a little “Fang Zhang” Meaning “nervous” but notice that it’s also their nicknames for each other. My heart was – claps her hands to describe it – ‘Gedeng’ (= ‘thump thump’) a little.”

In his interview: “I really wanted to hang in there a little longer. Using all my strength to smell, I want to smell her completely and all the beautiful fragrance on her.”

Sorry, just let me laugh a little here. I know it’s supposed to be romantic and it really is but having to translate all this smelling business is making me laugh too hard. I tried particularly hard to use the exact same words he does for his interview just so I don’t get any liability for what he’s saying. I don’t know why he’s “smelling” here. Is it in the script? Originally, I thought he wanted to absorb the atmosphere which includes her scent… but then in the interview, he clearly meant smelling at its most basic sense. Maybe this is the better way of interpreting it: 
"I really wanted to hang in there a little longer. Using all my focus to sense her fragrance..." 

Kimi continues to give her advice that that proximity: After he’s done smelling, hold back. Then finish delivering your line and then leave. So that’s his part (remember they switched roles). But this expression you here is just right – He closes in one more time. 

Finally, he lets go of her but she can’t stand properly. AW.

Kimi: What are you doing? You can’t stand?
Kimi asks again: What’s wrong? This guy. 
Xu Lu softly answers: I understand now.
Kimi: You’re nervous, aren’t you?
Xu Lu: I get it. I get it.
She grabs him back to the couch. Why are we heading back to the couch…lol
Kimi: Why’s your face all read?

In her interview: “I can’t act with him because I can’t get into my role. When he was very close to me, I was ‘Uhhh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.’ I felt shy and nervous” Essentially, she wasn’t in role anymore once he invaded her personal space.

Xu Lu: You really need to leave tonight?
Kimi: How about I change the ticket to tomorrow morning?
Xu Lu: But then you’ll be very exhausted.
Kimi: Were you happy (today)?
Xu Lu: Yes.
Kimi: Really?
Xu Lu: Yes.
Xu Lu: I will miss you. I will think of you. Good luck of your work. Add oil(/Fighting)!
Kimi wishes her luck (for work) too and tells her if she has any questions she can just text him.  
As they're heading to the door, Xu Lu says: Don’t miss me too much.

They bid their farewells but neither wants to be the first to leave. 
Kimi reaches out for Xu Lu’s hand and she takes it.

My words cannot describe how beautiful this scene is. I love how he pulls her in and envelopes her in his embrace. So man!

In his interview: “She understands me more and more now. [Pause] And I also lost a little control.” Aw, he's shy.

In her interview: Very romantic. Compared to what you think, it’s even more romantic. Aw man, how am I supposed to imagine it now then? Heh. At that time, I really felt like I didn’t want to leave. (She looks teary here)

Although Kimi’s abroad now, this episode’s still got more sweet surprises for you all.

While Xu Lu’s studying her script, her manager asks if she’s kept in touch with ‘Miki’ these days. Xu Lu laughs and corrects Kimi’s name for her. She also replies that she hasn’t kept in touch.

Xu Lu: He’s…acting.
Manager: So what? You can still text him.
Xu Lu ponders a little: Too far. Time zone difference. Excuses.
Manager: So have you sent him texts? Does he reply you?
Xu Lu: Not close. She’s not getting away from her two word replies.
Manager: Not close? After that on just the second day of filming and you’re claiming you guys aren’t close?
Xu Lu laughs: Enough!
Manager: What’s enough? You listen to his song from morning to night – you know, that song, “Together with you.”

Xu Lu hides her face and cools it down with (room temperature) water. 


Manager: Give me an honest explanation  
Xu Lu calmly looks her way: Nothing – looking towards the plushie – we’re very good.
Manager: If I were you I’d contact him directly with suggestions like dinner, movie, or karaoke.
Xu Lu freezes.

However, her manager holds back on the questioning and leaves her be because Xu Lu needs to get up early tomorrow for her schedule.

When she’s alone, she starts talking to her plushie. She looks like she’s practicing how to be direct.

Xu Lu asks the toy: Did you sleep well? Did you miss me? Is it fun there? When will you be done filming?
Xu Lu finally sends Kimi an audio message: What are you doing? Are you still aboard?

After a while she gets a reply. Her ringtone is his voice! And I’m still searching for that song! It’s Kimi; he sent a video message. In there Kimi says: Right now I’m in Italy; the time is 10:03. While in Beijing its 5:03 am. It’s my second day in Italy but I’m already sick. Sick from missing you. Ugh, lol. Did you miss me too?


It’s another day in the video message: “Fang Fang, how are you? Today is the third day in my filming schedule.”

The next segment of his video, he’s got a towel on his head with a pair of sunglasses on: “It’s the fourth day and I have a fever. There’s no medicine for this. Everyone’s tell me to get a warm bath but none of them know the real reason why I’m sick. Missing you is a type of sickness Kimi also gets his fellow actors to comment; one says how much he loves her (Xu Lu) while the other wishes their marriage well.

Our Xu Lu is touched.

Finally in the last bit of the video he says: Fang Fang, let us fall in love (the direct translation of the show’s title). I’m coming!

And he’s certainly is coming. I find this so romantic.
He hides the peek hole and rings the doorbell.
Xu Lu is stunned: Why are you in China?
Kimi: Surprise!

In Xu Lu’s interview: “He’s still in the middle of filming, in the middle of working. He’s obviously still tired but he showed up right in front of me. I was really surprised.”

In Kimi’s interview he describes his feelings: "Nervous. Rather flustered."

He opens his arm for a big hug but we’re immediately disappointed when she automatically shakes his hand. Fang Fang might just be an actual expert at playing this push and pull game.

The person who’s disappointed the most tells us in his interview: “When I opened that door, I was wondering whether she would be brought to tears, whether she would embrace me. Whether… I was thinking too much?” Aw!

Xu Lu: What’s in the box? Is it edible? Of course, Xu Lu and her food cravings.
Kimi: It must be eaten.
It’s Tiramisu.
Xu Lu: Do you know what Tiramisu means?
Kimi pauses: You know?
Xu Lu: You tell me first.
Kimi: Of course I know. I was afraid you wouldn’t know.
Xu Lu: I know because it was recently in my script.

In his interview: “Tiramusi has a very special meaning. It means to ‘take you away.’ If she didn’t know the meaning and she had finished it, and then I had asked ‘Eh, what was the meaning of this cake?’ That would have been a headache. It’s good that she knows.”

Kimi: This Tiramisu is special. The taste, I can say, is unique. The only one in this entire world.

He opens it for her and tells her to taste it first. She does. One bite after another.  

Kimi: Don’t you think you should leave me some?
Xu Lu innocently stares at him: Didn’t you give this to me (for me to ‘take’ away)? Her teeth, lol.
Kimi: Yes, but I haven’t yet had a chance to taste it myself.
Xu Lu’s embarrassed.
Kimi: Shouldn’t you feed me a bite for me to taste it? – He opens his mouth – Ah.


Kimi: I also brought you presents(-s-s-s-s) from Italy. Also, this Tiramisu isn’t simple.

He pulls out his iPad and we learn he made it himself.
Xu Lu’s completely in awe: You made this?
Kimi: My first time.

In his interview: “I’m glad I didn’t tell her right away that I made it. I only told her after she took a few bites. When she saw the clip, although she didn’t cry, I saw those little sparkly things in her eyes. The feeling in my heart was beautiful.” Ah, I’m smiling with him.

In her interview she tells us she didn’t expect him to make the cake and expresses regret to not have taken a picture first.

Kimi: What about you? How did you miss me?

Xu Lu, without any warning, throws him a hug.

Kimi freezes slightly: Wait, wait! Wait! This is your first time hugging me.
Xu Lu’s voice is completely sweetened: Yes.
Kimi: This is the first time you initiated the hug.
Xu Lu: Yes. Does it show how much I miss you? 
Kimi: Hold on a second. I believe, this should be more formal. LOL. This one doesn’t count.
Xu Lu: That’s not right. We already hugged.
Kimi: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Stand up.

Obedient as ever, Xu Lu gets up.

Kimi: Because you miss me and you don’t know how to express it in words so you hug me, which I think is perfectly fine. But you have to hug me with more sincerity. You can’t hug me that casually.
Xu Lu: 1, 2, 3. LMAO, why are we counting down up?

Kimi: Hold on! Hold on! I’m reminded of him sweating bullets from episode one.
Kimi looks away and stretches his back before giving her the okay signal.
Xu Lu: 1, 2, 3.

It’s Xu Lu’s turn to step away. I can’t. This is too cute.    
While Kimi’s hands awkwardly divert upwards.

And once again we start over. 
Xu Lu: 1, 2, 3.


Xu Lu: Thank you.

Does she give him her necklace?

In his interview: “April 3rd 11:20pm is the first time Xu Lu initiated hugging me.”
In her interview: “It’s because I didn’t prepare anything for him that I felt like I could only give him a hug.”


Although she wasn’t prepared this time around, next week’s preview has her throwing herself into completely servicing him, even with his shower. Kimi exclaims like a child and even throws a towel at her refusing to shower. I honestly cannot wait for next week. I’m totally in for the Kimi without make up and the coward Kimi in front of Xu Lu. Also, I don’t know who to call the pervert: Xu Lu, who’s lifting up his robe to his butt, or Kimi, who lies his head on her chest.

Short Comment:

Whew, was this week satisfying! These two play fine on their own. I don’t want any more guests, please. Last week's episode was seriously lackluster compared to this week's. The acting scene was fun with the almost kisses but the hugs left me smiling ear to ear. First with that beautiful I-don't-want-to-leave-yet hug and then wrapped up in that I-missed-you hug. Each were topped with a giddy Kimi, lol. His smile is contagious.

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