April 23, 2015

We Are In Love [我们相爱吧] - Episode 1

Chinese Version of WGM that aired Apri 19, 2015. 

So far I'm loving the first couple: Kimi and Xu Lu.Their first meeting = JaeRim + JoonMi’s. Xu Lu resembles Seo Hyun (in her WGM days) but more playful while Kimi is the experienced fella minus the cheesy lines. Their cuteness reminds me of TaeEun in the early days too. Tell me how awesome these two are. Other couples include: Ren Zhong + Ruby Lin and Choi Siwon + Liu Wen.

May 21, 2015: I added a translation at the 3:18 minute mark. Scroll down and look for "Edit"

Green = My comments // Skip them if you must.
Bold Names = Their dialogue // Let's not skip these.

Xu Lu – She’s an actress (caught a bit of her in Singles Villa – initially promising but lacked direction hence gave up months ago). She talks to herself the entire car ride: first wondering why she has to cover her eyes, perhaps the guy is ugly; then wondering if she should use a joke to break the ice but her joke turns out cold; lastly, she cries for her mom.

Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang) – He’s a singer, actor, model according to wiki. I don’t know him but I think he mostly identifies himself as a singer? Rock, perhaps. He goes “Ha?” when he finds out their meeting place would be in complete darkness. I think he looks better with his eyes covered up. Heh.

His interview on his initial thoughts of meeting in complete darkness: “Absolutely no security; I’m in a new environment, having no clue what to do next, and unable to see anything beside me.”

While sipping something he realizes that he can drink (which I’m pretty sure should be the other way around), Xu Lu’s van is rounding the corner. She stumbles in wobbly which gives him time to…

…immediately hide but not without a few stumbles of his own. They’re cute already.

Xu Lu: Hi? Are you at home (i.e. Are you here)?
– No answer –
Xu Lu: Hi… Is there anyone? 

Kimi: Hello, I am your waiter. The male guest hasn’t arrived yet. 

In his interview he reveals that he lied because he wanted to get closer to her without the awkwardness from the revelation that he’s her boyfriend-to-be.

He sits down next to her ever so slowly and ogles at her. He mouths something like “Woah” (or I might be imagining it). He doesn’t know yet who she is. She probably feels a dark presence because she asks who’s beside her (at this point, I’d say he seems like a pervert, heh). Immediately he shifts away and stands back up.

Kimi: Excuse me. I-I-I-I-I-I (really he said a lot of “I’s”) – insert an awkward laugh here – I-I-I-I-I-I’ll go rush the male guest. You can eat first.

Xu Lu: I don’t want to eat. I’m too nervous. (She sounds like a kid)

She converses normally with him (I guess his goal is achieved?) and later in her interview she reveals that she believed he was a waiter without a doubt.

He sits down again and I swear there was this one moment she looked directly at him but then she looks to her front again and practices her greeting: “Hi” plus a wave.

He then practically puts his face in front of hers. I think he also inhales (hopefully not exhales) deeply in front her too. Actually neither an inhale nor an exhale is good at that angle (lol) but he does breathe deeply. With that, she senses his presence completely.

Xu Lu: Who’s next to me? What are you doing?

Deeps breaths, dude. Deep breaths.
He gets up again and holds himself. Heh.  

Then Kimi mans up his voice: Hello.
Xu Lu: (nervous!) You are?
Xu Lu again: Where are you?

She reaches out to touch him but shrinks back immediately. I know girl, what if you actually do touch him. LOL

Kimi: (breathes out) Hello.
He sits down, still hugging himself. And are we done the “Hello’s” yet! 
Xu Lu: (timidly) Are you the male guest?
Kimi: (bows down his head…in an attempt to lower his voice perhaps) Are you that girl?


Xu Lu: Yes.

Music! Me = All smiles.

After they`re done with their last awkward but totally cute Hi’s, they get their question time.

Xu Lu: Are you 180cm?
Kimi: Yup. (And wiki confirms it.)
Xu Lu: Does that include the hair? (Is it a normal thing to include the hair??)
Kimi: If I add the hair, it should be 190? LOL. My hair’s very long.
Xu Lu: You hair is very long?

However, instead of thinking of the gelled up tall hair, she’s thinking more of a feminine long/rocker-ish hair. She names this guy who I don’t know but seems to be a well-known rocker. Kimi’s got quite the humor and plays along.

Kimi: Ah, no good, she already guessed who I am.
He attempts to sing in his hoarsest voice to mimic this rocker making Xu Lu burst out laughing.
Kimi’s question now: Which part of the face do you look at the most?
Xu Lu: The nose. (I for one do not understand this obsession with noses)
Kimi laughs because he knows he’s got a good nose.
Xu Lu: Is it high?
Kimi: My nose is the best thing on my face. (LOL – he does say it a tad more modestly)
Xu Lu: Really?
Kimi: If you don’t believe me, you can touch it. (SoRim anyone?)
Xu Lu: I’m touching.
Kimi: Where’s your hand.

He grabs her hand and she lets him guide her to his nose. He describes his nose as the real deal; a specialty of Shang Hai. LOL. She laughs and her fingers almost go in her nostrils. LMAO.

Kimi: Don’t go in!
In her interview, she laughs and confirms that his nose was quite high.
Kimi’s question again: Single or double eyelid?
Xu Lu: Double.
Kimi: Long hair or short hair?
Xu Lu: Long.
Kimi: How tall are you?
Xu Lu: 166 cm.
Kimi giggles. I guess that means he’s satisfied. But that doesn’t last long (;
Xu Lu: What’s your sign?
Kimi: Libra. You?
Xu Lu: Capricon.

He freezes. Literally.

In her interview Xu Lu reveals she immediately knew that he was probably hurt by someone with that sign. She suavely comments that it’s too bad because she can’t change her sign. There’s absolutely no hint of remorse in her comment btw.  

Xu Lu: Why aren’t you saying anything?
Kimi: How old are you?
Xu Lu: 94’er.
Kimi: 94!!
He’s having a mental collapse because he’s 27.
Kimi: Then…. Have you been in love (or dated) before?
Xu Lu: (hesitates)…No.

Kimi’s completely knocked down. The pressure is on, dude. In the interview he asks the producers: “Are you messing with me?” I honestly don’t know what was wrong with the star signs. Did he have a scandal before? I Googled the two signs and it seemed that the signs are completely opposite: Capricorn is “quiet and unassuming” while Libra is a “social butterfly”. Hm.

Edit: I forgot a bit of the beginning portion of this episode, which explains why there's a "problem" with Capricorn.  
[At 3:18 of the full segment] Kimi reveals his wish list for his partner to be:  "Long hair. Dimples. Just like Liu Yi Fei. As long as she isn’t Capricorn. If I want to cherish my life, then I need to keep a distance from Capricorns" (I think that applies to him only or his star sign…)  // End of Edit. 
Kimi: You’ve never been in love? Dun dun duuunnn.
Xu Lu: Mm.

Xu Lu’s body language seems to be preparing herself for a good scolding. LOL. She asks him in a timid voice if there was anything wrong.

Kimi completely shifts his body towards her and says: Then, am I your first love? Squeaaal!
Kimi: Are you a singer?
Xu Lu: No.
Kimi: An actress?
Xu Lu: Yes.
Kimi connects the dot. (94’er + an actress =….)
Kimi: Are you Liu Yi Fei?

LMAO. So he actually mentioned his ideal girl. The caption goes K.O. because he’s so incredibly wrong. First of all Liu Yi Fei is way before ’94 and most importantly she’s like in the top bracket of actresses that exist in all of China. Poor Xu Lu. 

After a while, for some reason, he wants to move the table. Perhaps he wants more leg space? However, he ends up knocking a glass of water over and manages to get her dress wet.

They continue questioning each other and Xu Lu learns he knows how to play instruments but lately instead of opening concerts, he’s been acting. They continue conversing nonchalantly until Kimi bursts: “Can’t you sit closer to me!” I found it cute (I mean, the poor guy just wants her closer to him) but Xu Lu obviously doesn’t share the same sentiment as me. At first Xu Lu quietly answers him its wet there. However, she quickly catches onto something else. 

Xu Lu: Are you being angry with me right now?
Her timid voice got so scary all of a sudden. Kimi’s mental state is going: “Oh, shit.”

Before he has time to react audibly, Xu Lu sticks her thumb up at him (don’t know if he can see though) and comments/spits out: “Beautiful.” Haha. I like this girl.

In her interview she states that she’s used to being the youngest whether it’s at school, at home, or at work so no one really gets (unnecessarily) angry at her.  Someone raising their voice at her is almost completely foreign to her.

Kimi nervously laughs and tries to clarify himself but all he can say is: “It isn’t like that. Listen to me.”

Xu Lu laughs and tells him: “You’re doing well, aren’t you! I don’t even know who you are yet.”
Kimi’s begging (and grappling at her arm) for her to listen to his explanation.
She lets him talk but he’s silent for a while. LOL. You’d think he couldn’t save this conversation but Kimi says: “It’s me that should have sat closer.” And he moves right next to her with barely any space between them left. Aw. However, he comments that it really is wet there. LOL.

He fixes the situation by putting his feet up on the couch and ends up hovering right above her. Talk about taking advantage of what was disastrous; this guy’s good. I don’t care if it’s scripted at this point. Just don’t let me know explicitly.

Later, he takes her hand with the excuse of guiding her around the place. Really, what he wanted was to see her face with the aid of the extra light. For some reason, they’re dancing? But when Kimi lowers his face to her level he goes: “Oooh my Good.” He’s so happily surprised!

However, Xu Lu doesn’t have the slightest idea who her boyfriend is while Kimi’s glowing in bliss. She throws him a puppy face (but you’re in the dark!). He probably feels her pouting because he sighs in contemplation. Then Xu Lu gives a killer plead: “Oppa ~”.

Kimi: (all smiles now) What did you just call me?

He loves it. However, Xu Lu immediately changes to the Chinese way of addressing ‘brother’ which shares absolutely no connotation like“Oppa” does. He tells her to call him that again but she shakes her head unless he reveals his identity. This girl knows how to push and pull him just fine.

Kimi: Honestly, I do want to reveal who I am, but I just have to go to the washroom right now. Like, I have to.

It takes him a while to actually leave because Xu Lu won’t let him go alone. She knows that if he opens the door to leave to the washroom, light will come in and she’ll see his face. Knowing her intention, he’s very insistent on her staying put on the couch. However, Xu Lu’s quite persistent. 

Kimi even comments to her how tight she’s grabbing onto him now. Aww.

In his interview he’s all smiley when he tells us what he thinks about her: “She’s very innocent and cute.” He comments that before when he held onto her hands, she would avoid his (but you still grasped on pretty well, didn’t you?). Now, because she really wants to know who he is, she wouldn’t let go of his. His last comment is this: “Can you (Xu Lu) hold onto a bit longer?” LOL. This guy.

He finally escapes to the bathroom leaving poor Xu Lu in the dark. She cries out in the lonely darkness but a sudden sound from the room startles her into silence.

Then suddenly, the room she thought she was in, which was really a van, opened. So pretty!

OMG. He’s so cool! LOL. She called him “Male God” in her interview. I agree.

This is me too.

So beautiful!

FYI: This is Jay Chou's Adorable Girl with lyrics about a cute girl making him blush, his heart burn, and go crazy.

In her interview she comments that he may not be that good-looking but he’s definitely rising to Male God status after that performance. Initially I didn’t agree with her, I thought he was pretty good looking but after a while I noticed his thick eyeliner and some not so pleasing screencaps of him scattered on Google. But I still like you Kimi!

In his interview he comments that he wanted to give her the perfect experience for her first romance (or so she claims). It really is perfect.

After the performance, Kimi speaks into the mic: “This song is for my cute girl. Hello, My name is Kimi Qiao.

In her interview she reveals: “No guy has done something like this for me. I’m really touched. I don’t know about other girls but to me having a guy singing and playing a guitar for, I absolutely have no resistance against that. Completely just…Male God!”

Kimi asks in a sexy voice: Do you like it?
Xu Lu: (thumbs up) Handsome! A common compliment in Chinese.
Kimi: From now on if you’re going to call me handsome, please say it louder. One more time please. (Oh dear god. This guy ain’t simple either.)
Xu Lu yells: Very Handsome!

He jumps towards her and when he catches sight of what he did to the dining table, he laughs at the disaster he caused. He officially introduces himself again with a handshake this time.

However, it wasn’t a simple handshake: he pulls her in for a hug. A brotherly hug though, packed with a fist pump on the back. He tells her that’s his way of greeting with his buddies. But she’s not your regular buddy!

In his interview, he comments on her looks too: it’s a bit square. (Eh!) But then he sorta changes it to a compliment by commenting on it being natural. This guy has this lopsided smile that makes me forgive him for saying the wrong things.

However, Xu Lu’s interview aren’t packed with compliments either. She says he has more makeup on than her. Ouch. Lol. I declare you guys even.

He tells her he’s worrying about how she doesn’t have any experience. He confirms whether she’s telling the truth to which she swears it is. Oof. LOL. But he doesn’t let it show and smiles brightly instead.

Kimi: Right. That’s real swell.
Xu Lu: (laughs) That’s not what you’re thinking. What do you actually want to say?
Kimi: Then I’m your first love? How wonderful is that.

In his interview he states that sometimes men want to be taken care of (I see what you wanted) but he denies that men should be the one taking care of girls. (Mmhmm…) He guarantees that he’ll let her experience an unforgettable first love. (I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m worrying for her yet  totally looking forward to it)

Xu Lu: So you’ve dated?
Kimi: Ummmm, since my age…
Xu Lu sort of interrupts him (not on purpose though): You can tell me right?
Kimi: Of course. Since I’m much older, I’ve been in love 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times? However, for each one, I was serious about them. (Don’t know how that sounds to other people, but I can’t trust that he was serious in every one of them neither am I too impressed to find out it’s true that he was serious for that many relationships.)

In her interview she looks to the positive side: if she was partnered with an inexperienced guy then it’d be troublesome because she’s also inexperienced. However, she adds: “but not that much experience, please.”

He brought her a present but wants her to close her eyes first. His attempt at getting her to keep her eyes closed was cute. He gifts her a plush toy with his face on it. I guess celebrities really have to love themselves. Aside from the cuteness (well Xu Lu thinks that), it’s for motivation: to push down the negative thoughts when she puts this adooorable plush toy above her head. 

She also bought him a present. It’s that truth-or-electrocute toy. With his hands in there, Xu Lu asks him: “Were you disappointed to find out your partner was me?” Uh oh. We all know how accurate that thing is.

Kimi: No. 


Xu Lu: Please tell me the truth!
They both laugh. He’s totally speechless.

In his interview he says: “She’s very interesting. You guys wanted the feelings of first love right? Well, today, I got that feeling! Squeeeaaaal!

Xu Lu: So you’re disappointed in me, right?
Kimi: No. This thing’s broken.
Xu Lu: Impossible.
Kimi: My feelings towards you today is surrounded by the unexpectedness, albeit a little uneasy but definitely not disappointment. If I disliked you, hated you, or found you annoying, I would be very awkward right now. But right now my attitude is (pauses a little here) a little excited. J I can only say that this instrument is definitely faulty.

Seemingly convinced, Xu Lu brings out her second gift. Since she didn’t know who her partner would be therefore having no knowledge of what he would like, she bought him what she likes: chocolate.

Kimi: Pink wrapping?
Xu Lu: Mm!

He’s actually pretty impressed with the chocolate but before I get to see what he saw, Xu Lu offers to help him take the chocolates out by directly pouring it out from the box. So basically, I don’t know what he was exclaiming about.

Kimi: You’re pretty rough. (Lol)
Xu Lu laughs and apologizes. But I don’t think she’s ashamed of it, haha.

She offers him the gold wrapped one but he’s looking at the pink one. Does he really like pink? She opts for the red one but then hesitates.

Xu Lu: Can I eat one?
Kimi eyes her and tells her: But you gave this to me, so these are mine now.
Kimi proceeds to open his pink one.
Xu Lu: Can you please let me have one chocolate?
Kimi: Better attitude please.

Xu Lu: Oppa~

But before she called him Oppa, he was already taking the chocolate he was opening to feed her. OMGGG. So sweeeeet!

But the sweetness doesn’t last long.

Kimi goes “Ai-yah-yah-yah-yah” because there’s filling inside the chocolate and when she bit it in half, the filling trickled readily down her chin and onto her dress. He falls into a laughing fit. Quite literally.

She calls for tissue and he busily searches for one but can’t hide his giggles. Unable to find tissue he decides to use his plush toy but Xu Lu refuses to get the toy dirty. Amidst his frantic search for tissue, Xu Lu’s been repeating how delicious the chocolate was. This girl.

He finally finds tissue and immediately rushes to help her wipe it but stares at her chest helplessly.

Kimi: This…I don’t think I should…
Xu Lu: Gimme.

She wipes her dress in front of him like it’s nothing while the only words coming out of her mouth is how delicious the chocolate was. All Kimi can do is laugh into his hands with his back against her. 

Xu Lu brings him back to camera view when she asks him: “Can I have another one?” LMAO.
Kimi glares back at her playfully like she’s a kid. When he meets her eyes, they can only laugh. She adds a little apology too. Still feeling no shame. Haha.

As he recalls this incidence in his interview he’s still laughing about it. He calls her a real snacker/eater. Just thinking about that incident can make him laugh half a day (i.e. a lot). He can just imagine going out to eat with her and fighting for their share of food. His last comment about her: “Very good.” LOL.

They proceed to take a selfie. Although it may be normal in the entertainment world, I find it totally adorable that she lets him check if she’s got anything in her teeth. He puts a chocolate in his mouth before posing for the selfie. Xu Lu makes an offhand comment: You’re chocolate better leak. Either his response was lackluster or he completely didn’t hear it because there wasn’t a response.

Selfie #1

Selfie #2
She’s amazing for giving us that look in her selfie #2.

Kimi: From now on, this selfie (#2) will be your cell phone background.
Xu Lu: Why!
Kimi: Because I’m your first love.
Xu Lu: Then you owe me a favour.
Kimi: Oh, so there’s a deal here (he’s all smiles). He’s really loving her
Xu Lu: Of course.
Kimi: Okay, spill it.
Xu Lu: I haven’t thought of one right now.
Kimi: You’re messing with me, aren’t you? (He sort of gets cut off but that’s what he meant/wanted to say)
Xu Lu: I’ll tell you next time.
Kimi: So you’re saying I owe you a favour, right?
Xu Lu nods. 

However, Kimi changes it up. He decides to agree to four of her requests if she agrees to three of his. Since Xu Lu doesn’t have the slightest clue of what she wants from him, Kimi tells her the three he wants from her: first was the cell phone background being selfie #2; second is all ring tones and alerts are his voice; third is no matter what work it is as long as it is kissing or having romantic thoughts about another male actor, her thoughts must be filled with him. Woaaaaah. This guy is obsessive.

Xu Lu agrees to the first two but after hearing the third one she complains that it would affect her work. This girl is so earnest. Most girls would be embarrassed but just agree to it and not actually do it. LOL. Not like he knows what you’re thinking anyways.

He convinces her that that would let her concentrate more. Oh my god.

In her interview she mentions once again that his third condition would affect her concentration and because of that she wouldn’t request the same from him. So innocent. So earnest. This guy better not hurt her.

He then proceeds to record his voice. But really, it’s not his voice; it’s him smooching. Woow. I’ll never hear my phone ringing if that's my ring tone. LOL. Nor do I want to hear it.

He begs for another chance; he makes the smooch shorter. Muah!

She’s exasperated.

Kimi: This one’s normal! That one’s wet; this one’s dry! LMAO.

He honestly thought nothing of it but when he asks the producers during the interview, they all unanimously agreed that it was overboard.

Moving on! He wants to settle on a nickname for each other that no one has called them before. Kimi decides to call her Xiao Fang. LMAO. It means “Little Square. ‘Little’ is a closer way to address someone; ‘Square’ is to describe her face. She rolls her eyes but reveals that her friends call her that all the time. Awww. But I’m glad she’s open about it. 

Kimi settles for a different name: Fang Fang. He then asks her what she’s going to call him. Without a second thought, Xu Lu pouts and calmly thinks of one: Zhang Zhang, meaning Long Long. LMAO. She’s witty, eh. He loves it. One square, one long. Perfect.

In his interview he says: Every time I see her, my logic, my calmness seemed to have all disappeared. !!!

Next he decides to dance with her.

However, without even beginning, just by bring her closer to him, he backs away claiming he’s sweating all of a sudden. So cute! HAHAHAHA.

She covers her mouth to laugh silently while he’s busy wiping his sweat. LOL.

Back to his interview we now know why he admitted to overestimating his capability in maintaining his calmness, logic, and reasoning.  Poor guy. What happened to your experiences? Or is that your tactic, because that would be beyond elite level. He describes what it feels like being near her: "When she’s looking at you, you feel like avoiding her gaze, but once her eyes aren’t on you, you’ll find your eyes immediately glued onto hers."

His second attempt at asking her to dance turns out better (he also took his leather jacket off – I’m not sure that helped with the heat since the real source wasn’t solved).

Kimi’s voiceover during the dancing: I think I’ll love her more and more because she’s the type of girl I like.”
Xu Lu’s voice also comes in: I think we’re both positively approaching each other slowly.
In Kimi’s last comment in his interview directed at Xu Lu: I hope the next time we meet, you’re not as “Fang Fang” (I guess that can also mean nervous if pronounced as Huang Huang which sounds similar to Fang Fang).

Their Preview:
Couple horse-riding! I have to admit, this guy’s got a sexy speaking voice and with his voice right behind her ears (asking her: “Still afraid?”) when they’re riding that horse, I think I’ll either melt or squirm in my goosebumps. I can’t decide, haha.

Other couples:

Ren Zhong and Ruby Lin: Bad chemistry.

Ruby Lin’s too hard on the poor guy.

Siwon and Liu Wen: No chemistry.

Liu Wen’s actually cute but I’m really not a fan of SuJu (which doesn`t mean I hate them). So disappointed it became more of a SuJu cameo than the two on their first date. I just hope the language doesn’t become too big of a barrier.

If WGM is scripted, this is beyond scripted LMAO. They probably got them to redo scenes over and over again. There was so many camera angles…

We are in Love Ep 2


  1. Thank you so much for translating the Xu Lu Kimi segment! They're my favorite couple in the show too.

    Kimi can be a bit overwhelming because he's more experienced and proactive than Xu Lu and seems to enjoy ruffling her feathers but I think it's good that she can hold her ground against him and make him take two steps backwards if needed lol.

    I really hope Kimi behaves with her and doesn't hurt her in any way.

    1. Omg I'm surprised my blog was found!
      And thank you for bearing with my writing ^^"

      I complete agree with you. Xu Lu ain't easy. She's got her own flow and I'm hoping she'll make him go willy-nilly. Heh, heh.

  2. Are you going to translate episode 2 of this couple? Thank you for this because there is no other English translation!!!! Kimlu couple 👍

  3. Thank you so much for your translations of the Xu Lu and Kimi cuts - I stumbled across your blog after only watching the raw episodes!

    I completely agree with you that this first meeting reminded me of SoRim (literal first date and being touchy-touchy) and JoonMi (rocker's stage!). I initially watched this for Liu Wen but you're right - no chemistry. That's when I started watching the other couples... and Xu Lu with Kimi sucked me right back in!

    First impressions of Kimi makes him seem like a bit of a smart alec (in a good way?) but Xu Lu's personality is not one to shy away... looks like we can agree that this will be a fun ride!

    1. Hi there! I'm Kaitlynn (just recently changed my name to match my blog).

      I'm glad you agree with me on Liu Wen and Siwon. I snuck into the earlier subbed clips of their segment and was so surprised the comments were radiating with compliments. I was wondering whether I watched the same thing.

      Kimi being a smart alec makes it fun because I love it when he gets rear-ended by Xu Lu, who’s the naïve one. Heh :)

    2. Hi Kaitlynn - I'm Belle - you've got a new reader of your blog here. I'm enjoying all your recaps and translations. You seem to be watching all the dramas that are on my weekly watching list right now :)

      I think I can't stand the awkwardness with Liu Wen and Siwon, especially in the latest eps. Not too sure where it goes from here - there seems to be lots of drama unlike the other couples... although that may be what the PD's are going for...?

      Just a quick question (a bit left of field?) but would you happen to know the song Ren Zhong serenades Ruby Lin with in ep 4? It sounds familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it...

    3. Found your song (: It's Ren Zhong's "A Love Song". Its the OST for New Love Time (新恋爱时代). Now that I've heard it a few times, I'm starting to like it, heh. Him with Ruby may not be my favourite couple but I can't deny how ... adorkable he can be.

      & Thank you for sticking around!! I'm really glad you're enjoying my posts. If anything maybe you could recommend me something to watch since we may have similar taste (; Although, I'm hoping you're not watching The Four...

    4. Oh thank you so much! Not so familiar then... but still a nice song. Ren Zhong and Ruby aren't my favourite couple either but I thought that scene seemed quite sincere... you really can't hate adorkable guys, can you? :)

      I enjoy your writing style - your side comments make me laugh. You seem to be voicing what everyone is thinking haha.

      My taste in dramas can vary, actually. A lot of the time it surprises me - recently I have been on a kdrama streak, having watched Angry Mom and enjoying it even though there's no central romance to it. Falling for Innocence is still airing and is pretty good too... it does well considering the million cliches that dramas seem to throw at us these days!

      One of the standouts for me in the past year would have to be Discovery of Romance (Eric, Jung Yumi, Sung Joon). I usually have a hard time getting through a drama if I can't connect with the lead characters - I'm not sure if you've watched it but I thought that the main female lead was too stubborn and irritable for me in the beginning. However, I stuck with it when realised that it was because there weren't too many dramas out there that have such flawed "realistic" characters driving the show. Most of the time dramas depict a poor, likeable girl and a rich, flawed chaebol boy etc., if you know what I mean? (I still get sucked in regardless! Every. Single. Time.) Maybe it was because I could relate to the various relationships that I loved it but I would definitely give it a go if you haven't watched it :)

      I haven't watched The Four but with your recaps starting with "it's so terrible" I thought I would stay away until I really have nothing to watch haha. (Quietly, I might be curious to see how much of a train wreck it is though!!)

    5. Who hates adorkable guys ):

      And wow, thanks for your suggestions! I might just pick up on Discovery of Romance. I do remember liking the first few episodes but there were so many dramas out at that time, I couldn't juggle them all. I'm still iffy on trying Angry Mom but all this rave on this one particular rookie is piquing my interests.

      On a side note, dramaland will cease to exist if there weren't fans like us that fell for flawed chaebol guys every single time. There are so many times where I think I'm above and beyond, but like you said, I get sucked right back in to the next cliché thing.

      One more thing. Hate to break it to you, but curiosity killed the cat.

  4. Thanks for those récap and translations!! Thanks to you I can enjoy it ! I like your comments too hehe
    But as for me, kimi is Hot !! It's juSt that he puts on too much make up. He looks so much better without all this eyeliner. Aiigo

    1. I do love Kimi's smile though! It makes me smile too, haha.

      And you're welcome it's a comfort for me knowing you like my comments (: