14 April 2015

The Four Episode 17 and 18

I can’t believe I’m wasting almost two hours of my life to watch less than two minutes of these two.

Highlight of episodes: Leng Xue realizes his feelings for Chu Li Mo. 

Ep 17

Most important thing that happened: Leng Xue gets jealous of who Chu Li Mo riding on the horse with Wu Qing. 

Ep 18:

Whilst saving Li Mo, Leng Xue blocks the poison attack for her but now they both fall off a cliff. From beneath a mountain of greenery there is a a climate engulfed by snow and ice. 

Waking up first, Li Mo finds Leng Xue cold and poisoned. To save him, she takes off her vest - of infinity powers - for Leng Xue to wear. Leng Xue wakes up, touched by her feelings of wanting to save him, hugs her. 

Leng Xue: Why are you risking your life to save mine?
Li Mo: If you ask me that directly, I don't know answer you...[Li Mo avoids his eyes]
Leng Xue: Why? [He brushes his cheeks against hers]
Conscious of his gaze and breath, Li Mo was enticed to reveal her feelings but Leng Xue interrupts.
Leng Xue: Wait. Don't answer me yet. I want to hear it from you when your voice isn't shaking like this. [He rubs her shoulders and hugs her tighter in an attempt to keep her warm] 
Li Mo: But what if we don't make it out alive? 
Leng Xue: Who am I? I'm Leng Xue. I'll never let you die in my arms. 
Li Mo: But - 
Leng Xue: I promise you I'll make sure you'll say it to me once we're safe. If you need reassurance, here's my -  

Leng Xue: ...promise to you. 

The end. 

I humbly make my apologies to those that thought the above was true because I was totally trolling. I thought that was my only way to compensate for the time I lost by wasting more time to compose a corny dialogue. Forgive me. What really happened in Ep 18
Leng Xue blocks the poison from hitting Li Mo. Subsequently, they fall of a cliff, because it's conveniently there. The climate somehow from somewhere gets dangerously chilly. Li Mo wakes up first and gives up her vest to Leng Xue who wakes up soon after. Leng Xue is insistent on returning the vest but Li Mo threatens to leave him and never return. He grabs her wrist to hold her back. Seeing her shudder, Leng Xue hesitates for a while, but finally gives in to hug her. (If it was any other girl, Leng Xue probably wouldn't have hesitated to keep her warm by hugging her.) Li Mo then tells him that she hopes Leng Xue stays alive so he can retrieve back the oh-so-important-stamp. Leng Xue then goes in for the kiss. (Where's my lead up to the kiss!)
As a side note, Ep 18 left us with a cameo by Zheng Shuang; she's Zhang Han's ex-girlfriend. BUT since this was filmed in 2013, she was mostly likely still dating Zhang Han. Janine Chang must have a felt at least a little bit awkward. 

And I refuse to elaborate on the climate change because I'm already barely hanging on to this show as is. 

At least I had fun with my little composition. Heh.

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