18 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 8

Last episode we mended a friendship. For this epsiode, do we finally get to mend the romance between He Yi Chen and Zhao Mo Sheng? 

Here comes the inevitable meeting where Yi Chen (originally here to consult with Team Leader about her debt-ridden ex-husband) thinks Mo Sheng is on a blind date. He makes me pout my lips because one second he was so happy to coincidentally bump into Mo Sheng, and the next second, his face falls at the thought of her in a blind date. He leaves quite uncharacteristically: hastily.

Team Leader chases after him while these two are left feeling down. Mo Sheng solemn because she thinks Yi Chen was on a date or something of that sort with team leader while Xiao Hong tears up as she reveals her past with team leader. It turns out that team leader stole the guy Xiao Hong was in love with. Xiao Hong isn’t necessarily angry with her stealing her love but rather with her not deserving to be loved when she ditched him after he went lame from a car accident and then married off to a rich guy afterwards. Now that she’s divorced, the same guy is still in love with her, but she still rejects him. Xiao Hong admits she’s not pretty but at least she faces each romance with sincerity.   

At the arrival of their blind dates, Xiao Hong does a three second transformation to the adorable face captioned above. Love this girl.

Yi Chen is still sullen at the news as he recalls his distant past about a conversation he had with Xiang Heng (Lawyer Xiang in present day) about the possibility of Mo Sheng giving up on him. Earlier that day, Mo Sheng was asking this senior whether she was a nuisance to Yi Chen leading Xiang Heng to think that she was ready to give up. However, Xiang Heng also passes Yi Chen an advice, if he doesn’t want to be free of this nuisance, don’t go around with such a sullen face.

If anyone remembers, this flashback is a continuation from the one in Episode 4 where Mo Sheng, intending to stalk Yi Chen, bumps into Xiang Heng instead in front of their dorm. I believe she wanted to tell Yi Chen about her future absences from the debate club because she has to protect Xiao Mei from thieves. Hence, before Xiang Heng’s speech blurb above, Yi Chen was already irked to begin with because of Mo Sheng’s continual absence. However, Xiang Heng’s words are like a magic spell because the next day (in episode 4) Yi Chen finds Mo Sheng in the café waiting for Xiao Mei to finish her shift and goes out of his way to help Mo Sheng’s friend. He even starts smiling more to her (he's actually listening to his friend's advice). 

The present Yi Chen calls out Xiang Heng to vent out his anger. I guess he wants to reignite the magic spell Xiang Heng did in the flashback. However, all Yi Chen does is drink while his friend blabs. After he’s done his drinking, he leaves. Great friend, really.

Mo Sheng gets sent home by his blind date (and we know from their goodbye that she has absolutely no feelings for this guy) but before she makes it to her apartment, she's passionately kissed by Yi Chen that sends her smashing into the wall. She’s rejecting the forced kiss and Yi Chen knows it.

Yi Chen: I still lost. I still lost to you after so many years. A complete lost.
Mo Sheng: What are you say, Yi Chen? Are you drunk?
Yi Chen: I’m not drunk, I’m crazy.

And he leaves, staggeringly.


The next day, Mo Sheng’s shopping with Xiao Hong to prepare for her next date with her blind date but her mind’s elsewhere. We all know where it is. However, they get called back to work for an emergency: debt collectors looking for team leader (because of her ex-husband’s debt) had almost destroyed their office.

(Just to be fair to Yi Chen from the previous episode, I have a comment on Mo Sheng too: Your breast pockets are drooping.)

While Mo Sheng was absentminded in her shopping trip, Yi Chen is also absentminded during his meeting, which is completely uncharacteristic of him. Xiang Heng notices immediately and questions whether it’s because of Mo Sheng. Ding, ding, ding! 

As they head out to lunch, they overhear their secretary commenting on his boyfriend’s unfaithfulness (e.g. going to a blind date). The female lawyer lectures that this is her payback. Just because the boyfriend’s the one that chased her first, she expects to be the one always receiving. She should in turn be the one giving if she doesn’t want to lose him. What is pride if what’s left is regret?

Xiang Heng pitches into this conversation that he agrees with the female lawyer. If you still have feelings for the guy then bring out your courage now because that person may not be with you forever. Hint, hint. Wink, wink.

And Xiang Heng’s magic spell works again! Yi Chen has now decided to drop his pride and actively pursue Mo Sheng. Yay! He waits downstairs for Mo Sheng who happened to come down to buy dinner because her fridge was empty. Dude, were you just going to stand there the whole time waiting for her to just pop out?

Anyways he asks if they could go for a walk and they end up at the bus stop.

Woman, are you really going to go in your PJs?

She does go in her PJs. And of course, there’s need to be a bus scene. As the bus takes a slight swerve, our hero grasps onto his heroine and they both share an awkward moment. Is this the first time they’ve touch (you know, other than that kiss)?

Me thinks he’s suprressing a happy smile right here.

Mo Sheng doesn’t know where she is until Yi Chen points out it’s the night market they frequented in the past. He’s disappointed that Mo Sheng hadn’t come to visit but he doesn’t give up as he continues his trip back to the past. He even takes her to the food stand they visited in the past, which is quite a long distance from what used to be the night market. Just how dedicated are you that you went searching for this food stall, Yi Chen?

There final destination is this field where Mo Sheng labels it as her most painful past. Really? She was a terribly slow runner thus Yi Chen was training her here (for an upcoming fitness test, maybe). Present Mo Sheng even remembers her exact lap time: 4 minutes and 25 seconds (woman, I’m starting to believe you are just good with remembering numbers). Young Mo Sheng suggests to young Yi Chen that she can definitely improve her speed if he ran in front of her because she’ll definitely be motivated to chase him. I LOLed with Yi Chen. Mo Sheng also recalls Yi Chen’s teasing back then: “Mo Sheng, how did I let you catch up to me when you run so slow?”

Mo Sheng recognizes a man running on the tracks and it was Yi Chen’s past law professor. This brief interruption on their trip back to the past only brings up another memory. Young Mo Sheng and Yi Chen were having a fight over his home phone number during this professor’s class. The professor calls out Mo Sheng to answer a question but she’s utterly clueless about the answer. She thought Yi Chen’s unwillingness to help her answer was because they were in the fight but it turns out that Yi Chen was so mad himself, he actually wasn’t paying attention to the lecture.

So remember in episode 4 I said Yi Chen was smiling more and more at Mo Sheng? Mo Sheng notices it here this time when they recall that certain episode: “It seems like he’s smiling; he finally doesn’t seem that cold like a stranger.”

And their trip back to the past ends.

But their night is still young. Yi Chen apologizes about last night. Mo Sheng forgives him because he was drunk.

Yi Chen: Really (was I drunk)?
Yi Chen walks up slowly and gives a sweet peck on her lips.
Yi Chen: Mo Sheng, I was conscious of what I was doing. I’ve always been conscious.

Yuan Feng is out on a trip but not because he loves it. Xiao Mei guilt tripped him (because he injured her arm) into becoming her photographer for free for some photo shoots in this (run-down) village. Is our Yuan Feng a rich boy?? He drives this nice car (sorry, it’s not the automobile captioned above) and even Xiao Mei compliments his car for providing such a great ride. Nope. Nothing to do with Yuan Feng’s skills at all.

These two are so nice together!

Xiao Mei must like Yuan Feng enough that she reveals this is her home town. Yuan Feng starts to see Xiao Mei in a new light as he realizes she’s doing this photo-shoot to promote her village for free (out of love).


Oh, so many screenshots! This episode took me much longer to recap but I very much enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t even the kisses necessarily that I liked but the interactions and revelations between the couples (to be). But speaking of the kisses…the Kisses, I’d like to mention that first kiss (that forceful one) how gentleman Wallace Chung was. He purposely put his and behind her back to protect her from hitting the wall directly. So sweet. The second kiss was nice too. Mo Sheng totally accepted that one. I can't wait to see what their relationship will be like next episode (: 

Although I like Yuan Feng and Xiao Mei pairing, I like it better when they’re bickering. LOL. I hope they don’t get together too soon.

And, how do you guys feel about a Xiang Heng and Xiao Hong pairing? :O I just suddenly had a feeling with their back to back appearance in the beginning: one helping Mo Sheng; the other helping Yi Chen.

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