17 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 7

He Yi Chen! I quite like you in this episode. And Xiao Xiao has now upgraded her status to Queen in my books. It also seems like Mo Sheng is slowly returning to her happy-go-younger self (see above) All is swell. 

Mo Sheng finally finds the origin of the photoshopped picture that has ruined Xiao Xiao’s name. She attempts to contact Xiao Xiao to tell her the news but she’s not picking up. Instead, she calls Yi Chen hoping he’d know where Xiao Xiao is. Not only does Yi Chen know her whereabouts but Xiao Xiao happens to be in his office.

Xiao Xiao’s devasted at her tabloid but she’s relieved to hear that Mo Sheng has found the original picture. However, when Mo Sheng arrives at Yi Chen’s office, her reaction is not only cold but harsh. She asks Mo Sheng why she’s helping her when she’s suing her company, doesn’t she hate her? Mo Sheng says she didn’t take that to heart. However, Xiao Xiao gets more fired up and demands what does she take to heart? Is it her best friend; is it He Yi Chen? It’s none of those. She continues: if you (Mo Sheng) had stayed, I wouldn’t end up like this. At this point, Xiao Xiao’s unable to control her emotions that she excuses herself. 

Mo Sheng finds Xiao Xiao crying at the staircase. Poor girl. She apologizes for losing her temper back there but Mo Sheng is still ever so forgiving because she understands the effects the tabloid has not only her career but her virtuousness as a woman.  Xiao Xiao’s worries that because of the tabloid there will always be people pointing fingers at her to which Mo Sheng ask why be affected by those that don’t love you? Why not stand up for people that love you? With these words, Xiao Xiao finds her courage and vows to stand in an even brighter place for people that love her. Mo Sheng’s happy to hear this but doesn’t stop to remind her that her happiness comes first and not to force herself too hard. Xiao Xiao’s waterworks continues as she reveals no one has ever comforted her this way because the only way for her to succeed was to push herself harder and harder each time. Their friendship is reconciled with a tearful hug. Xiao Xiao's finally got her friend back and the next thing on her plan is to regain her fame and status. All hail our Queen Xiao Xiao.

(Note to Yi Chen: that’s not what you wear under a collared shirt)

Now we’re left with two in the office as Xiao Xiao and her manager left to organize their pre-destined successful press conference. Yi Chen offers Mo Sheng a ride but she politely refuses. Instead, she takes the bus and using her time productively, she daydreams about her past with Yi Chen. What is there better to do in dramaland anyways?

It’s not until the terminal stop that Mo Sheng realizes she took the wrong bus. But guess what, Yi Chen, our lover boy, has been tagging along the entire time. I don’t know about you guys, but following a bus is extremely annoying. So, Mo Sheng’s not stranded anymore as she boards Yi Chen’s ride. Yi Chen reveals he's followed her from the moment she got on the bus. Mo Sheng meekly asks why Yi Chen never told her she boarded the wrong bus but Yi Chen doesn't give a straight answer instead teases her: “You’re just as absentminded (stupid is the word he uses, but it’s sort of affectionate) as you were in university.” Girl, if this doesn't make you realize this guys is still head over heels for you, I don't know what will. 

As we guess it, Xiao Xiao's press conference is a success (and she has risen her to new fame and status); she thanks Mo Sheng by inviting her to dinner which Mo Sheng agrees, albeit shamelessly. Hey, that’s what best friends do. She also invites Yuan Feng (very reluctantly) because he helped with the analysis of the photoshopped picture. However, our Queen Xiao Xiao doesn’t just invite these two but also Yi Chen which required quite a bit of skill: first Xiao Xiao lures Yi Chen with Mo Sheng as the bait; finally, she reels him in with jealousy with Yuan Feng’s attendance (which according to her was at Mo Sheng's request).

When Mo Sheng and Yuan Feng arrive at the said place, they’re surprised to see Yi Chen at dinner. Mo Sheng introduces the two men and from there He Yi Chen has learned that it was Xiao Xiao that invited Yuan Feng, not Mo Sheng. His smiles are less guarded now. He also announces his territory as he tells Mo Sheng to not refer him as Lawyer He because they are more than just acquaintances, right? When Yuan Feng wants to clarify their relationship, Mo Sheng is quick to say they’re university peers but not quick enough as she ties with Yi Chen’s answer: his ex. Awkward. My poor puppy stuck in a corner.   

The awkwardness is saved by Xiao Mei (Xiao Xiao’s real name) entrance. Yuan Feng isn’t grateful for his saviour as he glares at her. They also fight for the menu but Yuan Feng wins. So not gentleman but I still like you. He wants to order pig intestine but Xiao Xiao shrieks at that idea enough for her to knock into the hot water being delivered to their table. So off to the hospital they go. (I didn't know Shanghai's 7 pm was this bright...)

Xiao Xiao exaggerates her pain and our pure boy, Yuan Feng, takes a guilt trip. Yi Chen tells Mo Sheng they should leave those two because that’s how they can truly make up (but they don’t leave together, sadly). Poor Yuan Feng should know that this is bliss for him in the future. Lol. Their banter is cute as she complains about the water’s temperature and Yuan Feng obeys to his master’s every request (for the time being).

Yi Chen’s back at his office where he receives a call from an acquaintance from the police office. They seem rather close as he wants to set up a blind date for Yi Chen. Yi Chen tries to reject his kindness but he’s persistent. His persistence makes Yi Chen admit he has a girlfriend. Wow, you’ve already labeled her as your girlfriend?

Meanwhile, the said girlfriend, Mo Sheng, is being scammed into a blind date by Xiao Hong. Xiao Hong takes advantage of Mo Sheng’s kindness to not only go to the blind date but also to go to the blind date dressed shabbily. It’s all fun and games. I like Mo Sheng smiling like this the most. Please return like this to Yi Chen!

On the other hand, Yi Chen is off to his next meeting Yi Mei’s friend, the Team Leader from Treasure, at this café. (Remember how I got confused as to why Yi Mei would ask his brother to help both the team leader and Xiao Xiao. Turns out they were for different cases.) This café happens to be the exact same one as the blind date that Mo Sheng has been scammed to go to.


A much better episode. He Yi Chen is passively aggressive. He takes the initiative to follow the bus all the way to the terminal bus stop.  With his personality, who doesn’t like to waste his time on pointless things, imagine the pain of trailing after a bus that has to stop for every few miles and is capped at a certain speed limit. And his reward for trailing the bus is to, none other than, tease our Mo Sheng. Huge reward, right?

I’d also like to show some love for my pure boy, Yuan Feng! Poor boy’s going to suffer from the lack of love from Yi Mei and the sadistic love from Xiao Mei (Xiao Xiao). Oh boy, am I looking forward to that (: (By the way, I just noticed the Mei’s in both their names, hm)

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