18 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 9

Highlight of the episode: Yi Chen is quite proactive and you know he's secretly enjoying every moment. 

Xiao Mei and Yuan Feng are shopping and I guess its secret sharing time for these two. Yuan Feng confesses to Xiao Mei that he likes Yi Mei. Xiao Mei scoffs at him saying, one, it’s impossible, two, you have bad taste. She picks out this handmade ornament but Yuan Feng retaliates that her taste is bad. However, the next second, he picks up that same ornament again. Bad taste, huh?

Back in Shanghai, our three (or two) lawyers are having lunch discussing who’s going to go overseas from now on because Yi Chen now refuses to go on them anymore. So all these years he went overseas to find Mo Sheng? Guys like these do not exist. Period. In the end of the conversation, however, the responsibility falls right back onto Yi Chen again. Their reasoning is that they’re single while Yi Chen is taken; there’s no need for him to settle down to find a girlfriend. I love how Yi Chen is both acknowledging and not acknowledging their conversation. He doesn’t utter a word but he’s silently protesting. However, he doesn’t deny that he has a girlfriend.

(I love his expressions in this scene. :D Wallace Chung has such strong screen presence even without having a single line. Sadly, still motion cannot capture the essence of his expression here, but this screencap was the best one I could get. It took me so long to get a decent looking one only because the changes in his expressions were so minute plus it changed quite fast within a second, they all turned out weird. You can see the compilation of my nth tries of screenshotting this scene.)

Yi Chen gets a call from Yi Mei and finds out that team leader’s ex-husband has caused quite a commotion at Treasure. Yi Chen gets worried and immediately contacts Mo Sheng but Mo Sheng has left her phone in the office. Mo Sheng is without her cell phone because she rushed to the hospital because of Xiao Hong’s injury from the debt collectors. At the hospital, the doctor treating her is none other than her date/boyfriend. Mo Sheng also meets her blind date there too. Gee, what a coincidence.  

As the four are gathering, Yi Chen arrives at this exact moment. His expression melts smoothly into relief to see Mo Sheng’s wellbeing. They give each other their acknowledgment as they smile only for one another. After this short interlude, he excuses himself because he needs to find team leader. It’s Mo Sheng’s expression that falls a little now. She's probably still misunderstanding that Yi Chen cares for team leader. However, Yi Chen clarifies that he’s her lawyer. Mo Sheng’s expression isn’t as happy as I thought she’d be. Is she pondering what relationship she and Yi Chen now share? Me too, me too!

Yi Chen keeps his meeting with team leader brisk and turns immediately to find Mo Sheng being asked out by her blind date. Poor doctor. He’s a little desperate but you can’t hate him as he gets turned down for a date tomorrow, and the day after, and probably forever. Yi Chen walks towards Mo Sheng, eavesdropping their conversation. Through this, he finds out that Mo Sheng didn’t go to the blind date on her own free will.

Omg is the happiest you get? I was hoping Yi Chen wouldn’t be able to contain his smile but he does it pretty well. He tells her to not do something so shameless next time. Mo Sheng’s silence is her complying. She tells him she’s going to pick up medicine for Xiao Hong. Yi Chen follows without being told to do so. Mo Sheng lets him follow when she fully told the doctor she was fine on her own.

Yi Chen also waits patiently for Mo Sheng to explain to Xiao Hong how to take every single medicine. Xiao Hong knows she’s the hindrance and quickly shoos Mo Sheng away without hearing a single word Mo Sheng has told her. Xiao Hong tells them to go for lunch but Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen that she’ll eat separately. Yi Chen, however, says he hasn’t eaten yet. Mo Sheng can’t argue to that. Yi Chen, Yi Chen. You’re succumbing to normal life and not the life of a workaholic only in the presence of Mo Sheng, huh?

As they leave the hospital, emergency workers quickly pass by almost knocking over Mo Sheng. Yi Chen immediately grabs hold of Mo Sheng as the worker tells Yi Chen to watch out for his girlfriend. So, it’s his fault that his girlfriend almost got knocked over? Anyways, Yi Chen politely apologizes, basically acknowledging that Mo Sheng is his girlfriend.

I won’t stress over how rude the worker was because it was an obvious plot device for Yi Chen to offer holding hands with Mo Sheng to which she accepts cautiously. Wait, so what is there relationship? Did I miss something after the second kiss?

From afar, Yi Mei caught sight of this scene and her mood immediately darkens. Yuan Feng spots Yi Mei on his way to visit his coworkers in the hospital. He ditches his coworkers to lend Yi Mei a shoulder to cry on. Yuan Feng’s quite a character as he doesn’t probe Yi Mei about her current state.

(And can we please stop flashbacking to that younger version of the wall kiss? Please.)

On the other hand, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng are enjoying fresh seafood for lunch. Yi Chen is ever so sweet to prepare the shrimp for Mo Sheng to eat. It’s a silent lunch, but you can tell how much they enjoy each other’s presence.

The next morning, Yi Chen has a meeting with team leader about her case but his actual business is to meet with Mo Sheng because he purposely chose to meet near Treasure rather than his office. He learns from the team leader that Mo Sheng is at a photoshoot to which he drops by and quietly admires Mo Sheng at her work. Mo Sheng doesn’t believe it when the model (speaking in the one of the most difficult English accent to understand) says a handsome guy had his eyes fixated on her during the whole photoshoot. Mo Sheng initially doesn't believe it but becomes hopeful that it was Yi Chen as she stares at an invisible space.

However, she can’t deny it anymore as Yi Chen is waiting for her outside. Wow, Yi Chen's so active! He takes her to dinner at the professor’s house. (It was the professor they saw that night of their second kiss)

Yi Chen is playing Chinese chess with the professor but he’s distracted as he wonders how Mo Sheng is adjusting in his professor’s house. The professor takes advantage of this to gain the upper hand in the game. Yi Chen scratches his head as to why he’s fallen to this state. Duh, it’s Mo Sheng. When Mo Sheng comes to bring fruits, Yi Chen seems to have regained the upper hand again. 

The professor praises Mo Sheng how she managed to maintain a long distance relationship with Yi Chen. Mo Sheng realizes that Yi Chen sort of lied to the professor that they never broke up. However, Mo Sheng’s expression doesn’t seem to be too happy. What is she worrying about?

Mo Sheng goes back to the kitchen to help and the professor’s wife talks about the hometown Mo Sheng shares with Yi Chen. However, Mo Sheng isn’t too happy about hearing her hometown as she reveals that her father died (but her mother is still alive). The lady doesn’t take the hint and continues to talk about how beautiful that hometown is. She even mentions that when Mo Sheng and Yi Chen marry, they should all visit there again. Mo Sheng has a peculiar expression to the word ‘marriage’ but we don’t dwell into that too much as we enter into flashback mode.

Mo Sheng’s father is hastily convincing Mo Sheng to board the plane to the States. He lies to her that it’s only a short trip. When she arrives to America, she realizes she wasn’t allowed to leave for the next three years under her father’s dying wish. She learns from her dad’s friend that her dad has committed suicide and her mother may not want to see her. Mo Sheng’s in a state of shock and says that her mother can’t possible have done that. Uncle, you tell her all that in one conversation? That’s harsh…

Back into the present day, Mo Sheng drops the teapot she was washing as she’s distracted by her miserable memories. Later, in the car, Mo Sheng apologizes for the embarrassment she caused for Yi Chen at his professor’s house. Yi Chen doesn’t take it to heart as he tells her he’s already used to being embarrassed by her. And so does the professor. Um, ow but lol. Although, Yi Chen teases her, he takes her to buy another set to cheer her up.

They end up buying two sets: one for the next time Yi Chen takes Mo Sheng to his professor’s place, and the other set (the one that Mo Sheng likes) for himself to use. I would make fun of Yi Chen that he just likes tea parties (from Episode 2 with XIao Mei) but it’s so sweet that he’s buying one set in hopes of Mo Sheng coming to use them.

We skip to the next day and a miracle has happened: Yi Chen has treated his coworkers and there’s more food to come. Look how romance has changed his life so much. Yi Chen is upstairs in an interview hosted by Yi Mei and we catch the end of the interview with him saying how he is “something” now, but hopefully not any longer. I advise you to fill in “single” into the “something” in the previous sentence.

Yi Mei overhears a phone conversation between Yi Chen and his professor (from last night). She finds out that Yi Chen has introduced Mo Sheng to his professor and realizes she no longer has hope with Yi Chen.

She is later disturbed by a guy but Yuan Feng comes in the nick of time to save her. He also presents her the ornament she bought with Xiao Mei at her hometown. Xiao Mei ponders a little and asks Yuan Feng: “So, you want to date me?”


So, I have a few questions after this episode: 

  • What is there relationship? So, that kiss meant to Yi Chen that they’re dating? But they don’t feel like they’re dating.
  • What’s with Mo Sheng’s lackluster response? I mean if I were her and that I sacrificed everything in America to start from scratch in Shanghai to find Yi Chen, my head would be in the clouds if I found out that Yi Chen still loves me. So, what’s up Mo Sheng? 
  • And what did the mother do? ):

Lastly, as I promised, here are my compilation of my failed screenshotting skills:

This one is quite normal but it doesn’t capture the playful glare I wanted.
And then he opens his mouth; not very good looking.
This glare became too strong. He went too far; too much white; totally not Yi Chen.
And he opens his mouth again.
This time, with some tongue action. 

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