15 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 6

I finally have a screenshot I like enough to post as the main picture! Episode 6 brings us more scenes of the OTP and our sideline romances. I like! But I don't understand Mo Sheng's train of logic. Does she like him or not? She seems a tad indifferent. 

Yi Chen chases after Mo Sheng. In the end he tells her to get in the car quick because he can’t park here. Mo Sheng obeys him. In the car, Yi Chen asks which he prefers: Western or Chinese food. Mo Sheng answers Chinese. Yi Chen ponders to Mo Sheng whether she still knows how to hold chopsticks properly. He says the lunch is to extend his gratitude for returning his wallet. Mo Sheng doesn’t seem to like how polite Yi Chen is.

It’s quite a quiet lunch as they both dig in. Yi Mei calls, which actually saves the awkwardness (in my opinion). He tells her that Mo Sheng’s with him and Yi Mei wants to talk to Mo Sheng. Yi Mei also asks Mo Sheng for her number to which she blurts it out nonchalantly.  Yi Chen perks at that and after the phone call ends, he tells Mo Sheng to put her number in his phone as well. For a second, I thought he’d show us some genius move like memorize her number right on the spot. Guess he’s a normal drama character. Which I like.

It's nighttime (did they have lunch for the whole day?) and he drops off Mo Sheng. His send-off may seem lackluster but our lawyer’s got some tricks up his sleeves. He calls her within minutes of dropping her off that he’s forgotten to tell her they need to talk about Xiao Xiao’s case in person. However, his main purpose is probably to tell her to save down his number and of course, see her again.

While Yi Chen’s enjoying himself, Yi Mei faces reality as her brother once again chooses Mo Sheng. After the phone call with Mo Sheng, she couldn’t concentrate on her work anymore. She took the transit and arrived at a street performance. Our little puppy, Yuan Feng follows (or stalks) her which he claims it was to protect her. She doesn’t believe it but I think she’s glad that she has someone with her. She asks him for advice of what a girl should do if the guy she loved for at least a decade hasn’t reciprocated at all. Yuan Feng’s truthful answer was that they’re probably not suited for each other. However, Yi Mei isn’t ready/capable to let go of her love that’s been with her for so long. She thinks maybe she should try once more.

The next morning, Mo Sheng arrives at Yi Chen’s office at the said time. Yi Chen is totally breaching his role as a lawyer but Mo Sheng is clueless to that. He starts asking personal questions masked under his lawyer tone. He makes her recall the exact date (September 29, 2004) she left to America (which totally isn’t something a normal person remembers, but Mo Sheng does). He also finds out that she went to this famous university in New York. However, she didn’t stay in New York after she graduated. Yi Chen asks why she moved to Los Angeles but Mo Sheng wouldn’t disclose any further other than for personal reasons. His last questions is probably his most important question: why give up the great career she had in Los Angeles and return to Shanghai? The mood shifts as Yi Chen asks once again. Mo Sheng doesn’t give an answer and Yi Chen is left to move on to the next question (e.g. when she moved back to Shanghai). His questions end and Mo Sheng asks if she can take responsibility for the lawsuit (e.g. pay the fees herself for nullifying the contract). Yi Chen acknowledges that she’s got a lot of money to waste but they’re suing the company, not her. His comment leaves Mo Sheng wordless (and a little sad).  However, he does tell her to try to find Xiao Xiao to negotiate.

Xiao Xiao is finishing up her photo shoot and sees Yuan Feng (who's setting up alone because Mo Sheng is running late). We get some dramatic music as these two arch rivals stare down at each other. Yuan Feng starts off the battle saying she’s like a ghost, haunting around him. Xiao Xiao in turn calls him her fan-boy stalker. He calls her egoistical for thinking he would ever think of stalking her. But he thanks her for ripping their contract allowing them to invite that famous foreign male model that spiked their sales to a new high. Xiao Xiao corrects him saying that she’s not the one wrong in the lawsuit and warns him not to beg her afterwards because she’s now even more determined to sue Treasure. Well, I like these two.

Yi Chen has a meeting with Yi Mei about the talk show she’s hosting with him as a guest. One of the questions they’re rehearsing about is what type of characteristics he looks for in a wife. Yi Chen tells her that she knows the answer to that already. Yi Mei’s expression falls a little and asks whether Yi Chen is sure that his answer won’t change. Yi Chen’s face tells her he’s done with this topic. To lighten up the mood, Yi Mei suggests they go for lunch now.

During lunch, she gets a message that one of her friends just gave birth. She shares this news with Yi Chen and that makes him recall that he had planned to get married right after graduating. Poor girl, taking all sorts of hits today. But marriage? Really? I didn't think you were that quick-paced. 

When lunch’s done he goes to the washroom after paying the bill. The change comes and Yi Mei’s being helpful by putting the change in his wallet for him. He sees her taking note of the picture in his wallet but they both act like nothing happened. Yi Chen walks her home and on his way he tells her that she too will one day understand him once she finds her Mr. Destiny. Ouch. One blow after another.

Mo Sheng’s photo shoot is done and Yuan Feng asks Mo Sheng about Yi Mei’s past. Mo Sheng inadvertently tells him to give up because she thinks that Yi Fei is dating Yi Chen. Yuan Feng denies that she’s dating anyone because she’s been in an unrequited love for years. So now Mo Sheng knows Yi Chen is still single and free.

The next morning, breaking news about Xiao Xiao’s sex life rocks the entertainment world. However, Mo Sheng, the ever faithful friend, doesn’t believe it. Yuan Feng and Mo Sheng use their super professional skills as photographers to deduce that the picture above is photoshopped. WHATEVER. I’m no pro but that is just way too fake. Yuan Feng even says that they need more evidence, e.g. the original picture, for netizens to believe in Xiao Xiao’s innocence…

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